All Just For a Scholarship

Spontaneous Dating 101

Under the support of Erica, I stagger to the office, my bruises enflaming greatly with each step I took. We passed various people as we travelled down the tinsel hanging halls, varying from a rather twitchy Pete Kowalski and yes, Derby.
"Trying to worm your way out of our agreement Daniels?" Derby sneered under his teal scarf with Pinky helping him keep warm.
Erica pricked her ears up, "What do you mean?" she piped, my heart began to slip from the ribcage ladder as Pinky hissed, "Your pauper boyfriend has agreed to be Derby's advisor for the class president election!" Derby remarked "You better recover for Boxing Day Daniels, if I don't get in the running, there will be hell to pay!"
Erica immediately pivoted towards me as she queried "You are working for Harrington? Why would you do that?" I attempted to straighten myself and justify my actions, "Erica, this school is dying, and I know that it should mean nothing to me, but when all of its pillars fall, the roof will engulf us!"
I eventually liberated myself from Erica, proceeding to explain, "I agreed to Derby's plan because there was no other choice, the Bullies and Nerds are leaderless, the Greasers and Jocks are at war over Lola, and Adriana has got the entire faculty on standby to expel anyone and thing she wants!" Erica paused, perhaps comprehending what I was saying, but the awkwardness of her silence was murder to me.
I sighed, "Look, I love you Erica, but seeing you getting bullied here makes me feel like one of them. I don't want to live with the guilt of not keeping you safe from these-"Erica clasped her hand over my mouth, muffling the rest of my sentence into silence. Erica then stated, "John, I don't care about those bullies. You are here, and to me, I can take Pinky if I can meet you at the end of the day. Bullies don't matter to me; don't let them matter to you!"
As Erica relieved my mouth, I smiled. Ok, so there are a couple of cracks in the school but did I expect? This isn't St. Connors, this is Bullworth...I can't change that.

We sauntered down to the office, hands together as we travelled, eventually, we reached Ms. Danvers gaze. "Daniels, your family have left you a present. You should be very happy." She coldly remarked, I nodded (it was Christmas; nothing she could say was going to dampen my spirits!). Ms Danvers handed to me an A4 sized present, a couple of inches thick.
"Well open it then!" Erica barked over my shoulder, I unravelled the generic Christmas tree printed wrapping and opened out a leather cased notebook. I smiled a little, opening the front to a white envelope. Erica pointed at it, "Hey what's that?" she enquired. I slipped the letter from small pocket in the corner.
Feeling rather uncomfortable seeing Ms Danvers gaze through my freaking head, I walked out the office into a small crevice of the corridor, Erica followed as I read the letter in my hands:

"Dear John,

I know you are in no mood to hear your old man tell you things are not as bad as you think, but seeing as it is Christmas, I thought you might want something to show we haven't forgotten about you."

I may rarely see him on weekdays, but God damn is my father clever. I looked at the leather, it was a quite light brown and pleasant to the touch. I then proceeded to read:

"Your mother is missing you (as one would presume) as am I. We hope you pass all your grades and get back home."

Judging by the state of the tests, I was having doubts over this being a difficulty. I pressed on with reading the letter:

"In the mean time though, try and enjoy it. What else can I say son; you might just be surprised with what you might get out of it!


I slipped the letter back into the envelope and resealed it, tucking it into the pocket and closing the notebook. I turned back to Erica, her glacier blue eyes shining.
"So, want to go somewhere?" I asked, Erica began to pounder before snapping, "Hey, there's a carnival at the Old Vale, why not go down there?" she asked. I exclaimed some noise that was to indicate confirmation as we marched down the stair case out of Bullworth.

After a drop off of my notebook, we sauntered into the Vale, with the company of two rather droopy faced students, one of which was Algie, the other a girl with some acne along with thick framed glasses and braces. Knowing full well Christmas spirit is not in any way miserable, I greeted Algie. "Salutations and, err...Happy Holidays Algie!" I waved with Erica beside me, Algie and the girl failed to notice our greeting.
Erica butted in, "Hey, why such sour plums? Did ya get coal or something?" Erica gave a cheeky little smile, Algie just turned to Erica before looking back. I sat next to the duo and pat Algie on the back, Erica promptly sat next to the girl and tried to perk her up. Algie moaned, "The Astronomy Club is in ruins John. Most of the members, including the leader Earnest, are suffering exclusions. Beatrice and I are basically all that is left, everyone else has disbanded and they are fending for themselves. We don't know what to do!"
I sighed, "Algie, look everything is hitting the wall, but the club is still alive ain't it?" I stood up, "So there is a new head girl and she is a bitch, who cares? So your club is suffering an all time low, at least it is still in commission! Are you, Algernon going to let the Astronomy Club die and let all those members suffer?"
Algie sat up slightly, ""
I continued, "Are you going to let Bullworth label you as some lunkheaded waste of society?"
Algie stood up and barked, "No!"
"And are you going to turn down an offer to become the leader of the new Astronomy Club?" I concluded.
"No I am not!" Algie roared, "I shall be the new leader of the Astronomy Club, and I shall live up to, no SURPASS the greatness of Earnest, I will lead a revolution to save the Astronomy Club and built a greater future!"
I slapped him on the back, "That's the spirit, so Happy Holidays and go get them tiger!" I pointed at the Bullworth Academy, and as so as I did, one Algie started shrieking and running at the school. The girl chasing behind him. Erica approached me, "What was that all about?" she asked, I shrugged, "I guess he just needed a little Christmas spirit." I smiled, we proceeded to the Carnival.

The day in the Carnival was rather fulfilling, I may have lost a few dollars on a test your strength attraction, but after finding a technique (let the mallet slip from your hand at the top to the bottom as it descends), I earned enough tickets to give Erica a rather bulky pink teddy bear (it was either that or nude girl posters, what would you give your girlfriend exactly?). After a few attractions and even one occasion of go kart racing that Erica won, the night crept over the sky like a spider over its trapped prey and we left the carnival.

"Well I have to say, I never thought I could enjoy a Christmas without my family!" I confessed, Erica nodded a little, the bear under her arm. She then looked up to me, "I had a wonderful time John."
I replied, "I err... had a great time as well." Ah crap, the small talk was kicking in. I doubt it is any surprise to anyone that I never had a date before in my entire life. It was a weird feeling, all those stupid sitcoms insisted that dates commenced with panic and hours of preparation and instead, this was just... a day out, so simple and yet pleasant.
Oh jeez, the silence, I had to fill it. "You are, err...looking good." I bumbled, man I was an idiot, I had no problems talking to Erica before, when did I suddenly become so... so... stupid.
"Thanks" Erica replied, we reached the Old Vale dock, I prompted to Erica to sit down at the bench, suddenly something panged in my head, a jacket! You were supposed to give your madam a jacket in case she is cold! Nuts, I only had a jumper!
What commenced was me looking like a buffoon and Erica getting a minor chuckle. After the hilarity, I placed the jumper over her shoulders and sat down on the bench, immediately springing back up again after readjusting my manners.

Erica sat down and I followed, the awkward silence descended on us like smog of some description. I shattered the quiet moment, "'s Bullworth treating ya?" I asked.
Erica looked at me with a gentle smile, "Is the silence killing you that much John?" she remarked, I was bumbling around so much I was asking stupid questions! Someone put me out of my misery please.

I was greeted instead by...fireworks? Rockets of light launched and exploded into the air before us. "Oh John" Erica remarked, "Isn't this beautiful?"
"Err...yes, umm... who planted them I wonder." I claimed, a subtle scratch at the rafters below indicated the face of Melvin, he whispered, "The cavalry has come to aid you sir knight!"
I smiled before turning back to Erica, my arm crawling around her farthest shoulder and gently hugged her. "Never mind, it shouldn't matter." The fireworks continued the fly into the midnight canvas above, drawing Christmas to a close, along with one of the best days I ever had in Bullworth!

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