All Just For a Scholarship

The Gloves are on!

After a night that felt like it was extracted from a Disney movie, I awakened still in my school uniform from last night, god I reeked! I swiped my spare uniform and timetable...Art and Photography were up for the day, alright then. With my clothes at hand and a towel fresh from my trunk with complementary toiletries, I rushed to the Gym showers.
Thank Christ for the swimming pool entrance! Had I entered the usual doors, I would be greeted by a balding, shouting man who would most likely still want my throat for giving him a pre-intercourse abortion. I slipped into the showers and washed thoroughly, how long has it been since I washed? Oh no, did Erica smell me? Great (!) My day's just started and I feel like going to sleep, don't tell me, I'm going to be late as well!

As soon as I stepped out the shower and dried myself, the bell rang. God, I hate being smart sometimes! I slipped quickly into my apparel and pressed the deodorant canister to exert a long burst of its artificial odour as I sprinted through the shop area. Having never been through here omitting that one time getting to Shop class, I managed to absorb the culture. And let me tell you, the leather jackets and hairdos were the only thing that that junkyard of a territory had similar to the sets of Grease!
Seeing that I was pressed for time, I felt I had no chance retreating to the boys' dorm and rushing to class on time. I took a dice throw, I tossed my duds into my bike garage next to that already rusting green bike of 'mine'. One quick lock and off to class I went.

To my luck, I did manage to reach class on time. I even earned a greeting from the teacher, "Ah, good morning Mr. Daniels. I am Ms Philips, the teacher of Art and Photography. I hope you are willing to express your inner Michelangelo... I'll even accept a Dali!" she claimed she pointed to a vacant canvas and stand. Ms Philips was a lovely looking woman, dark brown hair down to her neck and a kind face, short of Mr. Galloway, Ms Philips seems to be the only one I felt pleased to meet.
Ms Philips cleared her throat, "Right then class, you all know that art should not be limited, but please avoid doing anymore of myself of this year. It is becoming harder to differentiate your work and as a result, I fear some may be plagiarising!" many boys groaned, if one were to spend too long looking at Ms Philips, there would be no questions as to why. "Other than that, left your creativity flow!" she called out, the pupils proceeded to paint.
Ok then, I have to make a painting that is not of Ms Philips. No biggie then, err...what should I do? I tapped the wooden end of my brush onto my right temple at a constant beat, each one emitting a dull thud and bearing no life of imagination.
Wait a second, Ms Philips said Dali, as in Salvador Dali. The painter of the "persistence of memory" and the "lobster telephone". I got an abstract one!

I stood up from my chair and grabbed the biggest paintbrush I could find. I then peered down at my worktop, ah ha! There's the black! I dipped the gargantuan brush into the pot and lathered the canvas in the dark and bold black. Now the difficult bit, the arm. I withdrew a smaller brush and painted a simple orange sleeve, using a tiny brush to paint a black arrow or two. Then, cleaning my orange soaked brush, I tried to paint a hand. It came off a little too pink for my liking, but considering my painting was not in any way realistic, I considered leaving it be. Now for the tedious bit, the chalk and writing. Cleaning my brush for the second time, I painted a tiny white rectangle for chalk, adding a dot or so for dust and then proceeded to write: "School does not suck!"
To be sure the sentence was childish, but hey I don't know how far I can push the use of profanity in this school without being scalded or punished so I took a simplistic statement. As I scrawled the words over and over and over to the ticks of the clock, I eventually stopped short of the hand and with a clap, I heard those blessed words.

"Brushes down class!" Ms Philips chimed, my arm collapsed onto the water glass given to us to clean our brushes, the brush diving in to cool itself. Ms Philips proceeded to monitor everyone's paintings. I was expecting some scalding or disappointment. All I can say is... I was wrong.
"Why how expressive Daniels, clearly Bullworth has opened an artistic side to you, even if it is a little Orwellian."I passed? My stunt worked? That was insane!

As the bell blared the tidal wave of students, I pressed to the garage to collect my stuff. When I left the main building, I instead got a prep circle.
"So Daniels, any dirt about Adriana for my final speech?" I heard Derby smirk behind Bif. I looked over to Derby and remarked, "Except the fact she is in cahoots with Gary Smith? Err... nothing really." Derby's eyes widened as his circle collapsed on itself, making way for President Harrington. "Y-y-you're serious?" Derby stammered, wow whatever Gary did, it seems that nobody reacts to his name with a smile.
"Yep, I even got it from the horse's mouth!" I replied, Derby's stammer refined itself into a smile. "If what you say is true Daniels, then you have just named me "Class President Derby Harrington"!" he claimed, before snapping his fingers. Suddenly, a small boy in normal school uniform omitting the khaki three-quarters with dark hair rushes to Derby's side with a bundle of clothes in hand. "Pedro, give those clothes to Daniels, my soon to be vice of class presidency." Derby commanded. The boy quickly handed the attire to me before promptly rushing out of the circle.
Derby made his farewells as the preps disbanded, leaving me with school attire labelled, "Aquaberry". With those under my left and the old clothes under my right, I soldiered back to the boys' dorm, deciding to change into my new clothes seeing as I will need them after the afternoon class.

Walking down the school grounds was a weird experience. Yeah, I do recall previously mentioning the difficulty of squirming through clumps of cliques...well now its so much worse! You see, this Aquaberry is basically the Preps' moniker like the Jocks' letterman jackets and stuff. Now imagine passing the auto shop in these clothes? Yeah, bad move would be a freaking understatement.
Granted, that did not happen (yet) but I'm just saying. This clique comes with a cost!
As I traversed the grounds, guess who I bumped into?
"John? Is that?" a familiar girls' voice said before giving a small chuckle. I turned to see Erica before me.
"Umm yeah, the final speeches are on tonight at the assembly hall and, well I have to dress appropriately." I smirked; sadly, the small talk was crushed by a blaring school bell, Photography next.

"Daniels, as this is your first class of photography, I feel it should be fitting that you try a simple assignment." Ms Philips said as she handed me a black and white camera. "Go to the Vale and take three pictures, one of the lighthouse, one of the Carnival, and the last one of a shop." She ordered, before looking down at her watch, "You have 50 minutes maximum." I nodded and began to belt out of the school grounds.
As I went to the bridge of the Vale, I snapped a shot of the "Yum Yum Market" making use of its zoom function. I then pivoted to the lighthouse, with the zoom engulfing to lovers kissing. "Whoa, too close!" I remarked as I retracted from the camera's eye piece, zooming the camera back slightly. Returning back to the lens, I snapped the photo, with the two lovers still on it. Whoopsie, I hope those two don't mind. "Hang on, is that?" I queried as I zoomed in on the two. To my astonishment, the girl was in fact Adriana Mihailov, the Head girl! And the boy...yep, the hoodie and scar gave it away.
"Gary Smith" I whispered coldly to myself. It looks like he wasn't lying about Adriana working for him. Judging by the two of them though, I'd say they are working each other off, geez get a room!

I crossed the road to the pavement opposite to Romeo and Juliet as I walked to the Carnival for a quick and simple snap. As I passed the bike store, I noticed a garage door similar to mine, and I mean REALLY similar, like colour, dents and even the lock brand was the same.
Curiosity withdrew my key and slipped it into the lock. Click! It worked; I opened the garage door as discreetly as possible. Would you know it, inside was the very same rusty green bike! What the hell? Was someone playing a trick on me? Was it magic? This country was just getting weirder every day I spent in it. Seeing as I was here, I slung the camera around my back and cycled back, it wasn't all the quick a bike, but I got to the school faster thanks to it.
After returning my bike to the TARDIS garage, I sprinted past the odd truant into the school building, there I displayed the photos to Ms Philips.

"My oh my Daniels, you did well. I really love this one of the lighthouse though, two lovers kissing by the beach. How romantic!" Ms Philips sighed as she looked at it. I then seized my chance, "Yeah about that photo, could I get like a spare copy of it? It's just I'm trying to make a portfolio for home and I thought-"
"Really? An Art folio for your family to see? Well be my guest Daniels, make a copy on the machine over there" Ms Philips prompted as the bell rang for the dismissal of class.
Although I will not object to the fact it took many an attempt to achieve it, I ended up getting my copy of the photo. Walking down the stairs and entering the assembly hall, I confronted a pacing Derby.

"Look Daniels, it's all well in good you said that Adriana is working with Gary, but what about-" he began, instinctively I held up the photo, displaying Adriana and Gary K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Derby clasped the photo, his mouth open like a black hole. He then nodded, "Yes, this will work." Derby then turned away, photo at hand and began ordering several minions to prepare his speech, get him a coffee, get Christy to help with his makeup yadda yadda yadda.
When it came to the actual time of speeches, there were three candidates, one was Derby Harrington (naturally), Adriana Mihailov, and a buck teethed young man affectionately called Bucky Pasteur. From the wings, I watched the speeches in action.

The first speech was Bucky's. Poor man, I barely got to hear his speech for the roar of insults from multiple Jocks and Bucky's own cries of anger from consistent egging and slingshot pellets. The faculty wisely ended his speech early, though not before the school mascot. A red bull similar to the stature outside the Jocks' territory kicked Bucky in the rear of several minutes straight.

Second was Adriana, everyone was quiet. Not because they obliged to her opinion, but because of the columns of Prefects that stood at the gaps between the aisles of seats. A single remark and the pupil found them self mowing the football field thanks to the punishment prefect the next day (as demonstrated by a snide remark by Trent Northwick in regard to manga being banned. I never knew he liked manga. Heh, live and learn I guess).

Derby was last and in spite of the "ladies, gents and paupers..." introduction, things went rather well, so much so when mocking the prefects, one jock shouted, "You tell them pansy!"...make that what you will. Of course, the highlight was my photo. Wheeling in light box projector thing I once saw in the techie department of St. Connors, Bif displayed the picture of Adriana kissing Gary. Though the staff did not react to this (probably forgetting about Gary as much as they could) one could not deny the screams of horror and outrage from the pupils.

With the speeches done, it was voting time. And surprise surprise, we won. After a couple of cheers, Derby and his gang dragged me into Harrington House to celebrate their unruly as possible. Yep, thanks to someone's father's generous wallet, Harrington House was drowning in booze. A few girls (namely Pinky, Lola and Mandy) were seen err... 'Accompanying' a few preps. Did I join in on the enjoyment of the high school equivalent of prostitution? Heavens no! The drinking however, I had a single cocktail created by the 'Terror Terrier' and...well, I promptly 'spilt' its remains on a nearly wilted plant let me put it that way.

With the riot chilling down, I made my exeunt, retiring by to my dorm bed. I had no plans to fit back into that Aquaberry attire in a hurry.

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