All Just For a Scholarship

Snake in a Mouse Pit

Just as I was to turn heel and approach my dorm, the school bell knelled to indicate the afternoon class, Geography. Crawling towards my destination, I slipped into the entrance and stared before my teacher. He was a tin gentleman in his early 60s with a basically bald head and thick black rimmed glasses.

"Ah, you must be Mr Daniels." He remarked with an accent so English, I felt Texan in comparison, "I'm Mr. Matthews, I will be your Geography teacher, now if you would please sit there, we shall commence our lesson." He pointed towards a desk in the middle of the classroom, as I sat there; I noticed the scrawls of graffiti on the desk, namely the "Jimmy was ere" one. Jimmy Hopkins, poor guy, locked away in some mental asylum thanks to Gary.
"Right class, your assignment is to match the countries to the flags they bare by pinning the flag to its respected country. Today, we will try Western Europe, good luck and begin!" Mr Matthews commanded, I looked down at my map and scoffed, seriously? This is something a primary school teacher would do as an activity for the pupils for crying out loud. The fact Mr Matthews literally requested us to pin the flag to the country did not help matters. Within seconds, every pin was buried into the paper, I gazed at the clock, its hands mockingly slow and its dull ticking providing as a heartbeat to this dull classroom.

Eventually five Christmases later, the defibrillator that was dubbed the school bell buzzed through the paper thin walls and shrieked raising the once cadavers. Now humans, they rushed out of the class as though someone let off a stink bomb (three strong whiffs ensured that that was just a simile).
Of course, the sight of Russell sneaking into the library as inconspicuously as a large teen with no sense of subterfuge could, I exclaimed at my reminder, "I was supposed to meet Russell in the library." I gasped, blitzing through the crowd of equally rushing pupils towards the library, I even shoved a small brown haired boy in a letterman jacket who gave a pout similar to what one would expect to a stereotypical teen girl.
As the door creaked as dead spirits groaned at my present. I slipped into the library and as soon as one turns to his left, I noticed Russell snarling at Algie hanging him by his collar, I snuck towards the commotion, oblivious to the bun haired, late middle aged librarian.
"Russell, put Algie down! This is no time for bullying!" I hissed, Algie exploiting Russell's distracted state by kicking his jewels and rushing behind me as the enraged and aggravated Godzilla facing me.
"John, help me, he's going to take us all on in the library!" Algie whimpered, I immediately remarked, "No, he is not here to bully. He is here to get Earnest back!" Russell nodded as he tended to his jewels before raising back and squeaked "Russell need weakling to do homework. No weakling, no work. No work, no future."
Algie rose from behind me, he gazed at the wreck that remained of once his greatest fear. Now, the monster that was the primary cause to his suffering was in need of Algie's charity. The pudgy nerd swallowed, "Ok, I'll help you get Earnest back." Russell's eyes eased and he smiled, for a moment I winced expecting him to clasp the pair of us in his colossal arms and crush us as a sign of joy. "So what's the plan John? How do we get Earnest out of exclusion?" Algie added.

I straightened myself out and proceeded to ponder. How does one liberate a fellow student from exclusion? Prove that their punishment is unjust and order authorities to save them from further torment? Well that would work but what could I argue was wrong with the accusation? It's not like Earnest didn't distribute alcohol in the boy's dorm during Halloween, he so obviously did! But surely there is something wrong here, surely there was something that could be arguable with Earnest's expulsion.
Suddenly, my mind snapped to All Soul's day, Mrs Peabody voicing the expulsion. She said something about a Damon West telling the faculty. I then enquired, "Algie, do you know which clique Damon West is from?"
Algie spluttered, "Th-th-th-t-he Jocks! Damon West is the second in command when it comes to the Jocks!"
A jock named Damon huh? That brought back memories, back to when Ted and he pinned me to a wall and had Mandy slap me square in the face, I massaged my cheek just thinking of it! I then continued to think, so if we get Damon to retract his witnessing of Earnest distributing alcohol, we can then revoke Earnest's (and Melvin's conveniently enough) expulsion.
Suddenly I asked another question, "How tough is Damon?"
"Oh really tough, I'd say the toughest Jock there is and I'd argue they are the toughest clique in Bullworth Academy!" Algie remarked, a grimacing Russell alerted Algie to which he added, "Err, no offense Russell, you are pretty tough too!" Russell stopped grimacing and returned to watching us plan.

Well that meant beating a confession was out the window. Wait a second, the Ted and Johnny were planning to meet each other over their little 'who slept with Lola?" spat.
"If I helped the Jocks with their conflict, maybe I could get Damon to confess to lying about seeing Earnest and Melvin during Halloween!" I announced, Russell nodded at the plan but Algie was hesitant, something was pestering him.
"Err, John? I'm not sure we could do that. I mean, sure the Greasers are not as muscular or as popular as the Jocks, but the Greasers are still tough, even if Russell were with us, I think we'd still be beat." Algie criticised, "Also, how do you plan on making the Greasers stop fighting? Violence wouldn't work and I seriously doubt talking Johnny down from bashing Ted's skull into oblivion is going to work either!"
I smiled at Algie's questions and replied, "Maybe not talking to Johnny, but I was thinking more of talking to something...with a woman's touch."
Russell scratched his head, my reply was apparently too subtle for his mind to comprehend, but luckily it wasn't so subtle of Algie, "Lola? Y-y-you want to talk to Lola in order to stop the Greaser/Jock dispute? Are you insane John? If Johnny hears that you were even two feet of Lola, he'd rip you head from your neck!"
I cleared my throat before pursuing, "Look, I do not want to "get into Lola's pants" as the phrase goes, I'm going to tell Lola who set this war up and she'll tell Johnny and the dust will settle."
Algie squirmed, "Alright, I'll work with you on this. What do we do?"

I then prompted Russell to come closer as I discussed the plan, "Alright, Russell, you go with Algie to explain to the jocks that if Damon confesses to bearing false witness then we will end this war. I meanwhile will confront Lola and explain the entire fiasco and tell her to explain to Johnny."
Russell murmured, "And if they don't like the deal?"
I faced Algie, "Then you better arm yourselves, because they will most likely want to fight." I stated, Russell giggled at the prospect of smashing letterman wearing wimps, Algie in contrast looked as though he had stained his underwear, and smelt it too.
I then split us up and nodded, "We'll start tomorrow morning after morning class, get yourselves straight to the Gym ok?" The pair confirmed as I retreated back to the boy's dorm, as I planned to jot down my tasks and, naturally, rest.

As I strolled back, I noticed Erica sitting outside the girl's dorm stroking Kurokai, she was looking up at the dark palette that was the evening sky, sighing as she proceeded to stroke her feline companion.
My heart turned to lead and dropped into the pit of my stomach, here was I, willingly crusading into the black widow's web, perhaps even engage in an activity that is better left unnamed so that my school life is left to be as simple as possible, and here you are desperate for hope and to escape this tenth circle of Hell. And while I am only here for one year, you are stuck for as long as your school life leaves you.
Truly Erica McKerron, you are Bullworth's unfortunate.
I snuck up behind Erica, plucking some flowers I spotted as I past, then seating next to her, I presented a bouquet of flora for Erica, she freed her hands from Kurokai and held them.

"Oh, what pretty flowers!" she exclaimed, sniffing them as she turned to me, I smiled with pride over the flowers I gave her, she continued, "Why, they are just like the flowers in front of the girl's dorm!" she stated, smiling as my grin flopped.
Erica chuckled, "Oh John, you'll do anything just to see me smile wouldn't you?" I nodded as she then sighed heavily.
Confused, I wrapped my arm around her back and asked, "Hey what's up Erica? Something of the matter?" I asked, voicing my concern for her.
She looked back up and stammered, "John...wo-would you? Would you go to the prom with me at the end of school?"
I was stunned, generally for the fact usually it's the gentleman who asks the lady but I digress, did Erica truly love me? Could she really be my soul mate? My princess in the tower? My true love?

As my heart wailed a note of joy, my mind scrolled through the memories I had with Erica: the first time we met in St Connors, the time I helped her dye her hair, that Saturday afternoon at the coffee shop down the road...our first kiss.
"I'd love to Erica." I blurted out, my brain swimming amongst the memories of our past, including the day I followed Erica to the airport when she left.
Erica smiled and hugged me, Kurokai leapt from her lap as Erica had done so. I hugged her in return before our paths branched outwards once more. Erica walked towards hope and anticipation, while I walked down the treacherous road of danger and betrayal.

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