All Just For a Scholarship

Self destruction

The next day was to be the dawn of the feud; it was to be my hour of ending this wretched farce between the Greasers and Jocks.

But first, exams! Yes, I had an English exam and in spite of no revision (or for that matter ANY kind of school work whatsoever) since my arrival in this heap, I had no fear over the possible failing, mainly because it was the exact same thing we had been doing since the start of school!
"This is your final assignment class" Mr Galloway called, "Once you complete this, you will have passed the highest English grade available in America, which for Mr Daniels is the equivalent to an A grade in Six Form English." He then handed our assignments out and we commenced our work.
Though one does not desire to encourage anti-climaxes, the truth of the matter is, I aced it, like the previous assignments in English. After handing my paper to Mr Galloway, I exited and started to think, an A grade in Six Form English? Surely he was joking! How on Earth could I get such a grade from merely accomplishing a couple of coffee time puzzles under exam conditions?

I cleared my mind of such thoughts and returned to my primary objective, I had to explain to Lola the truth behind this little feud and get Johnny to stand down.
I reached the auto shop and loitered around that vicinity, waiting for Lola to leave so I may converse with her. During my lingering, I spotted a red head peering over at me from a distance, who was she? I could not place my finger on whoever she was; no amount of observation placed a name on her. Nevertheless, Lola eventually traipsed out of the auto shop.
I quickly approached her, "Lola!" I exclaimed, Lola paused and turned towards me, a smile curled as she looked at me, "I was wondering if I could...have a...err...word with you?" I blabbered; I had seemed to have maintained my pathetic approach towards women.
Lola walked up to me, stopping short of arm's length and ran her long threaded fingers down the back of my head, the gloves sinking into my dirty blonde hair. "For such a gentle, caring man such as you, I could give more than words!" Lola grinned; her free hand sneaked under my jaw and raised my lips to equal elevation of hers.
I stammered, "L-l-l-look Lola, I'm not here to annoy Johnny-"
"Oh Johnny doesn't have ears pinned to the walls Danny boy. If you are scared of Johnny, let's go somewhere more, secluded." Lola whispered, her hands slipping off my face like a perfume aroma, slipping down to my hand and pulled it away from the auto shop, past the school and down by the beach, near the bridge.

Lola snapped my neck back to my sight of her. "Now Danny boy is there something you need to tell me?" she whimpered, as though she was acting like an innocent girl.
My back felt the cold foundation of the wall as Lola pinned me there, posing before me with her curvature, I gulped, "It's Daniels Lola, n-not Danny b-"
"Oh you don't have to be all prim and proper with me Danny boy." Lola growled passionately, "I'm not some helpless damsel like Erica who needs her Prince Charming all day." She began to dance erotically, keeping her arms on each side of me so escape was impossible.

I felt conflicted, as Lola danced for my feral pleasure, I thought that there was nothing I wanted from Lola, nothing she could do would make me leave Erica. Erica was my love, she cared for me and I in turn loved her in return, nothing could split us!
My body objected, as Lola closed the gap that split us, I felt my body craving for hers, this diva was the jewel I desired, her lips as red as blood, her voice as soothing as a mythical siren, her eyes as mesmerising as the brightest jewels, her body sculptured by Gods of Greek Myth.

My mind snapped my hands lashed out and grabbed her; Lola giggled "Oh there's a little animal in you huh? Rawr."
After a pause, the spell was wearing, it fell weak as I shook my head and commanded, "Lola, there's something you must know. You once told me that you thought that someone must have taken a picture of you and Ted when you were together right?"

Lola, shaken slightly by my barking, tries to maintain her seductive attitude, "Yes, it was our first meeting and oh my, it was love at first sight." She whispered, but it was ineffective as I had already got back into the swing of talking to her.
"I know who it was Lola, it was Gary and Adriana!" I snapped, I apparently struck a chord with Lola as I was disconnected from the hooker, and was treated to the teenage girl.
Primarily the angry, slap you in the face because you are so obviously wrong teenage girl.
"Y-y-you're wrong! Adriana is my friend you bastard!" Lola shrieked as she slapped me again, Jesus could she sock a guy! "She-she-she wouldn't do that to me! Yeah she may be a bitch sometimes b-b-b-but she wouldn't do that to me. She wouldn't!"

Lola turned away from me and began to storm off, I couldn't let Lola leave. I had to get her to talk to Johnny. "Look, I know Adriana is your friend but she was also Jimmy's friend right? Look where he is Lola, Jimmy trusted her and now he's hanging in Happy Volts!" I roared I heard Lola gasp as thought this was new to her; gee I was just on a freaking roll with hurting her. "Look, I don't know what else Adriana is willing to do for Gary, but this war between the Jocks and the Greasers is doing nothing but giving Gary more joy as we all suffer!"
Lola bit her lip, she then trembled slightly before nodding, "Alright, I'll tell Johnny. But I don't want to hear anymore about Adriana, you understand me?" she ordered, I nodded sincerely as Lola left.

"Daniels, it is most unsatisfactory to be late for your final assessment!" Dr Watts announced, I stood at my chemistry table, sighing as he then proceeded to assign us with our final objective, stink bombs, spectacular!

As I left chemistry with jet another pass and some complementary stink bombs in my trouser pocket, I then spotted Algie and Russell walking past, both with a black eye and a grin as wide as a bridge.
"What on Earth happened to you two?" I exclaimed, the pair just looked at each other and looked back at me.
Algie stepped forth, readjusting is marginally cracked spectacles and told the tale, "Well, Russell and myself met the Jocks and explained how if we got the Greasers off their backs, Damon would have to confess to lying about seeing Earnest and Melvin-"
"Yeah I figured that much out, how did they react?" I intervened.
"W-well, Ted made a remark about my weight and Russell's mother, so-"Algie stammered.
Russell then proudly continued the story, "So Russell smash him, Ted fall and the others jump us. Russell pound many weakling, but Nerd here helped, he smash a wimp trying to jump me!"
I gasped, "You fought too Algie? Who did you fight?"
"W-well it was Kirby, the's former quarterback." Algie confessed.
I was stunned, while I could barely handle a single girl; those two were fighting the entire American Football team. "Then what?" I added.
Algie then piped, massaging the back of his head as though he were modest of the whole ordeal, "Well, we then got Damon and threatened him to confess to Dr. Crabblesnitch on the Earnest Melvin matter, and-"
Suddenly, I heard the marching of prefects dragging Damon out of Crabblesnitch's office and outside. Off to the punishment prefect for him! "Good job guys! By tomorrow, I expect Earnest and Melvin back in the school!" I declared.

" the way John." Algie quivered, "We heard Christy talking you and Lola...and err..."
So that was who that redhead was I thought to myself, "Relax guys, I did no such thing. Ask Lola even and she will tell ya-"I began.
"There was something else" Algie butted in, "She said she has already told Erica and...Well...according to her, Erica broke into tears."

My heart imploded on itself, its remains falling down into my legs and shattering in my feet. My breathing turned sporadic, I felt my entire being dying inside. I rushed away from Algie and Russell, the mirror that had reflected on my world had cracked.

I ran in the showering rain before collapsing under the weight of myself and grief crushed me onto my knees. I felt the rain creep under my clothes from my neck and drench me. The chill inhaling my hopes and joy leaving nothing but harsh misery behind.
And this was not the doing of some scar-faced sociopath, not really. This was all my fault, I brought this upon myself. All I wanted was an easy year so I could go home, no harassing cliques, no evil head girls, no feuding parties, hell I didn't even want anything to do with the school presidency!
Erica even told me to stop, she even encouraged me to leave Bullworth be and continue my school life without thinking about Gary or Adriana or anything else. But no, I was a fool and I soldiered on with my arrogant crusade to make everything happy.

Now as I grow too cold and tired to move and frozen at the conjunction between the two dorms, thanks to this very school, the very pupils I tried to save from a hell bent psycho, I've lost my greatest companion.

My greatest friend.

My greatest love.

My Erica.

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