All Just For a Scholarship

Hypocrisy at the Gym

As the next day shone, I woke up to find myself no longer enduring the rhythmical drumming of rain during my misery, rather resting upon a bed, still fully clothed.
"What the-"I began, rising from the bed. I progressively began to collect my bearings. Scanning the room, I found nobody present, good, because what I also knew by the comfortable bed, the light wall decor and the feminine furnishings was that I...
...was in the girl's dorm!

I rushed to the window and saw a drop, leading into an open and half full garbage skip, instinctively I jumped, my impact cushioned as the pressure led to my submergence in the trash.
Swimming to the surface, I felt a tide of confusion swallow me, who brought me in the girl's dorm? If they wanted to abuse me, then how are my clothes still intact? I checked to see the condition of my clothes. They were messy, barring that though, fine.

On the topic of clothes, I began sprinting into my dorm, knocking Travis face first into a wall as I retrieved spare clothes (One Bullworth hoodie, a white tee, dark jeans, boots and of course a pair of socks and underwear) to rush into the Gym. I swiftly slid round the clusters of pupils; some included a group of girls murmuring.
"...he like cheated..."
"...I heard Erica was like..."
"...she totally flipped..."
That dagger sheathed in my heart slipped far into it, I felt a valve was about to give for the misery these rumours were implanting on me.

I eventually marched into the Gym through the swimming entrance, sadly as opposed to getting to the showers and quickly rushing back, I had unwillingly engaged a staring contest with a particular Mr Burton.
"Well Daniels, I have some good news for you. I've had a word with Dr Slawter and Ms Danvers and they have chosen to automatically pass you." The man grinned, in spite of it being technically good news, I found his smile very unnerving, his smile just made the news sound like he had just announced to have burned down a puppy farm or something. "Unfortunately, this means you are now free for morning and afternoon classes!"
As the bell tolled for morning class, I glared back at Mr Burton, "And I suppose for those you want me to pay you back AGAIN for your crushed dignity in front of the girls?" I sneered, every Gym class since the first one, Mr Burton had been getting the tougher students to wrestle me, smash me with dodge balls and (at one point) he forced me to dodge the American Football team's tackles for the entire class while on the field and in mascot uniform!
Mr Burton shook his head, "Oh no Daniels, this is not for you kicking me. This is for you being in the girl's dorm twice in two days!" he cackled, "Now get yourself changed into Gym clothes and you'll become my Gym class assistant! Hey if you do well enough, I might just let you pass "Gym" class."
I rushed downstairs to the boy's lockers, as I entered, I heard continuous beats of feet behind me, "No way, you are kidding me Burton. You want me to assist you in the GIRLS' gym class?" My mind roared as I changed and showered, punching the wall and regretting it as the pain shook through my entire fist.

"Alright girls, I have found me an assistant to help you learn how to defend yourself against strangers." I heard Mr Burton announce as I slipped into my shorts and vest for Gym, he concluded, "Now seeing as many men will assault you with perverted intentions, I figured for your exam, why not let you girls pound a pervert into the dust?"
As I reached up the stairs, I saw a line of girls prepared, most bearing scowls of absolute hatred or grins of unbelievably malicious joy for the sacrifice which had been brought to them. Burton babbled, "As you all know, this is John Daniels, the pervert who has managed a Bullworth record of being caught in the girl's dorm twice in two days!" he then turned to me and pushed me towards the girls, "Couldn't sniff through enough underwear drawers the first time around could you Daniels?" he laughed, I found myself slowly being encaged by the crowd of girls.
"Alright ladies, I'll say your name, and you rush forward and get Daniels down. If you do, you pass Gym, oh and Daniels." Burton explained, I turned to him as he then shouted, "Retaliate and I'll fail you!"

Terrific, I was going to get pounded down to Earth by a bunch of angry women, all because somebody dragged me into the girl's dorm. Is there someone of omnipotent power who loathes me or is my luck just dreadful?
"Angie, you're first!" Mr Burton called, a girl with pigtails marched up to me and summoned a mighty slap across my left cheek and she followed it by launching my crowd jewels into my stomach with the use of a swift kick. I collapsed as I screeched to a pitch that would have probably brought dogs to hound me.
"Beatrice, get him!" Burton summoned the acne ridden girl who initially displayed reluctance to hit me as I slowly clambered to my feet, only for her to proceed to kick the back of my leg, thrusting me back onto my knees.
The list of girls scrolled down, I endured several headache punches (Thanks for those Adriana(!)), many takedowns and a colossal calculation of crotch kicks (in part due to Mandy and Pinky choosing to double team and consistently kick me until I went down). Finally Burton sighed, "Last up, Erica!"

Damn, my luck was just destined to be all kinds of dreadful. The crowd of girls split as Erica, donning a glare that could melt ice caps and cut through meat as I rose once again to brace for a mighty smack down.
"Punch me." Erica commanded her tone cold like her blue eyes, I turned to Burton, expecting a shaking of his head, it shocked me to instead see him nod, an arc of teeth stretching wide.
I breathed in deeply and lunged at Erica with a right punch, she deflected the attack before swiftly grabbing it and spinning me into a position where I sat with my exposed arm stretched out on her knees for her disposal.
Suddenly I felt her breath at my neck, she gently whispered, "They are lies aren't they? You didn't do it...with Lola did you?"
I gasped; partly enraged by the situation I was in with Burton throwing violent women at me, and another part due to how angry I was over the gossip of me with Lola. "I. Did. Nothing to Lola!" I hissed, "I would never turn on you, Erica. Think of those days I tended to you, the times where I risked myself for you. Why would I do that, if I was into Lola?" I reasoned.
The grip on me loosened, then a whisper "thank you" faded into my ears as Erica suddenly punched me onto the ground, the pain buzzed all over me as Burton roared wholeheartedly, "Excellent work girls, you've passed Gym. To celebrate, I've asked all your teachers to pass you on your afternoon classes so you can have a swim pool party!"

"Could he really do that?" I thought to myself as some girls chattered amongst themselves over my prone body, I swear there was something French going on. Why would he do that? What teacher would want to keep their students around for any longer than need be? The bell rang for all to be dismissed and thus many of the girls rushed to the lockers to change and leave.
As all the girls leave, Mr Burton strolls up to me and lifts my head, "As for you Daniels, you will be cleaning the Gym floors. While you do that, I will enjoy the pleasures of being a life guard in an all girl swim pool!" he chuckled away, dropping my head and leaving my impression on the basketball court.

"Well" I sighed, wearily standing back up, "At least I told Erica the truth! I hope she'll still accept me in spite of all that." I walked towards a left out mop and bucket and started mopping the floor, feeling the awkwardness of the silence, I felt the need to do the rational thing and talk to myself.
"I mean I can't imagine how she felt of me hearing the rumour with me and Lola. The heartbreak I willingly placed upon her, it-it-it just makes me sick! How could I have been so absent-minded not to consider the consequences of conversing with Lola? I should have known!" I ranted, holding the mop upright to my figure, relaxing I sighed, "Poor Erica, how could Bullworth have lead you to such lies? You are the oasis in my desert trek, your pink hair hides nothing of your feminine charm and your eyes they are crystals no man could ever hope to seek from generations of mining. You are the Sun that scares away my may not be a goldilocks with curls that shine, you may not have the figure to woo ten thousand men into your hand, but your smile is contagious...e-e-v-very day I see it, I am a happy man...damn she's so cute when she smiles too!"
I heard a tiny, feminine giggle from the entrance as I turned, it slammed shut. "Was that Erica hearing on me? Shucks!" I blushed, I never looked like such a silly fool in my life...perhaps though it is one of the first times I would have been secretly fine with it.

As I completed the basketball court, I reached the swimming pool and dropped my mop and bucket for a brief moment, "Perhaps I should mop the top first, less likely to be a mess. Then I can clean round the swimming pool afterwards.
Before I commenced my plan, I recalculated, "Wait a moment, Mr Burton is throwing an all girl swimming pool party for the girls, but he alone will be there as a lifeguard." I pondered, suddenly the solution to my equation lead to me rushing to my locker and scrambling through my bag.
"Where is that thing? I knew I had it in he-ah ha!" I exclaimed, retrieving my camera from photography and retreating to the mop and bucket as I scampered upstairs, and not too soon as Burton immediately entered and started filling the pool.

"Right, so John what's the plan?" I whispered to myself, to whom I obviously replied, "Well, it is clear Mr Burton is after some err...naughty joy from watching under-aged girls in skimpy garments. My plan is to get photos that prove Mr Burton to being a...Err...ill-tasted man." This talking to myself thing was proving to be quite worrying in retrospect.
I adjusted my camera with simple modifications, mainly those that would not attract attention such as flash and the like as the bell rang a second time and a conga line of girls lead down to the lockers.

This was risky of the highest order, if I got caught, this entire plan would back fire and I would be the one people would be calling a pervert and kicking out the school. I waited as the bell rang for afternoon classes and the girls, dressed in their swimming attire and ready to have fun.
"Hold it girls!" Mr. Burton called out, "Before you can jump in, I must check that all clothing is secure to prevent any accidents. We wouldn't want someone choking on any loose clothes would we?"
"Right, safety checking my foot you perverted freak" I muttered as I propped up my camera on the banister and through the lens waited for Burton to act naughty. That didn't take long.

"You there, Angie, touch your toes without bending your knees!" Burton ordered Angie as he walked behind her, as Angie obeyed, Burton remarked "Good, no flaws." And smacked Angie's rear while telling her to stand upright.
Click, captured one naughty photo. Although I wished that was enough, I had to ensure there was enough evidence to prove this was not an out of context photo.
After two more shots with Burton fondling with Mandy and Lola's breasts, the party began with girls shrieking and giggling as they dived into the pool and even pushed others into it. You know, as much as women ensure us men they are the more mature sex, they can really prove otherwise.

It did take a moment before Burton intervened again, this time 'saving' Pinky from 'drowning' by swimming her back to the edge of the pool, holding onto her breasts.
Near the end of the party, I snapped one photo that would be engraved in my mind, an image that forever reminds me of Mr Burton and illustrates that he is an A-grade pervert. It happened during yet another "rescue", this time though; Burton raised the victim from the pool by pushing (and grabbing) her rear but then, rather than doing CPR, he attempted to unfasten her swimsuit. The victim I had to take photos of was Erica.
At this point I felt sickened; I was ready to just punch Burton square in his jaw. It was fortunate of Erica that Burton was rightfully intervened, the saviour being Ms Adriana Mihailov.
"As head girl, I authorise you take break and I appoint myself to lifeguard duties Mr. Burton." Adriana commanded, shoving Burton out of the way and repairing the damage he may have done upon Erica's vulnerable state.
Eventually the bell rang for its last time today and the girls retreated as Burton chuckled to himself over the 'fun' he had. I waited for the old sicko to leave before departing myself.

"Derby, I have evidence of Mr Burton's...activities with the girls' Gym class!" I proclaimed as I approached Derby inside Harrington house, I tossed the camera to him as he scrolled through past pictures, he face swelling with each foul image.
"That common rat! I never trusted that old codger, but to think he truly was a per- oh my, Pinky has suffered to this man?" Derby spurted; I left the Preps to their arrangements with Dr Crabblesnitch with a smile on my face.
"Thanks for the pass, you bullying sex-driven vermin!" I grinned; finally my pursuit for justice was paying off.

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