All Just For a Scholarship

A Lime Ripe for Picking...on!

After several minutes of mockery to one's expense, I began to recover from my pains and began to walk to the centre of my new, and hopefully temporary, prison. Beyond my path was a room containing a battered couch, a television I'd later discover had only three channels...all in monochrome, an arcade cabinet of some racing game I couldn't care less over and a vending machine with the words "Beam Cola" placed all over it. At the wings were two sides of a corridor leading to each resident's sleeping quarters, most of which were generally shared with the rest of the adolescent male population of this hell hole.
Eventually, I turned to the left as Danvers' directions circulated around my mind. Reaching the furthest door possible at my left, I reached towards the handle in a bid to enter my jail cell and prepare for the worst; sadly the worst came towards me as soon as the door bludgeoned my nose at full force.
"Watch where you are going, you bloody wanker!" I cursed to the culprit with my eyes focusing on my now bloodied nose; however my eyes crawled up over my own head until I was face to face with a large, burly brute of a teenager with bowl cut hair and a snarl on his face.
"You say something 'bout Russell?" The guy growled, I began to lower my hands away from my nose, perhaps the sight of my wounds would make him reconsider tearing my limbs out of their sockets I began to think to myself. The student face began to light up at the sight of it.
"Ha! Russell crushes weaklings through doors!" He hollered, rising his arms up in a way a gorilla would to show pride in its damage.
At this point I had a feeling in my gut, a sensation that wanted me to stay where I was and slander this Goliath; it must have been the air ventilation or something because, for some surreal reason, that was what I did.
"Oh well done, you proved your clumsiness can hurt people, tell me Einstein, what does retard mean?" I hissed, a brown haired student in a leather jacket behind the hulking pupil zipped past, as if looking for a bomb shelter, smart move.
"You call Russell retard? RUSSELL SMASH!" The massive monster titled Russell bellowed, his left forearm quickly, despite his physique, crashing into my right shoulder, he followed with his right forearm descending into my other shoulder, but I fortunately dodged, only to lead straight into his left hand which busted my nose into another irregular shape. I raised my arms to guard my face while dodging his predictable three arm combination, however, just as I jabbed at his jaw line, I began to notice the inflation of pupils that were circling myself and Russell, the majority of which were wearing the school polo shirts just like my giant adversary.
"Pound that new kid Russell!"
"Get 'im in the balls man!"
Suddenly, a pang buzzed from the back of my cranium, causing me to collapse in agony, my vision blurred as Russell started cheering over my limp body with his companions, and then I closed my eyes reluctantly just as I saw a pair of denim shorts with its zip down displaying the wearer's white underwear.

"Oh what a pity, that boy's still alive! I'll have to treat him now." A coarse and aged voice sighed as my eyes flickered open to see an old woman in a nurse's uniform so old I thought I was getting treated by Florence Nightingale! The nurse began to poke at my raw nose, causing me to twitch in pain.
"Oh quit squirming young man! It's your own fault for fighting on your first day anyways!" she snapped.
"Great (!)" I muttered with insincerity, "American health IS worse than the NHS!" I was punished by receiving more agony as she then pressed on my nose with greater and spiteful force.
"The cheek of it. You students have no respect for us members of the medical trade." She quipped while dressing my wound from the back of my head, "Why, don't you ever think that we'd rather have you dead than still alive, causing havoc all over the town?" she continued, just finishing off the dressing from my head wound. "But no, I have to keep you alive just for you to do yourself in all over again!" she concluded, throwing my head back onto the head rest and causing my slightly numbed pain to aggravate itself. "Now don't get yourself bashed up again and dragged in here by some bladder dysfunctional brat only to wake up in here alive, either don't do it at all or at least make sure they finish you off, either way will do me!" she snarled.
I hopped off the bed and walked off, humming the "Still Alive" song from Portal just in spite of her, even though she most likely never heard of Portal, or a video game!

I left the nurse's office and trudged down the corridors of the school as people laughed at my injuries and the term "Limely scum" bounced around in my ears, one pupil approached me with an odd gait and greeted me, there I noticed his denim shorts and its lowered zipper, this was the student who took me to the nurse's office I concluded.
"Are you alright?" the curly ginger haired boy asked me, his large glasses swallowing my entire view.
I walked around him in an attempt to proceed back to the boy's dormitory while answering, "Well, to save a long story, I've been through hell and so far you are the only one not to hate my guts. So yeah, I feel fantastic (!)" I sighed with sarcasm flooding the hallway as I spoke my final statement.
The ginger student proceeded to waddle beside me, causing several more chuckles to turn into deafening guffaws, "I'm Algernon, but mostly people just call me Algie...or Pee-Stain. But you can just call me Algie!" he claimed while we exited the school building, he then continued, "You know, that guy you fought was Russell Northrop, he's like the biggest bully in the school!" he exclaimed as we began to walk towards the junction between the two dorms, "I mean he's like the leader of the Bullies, almost everyone is frightened of him, especially me...and the rest of the Astronomy Club." He quivered, I looked at him and gave him a question, "There's an Astronomy Club? Here in this capital of Purgatory?" Algie chuckled a little in a nervous manner before stating, "Well yes...and no. See, everyone who is a member of the Astronomy Club is what many non-members call 'Nerds', we aren't that fond of being called that-"
"So you all decided to make a club so you could make a more pleasant collective term." I interrupted at the stairs of the boy's dorm, Algie just nodded his head with his mouth open, and I shrugged. "Fair enough" I added before then entering the boy's dorm.

Get to your dorm, take two I thought to myself as I walked directly to the door that lead to my beyond pleasing introduction to my first fight and trip to the nurse's office. I clamped my hand over the handle of the door and opened the door, once again given an abrupt greeting to another prisoner of His Presidency's Federal Prison.
It was that buzz cut ginger headed kid at the school building I saw from the school building before seeing Crabblesnitch. The student looked up at me, to which I looked down to him, noticing his unclean appearance from his dark blue school vest and his cream slacks.
"So, you were the new kid who fought Russell huh?" he asked.
I clenched my teeth together and growled, "Yes, your point being?"
The student raised his hands, indicting his non violent intentions, "Nothing, I just wanted to say 'Welcome to Bullworth, prepare for the worse!' but I guess that isn't needed. Name's Jimmy Hopkins." He then greeted with his right hand out.
In return, I shook his hand and announced, "I'm John Daniels, now Bullworth's Lime apparently."
"Whoa, you're English?" he asked in shock.
I sighed before answering, "Yes, I am English." Rolling my eyes afterwards, Jimmy then leant towards me a little.
"Then I can bet the Preps will love you!" he whispered, before then rushing outside, waving towards me as he turned towards the exit of the building, leaving me somewhat confused as I stood at the door of my gaol, Preps? Who or what are preps?

I shook the thoughts out of my brain and entered the room; there stood several beds at each wall with a small cabinet of sorts on the right of each one. One such bed was neatly tucked and pristine with school clothes on top of it along with a letter. One plus one came to the conclusion that clearly that was to be my sleeping quarters, I approached the bed and picked up the note, it read:

"Dear Mr Daniels,

As the principal of this grand academy-"

I stopped and snorted at the statement before continuing:

"-it is my duty to inform you on the main structure of this school. First and foremost, as of tomorrow, every day with little to no exceptions you will have two classes, a morning class from 9:00 to 11:30 and an afternoon class from 13:00 to 15:30, below this note is a timetable of your classes. As you already know, it is compulsory for pupils to wear their uniform; however the school shop next to the janitor's room will provide alternatives to their school approved attire if the one provided is not to your satisfaction."

Once again I paused, only to then look at my school uniform, a dark green sweater vest with cream slacks and a white shirt.
"Not the worst uniform ever, but I guess I should buy some other clothes to avoid wearing this uniform thin." I stated to myself. Not allowing the thought of how shockingly progressive "alternative uniforms" was for such a school as Bullworth linger in my mind, I continued reading:

"I must also tell you that there are many rules here that we commend our students to follow, to help enforce this, senior pupils are given the privilege of being prefects, whereby they have the authority to apprehend you compromising the laws of our prestigious academy, likewise with the faculty."

I paused again to recall the student in the blue blazer who grappled me in a headlock, oblivious to the fact I had just arrived in school. Somehow I had a feeling that I wasn't going to enjoy the company of those authoritarian nut jobs. The note continued:

"Students here at Bullworth are also given the honour of traversing around the town the Academy resides in, however one must understand that while the local Police are working with the faculty here, they will independently punish you if you are caught violating rules."

Sounds like any normal high school there I thought to myself, I then continued reading:

"Finally, we are told to inform you that students in Bullworth are given a curfew of 11pm, if you are not indoors at that time, you will be punished.

For any more details, please just ask either the teachers or perhaps any students you might have befriended.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Crabblesnitch"

I decided to recollect the populous of students who I had some friendship with, one is Algie and the other could be Jimmy so I had about 1 and a half people I could trust to help me around school, great (!) I thought to myself.

I then looked at the foot of the note, where my timetable had been imprinted.


English Chemistry

Math Biology

Gym Shop

Art Photography

Music Geography

"So tomorrow, I will have English and then Chemistry. That doesn't seem too bad." I shrugged as I looked over my timetable.
After a minute or so of looking over my timetable, I tossed the note aside and once sliding my uniform into my cabinet, I rested on my bed, its springs pushing into my vertebrae as I stared into the ceiling.
"Well, I've made enemies, I've made friends and I have discovered the art of getting yourself into a fight." I sighed to myself, before turning towards the window of the bedroom, "And yet, my opinion stands, I hate this crumbling excuse of a school."
"It's about to get worse, Limey dilweed!"
I sat up and turned towards the voice, there stood one of Russell's comrades, a blonde lad wielding a baseball bat and a vile smirk on his face: it was the school greeter (!)

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