All Just For a Scholarship

This is the part where we lose it!

Police swarmed all over Bullworth that morning, gathering intelligence on Erica's kidnapping, as a result of the commotion, all the exams were delayed until Erica was found. I saw students being interrogated, strip searched even shocked to all shades of hell by the Police officers' tasers, and here I thought the school was bad enough.
Reluctant to punch my own ticket to police brutality, I commenced my own search, riding my bike across all kinds of terrain in hope to spot Erica, Gary or that former Head Boy. My crusade stretched through the Old Vale's hills, roads and streets, passing by the wrecked railways of New Coventry and even across the Industrial Park, leading me to Happy Volts asylum.

I groaned as I dropped my bike and perched myself on a nearby rock. My search was hopeless, no matter how hard I tried to hunt down Gary or his newly acquired minion; there was just no possible way I could find Erica.
"Hey what's eating you?" I heard a man ask me, I turned and to my surprise stood the old King of the School, Jimmy Hopkins, now decked in nothing more than a flimsy gown.
"J-j-Jimmy? Is that you?" I gasped; he was much thinner than I last saw him. The gown didn't help in recognising Hopkins and even his iconic potato like face lost its initial colour, now it was nothing more than a pale reflection of once an all-ruling rebel.
"Jimmy shrugged and sat next to me, "Yeah, that's my name, Jimmy Hopkins. Now just another resident in the loony bin that is Happy Volts asylum!" he sighed, turning to me he started confessing, "Look if you are here to persuade me out of Happy Volts then prepared to be disappointed. I don't care about Bullworth any more; I don't have anything worth going back to."
I then jumped to enquiring, "Then why are you outside the asylum?"
Jimmy leaned back, his gown crawling up him as he did, "Piece of mind. I may not desire to return to Bullworth, but I sure as hell ain't staying in Happy Volts for my entire service." I began to think about Jimmy's position, poor guy. He was a giant among the pupils (figuratively speaking), everyone praised him and gave the utmost respect for him even the faculty I would imagine.
And what slayed the mighty king? His own lady, Adriana Mihailov. Forget just betraying him for Gary, she destroyed Jimmy! Forcing him into an asylum and now look at Jimmy, after all those months and he looks like shit!
I growled, "Jimmy, you are a wreck, you have to get out of that asylum! Gary is fucking the school over, he's got Adriana pulling the strings in the school, and thanks to him and that former Head boy my girl-"

Jimmy shot up and butted in, "Petey? Petey is in cahoots with Gary now?" he shouted, a rush of blood drowned his face, inflating red on the surface, "Gary you little bitch! You brought Petey into this? Ok...Danny is it?"
"Daniels." I answered, looking somewhat puzzled by Jimmy's sudden burst of energy, was it to do with that Petey guy? If so, what? Was Jimmy closer to Petey than I might have imagined? Was he bisexual or a closet homosexual posing as a heterosexual?
None of those questions mattered, what mattered was this: The king has returned.

"Alright, I'm going back to get my stuff. Meet me at the Yum Yum Market at New Coventry then we'll talk!" Jimmy commanded, sprinting back towards the asylum, the back of his gown spoiling the dynamic image.
I mounted my bicycle and pedalled to New Coventry, strafing around pedestrians and vehicles alike, I even had the joy any young man on a bike must face, getting chased by a dog.
My journey to the Yum Yum Market proved short though treacherous thanks to random Greasers in the mood for fighting by any means as well as the brigade of canines with an obsession for chasing cyclists. Locking my bike to the bike rack, I chose to purchase some produce while I awaited Jimmy. Namely a box of eggs and a box of chocolates (the former for Mr Smith and the latter for a special someone).

Walking out the shop, I spotted Jimmy standing next to my bike with a glare on his face. "Right, you got any firepower on you?" Jimmy asked, showing his hand as an indicator for me to give them up.
I rummaged through my pockets and withdrew my fire crackers, confessing "I only have some firecrackers...and some itching power I suppose...And these eggs."
Jimmy cursed, "Damn it! Is that it? We'll stand no chance getting to Gary if all we got are some eggs, crackers and powder! We are going to need something else...something with much more punch." Jimmy then grinned in a manner that was very much unnerving "And I know the place to go!

"Oh my God! James, you got out of Happy Volts!" Earnest squealed in joy as we met down in the basement section of an old comic book store in the Old Vale dubbed the "Dragon's Wing". Earnest was expressing significant joy over the return of Bullworth's abdicated king. "I-I-I can't believe you have finally is incredible."
Melvin then approached Jimmy and me, "Hath the king left his holy crusade to smite the sorcerer who has stolen a virgin and intends on ruling His Majesty's Kingdom?" he asked, bowing in an over-exaggerated manner.
Jimmy rolled his eyes, "Yeah, something like that. Earnest I need some firepower, that asylum stripped me of my stuff and Jack here-"
"John" I corrected, peeved by his incapability to remember my name.
"-whatever, he only has a couple of crackers and some stuff that just won't cut it. Need a Super Slingshot, Bottle Rocket Launcher and a Spud gun...oh and get John something too!" Jimmy concluded, immediately the Nerds unearthed their notes and equipment, tossing Jimmy each of his requested items. Eventually, Jimmy grabbed a spare Spud gun and tossed it to me. "Catch" he added.
I clasped the device in my arms and examined it, it was a chunky metal tube with a container of potatoes on the back of it, and the hole which one would imagine unloads the ammunition on the other end. I crept up to Jimmy and asked, "So what's your plan?"
Jimmy loaded the bottle rocket launcher and packed the rest of his weapons as he turned to me. Jimmy scowled, "We are going to take Gary down!"
I sighed, "And where do you suppose we are going to look first?"
Jimmy grinned to my question and replied, "I know where he's being holed up."

We approached the lighthouse that hanged of the Old Vale beach; the sand gave way to our stride towards the presumed vacant structure's entrance.
Jimmy climbed to the deck that lead up to the double doors, planting his back to the wall and looking at the door. I covered the other side of the doors and whispered to Jimmy, "Are you sure he'll be in here?"
Jimmy nodded, "This is where he's been since my commitment to Happy Volts I see him enter there all the time. If he isn't staying in here, I'll re-commit myself, you got me?" I nodded my head, it seemed to make sense. Every time I met Gary, he was at the Old Vale...close to the beach no less. The fact he stayed near said beach seemed to be, by Ockham's razor, the most likely solution.
Jimmy reached for the door handle before then prompting me to complement his action by grabbing hold of the other handle. "On three, we break in." Jimmy commanded, after a short pause, he summoned a mighty cry as he shouted "THREE!"

We threw the doors open and pointed our firearms into the room, Petey and Gary stood before us with their own weapons: a Spud gun and Bottle Rocket Launcher respectively.
"Well lookie here Petey, intruders!" Gary grinned, his gun raised until it directly pointed at my face. "Well we can't have strangers just breaking into my beach house and with guns blazing wrecking the place now can we?"
"Your beach house? This was my beach house before I got thrown into the nut house thanks to you!" Jimmy snapped, "And what the hell Petey, I thought we were friends, why are you turning against me?"
Petey stammered, "I-I-I-I'm sorry Jimmy, with my Head b-bb-boy status gone and you locked away, I had nobody." The boy's eyes welled up with tears, "I was alone, no-one to help me, no-one to confide with, no-one!"
"So you thought Gary would make everything better for you Pete, IS THAT WHAT YOU THOUGHT!" Jimmy roared.
Gary's grin split open as he remarked, "But he was right. He helped me, and I protected him. He gave me student records; I stopped Russell and you from bullying him later. We were friends, we didn't backstab each other like you did to me, oh no, Petey was a good, clever little boy, unlike you!"
"Damn you Gary, you turned on me! I did not stab you in the back; I didn't even plan on doing that! You just chose to stay off the meds and you went loopy." Jimmy barked, his bottle rocket launcher pointing at Gary.

"So who exactly is going to pull the trigger first here?" I piped in, awaiting Gary to fire a rocket at me.
But suddenly, as Gary started to fire, Jimmy launched a bottle rocket into Gary's torso, the round exploded on impact, knocking Gary off his feet and causing him to toss his gun into the air. Petey twitched as he started switching aim between me and Jimmy.
"Come on Petey, put the gun down, you know I wouldn't hurt you. You are my friend." Jimmy calmly ordered Petey. Petey started to break out the water works once again, this time tossing his gun down and hugging Jimmy, sniffling and snorting amongst his sobs.
"Hey hey Petey, easy man. I know you are sensitive and all, but you are making a scene here." Jimmy chuckled as he consoled his friend.

I tossed my spud gun to the side and rushed for the door behind Gary, I tried the handle but it refused to open, I banged on it hollering, "Erica! Erica, are you in there? Erica?"
Petey turned to me and choked, "S-she isn't here. G-Gary expected you to come here John...s-sh-sh-she is not here."
I picked up the sniffling boy and held him up, "Then where is she Petey? WHERE? Where did Gary put her?"
Gary began to cough and splutter, "Where do you think my limey adversary? I didn't leave the school when I took that chick of yours." He then chuckled, "I took that drenched, defenceless girl and left her in the Hole. She's probably at this very moment freezing and probably getting hypothermia." He then faced me as I approached him, "Course I could have had my way with her, but somebody over there for objecting."
I was pissed, at that moment I just wanted to grab Gary and pummel him till you couldn't make out his face for the swollen bruises I would have given him. But I couldn't, not with Erica still in danger. "Jimmy, do you know where this Hole is?"
Jimmy nodded, "Yeah, I can take you there."
"Thanks, Petey, keep Gary here, I don't want him running off and escaping from the beating I want to give him!" I ordered, "Jimmy, take me to The Hole!"

It seemed as though the police had truly demonstrated their incompetency, as when I returned to Bullworth in search for "The Hole", I found police surrounding the entrances to Bullworth and the students absolutely wrecking the grounds. Bins toppled, graffiti spreading like gangrene across surfaces, bullies pummelling anything with a heartbeat and prefects flailing around like headless imbeciles.
"Let's get going!" Jimmy prompted me, we rushed between the cars, completely arrogant to the police's demands to return as we rushed past the madness that was in fruition from all the chaotic actions of the students. "This way" Jimmy indicated to a stairway leading down from the parking area of the school to a door. Jimmy flung the door open as I rushed through; time was trickling away as the thoughts of Erica in agony pushed me to sprinting.

We navigated the rooms that prolonged Erica's rescue, electric generators threatening to shock us, open gas with pressure enough to perhaps break our vertebrae, as well as countless other traps and 'puzzles' which proved to only infuriate me further.
Eventually, Jimmy led me to a hallway leading to some kind of ring which was sunk below the floor we stood on. In that ring sat a freezing Erica, still in her swim suit, clasping a pen and piece of paper as she shivered.
"Erica!" I cried, jumping down into the ring and approaching Erica. I held her in my arms, raising her slowly as her damp body quaked with the cold condition of this underground fighting arena. "Don't worry Erica; I'm going to get you out of here!" I stated, lifting Erica in my arms I began my journey to escape this area and save Erica, this proved to me most challenging as Ted Thompson arrived.

"Well ain't I in luck, somebody is in the Hole wanting a fight. And he's got a prize too!" He grinned, climbing down to face me.
"Ted, I am not here to fight, Erica is freezing, I need to get her out of here can't you understand that?" I explained.
Ted grinned and looked down at me, "Trying to back out Limey? You'd best let me pound ya quickly if you are in such a rush then." He entered a fighting stance and immediately threw a punch at me.
I started to dodge his punches as I ran away from him. Seeing the opening, I then made a plan. "Jimmy!" I called out, pushing Erica up to him, Jimmy grasped Erica and lifted her. Dodging another punch from ted, I commanded, "Take Erica up to the girls' dorm! I'll meet you there, hurry!"
Jimmy scarpered away with Erica in his hands, distracted by Jimmy leaving; Ted tackles me to the ground, my head smacking of the side of the Hole. I hollered in pain as Ted guffawed, "There's no escape for you Limey, I'm going to beat you like rug!"
With all my might, I kicked Ted over my head, causing him to slam face first into the Hole's wall. He shrieked with great agony as he dropped to the ground. Taking advantage of this state, I climbed out of the Hole and desperately ran off towards the girls' dorm, hoping Erica was alright.

I slipped into the girls' dorm through the grapevine ladder; I rushed towards her bedroom to see Jimmy sitting next to Erica, still in her swim suit.
"This is no time to be prudish!" I barked at Jimmy, as I stripped Erica out of her swim suit and tucked her into her bed, without even contemplating that I just performed an action a perverted young man of age equal to mine would have done, I began speaking to the motionless Erica. "Oh Erica, please tell me you are alright, please...wake up!" I begged, my eyes starting to leak tears, "You can't be like this Erica. Please recover...please wake up...please still be alive!" I clasped her hand with both of my own, yearning that my body heat would transfer into her. My tears began to drip from my eye lashes and slip down my face and off my chin, "No, Erica please! You can't be gone. I need you here!" I quivered, her body still failed to move...her body cold.
Kurokai walked into the room as I dropped my head and cried in a pathetic state, Jimmy started to leave the room in order to give me time by myself. The feline hoped onto Erica's bed and nuzzled into her as though Erica was asleep.
"I know you don't deserve the place Erica, I know you are better off in peace...but I don't think I can be without you Erica, you are my only reason I am still here, I can't think of leaving you again...I...just..." I begged.

Just then though, I felt blood flowing through Erica, colour returned to her body as she began to wake up, I widened my tear-struck eyes as my love returned from what felt like the grave, she breathed, "John?"
I nodded then instinctively; Erica hugged me, throwing up her covers. I returned the hug, my tears dripping onto her naked shoulder. "Wait, how am I naked?" Erica asked as we broke our hug. I then remembered an appointment I had with old Scarface himself, Gary Smith.
I stated, "I don't have time to explain, just stay here Erica, I need to deal with that twisted motherfucker Gary!" I left Erica as I began my journey back to the Old Vale, hoping Erica complied and stayed in her bed where she was safe.

I left the girls' dorm with Jimmy at my side, only to see the police gone and at the entrance an image of a true villain, Gary Smith holding up a spud gun with a battered up Petey at his feet and Adriana hanging off his arm like a cheap flousy.
"You really thought Petey was going to keep tabs on me? I mean come on, when has anything I done involved me acting alone?" Gary snorted; I felt a ravenous desire to tear Gary into seven consecutive pieces to give individual methods of destruction. "If you want to get your own back at me Daniels, you better know how to run!" he added before he began to escape with Adriana not far behind.
"You chase those two, I gotta help Petey!" Jimmy ordered, without even a moment to actually display acknowledgement to him I chased Gary. Gary fled into the side entrance of the school and then promptly steered into a detour with led outside school grounds, pursuing him.

I spotted Gary and Adriana now swimming towards an island of sorts with a wrecked pirate ship of some kind in front of it. I dived after them as they made it to the ship.
"If you think I'm going to let you take me down Daniels" Gary shouted, launching a potato out into the sea as I swam around it, "You are sadly mistaken!" He continued shooting the potatoes at me until I rose onto the sunken ship.
"Why Gary? Why did you do this? You had no reason to tear the school down after-" I began.
Gary butted in, "I had every reason to destroy this school! That traitor Hopkins was only the tip of the iceberg for me! Do you think that I should have been condemned to an asylum for defending myself from bullies and people who threatened to harm me?"
"At what point did you decide that after revenge you should actively harm people before they even lay a finger on you?" I argued, slowly approaching closer to Gary.
Gary lowered his spud gun and continued to converse, "Everyone is an enemy, you should know what those you think are respectful of you can and will do just to destroy you, remember the rumour of Lola Daniels? Do you think Erica has fully forgiven you for that?"
"Don't fuck with me Smith, I know you are bullshitting me!" I ranted, "You actively hurt people because you think they'll do the same to you, but they don't, they never do! Does that stop you from manipulating others? No, how long is it until you backstab Adriana after using her just to get your petty revenge on Bullworth?"
Adriana hissed, "What are you saying?"
"Think about it Adriana, Gary never really shown you affection unless you did something for him didn't he?" I explained.
Adriana turned to Gary; she turned from tough girl to emotionally broken, "Please Gary...please tell me that Daniels is lying." She cried.
Gary shrugged, "Why? You'll just turn on me later." He spoke.
The statement clapped like a bolt of lightning in Adriana's head, his love to her...the kiss that stole her was all empty, hollow, cold-hearted lies. "YOU BASTARD!" She shrieked, pouncing on Gary and wrestling him, he kicked Adriana off and stood back up.

Gary approached the injured Adriana, tending to her bruised ribs "You see what I mean Adriana "my dearest"? You turned on me, now I'm going to have to stop you." Gary murmured maniacally, withdrawing a blade from his jeans, "now I'll have to hurt you!"
Seeing the blade, I rushed to Gary and tackled him, causing us both to fall off the ship and into the water. I couldn't see the blade in Gary's hand as we fell, but it didn't matter. As we submerged, we began to drag each one and other down and sometimes kick each other to escape. We both climbed back onto the ship and traded blows; I heard distant splashing which distracted me partially, allowing Gary to hook me across the jaw.

I felt my jaw line screech in agony, Gary screamed in glee as he planned to finish me off with a kick into my open ribs. Desperate, I swung my fist in a haymaker fashion straight into Gary's scarred eye, the blow threw Gary down and my lack of balance caused me to drop as well. I slowly attempted to rise back up onto my feet, I then spotted Erica climb onto the ship, I began to smile at the sight of my dearest.

Before the blade punctured my back and pierced into my ribcage.

I collapsed on my right away from the blade, Erica shrieked at my injury. The blade leaked blood which seeped under my body and down into the water.
I saw Gary then scream something and attacked Erica, only for her to deflect the attack and with her fists slide closer into Gary and smash his collar bone, causing him too to drop.

My blood was warm...

...very warm...

...not like the sea water...

...or my body...

...Erica dropped to her knees to tend to me...

...just as I blacked out.

I felt the sensation of consciousness as I slowly awakened in a hospital ward, the blurry white above me eventually turned into a light on a clean roof. I groaned slightly as I felt some padding over my knife wound, along with the inevitable irritation or pain from lying on it.
"John?" I heard a girl sniffle, I turned my head and tried to rise up, I saw a beautiful woman before me, dressed in a white blouse and a long matching skirt, her pink hair flowing down her along with tears.
"Erica? Hey, am I in Bullworth infirmary? Because if it is, I doubt three times will be the charm for me!" I joked.
Erica squealed for joy as she hugged me tightly, I returned the hug as she cried, "Oh John! I thought you were going to die. I-I-I couldn't have imagined my sorrow if you did, you are just too important to me John! I can't see myself going on without your smile, your open heart, your unwavering loyalty...I just...I mean...I love you too much!"
I nodded as I whispered, "Thank you Erica. I love you too."

Then the moment was spoiled by the buzzard of buzz kills, Dr Crabblesnitch, clearing his throat and stating, "That is very touching, however with visiting hours being as short as they are in Bullworth General Hospital, I must intervene!" Erica slowly pried herself away from me and allowed Dr Crabblesnitch a seat.
I asked, "What is of the matter sir?"
Dr Crabblesnitch stated, "As you know Mr Daniels, the agreement between myself and your family was if you passed all exams, you would return to England to continue your studies in St Connors." He fixed his tie before proceeding, "Although the exams were delayed due to the kidnapping of Ms McKerron here." He turned to face Erica, who seemed reluctant to return the gaze, Crabblesnitch continued, "Nevertheless, I have requested to see your results in your subjects so far and if I were to assume you maintained such diligence in the exam, you would have passed them all!"
I gasped, "Y-Y-you mean?"
Crabblesnitch nodded and confirmed, "You will return to England at the end of the term!"

I began to celebrate my joy, but cut my happiness short as I saw Erica's face drop. That's right, if I go, Erica is still stuck in Bullworth. How can I be happy about that? I sighed, "Err sir? May I have a word?"
Crabblesnitch asked, "Whatever seems to bother you young man? Surely you are happy to return to your home."
"Well I wished I was sir but you see..." I explained, reaching out to hold Erica's hand, "I think I'm better here!"
Erica gasped and smiled at the news, I wasn't leaving, I was going to stay with Erica. Crabblesnitch stood up and stammered, "Y-you mean you wish to embody the Bullworth spirit?"

I shrugged, "Yes, but on a few conditions sir." I remarked. I prompted Crabblesnitch to lean over as I whispered, "Reinstate Pete Kowalski as Head boy, keep Adriana Mihailov as head girl and relieve Jimmy Hopkins of his time in Happy Volts and revoke his expulsion!"
Crabblesnitch raised up and nodded, "Very well Daniels, consider it done, Welcome back to Bullworth Academy!" he announced as I reached over to kiss Erica.

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