All Just For a Scholarship

Tying it up

A few years had passed since my decision to stay enrolled in Bullworth Academy, and as the prom neared, I felt no regret from my decision.
Yeah, there was still bullying in the school in spite of what happened with Gary, true I missed my family, only able to converse with them through snail mail (apparently the computers in Bullworth seem to run on Windows 95 and lack any internet connection) and I'll admit that the cooking in the academy was, in a word, alive.
Regardless I felt attached to decrepit decor of Bullworth; its foundations were the very thing that built me as the young intellectual I am today. The people of Bullworth Academy, though immoral sometimes, gave me bravery...they gave me strength.

As the dawn of summer shined on my senior head and slightly toasted my blazer, I return to my dorm, slinging my notes onto my bed and look at my calendar.
I glided my finger towards today's date, eyes widened as I curse, "Bugger, tonight's the prom, and I only have a suit." I snatch the hanged up, covered suit along with a special little box sitting aside it as I then take up a debt one particular group owed me.

"So you want Pinky and I to get you primed up for the prom?" Mandy snorted as I confronted them with my suit slung behind me, "Like why should we do something like that?"
I smiled and held up a poster from last year, it was photographs of Mandy and Pinky both in rather sexual positions. I cleared my throat, "Did you forget who tore down these posters from last year? You two owe me a lot, especially from the beatings I got for doing just that."
Pinky snatched the poster, glaring at it, she snarled, "Fine, but once we do this, we are even ok?"
I nodded with a smile on my face; yeah things were much easier in Bullworth without the misery from my first year.

In a private room at Harrington House, Pinky and Mandy began to prepare me for the prom night. While this may sound pleasant, frankly it felt more like the contrary.
"Oh my God, to you like, bite your nails? That is, like, so gross!" Mandy moaned as she was filing.
"What do you mean no make-up; do you want your date to think you are a pauper? Well yes you are but that is not the point!" Pinky bitched as I see her trying to apply foundation to me. "And want are we going to do about this five o'clock shadow, I mean are you going in as a cowboy?"
Mandy lifted the flier from my nails and smiled, "I know who could help." She explained she then gave a whistle outside the window, amongst the blur that just jumped through the freaking window was the school's former quarterback, Kirby.
"OOooo someone get tidied up for the prom huh?" he giggled, he just oozed with camp acting, he then raised a pair of scissors and a cut-throat razor, I gulped at the sight of the latter. "Don't chu worry girls. Once I clear that stubble he'll be so fa-bu-lous!" he shrieked, and to think this guy was voted by people in the school to be "most likely to get a girl" on the American Football team last year.

The night began with a queue of young men awaiting their ladies to leave the girls' dorm. I stood among them with my hair trimmed and baby-faced (thanks Kirby!) and donning a suit finely pressed, awaiting my lady in a line with various other guys. I slipped the little black box into my jacket pocket for later.
I looked down the line to see several familiar faces, Jimmy stood in the line with a gold suit on, seriously give him a wig and shades and I'd swear he would have been the prom's Elvis impersonator. Ted was also in the line, his teeth baring gaps that seemed to indicate a scuffle with another person in the line, Derby Harrington (who was secretly cursing over the state of his Aquaberry read this right!). And then, to my surprise, in the line was Russell Northrop himself.
I shimmied past a few guys to meet Russell, I asked "Hey Russell, I didn't know you'd be here. Who is the lucky lady?"
Russell cleared his throat, "Russell no wanna say." I shrugged and then the now well dressed, cleaned and most notably sober Mr Galloway marched up and down the line.

He announced, "Alright boys it's the prom tonight, now as Dr Crabblesnitch refuses to have pupils running around in a riotous fashion, a register will be made." Several boys groaned and others sighed, Galloway elaborated, "Now, Ms Philips will open the door and a girl will walk out, then ONE of you, just one of you remember, will meet said girl and walk her to the gym." He turned to Ted "I remind you Mr Thompson to WALK with the lady. This isn't football, she is a woman...not an object!"
Someone snorted along the line, "Could've fooled me" but the statement nevertheless was ignored.

Then, the girls' dorm opened its doors and first to walk out was a red-headed girl in a dark dress, it was a little shabby but nevertheless who am I to argue about fashion?
Jimmy walked up to her and walked her away, as if it were a factory conveyer belt, the next girl walked out, and the boy met her. Pinky paired with Derby, Mandy with Ted, Lola with Johnny, Beatrice with Earnest and the numbers in the line dwindled.
Eventually, Adriana walked out, "Adriana? Who is she paired with?" I asked myself, on cue, Russell marched up to her and with her arm hooking to his, the pair walked off into the moon kissed horizon, leading to the Gym. "Well I guess Russell is more of a charmer than I thought." I smiled, watching their profiles fade.

Then the heavens parted, walking down the steps was the great angel Erica, her dress flowing like the feathers on a swan's wing, her pink hair tied back, unveiling the soft glowing face of that no man could imagine. I approached her and offered her my arm, she in turn hooked her arm around me, as we then walked to the Gym.
"Hey Erica?" I asked, she turned to me as I continued, "Do you remember, around about this time three years ago, I chose to stay at Bullworth rather than go back to St. Connors?"
She smiled and nodded, "Yes, that was the happiest moment of my life." She whispered.
With my free arm, I subconsciously patted the black little box, murmuring, "After this, it'll be your second."
Erica pondered, "What?" I snapped out of my little moment and tried to act oblivious to the entire scenario.
"Not now John." I thought to myself, "Not now".

We walked into the open doors of the Gym, everyone was waltzing, pirouetting and essentially dancing as though they were professionals. I froze on the spot, Erica noticed this and turned to me, "What's wrong?" she asked, her sincere concern making me feel more idiotic when I confessed.
"I err...can't dance!" I sighed, I truly felt like a pathetic idiot as Erica grabbed my hand and lead me into the former basketball court, now dance hall.
"Then let me guide you." She whispered into my ear stepping back, forth and round to the ascending notes of the orchestra lead by Mrs Peters. At various points, Erica lifted my arm over her head and spun round beneath it.
Just as I got footing and an understanding to the concept of dance, Erica's control of me faded and we continued or waltz in sync and together. We gracefully traversed around the school hall, the song declining as we slowly stopped, ending with me twirling Erica.

As the orchestra ceased, Dr Crabblesnitch began to make some speech about how proud he is to call himself the principal of this school, blah de-blah de-blah, how it is imperative that through life we maintain the school spirit even outside of Bullworth, ya-dee ya-da.
"...And I feel obliged to thank a young man who was put Bullworth's name in the papers for his contributions throughout to build upon our reputation, please my Mr John Daniels take the stage?" Crabblesnitch requested.
I left Erica as I climbed up the steps to the podium, the little black box dancing in my pocket as I ascended. I cleared my throat and started to stammer, "G-Good Evening err...everyone." the pupils cheered as I tried to continue, "I am proud of being here, with my contributions to the School Presidency from being a Vice President in my first year of being beating the actual President from my second year to present." The crowd hollered even more, it was true, in part due to Crabblesnitch's love for the fact I chose to stay in Bullworth and he felt that would be a spectacular gift of gratitude, I was the School President. Thankfully I managed to discourage him enough to make it a genuine election as opposed to an instant employment.

"Err...B-be-before leave and recommence this prom...I would like to bring someone on stage...a Ms Erica McKerron please?" I requested, Erica walked up onto the stage, she also got an applause for getting on.
I cleared my throat, feeling my little black box in my jacket pocket. "E-Erica. Since my arrival here, I have been through many hardships in the name of "School Spirit"." I explained, "And I am blessed to know that I have such a gentle, caring and beautiful soul to have stuck by me since every single one of those hardships. My suffering melted away by your smile, your ice blue eyes shining through the darkest of fears that I may ever bear. Your long pink hair sweeping off the lingering vices that test me, your-"
"Hey Daniels, get to the point! Some of us want to get to our beds before falling asleep ya know?" Jimmy hollered, several students laughing at his remark.

I holstered the microphone and instead held Erica's hand, my opposite knee touching the ground as I rummaged through my pockets. I unsheathed the box as I gulped, "Erica McKerron..." I then flicked the box out, opening it to display a ring with a sapphire on top, it continued to shine as I asked.

"W-will you marry me?"

The audience roared with shock as Erica then looked to me, taking the ring and its box and whispering, "Yes". I stole a kiss from her lipstick wet lips and announced on the microphone "She said yes!"
The students hoorayed, a girl or two fainting at the romance that chocked them, guys hollering that I just 'scored' as I continued to kiss my wife to be onstage.

So there you have it, I went to the world's worst high school, got bullied, fought a couple of times, went to a lesson or two, got friendly with the infirmary, helped a guy get school presidency, got myself in a party, made friends, broke a few school rules, got accused of cheating, got beaten up by girls, brought a pervert to justice, almost got myself killed and I even rescued and got engaged with the girl of my dreams.

And I did it all just for a scholarship!

The End

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