All Just For a Scholarship

The Ropes We Are Hanged From

The blonde youth sneered as I got off of my bed and stood in front of him.
"So, I'm guessing you think I'm a pansy and so you want to send me back to the nurse?" I asked, waiting for him to club me across the head with that bat in his hand.
"No, I had a better idea! Hand over your money and I don't beat you up." He sneered, he then held out his hand, "I know you have plenty of cash you Limey Rat, so had the green!"
At that moment, my mind buzzed with curious confusion, what's with the whole 'Limey thing these pupils have with me? How is that related to be British? And what possessed this thug's vacant skull into presuming that I have money in mass quantities?
I straighten myself and replied, "Whatever gave you the impression that I'm a rich pupil? I haven't said anything about my lifestyle, especially anything to the likes of you!" The boy reacted by propping his bat onto his right shoulder and gave a laugh.
"Don't pretend that you are REALLY English, I know you are just some Prep who's as tame as the pussy Nerds!" he laughed, stepping once towards me. "So are you going to give over some mullah, or is Trent going to have to pound you like Russell did first?"
There's that word again, what's a Prep when it's at home? Before I contemplated over the matter, I faced Trent and grinned.
"You want to beat me up for money? Fine, go ahead!" I commanded Trent, his grip tightened around the wooden shaft of his weapon and he lunged towards me, his bat overhead while arcing downwards.
Bad move, Rather than step away, I too lunged towards him, tackling his open torso and winded him, and I heard the bat fall behind me as Trent collapsed from my counter. Before he got back up, I decided to practice my sprinting in a bid to escape him, he may not be as strong as the ginger headed Neanderthal but I wasn't going to test my luck, especially after already getting in a fight earlier today.

I shoved through various crowds of green vests, blue vests and even black jackets on some occasions as I tried to spread the distance between me and Trent, sadly I came to realise one fault with my desperate sprinting, easy to spot!
I heard Trent's insults and threats getting louder as I snaked through the crowds, while getting shoved around by those of a more aggressive nature felt my hand push them to the side and the more passive scream apologies to me, helping Trent hunt me down like I was a penguin on land.

It didn't take too long before I encountered a group of overweight, spectacled or sometimes both teens waddle around the area in front of a building with the word "LIBRARY" imprinted above, one of the teens was, to my fortune, Algie.
"Hey, word up coolio! Err...I mean, hi-"Algie began, sadly my panic cut him off.
"Algie, I know you won't believe me, but there's a guy named Trent who wants to hunt me down, and I have a feeling he'll be here soon, I need to hide!" I gasped, Algie's eyes widened to the point his glasses magnified them so large it would have probably made me laugh had it not been for the scenario I was in. Algie then squealed in terror.
"Trent's coming? Oh no, he'll wedgie us all! Everyone, ONE OF THE BULLIES IS COMING!" Algie shrieked, his siren caused the Nerds to start running around in panic, flailing their arms all over the place as the ran around, others stood still and shielded their faces, stiff with fear, fists shaking like maracas.
At this moment, Trent had finally caught up with me, gripping the back of my collar, he threw me to the ground, my head wound now enflaming ferociously, and Trent gave off a single laugh as an African-American student with a polo shirt on as well walked up to my view with a slimy smirk stretched across his face.
I cradled my head as Trent taunted, "I can't believe you actually thought that these Nerds would help you. They're pathetic cowards without any sense of dignity. The only reason they exist is so people, like me and Ethan over here, can beat the crap out of them and remind them that they suck!" his friend Ethan added "Just like you!" as he began to lower himself to pick me up by my collar, once I reached my feet, Ethan punched me on my nose, the blood from it began to ooze out again.
Trent mocked, "You see Limey? You are nothing! So long as we are around, no Nerd will he-"

At that very instant, Trent stumbled forwards, cupping the back of his head, behind him was a quivering Algie, guarding his face with arms that were shaking more that his voice when under pressure. Algie then began to fight against Trent, shoving him every odd occasion as Trent attempted Russell's three forearm combo in return.
With Ethan distracted for that short period, I broke his grip through breaking his crown jewels...or at least kicking them really hard! Ethan crumpled under the agony, liberating me from his grip.
I then turned back to Algie's fight, Algie began to fall into a foetal position as Trent began kicking him consistently, but before I could pursuit Trent, a war cry echoed:

"Snik! Let's go bub!"

Once again, Trent stumbled forward as a pudgy Nerd pushes him from behind, the Nerd calls out, "Fatty has arrived!"
"Oh, three Nerds on me? Oh, I'm quaking in my shoes (!)" Trent quipped, his sarcasm giving way to the odd chuckle of laughter.
On top of one of the benches, a skinny, spectacled Nerd wielding some oddly crafted gun with a wide barrel and a can of potatoes attached to it. Accompanying him, an overweight Nerd with a pencil atop his ear and wielding another makeshift firearm, this one however was longer and had a thinner barrel; it was also obvious that its ammunition were fireworks as one has inside the barrel with its point still visible.
"You vile monster shalt no more torment my brethren today!" the bigger Nerd stated, though interpreting him fully would require Shakespeare himself at hand.
"Get out of here, or you better have the stomach for some potatoes!" the other one ordered, brandishing his firearm to Trent, whose cockiness seemed to have diluted to anger.
Trent barked, "I'll get you for this Daniels!" he roared at me, before running from the remarkably quick fire of the smaller Nerd's potato gun until Trent vanished behind the school's main building.

I sighed, content with Trent giving up his chase, "I don't know what else to say but..." I began, before turning to my vigilantes and finished, "...thanks for ditching Trent for me!"
The potato gun wielding Nerd hopped off the bench and talked to me, "Well, if you are a friend of Algie's, then you can't possibly be bad. Anyway, my name's Earnest, I am the head of the-"
"Astronomy Club?" I completed, trying to avoid associating them with their clique name, which I recall Algie explained didn't rub the right way with them.
"-Well, yes you could say that. This is my second in command and head of our Grottos and Gremlins club, Melvin."
"Tis a grand pleasure for a traveller to grace us with their presence." Melvin stated, bowing as he did so, my mind lingered however on Earnest's last section of his statement.
"Umm...what do you mean by Grottos and Gremlins?" I asked Earnest, Earnest was about to speak, but hesitated and instead nudged Melvin for him to explain.
"Grottos and Gremlins my good sir, is a hero's role play as he or she challenges the obstacles of nature and evil to conquer his enemies and rise to the top!" Melvin announced, catching me slightly off guard due to his lack of Ye Olde English and making me think for a moment it was someone else.
"I see. Sadly, I don't think it's my kind of thing but hey, maybe that's my problem." I shrugged, once again though, my mind started blazing with questions, one I blurted out unintentionally. "Who are the Preps?" I asked, Earnest widened his eyes briefly.
"You, you don't know of Preps?" he asked, obviously unaware of who I was other than a new pupil.
"Well yeah, see where I come from, the U.K, I have never seen anyone of that name before." I explained, once again Earnest widened his eyes, only to quickly nod.
"Well if that's true; let's be the first to introduce you to the Bullworth Hierarchy!" Earnest announced, before running out of the library area and indicating to me to follow, Algie, who had finally stood back up from his foetal position, pursued.

After a short run, we reached a statue of a giant anthropomorphic bull carrying an American football, Earnest pointed at a large, rather expensive building at the left.
"That's Harrington House; this is where the Preps generally reside." Earnest stated, before further explaining, "Preps are students who are both into powerfully rich families, and the money gets to their head."
"So how does that relate to being English?" I asked.
"Well, I guess that would be either because of the fact the British Empire was infamous for their upper class and lower class idea since the Industrial Revolution." Earnest waffled.
I shrugged rather uninterested, "Fair enough."
"They are lead by Derby Harrington." Earnest added, before turning right to face two buildings in the distance, "Oh yes that over there is the gym area, the breeding ground of those anabolic steroid addicts that are called the Jocks. Sadly, they have most the power in this school, the only plus side I could say was that last year, Jimmy managed to take over the cliques and get order around here and, well, some of it still remains." Earnest elaborated, before I eventually piped in to cut him off.
"And who leads this pack of 'anabolic steroid addicts'?" I enquired.
Earnest growled lowly, "Ted Thompson..." an awkward silence dominated the conversation before Earnest then noticed an arcing sign which read, "AUTO SHOP".
"Oh yeah, last but not least, the Greasers." Earnest stated, instantly I felt confused.
"Greasers? You mean as in, the people from Grease? What the he-" I started to rant, Earnest blocking my cries off with more explanation.
"These are students from tough backgrounds whose only chance to a better future is to get a job as labourers. They love vehicles, especially racing and making them! They are also rather tough, so don't insult their hygiene!" Earnest warned, before walking back to the library.

"Well John, I hope you now know the ropes of Bullworth. Non-cliques are the lowest, the Astronomy Club is sadly next, after us comes the Bullies, then the Preps, Greasers and finally...the Jocks!"
"Yeah." I replied, my mind mumbled, "Which one will I hang off of I wonder."

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