All Just For a Scholarship

Pinky and Pink...ier?

As the night engulfed the sky, many predators skulked around the boy's dorm, one obnoxiously enough, was tanning the windows with egg yolk and smashed egg shells while several others just walked around the hallway, like mobile, dormant volcanoes.
I delved into slumber after five hours of surveillance lest someone dared strike me while I was open; I suffered my old nightmare once again, only things had changed. Various faces became recognisable as Ethan and Trent bulling on the helpless clusters of Nerds, while taking over for the slender gentleman with his malicious glare was replaced with a certain Dr. Crabblesnitch, with his grip holding two leashes, one attached to the collar of his kiss up secretary, Ms Danvers and the other leash coiled around the throat of a foaming Russell. Crabblesnitch looked up from his feet and his eyes pinned me into place, a grin oozing from his talon sharp features. In that instant, the canine sapiens leapt from the school steps and rushed towards me, I froze in terror as the pack charged at me, the screams of Algie, Earnest and the like drowned under the savage panting and barking of the wolves that were heading straight towards me!

Suddenly, Russell pounced, his drool flooded me as and I opened my eyes, Trent wielded a metal bucket at the edge of my bed, accompanied with a large grin.
"Wakey wakey, lame lime!" Trent sneered, tossing the bucket to the side and walking out the room as he howled with hysteria.
I slowly rose from my bed and slipped out from my wet sheets, clearly I was going to have to change them after classes (and before sauntering around Bullworth of course) my mind confirmed. From the drawers, I unsheathed my school uniform, I'll also need to buy more clothes, and find a dryer, and washing machine, and a shower would be helpful. Well, I doubt today will be boring I pondered as I changed from my drenched attire into my Academy approved school slacks, shirt and vest.

Leaving the dorm to its madness, I strolled towards the school building with a scrunched up welcome letter in my hands as I interpreted my timetable from the wave of creases.
"English, then Chemistry" I muttered to myself, traversing around the concentrated crowds of students almost instinctively. Jogging up the steps, I then noticed the vending machine similar to that inside the boy's dorm. I shrugged, approaching the machine, I withdrawn a single dollar from my generic brown wallet, slotting it into the machine and instantly a blue aluminium can ejected into the tray for my collection. "Wait; there are no alternative options on this machine?"I exclaimed in surprise as I stared at the vendor, occasionally giving the juice can an odd glance. I then crouched down and collected the can, its aesthetic blue shining brightly as the sun beamed on it. "Well, bottom's up!" I stated to myself in my head as the sugary serpent hissed at the joy of its freedom, clenching the can, I jerked my head back as the liquid dove into my throat and burned my insides with its sweet flavour, I choked, dropping the remainder of its contents to spread across the cracks of the ground. "Bloody hell, what's with these Americans and sugar? They just put in too much sugar for God's sake!" I coughed to myself, slipping into the school building with my hand nursing my enflamed apple and the school bell agonising my ears, good to see that it isn't just the pupils that want me dead my head chuckled, failing to regain any form of optimism as I blindly scurried around the school only to eventually reach the only room with black text reading "ENGLISH" on the window.

"Ah, you must be the Mr. Daniels that I've heard Nurse McRae complain about yesterday." A blue suited man exclaimed as I walked into the room with several students staring me with sharp eyes. The man continued, "I'm Mr. Galloway, the school's English teacher, of course I wouldn't be surprised if you are better than me at your own native tongue." He joked, "Anyways, you may sit, umm...ah, over at that empty chair, next to Ms. Gauthier over there!" he pointed out, at the vacant desk next to a girl with short, dark brown hair and the same kind of blue vest that I could swear I saw those jerks who called me a pauper were wearing.
I walked towards my seat, descending on it casually as the room's population continued to survey me, after my seating, attention returned to Mr. Galloway.
"Now class, for the sake of both the new school year and for our new pupil, I am going to explain the curriculum to you. Over the course of the school year, you will receive five assignments in all your classes, complete them all, and it is considered a pass on your record. You have the whole year to finish them so don't worry about time. However, I am afraid that you can only done test per lesson." He explained groans and sighs scattered across the room as the concept of a yearlong test haunted me. "Now, let's begin. Oh, and if you finish before the bell, you can leave early, just remember to hand it into me before you go." He finished, handing out the papers to various pupils, their reactions varied from instantly starting, to scratching their heads in confusion.

With the assignment in my hands, I was shocked; this was the test my mind exclaimed. This anagram game is the test? That's not challenging, that's coffee break entertainment! I started, blitzing through the anagrams until I reached the pass grade indicated on the sheet itself.
I then decided to leave, only to be nudged by that Gauthier girl, I turned to her discreetly.
"You do this for me!" she commanded, quietly to prevent any disturbance, I raised an eyebrow to this.
"Right and why should I do this for you?" I questioned, her expression turned redder and seemingly more threatening.
"I am Pinky Gauthier, the Princess of Bullworth, you will do as I say or I will-"She ranted, her voice almost reaching a volume that could have began to turn heads.
I piped in, "Well excuse me, Princess! I'll do it, but in return I want money. If you are as royal as you say you are, you will pay up." I stated, her expression winded down as she turned away from me and pouted, with her no longer pestering me, I left my seat and handed my answers to Mr. Galloway, and with that I made my way back to the boy's dorm.

To my surprising fortune, I had managed to make an improvised method of drying my bed sheets without a proper tumble dryer, granted it did involve borrowing a hairdryer from the rather petite head boy (I assumed he was a Head Boy, considering his pin badge on his oversized blazer says, "Head Boy" on it, plus it would make sense that a pink shirted, small boy would have problems taming the psychotic population of Bullworth Academy) and hanging the sheets on some broken springs I tore from the bashed up sofa near the television, but it worked none of the less. My arms eventually began to ache over constantly fanning the dryer at arm's length across the surface of the sheets for over two hours to the point I had given up.
Returning the dryer to the drawers of the Head Boy from whence they came, I then began to tackle to next objective on my agenda, more sets of school clothes. From what I had recollected, the school shop was in the main building, near the entrance, as luck would have it; my next class chemistry wasn't that far a jaunt from there.
"New plan, go to class, go to shop and then leave!" I thought aloud, nodding in confirmation as I once again left the tool shed that was the boy's dorm.

The school bell began to ring from the recommencing of lessons; however, I had no intentions in rushing for the fact that if English was anything to reference, I could enter class with two minutes remaining and yet still finish the assignment with distinction. If this kept up, I'd have no fear of failing any of my subjects and thus be forced to keep learning in this tenth ring of Hell as opposed to my old school, St. Connors.
Oh, how St. Connors could possibly maroon me in not only a foreign country in a school that lacks any if not all the standards of a school as great as St. Connors, but also that the school had to be the worst in the Western world!

"Hey John, wazzup?" Algie cried as he waddled towards me, I turned to see my associate, his glasses squinted and probably broken and his shirt damp and rather repulsively odorous.
"Algie, what happened to you? How are your clothes wet and-"I began to sniff, the reek of urine slithering up my nostrils, "-is that piss?" I concluded as Algie frowned before explaining what had happened to the poor fellow.
"Ok, first of all I'm wet because I spilt soda on myself, I didn't pee myself I swear! Second, the Jocks gave me a swirly!" he exclaimed, rather loudly and thus attracting too much attention than I wished to have.
I walked to towards Chemistry to dodge the stares of the pupils and to get to class without being late, Algie waddled with me as we began to converse.
"So they actually flushed your head down the toilet? I mean, I knew that some students used to scare new first years into believing that that happens back where I come from, but I can't imagine it actually-"I started, at that moment; I was tackled to the ground by a student, both of us falling down. I returned to my feet, along with the instigator of my fall.

"Hey, watch where you're going next time!" She cried to me, her obscure cocktail of Scottish, English and American accents making the interpretation almost unfathomable.
"Hey, I wasn't the one who started rushing into people while my nose is in some book called-"I retaliated, picking up the said book and reading its title aloud, "A-Axis Powers He-Hetalia?" I concluded, Algie shared my confusion as he butted in.
"What? Axis Powers Hetalia? I have never heard of it! Believe me, I've been to every book store and library in Bullworth and I have never heard of a book by that title." He announced.

"That's because it was only released in Japanese, and I only know one person with an accent like that who could read it." I replied.
My jaw widened more as my eyes wondered over the book; could it be who I was thinking of? No, impossible, she may not have been a saint for St Connors' standards but I doubt her family would actually move here and transfer her to this waste of land acres.
To my shock and dismay, the book belonged to a pink dyed hair, glacier blue eyed girl, donning a female carbon copy of the Bullworth Academy standard uniform, green vest and all.
I couldn't believe it; I didn't even want to believe it. Sadly, I doubt that if there was a man upstairs, he would be joking.
I uttered, "Erica? Erica McKerron?"
She replied, "Aye, and who might you-"she began, my chocolate eyes then crashed into her ice blue ones. "John? Is that actually-"
"Yeah Erica, John Daniels is in Bullworth Academy!" I exclaimed, my arms wide open as the school bell tolled once more.

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