All Just For a Scholarship

Scars in the Vale

Erica stood in shock, spacing out briefly.
"H-how? How did you end up-"she began, suddenly stopping herself as a familiar blue blazer called us out.
"You should be in class you two!" he screamed, I turned to realise Algie had already rushed to his class, smart move. The prefect then grappled in the headlock position just like his friend yesterday had done.
I wriggled out of his grip, "My class is just there, let me go or I'll be late!" I protested, liberating my skull and kicking his groin at the last point of my sentence before then marching into chemistry, overkill? Perhaps it was, but then I guess that's common in Bullworth!

I entered the dank chemistry room, its plain palette of interior colours contrasted with the surreal rainbow of chemicals brewing away in the various beakers.
"I see you decided to join us rather than truant, good to see. So, you are the new pupil?" a balding man in a lab coat stated as I entered class.
I stood at his desk and sighed, reluctant to say anything, "Yes" I bluntly said, waiting for the end of class already, and I just got on!
"Well, you may work at that desk at the front." The man pointed, before talking to the class collectively, "Now class, today we will learn about how fire crackers are made."
I froze as I reached my chemistry desk, did he just say we were going to learn how to make fire crackers? Has this man lost it? Of all the schools that should learn how to create explosives, are you genuinely telling me that Bullworth Academy is one of them? The thoughts of students killing themselves with fire crackers flooded my mind...blanking out various segments of advice the teacher was giving.
"If you have any other questions, look up the textbook on your desks. There should be a page on fire crackers in there. Now you have the rest of class, begin!"
Then the crowd of pupils began to deafen as they chattered away, while myself decided to analyse to the textbook, mainly on the page with "Fire Crackers" as its title.
By almost instinct, I began to follow the instructions fed to me on the page, I felt I was on auto pilot as I stirred the contents, lit the Bunsen burner, dropped contents via the eye dropper and several other actions I couldn't recall due to my subconscious state. Eventually, the teacher exclaimed.
"Superb work Mr. Daniels, you would make a brilliant chemist."
Chemist he says, anarchist I say.

Class strolled slowly, the teacher, who I got to learn was called Dr. Watts, didn't approve of letting me out of class early and the students didn't approve of actually working rather than chatting away about a chemistry of topics. Fortunately, this dull period wasn't for an eternity, the bell rang as the tsunami of pupils exploded out the doors of the school, content with their lessons, or more likely lack thereof, for the day.

As I began to purchase various school attire such as a hoodie, the school cap, a watch and the like, Dr. Crabblesnitch approached me.
"I see you have decided to get some more school clothing, I presume then that you'd be staying with us for the year or so?" he enquired, I traded my money for the clothes before replying.
"Well sir, if I must go to school, then there is no point in me making it any more painful than it already is."
"I see, well Daniels, I hope that you of all people know how high the standards of Bullworth Academy are for our pupils."
"That's a laugh."
"I said, 'that's a laugh' sir, I've been here for less than two full days, and already I have been in two fights and seen the interior of the Nurse's office. Also, most the school population either consists of rats, thugs, psychos or a mix of the three! I mean, the chemistry class teaches pupils how to make explosives, the very same ones who almost hospitalised me!" I argued, my face swelling up and shading so red that you would think it was planet Mars.
"Oh don't be so melodramatic boy that is just a little bullying, you know to toughen up the new boy and the rest of the school weaklings. Why, back in my day, hazing the new pupil was as common as the classes themselves." He announced, "Now I don't want to hear any more of you upsetting the school's title, after all, you run risk of staying here longer than you may wish if you do."
"Fine, permission to leave sir?" I queried in a facade of etiquette.
"You may Daniels" he complied, waving his hand as he continued to monitor the halls while I slipped out of the building.

After packing my spare clothes into my drawer in the boy's dorm, along with slipping past Russell and his stooges, I began to tour around Bullworth itself. Stepping a few steps out of Hell's many rings, I began to walk across the bridge into "Old Bullworth Vale" as the welcome sign called it. The area seemed pretty much like a water down version of the town square back at home, a couple of shops here, a town hall there, the only differing factor I noticed was a beach area, along with a lighthouse on it.
"I see that Bullworth has successfully managed to make you regret ever coming here as usual." A voice whispered.
I jumped and turned to a guy about my age, brown hair and most noticeably, a scar across his right eye. He was also wearing some kind of gray hoodie with a faded Bullworth insignia on it.
I replied, "What's it to you?"
The boy snorted, "Nothing, I just enjoy observing ants crawl around the cracks of the floor that is Bullworth, some thriving and others, like yourself, going splat!"
"Whatever, what would you know about me anyways?" I pointed, dismissing his clearly disturbing personality.
The boy grinned as he prowled around me like a wolf surrounding its prey, "Oh, just a few things. Like your name is John Daniels, you were forced to attend Bullworth Academy despite your clean slate to be part of Dr. Crabblesnitch's scheme to prove Bullworth is as much a school as any other school. You also come from England and so far you have made acquaintances with Pee-Stain, that pathetic muscle head moron Jimmy Hopkins and some whore you met at your old school."
My temptation to punch him seemed oddly very high, especially for the technical inaccuracy of my geographical location and the "whore" remark. I can't say such a temptation was ever one I had often, but I guess if Bullworth's students can find exceptions to the school's rules, so could I. I maintained my decorum and snarked, "So I guess you also know the rooms and residents on the girls' dorm of by heart!" rolling my eyes at this guy's ego. "Exactly, how do you know all about me? I mean I bet you aren't even a student in Bullworth Academy!"
"That's true, however when you become the Head Boy of Bullworth Academy, even for a brief moment, you can get any dirt on anyone in the Academy new and old." He explained, a sneer crawling around his face, "That, and having a current Head Boy who is frightened of you helps as well!"
My thoughts returned to the Head Boy, it didn't seem to surprise me that he was intimidated by this obvious lunatic, even I was getting uncomfortable with him circling me as if he was waiting for me to collapse dead so he may salvage my body.
"So, you know me, but I don't know you. I doubt you are mad enough to not comprehend how to introduce yourself." I grinned, somehow I began to enjoy any flicker or moment of this boy's unease, being unable to control the conversation.

The boy then stopped his pacing, "I'm Gary Smith, or patient 200637 as I was known back in Happy Volts asylum that was of course before I grew bored of it and left."
The mental image of various insane individuals bouncing around a decrepit building which echoed the screams of several guards who had fallen prey to the more violent nut jobs.
"Ok, next question what do you want?"
Gary then pointed to a building with a banner saying "Glass Jaw Boxing Gym", "You see over there? That belongs to Bullworth's preps."
I glared at the gym momentarily, before turning back to Gary, "Thanks for the info, and I should consider this why?"
Gary then looked at me, "We both have something to hold against those stuck up inbreeds! Their families funded for me to be a permanent resident of Happy Volts, all because they thought I was a threat to their child's precious education."
I began to imagine the preps that called me a 'pauper', along with Pinky laughing away as Gary as strapped to a table and carted off to that asylum I earlier imagined, poor Gary. I shook the thought out of my head, I shouldn't care about him! It's his problem not mine, but then I recollected his other statement.
"What do you mean 'WE BOTH have something to hold against' the preps, they have done nothing to me. Sure I got an insult, but the Bullies have done a whole lot worse, hell Crabblesnitch is the one I have anything close to a grudge against." I elaborated.

Gary walked up closer to me, inches off my face he then spoke, "You stupid limey idiot, try and think about it for a second!" At this point I was ready to give up and throw a right hook into his jaw and see how he'd react, but he continued, "You were unjustly forced to attend Bullworth Academy, Dr Crabblesnitch persuaded your school to give you up, how? There was something in it for your old school since you clearly weren't some run-of-the-mill troublemaker which would usually make you a Bullworth student, but what did your school get? Money, they get paid for giving you up to Bullworth, but how could Dr. Crabblesnitch get enough money to pay off your school? He got them from the Preppies' parents of course. So thereby, you are here because those faux-British, upper-class, sleezeballs brought you here!"
I paused, in my mind I began to guffaw at the elaborate stupidity of Gary's reasoning for me to hate the preps, I began to play with him, "Y-you are right. I do have something to hate the preps for." I gasped, my acting proving to deceive Gary into smiling in silent joy of gaining an accomplice.
I continued, "I-I can't believe thought I'd fall for that!", Gary's grin faded as he saw my fist fly at his jaw, Gary bounced away from me, my fist whiffing him. I then snapped, "Look, I don't know why you think I am here to be your puppet for revenge against these preps, I mean even if they did get you in an asylum, you're free now." I then turned, heading towards the school, ironic considering my hate for the school, I'm now going to it in my own free will.
Gary called out, "Don't drop an anvil on yourself Daniels! It's sink or swim in Bullworth Academy and sometimes if you want to swim, you have to make the losers drown!"

I eventually reached the school gates, there I noticed three girls, one of them was Pinky in the school's cheerleader outfit, and standing next to her has a girl with auburn hair also in cheerleader uniform, holding up a book of some sorts. And the third girl was Erica, falling victim to bullying by the two bitches.
"Bullying, it isn't sexist" I mumbled to myself as I continued to watch Erica being tormented by the girls from a distance.
My mind was at an all out debate, should I intervene? If I do, I could spare Erica from anymore bullying, but then I bet Pinky will remind that other girl of my reluctance to help her in English and will get me punished for bullying girls! Then again, if I don't, I will never be able to look at Erica without the guilt of letting those two bully her.
I made my mind up, I was going to stop them, I'd probably scare them or something like that, I don't care, so long as I got them away from Erica, I'll be happy. Suddenly, just when I could hear Pinky slandering Erica, a voice called out.

"Hey! Are you bitches finished?"
A tall girl in a leather jacket walked over to the group, Pinky darted at the interference.
"Oh, well if it isn't Lola Lombardi? Why don't you leave us be and starting acting like a slut somewhere else?" Pinky sneered, the Lola girl however looked unnerved.
Lola then retaliated, "Just because your inbred boyfriend left you for me, doesn't mean I'm a slut." She then looks at Erica and the other girl "In Derby's defence though, judging by the way you are hanging off Mandy's arm and stalking Erica here, I too would have thought you were a lesbian."
I snorted in hysterics, talk about a major burn! Pinky's expression, while hard to notice fully from the distance I was, would probably be absolutely priceless.
Lola then walked up to the girl I presumed was Mandy, "Oh and Mandy?" she started, she then, from what I thought I saw, kneed Mandy in the stomach, causing her to drop the book, Lola then stated, while tossing the book to Erica "Tell Ted that he is a terrible kisser!", Lola then entered the school grounds, Erica swiftly followed, sadly I was too busy scoffing in a mixture of shock and hilarity, damn Lola was one tough lass!

Eventually, the girls faded from my view, their eternal cursing of Lola faded. I then stepped out of my hiding spot and walked in the school grounds as the day fell into night and crickets sang.

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