All Just For a Scholarship

It Came From the Land of Sickles

The next day brought me to a hopeful revelation, "Three times the charm", and being this was my third day in Bullworth Academy, something inside me began to hope for the best as opposed to what any sane being should do in Purgatory. Changing into my alternate school uniform consisting of a dark blue hoodie with the school's emblem imprinted on its front and some jeans.

I walked out of my dorm room, suddenly halting at the sight of Jimmy pacing back and forth in the leisure room of the boy's dormitory, his teeth gritted tight, nostrils flaring and his throat emitting a snarling noise. Curious of his problem, and still carrying the optimistic aura from my theory, I approached Jimmy with ease, waiting until I was of enough distance to talk to him...without getting lip from Nurse MacRae.
"Hey Jimmy, what's the matter?" I asked him, his eyes darting up at me like a bull seeing red. His gaze then turned back to in front of him as he continued to pace.
Jimmy then cursed, "That backstabbing little shit! I can't believe he got out of Happy Volts, and now he's pissing the preps off!"
Once again, I recollected from my past back to yesterday, that Gary Smith was talking about getting out of Happy Volts and wanting revenge on the preps, I suddenly blurted out something I felt I shouldn't have.
"You mean Gary Smith?"
Jimmy once again turned his head and fixated his eyes at mine, this time however, he turned his body towards me and walked up to me, well I say walk, but at the time it felt more like charging towards me.
"You know him? What did he say? Where did you find him? Are you friends with him? Tell Me!" Jimmy snapped in almost an instant, his hands gripping my collar section and pinning me to the wall, his speed and strength caught me off guard.
I raised my hands in a submissive manner, "I saw him yesterday, at the Vale and he was talking to me about revenge on the Preps." I answered, my voice quivering which took me by surprise.
Jimmy's clamped grip loosened as he walk towards the TV, continuing to curse under his breath. I decided to zip away lest he decided to start causing a riot in fury.

The school bell rang, indicating I had a few minutes to find the Mathematics classroom before a certain prefect starts getting the temptation to chase me around the school to the music of Benny Hill! At the top of the stairs, I noticed a girl leaning next to that retched "Beam Cola" machine, she seemed to dress like in the standard school uniform, but she had military combat boots on her feet.
The girl turned to me, her eyes the sharpened at the sight of me before she called out, "You, Limey boy!" her loud voice doing nothing to dilute the obvious Russian accent she spoke with.
I turned and approached her, "Yes?" I questioned as I stood before her, she then straightened up from her initial position, maintaining direct eye contact with me.
"I saw you at The Vale, you were with Gary." She hissed, clearly she noticed Jimmy's stress and was eavesdropping on my confrontation with one asylum escapee and did some mathematics, which reminded me I had to get to class pronto.
"Look I have somewhere to be so um...if you don't mind I don't want to smell any prefects' deodorant!" I pardoned, creeping away from the girl who shouted,
"I'll be watching you Lime, if you are friends with Gary, you will suffer!" I slammed the door as I slipped into the school.

Finding the Maths department was easier than I would have presumed, in fact my first attempt at checking which room was my classroom turned out to be the right, sadly the teacher wasn't in my good luck section.
"Good morning Daniels, good to see you are attending classes." A certain viper hissed, to my horror, Ms. Danvers stood next to the blackboard awaiting students to participate in class, I couldn't believe my misfortune.
I walked closer to her, reluctantly closing the gap to conversation distance, I then asked, "Miss, where should I sit?" my soul felt damp and lifeless at the point I had to respect her.
"Well Daniels, since there seems to be empty seats near my desk, you may sit there!" she stated, once again I realised my suffering as I sat at a desk, staring directly at Ms. Danvers' desk. As more pupils poured in, the demon exclaimed, "As some of you may know from last year, Mr. Hattrick our previous maths teacher was fired for selling test answers."
I couldn't help but snort, you meant to tell me that these people couldn't do something as simple as game of Boggle without needing answers? No wonder this is the worst school in America; most of the pupils here are thicker than the school itself.
"So, until another maths teacher comes, I will take over as your maths teacher. Now, for today's test, complete the paper at your desk with a satisfactory percentage correct. You may!" she concluded, once again a wave of students failed to start and remained confused over their paper.

Once again, I was ashamed by the paper. Forget the fact that the actual mathematics was nothing more than basic arithmetic, but other questions were not even remotely relevant to maths, "What is bigger: an elephant or The Moon?" who could possibly get that wrong? After two seconds or thereabouts, I began to fall drowsy with boredom, my eyes obscured by the back of my eyelids, slowly descending from the top.

As my eyelids toyed with my eyes, the school bell chased my eyelids back to the roof of my eyes, sluggishly I sauntered out the class and down to the dining hall, and it surprised me that after two days of hunger and only now do I notice it.
Each table categorised the social cliques, ironic when you consider the anarchy of the rest of the school, at the smallest table sat several more generic students, the pupils who had no clique that suited them. I then noticed the back of Erica's pink hair at the table; I walked over and sat next to her.
"Oh hi John, how are you?" she asked, as I sat down and attempted to rustle through the fruit basket next to me and began to crunch on an apple, slowly regaining energy.
I gulped, "I'm alright, though some girl with a Russian accent is stalking me in belief I'm a friend of some Gary Smith guy who I just met yesterday."
Erica titled her head in confusion, "Russian accent?" she asked, pausing briefly before suddenly exclaiming, "Oh you mean Adriana!"
I turned to Erica, still munching at the apple, "Adriana?" I enquired; Erica sighed and looked at me.
"You really haven't got to know Bullworth that much have you?" she asked, I simply shook my head, she sighed and began to explain, "Adriana Mihailov came from Russia before her family moved into Blue Skies Industrial Park. She is friends with the Head boy and Jimmy know Jimmy right?"
I rolled my eyes before replying, "Yes Erica, I know Jimmy, he almost chocked me today so I should know him!"
Erica widened her eyes at the thought of Jimmy strangling me, she then shook the concept out of her mind, "Well yeah, she's friends with them and Lola...but she hates the bitch Mandy." Erica peered over her shoulder.
I too begin to look in that vicinity, in my gaze stood two large muscled teens talking to each other; one of them had Mandy hugging onto him like some pose-able girl's doll.
Erica looked back to me and continued, "There are also rumours about Adriana previously having a relationship with that Gary Smith boy you were also talking about. Then again, there are rumours about me being a Japanese pervert who had a sex change and you being inbred!"
I rolled my eyes at both concepts, more Erica being a post-op than me being inbreed but nevertheless, both rumours were pretty surreal.
I then noticed Erica's plate remaining untouched, "Are you going to eat that?" I asked, Erica turned towards me before replying.
"You mean this?" indicating the food on her plate, "No way, if I have come to know anything in Bullworth is that the cook, Edna, is terrible at her job." She then pushed her tray away from her and began to leave.

I then began to follow her, stopping short at watching Mandy shove past me and pursuit Erica, I called out, "Oi, look where you are going next time bitch!" at that moment, both Mandy and Erica turned, Mandy then strutted towards me, glaring with obvious anger.
"Don't you dare call me a bitch!" she hissed, it was then I noticed the world darkened with the shadow of the two jocks from the dinner hall.
The two lunkheads clamped over my arms, their vice-like grips ceasing my attempts to escape, Mandy walked closer before then slapping me across the cheek, my cheek now ringing in pain.
I looked back up at her and smirked, "Not bad, for a skeleton on strings!" Mandy was now fuming with fury, bracing her leg to kick my jewels, fortunately, a Russian cries.
"My God, you still haven't fallen through grating yet?" Adriana sneering where Erica once stood, clearly Erica proved that it is better to flee before a bully changes its target.
Speak of the devil, Mandy heel turns, and allowing egg to splatter across her doll-like features, Adriana chuckles at Mandy's expense, armed with a tray of eggs and a grin on her face, the two girls ran outside the school, leaving echoes of screams behind.
The two jocks maintained their grip around me for a moment, before throwing me at a wall, the African-American one growled at me, "We are gonna leave you be Lime, only because you had balls to fight Russell." Then the other jock walked over, "But if you start screwing around with Mandy, myself or anyone else on the football team, I, Ted Thompson, will make sure you will suffer, right Damon?" he turned to Damon who nodded, before then dropping me to the ground just as the school bell rang, Biology was next, terrific (!)

Once in the biology class and past the perfects patrolling the halls, I finally reached the biology class with Dr. Slawter (with a name like that, I guess your choice of profession is minimised to Biology teacher, or an abortionist, and knowing full well of America's issues with abortion as it is, I doubt that the latter would be the best career choice), a man who proved that even Hell can have enthusiasts in its residents.
"Ahh, welcome Mr. Daniels to my abode of uncovering the treasured secrets of life through digging past the deceased! I am Dr. Slawter, your biology teacher for your time here; I hope we share our love for carving through the mass carcasses!" He grinned, unnerving me by the joy he received from what I could only call the most revolting of all sciences...then again, creating explosives and poisons in chemistry was a pretty close second. "You may sit next to Ms. Mihailov; she will be your partner for the school year." He pointed, clearly today was not to be as good as I woke up hoping as I sat next to the restless Russian.
"Now class, today we shall dissect the major organs of a frog, to pass you must delicately remove its lungs and heart properly at the least. You may!" he announced, the repulsive odour of frog's intestines rose to the roof with no proper ventilation to eradicate it.
Instinctively, I swiped the textbook on our desk and flicked through it for a reference on how to dissect a frog, which thanks to GCSE's, was an activity most foreign to me.
Adriana sighed, "Pathetic, pass me the scalpel Lime!" she hissed, I partially closed the book and obeyed, watching Adriana swiftly, though calmly, pierced through the frog's skin and opened it up.
"Pins" she commanded, her left hand out to receive the pins I placed into her palm, she then pinned the skin flaps onto the work bench and continued to cut around the organs, the repugnant smell swelling up in my nostrils, causing me to cough.
Adriana hissed, "Stop coughing you weak Lime, and hand me the tweezers!" I then once again supplied her with the requested utensils, covering my mouth and nasal passages in the process. "Pass that over!" she pointed towards a plastic plate of sorts while clicking her fingers in doing so.
I held up individual plastic objects as Adriana dropped different organs on them with the tweezers, eventually she raised her hand, and Dr. Slawter briskly marched to our work bench and inspected Adriana's performance. Slawter's mouth caved a wicked smile.
"Well done Ms Mihailov and Mr Daniels, you two passed the first test!" he congratulated, before then walking over to other benches and inspecting the results, with varying reactions.
Finally the bell rang, Adriana immediately turned to me, "Next time, you dissect!" she hissed before leaving the classroom, I slipped out of the classroom and walked outside, planning what would be the next course of action.

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