All Just For a Scholarship

Dawn of Pumpkins and Pranks

As soon as I left the main school building, I was caught off-guard by the sudden appearance of skeletons and gravestones all over the school, the pupils' sudden changes of attire into various costumes. Had it been Halloween already? Great Scott, it has been long.
I went down the stairs and immediately, Algie ran towards me, dressed up like a cowboy from the Wild West...who just came back from using the outhouse!
"Say pardner, y'ain't in no costume?" Algie stated in a ridiculous cowboy accent and ebonics, I rolled my eyes at such surrealism and replied:
"No 'sheriff', I have not got a Halloween costume. I am honestly surprised that this school would participate in something so...immature."
Algie chuckled nervously once again, "Well, I guess we don't have anything else to look forward to." He confessed, in his typical tone, "Say John, I think there might be a costume under your bed; I heard many students who leave Bullworth didn't have a costume of their own and generally borrow from others so they leave them there!"
I glanced at Algie over the news; personally I could not care less of such activities, I gave up the whole dress up and trick or treating fiasco ages ago, and I really doubt that I would be alone if I don't dress up for such an occasion.
I nodded to Algie, "Yeah, maybe there is." I replied. I then waved to Algie as I walked away to the dorm, kicking the odd loose pebble away from my path.
Reaching the junction to the dorms, I spotted Russell, wearing a green mask of sorts (five quid says it was the Incredible Hulk) antagonising a little kid wearing a lab coat and wig. I sighed as Russell continued to pester the kid until Russell began to chase some Preps beyond my line of sight. How did I know they were Preps? Simple:
"Look, a big pauper is beating up a smaller one! What a savage race of humans!"
If that wasn't the preps, then I'll dress up in a pink rabbit costume, Halloween or otherwise!
Pursuing the Boy's dorm, I reached the foot of the stairway before watching a youth dressed as a skeleton rush up to a nearby jack o lantern and smash it. The skeletal rebel then rushed off somewhere else, perhaps to smash more pumpkins I presume, slowly entering the boy's dorm.

In the dorm, I noticed something rather peculiar; something seemed off with the dorm. Forget the obvious such as a rubbish bin that wasn't covered by a unfortunate's rear, or the fire alarm not ringing my ears raw, or even the fact that there were girls walking around the dorm...the really weird thing was, Nerds making cocktails!
"Challenge thyself with Dragon's Blood, an elixir that shalt wind all who perch their lips upon it!" Melvin hollered near a makeshift stand where Earnest and Fatty began mixing alcohols, confused by this, I began to approach them.
"Ahh Daniels, I never assumed you'd be a crusader of the cocktails." Melvin exclaimed, Earnest finishing a shot of his impromptu liquid behind him. "Have a shot of our Dragon's Blood, on the house!" Melvin requested, pressing the shot glass up to my face, slowly I pushed it aside.
"I am not an alcoholic, anyways, what on earth are you three playing at? Don't you think you are just begging for exclusion?" I asked, Earnest snorted at my statement and hinted to Melvin to continue the mixing of the drinks, Earnest then walked over to me.
"John, allow me to tell you a few things. First, prefects NEVER come into the boy's dorm, hence why anarchy rules the roost almost every day. Second, exclusion is almost impossible in Bullworth, in fact I only know of two people who got it, and one of them was allowed to return to school! Finally, this is Halloween, the faculty and prefects are locked away somewhere else having a party, and so we have the school for ourselves!" Earnest explained, he then prompted to the stand, "That is why; the Astronomy Club has decided to take advantage by making cocktails, and selling them for money!"
"So you can spend it on Grottos and Gremlins I presume?" I asked, feeling as though the answer was all too obvious.
"Well that, but also to get the cliques so drunk, they will destroy themselves!" Earnest squealed with a slight tinge of joy in his tone, I sighed at the prospect of Earnest wearing a crown a ruling the school, what kind of nut job would want that?
I began to leave the stall, "Well enjoy yourselves guys, I hope you make a lot of money." I stated as I walked off, "But hopefully not too much chaos." I murmured to myself as I entered my dorm room.

Sitting on my bed, I began to contemplate my options for the evening, my mind piecing together a plan of action.
Well the first option is to stroll around the town, but most likely, I'll end up getting slandered by the town residents and labelled as some trouble making youth thanks to some madness at the school. I couldn't cope with consistent shouting and abuse from townsfolk, so that option is out the window.
Another option I have is to help Earnest with selling his 'Dragon's Blood', but I don't think I can muster up the insanity to deny all logic and actually aid Earnest in his already mad quest to make the Nerds supreme, the school's mad enough without power hungry clique leaders.
The only other option is to meet and greet Erica, but if Earnest was right about the madness outside, there's no way in Hell that I'm going to get to Erica without getting in some kind of fight, especially with school uniform, I'd be a rat in a snake pit!
Then a click sounded in my mind, Algie said something about a costume under my bed. Could he be right? I flipped onto my bed so my stomach made contact with it; I then bent over to see underneath the bed, what luck, a costume...sadly the attire itself was anything but appealing.
"Great, I'm going to be dressed up as a Nazi general." My sarcasm seeped out from the corners of my mouth as I withdrew the costume from beneath the dark tomb from whence it should have stayed. I then began to change from student in hell, to symbol of Hell!
While I now blend in with a crowd of psychos in costumes, I had to then consider defending myself from lunatics who will probably get me in a grave before medics can get me in an ambulance. With that considered, I think I'd require something more than a riding crop to save my skin, thank you Dr. Watts!
One use of a nearby chemistry set later, I pocketed five fire crackers, along with a book of matches to light of course. With that, I slipped out of the boy's dorm, ignoring the surprisingly long queue of pupils lining up for some 'Dragon's Blood'.

Outside of the dorm, I surveyed the ground, noticing a variety of school pupils dressed up, bullying or both. Adriana for one was dressed up as to my shock and/or dismay, Ms. Danvers and seemed to be getting chased by various Jocks who looked as though they had just been for a swim in their clothes.
At the girl's dorm, two individuals appeared to participate in a catfight, one was dressed up in a pink fairytale dress and the other was dressed as...well, let's just say the best way to put it would be a woman of ill repute. As I slowly closed the distance between myself and the commotion, it became clear that the two quarrelling girls were Pinky and Lola respectively.
I began to creep past them as I heard the girls curse and swear at each other as they continued to fight, ironic that I seemed to be the only boy to notice this and yet I am considered a model student.
After creeping far enough away to escape the hubbub, I leaned against the girl's dorm and began to think where Erica could be, the main building's closed and she wouldn't dare go to either the Gym or Harrington Hall since she may meet Mandy or Pinky.
Suddenly a thought came to me, what if she isn't outside? Maybe she is in the girl's dorm? In which case, I knew I was screwed! If I were to go there, not only would I most certainly be caught and considered a pervert by the school's feminine and masculine populous, but I don't even think Erica would bear to look at me if I did. On the other hand, if I were to stay out of the girl's dorm, then I could see myself getting roped into some conflict which frankly, I would rather be claimed as a pervert than endure several dead arms and crotch kicks.

Talk about being in between a rock and a hard place!

Fortunately for me, the doors of opportunity opened...with a Greaser flying out of them and rolling down the stairs.
Atop the stairs, Ted hollered drunkenly, "You don't call me Greaseball!" I was amazed by the fact Ted had probably drank that 'Dragon's Blood' cocktail Earnest and his comrades were brewing; didn't the Jocks and Nerds hate each other?
Then, the Greaser stood up, "Well it ain't my fault you fuck my girl behind your own girl's-"he began before hiccupping, Ted then closed the gap slowly as the Greaser finished, "-back you inconsiderate douche bag!", right at that moment, Ted clasped over the Greaser's throat and smashed his forehead into the Greaser's, the gasps of the female audience accompanied the sound of the heads colliding.
It was there my attention shifted from the fight to the audience, standing just away from the foot of the stairs. That's it, the fight distracts the girls, and I would then sneak in and talk to Erica.
Before I knew it, I began to creep behind the audience overlooking the fight, reacting in a typical, "Oh, ah, le gasp" fashion you would generally see at giant crowded events such as theatres or something like that. Just as Pinky and Lola began to notice the boys' conflict, I slipped into the dormitory, unnoticed.

Inside, the dorm proved to be large and vast, painted with bright and appealing colours and filled with rooms fit for two and lit with actual electronic lights, something of a commodity back in the rubbish tip one had to dwell in.
I then began to simulate stealth as I crept around the corridors, peering into various rooms to identify if this could be where Erica resided. To my dismay, I failed to find Erica's room at the bottom floor, meaning I had to risk upstairs, where I had nowhere to escape if I was caught, swallowing trapped away mucus; I began to brave that possibility and crept up the stairs.
Before starting my little espionage, I zipped into the toilets and hid there, thereby hiding from the possible stragglers upstairs and away from the fiasco downstairs, and to hear out for any clues as to Erica's whereabouts.

It was then I heard something from the room in between the toilet and the wall leading to outside if one was mad enough to jump out of windows.
"What do you mean Ted is outside?" Mandy barked in anger, presumably talking into a mobile phone, that or she had been hiding her case of schizophrenia; the latter wouldn't surprise me had it been true when I think about it. "Grr...Christy, don't let anyone talk about this, Oh my god, if anyone else started knowing about Ted and Lola then I'd just-just die!" she panicked, Clearly she suffered the same pain as all people at the top, once you are there, you can only go down and down hard.
The conversation continued until eventually Mandy squealed in fright, "Who left this rat in here?" She screamed, "It had to be Beatrice, that four-eyed freak! She probably wants to ruin me, I'll get my hands on her." She hissed as she made her way downstairs, her mumbling anger fading away.

I crept out of the bathroom, paying little attention to the fact the girls had showers in their dorms, and walked towards a room on the opposite side of the toilet, closing the door behind me.
"John Daniels, I'd never thought you would be driven this low!" Erica's voice piped up, I turned around to notice Erica sitting on her bed still in school uniform with a copy of Hetalia in her hands.
"Err...hi Erica." I whispered, walking slowly closer to her until I was in the middle of the room. "I didn't see you outside so I umm...decided to come here and say hi." I explained, somehow expecting her to dismiss it.
Erica rolled her eyes, "John, you amaze me, you dress up like a Nazi, sneak into the girls dorm and over hear Mandy's secrets, and you do all this just to talk to me?" she elaborated, I stood there with nothing more to say, I then shrugged my shoulders and stated, "I guess Bullworth rubs off on me."
Erica chuckled, "Have a seat; I think more than deserve it." She indicated to a nearby wooden chair next to a makeup table of some kind. "So, what's new?"
I paused to think over the day since lunch, "Well let's see, I call Mandy a bitch, I get slapped by her, Ted and Damon threaten me, I discover Adriana is my biology partner, she does all the work to my astonishment, I discover it's Halloween, Algie tells me there might be a costume under my bed.." I continued to summarise my afternoon up until the current point, Erica sat there with a smile on her face. "Err...did I say something that amuses you?" I asked her, she then closed her book and placed it on her bed before standing up, showing the corner of another book under her pillow.
"Sometimes John, I think you should write a book!" Erica sighs; she then turns to me, noticing me looking at the book under her pillow, "I guess you spotted my diary huh? I should really hide that thing better so no nosey bitches such as 'I am a princess' Pinky get their hands on it." She explains, her impression of Pinky catching me off-guard for a brief moment.

Just then, feet began to march upstairs, I twitched at the sound; Erica displayed a different reaction, namely pushing me into a cupboard.
"Hide in here! Quickly!" She whispered, forcing me into the cupboard just as Ms. Gauthier entered the room.
Through the gaps of the cupboard vents, I spotted Pinky walk into the room, her dress torn in a dreadful state thanks to Lola no doubt, Erica snorted.
"Hey, it's the Princess and the Pauper, both the same person!" Erica exclaimed, Pinky snarled at her comment before then kicking the cupboard, a moderate thump sounded as Pinky did so.
"You have a mouth on you Pauper! Not only do you dare refuse to dress up as my lady in waiting for Halloween, but you don't even dress up at all!" Pinky pouted, I spotted Erica rolling her eyes at Pinky's expense.
"Oh please, like I'd want to be your bitch. My only regret was not watching you fight with Lola, it looked like she was winning!" Erica hissed at Pinky, the comment making Pinky back to the door slightly.
"That whore jumped on me! I didn't and shouldn't dirty my hands on such filth!" Pinky snapped, clearly this whole princess complex of hers was a pretty big deal!

Eventually, Pinky pouted as she slammed the door, Erica stood up as she done so (clearly Pinky left the dorm) and approached the cupboard and opened the door, the sudden opening caused me to fall out, my foot quickly stepping to ground before I hit the ground with a thud.
"You better leave!" Erica whispered, she then pointed to the far wall, "Next door leads to an attic go up there and through the window, then climb down the meshing!"
I straightened myself quickly, and leaving only a simple "Thanks", I slithered out the door and up to the attic, climbing down the meshing as my exit, with the odd occasion where my foot got trapped on it which was a whole load of fun and games I'll be perfectly honest with you.
I then strolled back to the boy's dorm to retire for the night, as the remaining few die hards continued to celebrate their free day with an orchestra of squealing victims and fire alarms across the night of All Hallow's Even.

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