All Just For a Scholarship

Scarface Stole my Bike!

The second round started as I trudged to the centre of the ring, Chad's sneering face suddenly disappearing for the darkness from another punch, throwing me to the mat.
"Daniels...down...haymaker." the warped words I interpret echo as my nose bleeds profusely on the ring's floor.
My eyesight fazes in and out of focus. I climb up the ropes as the pains trundles down on my body; I stood myself back up and pushed myself off the ropes.
"Six, sev-"the preps counted. I raised my gloves over my nose, Chad then barked, "You should have stayed down PAUPER!" Chad threw a cross from his right hand.
I strafed towards his arm, the punch just grazing my rib cage. At that point, I swung a hook from my right hand; the punch crushed into his scar and knocked the prep off balance. At that point, I can only think in a blur, my left hand snaked its way into Chad's abdomen and knocked him into a corner of the ring, at which point I believe, I lost it!
"Oh my god, he's killing Chad!" a girl squealed, perhaps Pinky. Another spectator bellowed, "Break them up, this is cheating!". It was then the bell rang again and the ginger prep grabbed me from behind, and threw me to the mat. As my skull buzzed on impact with some kicks to boot (no pun intended), another girl cried out.

"Hey Biff, whatever happened to Queensberry Rules?" I heard, accompanied by a Russian accent and a thump from some heavy combat boots.
"Adriana?" I wearily queried as the brown haired girl squared up against the bulky brute. I regained my leg strength as I stood back up, catching a peek between the two quarrelling students of Erica. I began to slip past them, only for another shout to stop everything in its tracks.

"Well if it isn't Adriana? Tell me, how good is Jimmy in bed? Better than me?"
Everyone, including myself of course, turned to the staircase where a certain ex-Bullworth student standing on the stairs with a smile on his face. He began to descend from the stairs, various people whispering his name in horror at his presence.
Adriana hissed, "Gary, what do you want?" the teen's sinister smile stretched to the question, his body slithered to the boxing ring until he was at the very centre. Gary turned to see a limp Chad at the far corner near Adriana and Biff, Gary pointed, "If a lightweight Lime can knockout Chad here, I don't see how the Greasers won't crush you trust fund inbreeds with ease!"
Biff snarled and grappled Gary's hood, "Why are you here Smith?"
Gary shrugged, unfazed by a giant lifting Gary inches from the ground, "Oh nothing, just asking a question. Isn't it funny that the Greasers and the Jocks are waging war with each other and yet Mr. "King of The School" has done jack to sort it?" at this point I slipped out the ring and found a seat near Erica, if Gary was going to do what I was assuming he'll do, it seemed best to slip away from attention.
The blonde boy then climbed through the ring's ropes as he advanced towards the scar faced mental asylum escapee, "That is not our problem, now get out before Biff "forgets" the rules of fair fighting again!" he hissed, to which point Biff dropped Gary to his feet.
Gary glared at the blonde boy, "Don't ignore obvious facts Derby, if the Greaseballs and the Lunkheads have managed to spread hellfire in one day, how long do you think it'll take before you are thrusted into war?" Gary walked towards the exit, passing me only to stop after a few steps. He turned to me and pointed, "As for you Lime, try making it clear for your bespectacled comrades that they have the same problem." He hissed, before then leaving the door.
Derby walked over to Biff and ordered, "Biff, I don't trust Gary as far as I can throw him, but we can't take chances! Get Chad tended to while I get everyone informed of a plan." The rest of the conversation was saturated in murmuring panic from the spectators.
I then turned to where Erica once was, only to see that she was gone. Where did she go? Why did she leave? I returned upstairs for to change back into my spare clothes for getting oneself dirty, perhaps I could make it back to shop class before I was considered late.

"You're late Daniels, but at least you cared to come to class, more than I can say for the rest of the pupils." The teacher named Neil stated shortly after introducing himself. "Right then, since this is your first class, I'm going to put you at the bike maintenance table!" he pointed, towards a table with a bike on top, minus its wheels and seat.
Without fussing, mainly because I could not be bothered arguing over the fact the class had several cars for pupils' disposal and the fact I have no experience maintaining a bicycle of any kind, frankly I preferred walking.
At the workshop , I began to realise several things wrong, one was I had no idea what I was supposed to do, another was there was no textbooks for reference on what I was supposed to do and finally Neil wouldn't tell me a thing, in fact every question had the same answer.
"Just shut up and keep working, it's the answer to all problems."
Teaching Neil, do you do it? At some point after a trial and error attempt of tapping various bicycle parts to see a problem, I noticed some graffiti on the table top. Someone clearly had shown much care for this area to spend their time doing this (!) Regardless, I read one quip stating, "One lesson pass = new bike", another read, "Toy around with bike = lesson pass".
Was I reading this right? If I was to pretend to be repairing the bike in anyway such as tighten a nut or bolt, then Neil will consider it as a pass? And by passing, Neil gives me a bike? This was ridiculous, I would be rewarded for slacking? I never thought this class could be so easy that it cheats itself!
"Are you done Daniels? That bike doesn't look too shabby, I think that is a pass." Neil announced, he then pointed to a rack from behind me, "There, take the green bike, you've earned it kiddo!"

Dismissed from class, I wheeled my unjustly earned bike out the classroom, into the sudden anarchy of Bullworth that had been missing since this morning.
With some luck, I found a garage neighbouring a garage with a red door to abandon my bike, the garage was then locked with its key buried under in my pockets, hopefully never to see sunlight ever again.
Loitering outside the boy's dorm, I began to contemplate the so called war between the Jocks and Greasers Gary mentioned back at the boxing gym. My mind uncovered a memory from only yesterday, at the girls' dorm. Ted was having a conflict with a Greaser, could that have anything to do with this war? Are the cliques really fighting over some girl's 'activities'? Before I could let the idea sink in, Earnest screamed.

"This is an outrage!"
One jump over a low wall and a sprint later, I noticed Earnest and Melvin were pinned to the wall by a prefect while some frighteningly hideous old biddy watched over the prefect as he kept the two detained.
"Young man, I can assure you that the only outrage here is that two of our greatest students were selling alcohol to other pupils!" the snapped at Earnest.
Dragon's Blood, someone must have snitched on them. But who would torment Earnest and Melvin so much as to snitch on them for committing a crime? Something nibbled away in my mind, something warning me that the "war" had spread, I was right!
"And to imagine that Damon West was the one brave enough to report to us of your heinous act! Well I can tell you this Earnest Jones and Melvin O'Connor, Dr. Crabblesnitch will hear of this and I hope that you shall be punished severely, expulsion at least!" the elderly coot snapped before marching off, the prefect releasing the two nerds before following pursuit.
I approached Earnest, "What the hell was that?" I asked.
Melvin spoke, "It would seem that an ogre has slain us from behind and left us at mercy of demons!" Earnest, noticing the bamboozled expression on my face, translated, "That no good Jock, Damon, snitched on us over our selling of Dragon's Blood, and now Mrs. Peabody is going to report us to Dr. Crabblesnitch and we are going to be expelled for sure!"
Somehow, watching Earnest crumble to his knees with his hands over his head and hyperventilating made me choose not to go 'I told you so!' on them. Another thought hit me.
"Wait, Jimmy Hopkins! He probably knows about this, I'm sure he'll save you two from expulsion!" I exclaimed, hoping to raise optimism for the two.
Sadly, Melvin explained, "The crusader you mentioned is far too busy smiting the quarrelsome Hydra to save distant peasants such as us!"
Rather than wait for Earnest to interpret Melvin, I realised what he was trying to say to me. Jimmy was considered the "King of the School" and it would not surprise anyone if he is trying to tame the Jocks and Greasers so they would not engage at each other and spread total chaos.
It was then my brain accelerated to overdrive, this was all Gary's plan! He must have brought light to Lola's 'activities' to the Greaser and probably to Mandy as well to frighten her (I may have only met Gary twice, but that seemed more than enough for me to consider him a sadistic prick!) so Ted and the Greaser (who I'd presume is the head honcho) fight with each other, fuelled on nothing more than anger and alcohol brewed by Earnest and Melvin (could they have gotten the alcohol from Gary? Doubtful, but he is the only suspect I know, seeing as Earnest and Melvin don't have the looks to deceive a shopkeeper into believing that they are whatever the legal limit is in this country), then Damon would snitch on the Nerds which would anger them into fighting as well as the Greasers and Jocks. So that was why Gary wanted me to clarify to the Nerds. And Gary warned the preps of war, so they decided that they will strike first!

Gary had planned made a war in the space of two days, it seemed that nothing was going to stop him, not even Jimmy could muscle his way to the cliques giving up.
I turned to Earnest and confessed, "Earnest, I think I know who's really to blame here!"
The jittering wreaks of a young man rose from his state of panic, he stuttered, "What? Who?"
I gulped before coming out with my answer, "Gary Smith."
Melvin accompanied Earnest by standing also, the two facing each other in shock, had Gary Smith actually escaped from Happy Volts the two undoubtedly would have been asking themselves. Not that the question really needed an answer.

I began to stare out into space, the nightmare that had once haunted me since the dawn of my enrolment had now came clear, Gary Smith was the demon that would condemn me to the hell hole, right after he burns it to the ground!

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