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7 boys meet by fate through tough things and through easy thing, each learn something from each other and develop something together, something greater than friendshing, and together they run.

Drama / Other
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Chapter 1

Hi this is my first story so please do not judge. Also i want to put out there this is based off some BTS songs, and im putting it in the order how i think it went in. If you do not like BTS and here to criticize please leave, i'm not the best writer but i try my hardest. Now back to the task at hand, i (j) hope you enjoy my fanfic.
Strong power thank you :)

I woke to a very familiar loud, beeping sound, it filled my head and i instanly woke up rubbing the last bit of sleep from my eyes. "Jungkook!" i heard my mother called, "You have 30 minutes to get ready for your new school sweetie!" and with that i jumped up, grabbed my black and white uniform, towels, and a comb. After gathering my things i hopped in the shower. I turned the nob in the tub and the shower water came pouring down, i cussed because of how cold the water came down at first, but the water gradually became warmer. The water felt so good against my silky smooth skin, it felt so good i got lost in thought. I was stil in my head when my mom snaped me out of it, "Jungkook hurry up you have 5 minutes to get ready!" I quickly jumped out, dryed off, and combed my long curly hair, and also put on my uniform. I then grabbed my backpack and stumbled out the door, racing down the stairs into the kitchen, where i found my mom carefully placing a bagel into a small zip lock bag. "Kook next time wake up earlier, or take a 5 minute shower." she said handing me the bagel she placed in the bag earlier. "Ok mom i won't. I was just lost in thought." "Alright, but don't do that again, you'll like a rasian!" she said halfway laughing. Jungkook had a great connection with his family. He would never trade anything for them, they were his life, his pride, his everything. Just upon thought, without them he would be nothing. Just dust in the wind, non-exsitent. "Oh would you look at the time, kook we have to go!" "Ok, let's go!" Jungkook started to the door for his mom to drive him to school when he remembered something. "Hold on mom, I forgot my banana milk!"

"Get up woman, get me some beer!" was the first thing that taehyung heard when he got up. Knowing his dad he was probably beating his sister, and forcing her to get him some beer. Taehyung wish he could do something to help, and stop the abusing but his sister allways told him to stay out the way, things will get better,it was alright. But it was a lie covered by false hope, sweet freedom that will never come. Taehyung was only a small child when his mother left, leaving him with his alcoholic , abusive father. Thoughts allways crossed taehyungs mind " Why? Why beat her when you can beat me? I'm the one you should be getting at. She does not deserve this." But all of these thoughts were interupted when his sister walked in, almost fainting in the doorway. "Soo-ah noona." Taehyung said as he got up and closed the door. "We can't keep on going like this ,we have to leave!" Taehyung almost sounded scared, his voice almost trembling. "I can't see you like this anymore!" "Tae im fine really." Soo-ah said with a softness of her voice, but in reality she was'nt fine she want to run, run away from all the maddness, she wanted to kick scream, fight and punch back. But she could'nt, Soo-ah thought she was too weak not strong enough to fight. This is why she gave up, only wishing for things to get better. Now that's just a dream, a fairy tale created by lies. Nothing will get better i just won't. Soo-ah looked at the brusies on her skin, minnor cuts on her legs, she could'nt handle it, but she had to stay hopeful for taehyung. That was the only thing she had left, and she wounld'nt let it go so easy. "Taehyung?" Soo-ah said. "Yes noona?" "Here" she said while taking a five dollar bill and two ones from under her pillow giving it to Tae. "Here buy yourself whatever you want, you deserve it. I know it's not much but its a little something." "Tanks, noona" Tae said while embracing his sister in a tight hug that made them feel warm and safe. All of that ended when their father called Soo-ah's name. "Soo-ah!" He screamed from the other room sounding angry and intoxicated. "Get me a bottle of whiskey, and hurry up woman!" "Tae leave right now before you be late to school." Soo-ah said in a calm manner. "But noona i can't leave you!" Tae whimpered. "It going to be fine" she assured him, And with that Taehyung left the room right after his sister, rushing through the front door. He had'nt even left for two seconds befor he heard the shrill voice of his father yelling, and the bottle glass breaking, and hearing the cries of his sister he had left behind. Taehyung walk foward on the side walk in scilence. A tear creeped down his face.

Ok so how do you like to first chapter? Let me know if i need to fix something or add something to my writing to make it better, i would like to hear your opinions. Also i wanted to know if i should add some ships into the story i might have a ship poll to see what ship i should put in the story. *I am picky about the whole taekook jikook thing since i am a strong jikook shipper but we'll see how it goes*
Also if people do want ships in this there will ABSOLUTELY BE.NO.SMUT. There will be pure fluff, first off i am a innocent soul and two, i do not know how to write smut:( *sorry smut lovers. Well i hoped you enjoyed this ff i will try to upload as soon as i can bye:)
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