Darkest Daughter


What about if the darkness was supposed to find the one person that no one knew about, the one thing that Regina would have loved most

Drama / Fantasy
Laura Cummings
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Morning Grandpa”... A young woman calls out as she pulls her blazer off the hanger that it rests on. She quickly checks her reflection in the mirror, her long brown hair loose around her shoulders, Red lipstick and minimal eye make- up to show off her striking blue eyes.

“Morning, want a coffee?” She shakes her head.

“Not today, I am running really late. I have meeting after meeting, then a lesson with Grandma and then I am meeting up with potential clients. Are you still meeting me and Elliott for dinner tonight?” she turns to pick her high heels up from the floor, and sits on the chair to pull them on to her feet.

“One part of the day I wish you would miss is meeting with your Grandma, you better not let her teach you anything that could leave you like your mother.” The girl cringes at the last word.

“No, I won’t, this is just about me controlling it, She is just trying to protect me from turning into that woman, and also if she was to ever to come for me. Which I really doubt, but I am enjoying just having time with her, where we have common ground.” That common ground being the woman, who was evil enough to try to get rid of the girl before she was even born, who killed her father by just pulling his heart out, and breaking it.

“Just be careful Ella, I don’t want to lose another one of my girls to magic.” Ella glanced at her Henry.


Ella run up the last flight of stairs towards her office as she always did, avoiding all the people who she didn’t want to see until she was safely behind her desk.

“Hey you” Someone pulled Ella from behind, she turned and there was Elliott. Elliott and Ella had met through a mutual friend; know a mutual business partner, in their publicity company Jack. He had met Elliott at a sports bar, and just assumed he would be a fit for Ella.

Which it turned out Elliott was, they had been dating for two years and working in business as for the past year. Elliott and Ella were not in each other’s pockets, and were not defined by the other, but there were in love.

“Hi, have a good weekend?” They walked towards Ella’s office that looked over the Hudson River.

“Lovely thank you spent the weekend with Arthur, down in Jersey. I missed you.” He shut the door behind them as he pushed her towards the desk into a passionate clinch.

“I missed you too, but Grandpa wanted to go to the Hamptons, when my Grandma wasn’t there and take the horses out for a ride. Elliott you know I needed that, time away from the city with just Grandpa. You didn’t forget dinner did you??” Elliott smiled as he pushed himself closer to her, resting his forehead against hers. Henry loved the way that Elliott cared for Ella, he also liked the way he gave her space, space to be who she was, an independent ambitious young woman.

“No babe, you coming to mine after?” She nodded. The door burst open, surprising them both.

“Morning Miss Mills and Elliott” Jack the third man in Ella’s life , and most of the time the third wheel, but Ella wouldn’t have it any other way. Jack and Ella had met at Harvard, been through everything together, he knew everything. He knew what Ella was capable off, he had seen her blast a fireball into an ex-boyfriend’s car, he had seen her at her worst and knew just what she was capable off. He also knew about her mother and who she really was, and why Ella was trying to never be like her. Jack had always kept the secret, he had never asked her to do anything for him and fiercely protective over her.

Elliott however, was completely clueless to what his girlfriend was capable of, he never saw the magic she possessed and he all knew of her mother was that she had abandoned Ella with Henry and Cora, in a bid to be happy. He never asked for more than that, Ella was capable now of controlling her magic so well, that he never had seen it.

“I am not Miss Mills, I am Ella do not even remind me about that woman.” Elliott kissed Ella one last time and said.

“Laters Princess.” Ella smiled and looked at Jack.

“See he is perfect..” Jack rolled his eyes.

“Yeah perfect, but not perfect enough for you to tell him about your magic or the fact that your mother is the Evil Queen, from the story of Snow White.”

The story of Snow White that Ella never really understood, she couldn’t grasp how her mother had managed to change the way that her father had died, so every other reader would somehow understand why she was evil and just forgive her. Well in a sense because as her Grandmother had told her it was just a story to everyone else.

Ella’s story however was to her very true, but to her grandmother all lies, because every story she had ever told her and Henry was a lie. The lies began even before Ella was born and continued right until now. Ella was never to know the truth.

The story began when Cora had taken Daniel’s heart, when she crushed it, Regina’s true love was dead because Cora’s intent was that Regina was going to be Queen, that was her destiny. Then a few weeks later Regina fell ill, assuming the worse Cora went to the one person who could sort this problem. Rumpelstiltskin !! Rumple told her that he couldn’t kill the child, because they were the product of true love and was destined to be a powerful being, but he could do was remove the child so that Cora could give birth to her as her own. Cora was going to let her daughter have her destiny and she was going to mature and grow her granddaughter to stand by side as Regina’s sister. Rumple though had other ideas, he knew what Regina was going to capable off, The Dark Curse. He warned Cora, so she did what she thought was best and took the child and decided that until Regina had completed The Dark Curse, the child would not be born. The last straw though for Mother and Daughter was when Regina pushed Cora through the looking glass, cursing her and setting a path for her own daughter’s own destiny, as the one who could kill her or save her. A daughter that she would never know existed. Once the Dark Curse was enacted and Henry was killed Rumple brought him back and sent him to the modern world, New York, with no memory of Regina killing him. Where Cora, Henry and Ella lived quiet happily, until the saviour broke the curse. Henry remembered most things apart from Regina killing him, and he divorced Cora. Ella chose her Grandpa over Cora.

“Ella, Darling.” Cora stood in the doorway of her Manhattan apartment, smiling at her granddaughter. Ella looked stressed; her hair was now tied up in top bun. Ella looked tired it was only lunchtime, Cora worried for her.

“Hi, can we make this quick today, I don’t really have time. Also could you ask someone to get me a Starbucks please Grandma?” Cora smiled again, nodding.

“I think you need a break sweetheart, but we need to practise too. Don’t you think you should start spending some more time in your own bed, rather than in Elliott’s?”

Cora had begun teaching Ella magic, ten years ago after an incident involving Ella a picture of Regina and her dorm room. Cora remembered Ella’s shaky voice at the end of the line, telling her that she was really close to being kicked out of school because she had set her room a blaze, because she was claiming it had happened with just a flick of the wrist.

“I actually haven’t stayed with him for four days; I have just been really busy. We have this big marketing contract coming up and I am working on that, because if we get it I can finally get out of New York and open a new office in California. I also spent the weekend with Grandpa, just helping him with new recipes for the cookbook.” Ella smirked, knowing that she had stunned her Grandmother.

“California??? Ella that is miles away from here, from everything that you have here!! What about me? What about Elliott and Jack?” Cora raised her hand, fully aware that she was about to pull out a fireball at any second.

“Firstly California because we could get a big house, with lots of land for the horses, that you have been threatening to get rid of for years. Secondly you could always come with me and Grandpa, I could afford to buy you a place too. Thirdly a man is not my whole happiness it’s just part of it, they could always visit.” Cora sighed.

“You and your ideas, you’re so much like Regina.” Ella stepped back, shocked by Cora talking about her mother. Her very own fireball flaring in her hand at just the thought of her mother.

“NO I am not because I would never kill Elliott just because he didn’t accept what I wanted. I will never be evil..” Cora stepped towards her grabbing her hand and putting the fireball out with ease.

“Ella calm down, I don’t mean it like. Forget I said anything.” Cora pulled her into her arms aware that even though Ella had more control of her powers than ten years ago, her mother was something that made her go dark.

“Grandma everyone keeps talking about her today, I don’t know why. It’s making me feel like she is really close. Like a couple of months back when my powers went all funny and I had to go to the Hamptons to get away. I am scared; I don’t really know her and what she is truly capable off.” Cora didn’t want to admit it either but she knew that her daughter was close, too close and she knew it wouldn’t be long before Ella met her destiny a destiny without her grandparents…

Ella shut her office door; she reached into her bag and pulled out her phone. There was a message from Henry and Elliott.

“Hi Ella, I won’t be able to meet you for dinner. Cora and I are off to the Hamptons to try and sort out the cars to sell, seems like she really wants this California adventure. I told you she would come around. Good luck sweetheart. Have a nice rest of the week and remember Princess I love you. Goodnight” Ella smiled, she was confused but happy that her grandparents where getting on for her sake.

“Hi Ella, The last client me and Jack had has taken us to Las Vegas to see their newest venue, so Sorry I am not going to be able to make dinner. Tell your Grandpa I am sorry. I love you babe. Laters.” Ella walked into the New York, aware for the first time in years she was about to spend an evening alone, No one to protect her or make her feel safe. Ella made the choice to call for a taxi, stop for her fourth Starbucks of the day and walk the rest of the way home.

Sipping on her Starbucks, watching as the world flew by couples walking hand in hand. Families coming back from their shopping trips, hailing taxis or heading towards the subway. Ella found herself looking at a mother and daughter walking hand in hand. Sometimes Ella wished she had that, a mother who loved her mother, who wanted her mother, who hadn’t killed her father, a mother who hadn’t killed entire villages, a mother who at least tried to be with her. As the tears started flowing, with a heavy heart she carried on walking, before someone grabbed her and pulled her into a dark alley.

“Hello Sweetheart, Don’t you look like your mother…” Ella faced the woman who had taken her and pinned her to the wall, who was magically strangling her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ella was used to be strangled like this, when she didn’t do as her Grandmother asked this was what she would do. Cora always told her not to struggle and try to fight back. Ella flicked her wrist.

“I think you do Ella Mills, Your mother is Regina Mills the Evil Queen, Don’t tell me Cora didn’t tell you? “ Ella smiled and attempted to laugh, as the grip tightened around her neck.

“Of course I know who she is and I hate her. So I don’t know what you achieving by doing this to me.” Ella commented as the grip began to make it hard for her to breathe.

“I am trying to achieve the impossible and put the darkness in the one place it belongs.” Ella raised her head as the fireball finally appeared in her hand.

“Where is that? Regina??” Ella threw the fireball at the woman, loosening her grip around her neck. The woman shook her head.

“No you. The daughter that she doesn’t even know exist, the daughter that as soon as she claps eyes on, will kill the two things that you both have in common Henry Senior and Cora.” Ella felt her anger rise. Cora had told her that Regina had given birth to her then left.

“Of course she does, she gave birth to me for god sake.” The blonde woman shook her head.

“Cora has filled your mind with shit. She has told you so many lies… But I have to take you back to Storybrooke, take this darkness from me and put it in you. ” The grip tightened again, Ella called out, the pain becoming unbearable.

“Emma Swan, you put that girl down now.” Emma shook her head again, Ella relieved that someone had heard her calling out.

“Regina, do you know who this little bitch is to you?? Do you have any idea what she is capable of? She could kill both of us if we let her...” Regina shook her head, pulling a knife out of her coat pocket. Ella gasped, as the tears started again she knew what would happen if she looked up.

“Dark one I command you to put this girl down.” Emma automatically put the girl down. Ella fell to the floor aware that her mother was there; she held on to her neck and looked down. Emma then turned to Regina and said

“Why are you saving her? She will be the death of you.” With that Emma disappeared in a puff of smoke. Regina reached out her hand to the girl, who refused to take it, afraid of what would happen when their eyes met.

“Who are you?” Ella quickly caught her breath; she threw out a warning shot, a fireball to be exact. Avoiding her mother’s gaze, she grabbed her bag and ran. She got to the door; she didn’t turn to see if she had been followed. She typed into the code for the intercom, ran the stairs to her apartment, and unlocked the door to be faced with Regina.

“Who are you?”

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