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Gay Bts Oneshots


ranging from smut, to fluff to angst to horror to polygamy, i write it because i’m a clown for bts lol

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Jimin pouts, crossing his arms. His ears were drawn against his head, and his long fluffy tail thumped on the sofa he was sitting on.

The Siamese Hybrid quietly hissed when his boyfriend, Namjoon-who was a lion Hybrid-tried to hold him in his arms. The alpha looked shocked, their friends as well. They were playing a pretty fun game of truth or dare, and Hoseok-a Fox Hybrid-just so happens to ask a very personal one.

"Jimin, Truth or dare?" Namjoon stretches his legs out, wrapping a secure arm around Jimin's waist. The Siamese kitty softly purrs, snuggling closer, causing Namjoon to coo. "Umm, Truth!" Hoseok smirks, leaning forward and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. "Are you a virgin?" Jimin stills, his purring stopping as well. "Y-Yes," The others gasp, looking to Namjoon.

"Would you take his virginity if you could, Joonie?" The bunny Hybrid asks, his tail twitching in curiosity in which Yoongi, a Lynx gently grasps it. Namjoon shakes his head.

The others-including Jimin-gasp audibly. "Why not?" Jungkook asks his long floppy ears covering over a large amount of his face. "Because he's not ready." Jimin looks to him, moving away from his boyfriend.

So here they are now, saying goodbye as they pack up to leave. Jimin silently hugs everyone, walking out with his tail swaying sassily. Seokjin shortly scolds Namjoon, The younger sighing. "I just said the truth. I know how needy Siamese cats are but I can't give him everything all at once. I love him to death, I just don't think he's ready for it. I don't want to overwork him with having to take a knot right away, I want to get him prepared for it." The wolf nods, gently smiling his motherly grin. "Have a good night, Namjoon."

Jimin was already in the car, slumped against the window. The drive was silent, Namjoon sneaking quick worried glances to the omega. He subtly takes a hand away from the steering wheel, slowly moving it to Jimin's thigh. He places it gently, his thumb rubbing against the somewhat rough fabric of Jimin's tight ripped skinny jeans. Jimin's muscles tense before relaxing, looking over to Namjoon, who had a small grin on his face as he kept his eyes on the road.

Jimin rolls his eyes, grabbing onto Namjoon's hand, trying to roughly take it away only to have the alpha latch onto his hand. Jimin sighs, trying to pull his much smaller hand out of Namjoon's large hand. The lion laughs, his loud chuckles reverberating throughout the car. Jimin sighs again, grumpily slumping back for the second time, looking out the window.

Namjoon takes the omega's hand to his lips, gently kissing it with his plush lips. Jimin blushes a rosy pink, blood rushing to his cheeks. Jimin lets Namjoon hold his hand, wrapping his long fluffy tail around the alpha's bicep, an act of forgiveness.

When they were finally home, Namjoon kissed his hand once again, this time the smaller looking back with the same adoration.

Jimin takes his hand back, opening and closing the car door to start walking up the driveway. Jimin hears quick heavy sounding footsteps behind him, looking back to see his boyfriend running after him. He squeaks, trying to scurry away but Namjoon swoops him up, holding him up like a newlywed.

Jimin giggles, hanging onto the elder tightly as he watches the lion kick open the door. He sets Jimin on the couch gently, climbing on top of him. Jimin looks up, his eyes starry.

"Wanna have some fun?" Namjoon gruffly asks, his voice just as gravelly as their driveway. Jimin shivers, closing his eyes as a new sensation pools into his lower body. The Siamese hastily nods, his ears twitching cutely.

This would be the first time they had ever done anything sensual together.

And boy, was Jimin ready for it.

A sweet smell surrounded them as Namjoon took off his own shirt, slick pouring out of Jimin's entrance. His skinny jeans get soaked through, causing Jimin to whimper at how uncomfortable it was. Namjoon growls when he smells the sickly sweet aroma of vanilla, the alpha's pupils constricting as they dart around Jimin's still fully clothed body.

The lion rips off the cat's shirt along with his skinny jeans, the scent growing stronger. Jimin was panting, his back arching with each touch of Namjoon's skin, his fingertips leaving a burning sensation.


Jimin pleads, grasping onto Namjoon's wrist, the younger leading the lion's hand downwards. Namjoon soon takes control, slipping down Jimin's boxers, Jimin's member an angry red as it springs up, Jimin letting out a shaky breath. Jimin already looked spent, sweat glistening on his forehead as he pants, and his ears drawn down in submission. Namjoon chuckles as he takes Jimin into his hold, setting him on his thigh. "Do you think you can ride my thigh, omega?" Jimin nods, a look of concentration as he grinds down on the alpha's thigh.

The younger places his hands on the lion's shoulders, digging his tiny claws into the other's skin. The Siamese presses himself closer to Namjoon, rubbing himself desperately against the alpha male, letting out soft mewls of pleasure, his tail wrapping itself around Namjoon's own tail, their appendages entangling sweetly and lustfully. Namjoon quietly groans when Jimin lets out an exceptionally loud moan, slick steadily gushing out of Jimin's fluttering hole.

"D-did you really mean it?" Jimin stutters out, ears folded against his head submissively as his eyes were tightly sealed shut. "Mean what baby?" Namjoon says, subtly tensing his thigh muscle causing Jimin to loll his head back, arching his chest into Namjoon's.

"Th-that you w-wouldn't take m-me," Jimin says breathlessly, wetting his lips before letting one another explicit noise.

"Take you?" Namjoon teases, beginning to kiss up to the cat's chest, gently licking at the other's nipple. The pink bud hardening under the slightest touch.

Jimin lets out shaky breaths, moving his head to the crook of Namjoon's neck, licking at the skin presented. "Where do you want me to take you, kitten?" Namjoon keeps pushing, feeling Jimin begin to suck aggressively, grinding down harder against him with fervour.

The younger Hybrid furiously shakes his head, vanilla clouding both of their nostrils as Jimin's orgasm accumulates. "I want you t-to kn-ot me," he says, gently licking at the soft skin of Namjoon's ear before nuzzling in his neck again.

Namjoon lifts a hand to Jimin's hair, threading his fingers through as the younger continues to messily mewl and press against his body. "You know I can't do that, Kitten." Jimin lets out a cry, taking his hands away from the elder's shoulders to snake around Namjoon's waist, tail spasming as a euphoric feeling explodes inside of Jimin's abdomen, his hardened cock releasing ropes of cum onto Namjoon's chest.

Jimin tightens his arms around the alpha's waist, tail wrapping around Namjoon's again, refusing to let go. "Wh-Why not?" Jimin questions, drowsily looking at Namjoon. "Because of this, Baby. You're tired just from grinding yourself on me. It's not going to be good when you pass out halfway through me knotting you."

Jimin sniffles, shaking his head. "But look, 'M fine! Not tired,"

Namjoon softly smiles, tucking a strand of hair behind Jimin's human ear. "And if you weren't gonna knot me then why do this?" Jimin further questions, glaring at Namjoon even though that made Namjoon coo instead of looking intimated. "I suggested this to get you ready for the real thing, kitten." Jimin brightens up. "So you can knot me next time?" Namjoon sighs, shaking his head. The Siamese draws his ears back, crossing his arms and forming his lips into a pout. "No, but we can do much more fun things next time." Jimin furrows his eyebrows, his fluffy white ears perking up. "More fun?"

Namjoon nods, cupping Jimin's face, causing the cat to purr. "Wanna go take a bubble bath?" Jimin leans into the touch, nodding while closing his eyes, his thick eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks.

The alpha chuckles, taking his hand away from Jimin's face and hoisting him closer, the younger automatically wrapping his legs around his waist, resting his cheek against his neck. Namjoon walks through the house carefully, not wanting to drop the omega.

He opens the bathroom's door, gently setting Jimin on the counter and opening the towel cubby that was also stocked with soap. "What scent do you want, Jiminnie?" Jimin makes a thinking noise, leaning his head on the wall. "Rose please," Namjoon nods, grabbing the rose-scented bottle and setting it on the counter next to the tired Siamese kitty.

The lion hybrid turns the hot water knob, twisting the cold one as well to get the perfect temperature. He plugs the drain as his tail stretches out and wraps around the soap bottle, taking it and squirting the pink substance into the water. Bubbles start to sud on the surface of the liquid, Jimin hopping off the counter to step inside the warm water. Namjoon smiles, rubbing the velvety texture of Jimin's ear before stripping his pants and boxers off himself and stepping in the water as well.

Jimin immediately curls into his side, playing with Namjoon's tail. The elder flicks it around, amusingly watching as the younger Hybrid bats at it, Namjoon caving in and letting his tail be played with. "You understand why I want to wait, right baby?" Jimin looks to him, moving closer and leaning against the lion's muscular frame. "Only kinda," Namjoon leans his head back, Jimin leaning his ear against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. "Kinda?" Namjoon asks, closing his eyes as Jimin's tail trails itself along his skin. "Yeah. I get it that you want to wait, and get me ready, but how many times do we have to push it back before we can?" Namjoon chuckles, quietly gasping when Jimin nibbles at his skin.

"We are going to push it back over and over again until you can take a knot." Jimin migrates himself onto Namjoon's lap, trailing his finger down his body, Namjoon slightly shuddering as the Siamese wraps his small hand around his cock.

"Can you at least let me help you? Or do we have to push that back as well?" Jimin purrs, leaning into Namjoon's warmth. Namjoon opens his eyes, gently pressing his lips against Jimin's. The younger Hybrid teases, thumbing at the tip of Namjoon's leaking erection. Namjoon groans in the kiss, taking his hands to the back of Jimin's head as he pulls him closer.

Jimin starts to stroke at the sensitive skin, letting Namjoon clash their teeth together. Soft grunts leave Namjoon as Jimin moves his hand, alpha fangs gently biting on Jimin's plump bottom lip, the younger purring teasingly as he pleases him.

The pace he set was achingly slow, Namjoon growling in the younger hybrid's mouth. Namjoon trails his tongue in Jimin's cavern, the Siamese easily submitting to him.

Low growls reverberate from Namjoon, egging Jimin on to continue his motions, fastening his pace. His small hand slightly tightens, swiping his thumb over the crown, Namjoon leaning his head back as his mouth opens. He furrows his eyebrows further when the omega strokes harsher, Jimin smiling and kissing at Namjoon's Adam's apple. Breathy grunts escape from Namjoon as he's pushed closer and closer, his climax boiling in his abdomen. "Omega," he groans out, tightly closing his eyes as Jimin tugs at his leaking cock. "Alpha," Jimin purrs back, a smug smile on his face as Namjoon's chest heaves heavily. "Jimin," the lion warns, his voice dropping an octave as his cum coats Jimin's short fingers.

The omega waits until his boyfriend is looking at him, taking his hand to his mouth as he wraps his lips around them. He hums at the bitter taste, closing his eyes as he enjoys what the alpha gave to him. He opens his eyes, finding Namjoon looking at him with a soft look on his face. Jimin purrs, leaning against the elder's chest. He draws shapes against the tan skin, yawning as Namjoon kisses his head. "Come on, baby." Namjoon fondly says, wrapping his arms around the omega's small figure and steps out of the tub. He wraps a soft fluffy towel around jimin, turning back and unplugging the bathtub. He follows behind Jimin, tying a towel around his waist as the Siamese pads his way to their bedroom.

The kitty lets Namjoon choose his pyjamas, the alpha intensely watching as he dresses. He purrs loudly as Namjoon slips on a pair of boxers and turns off the light. They cuddle each other in the bed, Namjoon lifting the covers over both of them while Jimin pulls the alpha close to his chest. Namjoon listens to the soft rumbling of Jimin's happiness, snuggling closer when jimin cards his fingers through his still-damp hair. Jimin rests his tail around Namjoon's thigh, the omega sighing in content before closing his eyes to sleep.


"Now?" Jimin asks, rubbing against the back of Namjoon's rolling chair. Namjoon sighs, ignoring his boyfriend and continuing to click at his computer screen to try to perfect his song. "No. Jimin, go sit on the couch." Jimin flattens his ears against his head, pouting before obeying the alpha's wishes. He lays on the couch, leaning on the cushions and swinging his legs over the top of the furniture piece. The bored omega glances over to the lion, peering at how his tongue sticks out as he concentrates.

Jimin shudders, looking to the ceiling as he tries to delete the provocative thoughts rushing through his mind. His ears twitch as his tail wraps itself around his thigh, the soft fur tickling the inside of his thigh. He almost whimpers, letting out a shaky breath as he looks at his boyfriend again. "It's been a week,"

'A week too long,’

The omega thinks after, before beginning to speak again. "Now?" Namjoon takes his hands away from his equipment, holding his head. "Jimin." He growls, glaring at the siamese kitty. "I know that you enjoyed what happened, as did I, but you need to learn self-control," Namjoon's says, Jimin sitting up on the couch. "Does this mean-"

"No, Jimin, you have to have patience," Namjoon says, his deep voice making Jimin sink into the couch.

"Namjoon," He says, a soft whine at the end.




"What if-"

"Omega." Namjoon warns, glaring at the Hybrid with his teeth bared. "You are an omega. You will listen to me." Jimin sulks, leaning back against the couch again as he curls up around a pillow. He sniffles, shoving his face into the soft fabric. He silently cries, hugging the pillow closely as his ears fold on his head and his tail lays limp.

He flinches when a hand touches his thigh, hesitantly looking up. Namjoon stops breathing for a moment when he sees Jimin's face littered with tears, his eyes glossy.

"Oh, baby," Namjoon says, softening his voice as he cups the younger's wet face. "Baby, you're shaking," he says, guiltily pulling the omega closer. Namjoon kisses his head, rubbing his head. "I didn't realize that I used my alpha tone, I'm so sorry," Jimin stays silent, eyeing Namjoon closely, too afraid to say anything.

Namjoon continues petting his head, sometimes gently caressing his velvety ears. Namjoon nuzzles his head in the crook of his neck, tightening his hold. "How can I make it up to you?" He whispers, asking even though he knew exactly what his boyfriend wanted.

Jimin lightens up at that, hugging back. Namjoon smiles against his soft skin, pulling back. "Do you have something in mind?" He asks, Jimin starting to quietly purr. "Possibly," he says, his voice almost inaudible. "And what's that?" The elder asks, Jimin whining and covering his face with his tail. "Please don't make me say it," he mumbles, Namjoon chuckling before moving his fluffy appendage out of the way, pressing his lips against the younger's.

The lion nibbles on Jimin's bottom lip, the younger immediately opening his mouth. Namjoon nearly groans, the sweet taste of Jimin's intoxicating lips drawing him closer. Their tongues dance together, yet another thing entangled. Their tails wrap around each other again, Namjoon pushing Jimin to lay on the couch. Jimin breathes heavily as they part, the elder looking down on him with lustful eyes. Jimin shivers as the alpha starts to kiss his jawline, nibbling at his collarbone as he trails the kisses to his chest. Jimin lets Namjoon take his t-shirt off, the lion taking his own off as well.

The siamese Hybrid grips the sofa's cushions, his boyfriend kiss along his chest, getting closer and closer to where Jimin wants him to. He stops right at the waistband of Jimin's skinny jeans though, peering up at Jimin. The younger takes a deep breath in, still staring at the ceiling. He clenches his fists as Namjoon traces his abs, letting out a soft whimper. "Joonie, please," he pleads, finally looking back at the alpha. Namjoon smiles innocently and continues his tracings. "I still don't know what you want," he says, Jimin groaning and rubbing his face with his hands.

"Namjoon, please, do something,"

Namjoon leans his head against Jimin's stomach, caressing the flesh with his fingers. "Joonie," Jimin begs, his neediness getting the best of him. "You said to do something, so I'm cuddling you," Joon says, closing his eyes. "Maybe say something more specific?" He lets out cockily, Jimin letting out a sigh of frustration. "I don't know what I want. That's why I need you to choose for me." The younger days, furrowing his eyebrows as Namjoon kisses his tummy. "This is why you listen to me. You don't know what you want,"

Namjoon sits back up, hovering over the frustrated omega and looks down at him fondly. "I know what you want," their lips clash once again, Namjoon unbuttoning his pants as they continue to passionately make out. Jimin moans as Namjoon drags his fingertips over his cock, which was constricted by his lace panties. Namjoon growls at his choice of clothing, looking up at his boyfriend with an amused glare. Jimin blushes, moving his tail to cover Namjoon's eyes. Namjoon chuckles, smiling as he kisses the appendage before moving it away from his face. Jimin pants as Namjoon slips the lace clothing article off, cooing at the hybrid's leaking erection.

"Look at how hard your cocklet is, baby. I barely even did anything,"

Jimin only moans, Namjoon kissing the tip before spreading his legs, slick gushing out onto the couch. The sweet aroma of vanilla invading Namjoon's nostrils. He rubs the inside of the siamese's thighs, the omega shuddering and letting out tiny noises that push Namjoon further.

"Don't think I didn't notice you and your thighs' sensitivity, baby." He speaks, blowing cold air on the sensitive skin. Goosebumps start to appear, Jimin holding back a groan. Namjoon blows more cold air on Jimin's leaking hole, Jimin widening his eyes as he involuntarily shuts his legs as he mewls.

Namjoon pries them back open, kissing the soft flesh. He gently licks and sucks at them, getting closer and closer to Jimin's more than ready entrance. Jimin's chest heaves as he feels Namjoon get dangerously close to his hole, closing his eyes and letting out a loud moan. Namjoon smirks, pressing a kiss before flattening his tongue and flicking Jimin.

Slick oozes out, Namjoon quickly lapping it up as Jimin tries hard not to close his legs in the overwhelming pleasure. His back arched off the sofa, allowing Namjoon more room as the lion licks harder against his fluttering hole. Jimin could feel himself losing his sanity, the way Namjoon's tongue teased his rim so delicately, yet never giving in. It started to make Jimin frustrated if Namjoon knew what he wanted why wasn't he doing anything?

Namjoon chuckles, spreading Jimin out before diving back in. He plunges a finger along with his tongue into Jimin, the younger male letting out an explicitly loud moan, Namjoon adding another finger. He purposely misses Jimin's prostate, wanting to save that experience for when he actually knots him, wanting his first time to be more than special and memorable to his boyfriend.

He absolutely adored him. He didn't want to hurt Jimin, and he wanted their first time to be special and romantic.

He wanted so badly to just take hold of Jimin and thrust him up onto the kitchen counter and knot him there, but he knew Jimin wouldn't cherish it as much as he could. And Seokjin would never come to help cook when Namjoon is left to make dinner.

Jimin's moans get higher each time, attempting to push harder against Namjoon, but the older holds him in place by his free hand. "A-alpha," he cries out, his breathing stuttering as he's brought closer and closer. He reaches down, trying to touch himself, but Namjoon's tail keeps him from doing so, causing him to whine.

Namjoon takes away his tongue, still thrusting his digits in and out, watching closely as Jimin writhes on the couch.

His mouth was agape, constantly letting out sounds of pleasure, sweat glistening on his forehead as his ears twitch and his tiny claws dig into the seats. His tail was also spasming, probably looking for Namjoon's for something to grasp onto. He carefully moves his appendage to Jimin's, the younger's quickly snaking around his for comfort.

Jimin's eyes widen as heat tingles through his body, his abdomen coiling as he sees white. His cum leaks steadily onto his tummy, creating a puddle as his cock softens. Namjoon's thrusts carry him through his orgasm, his body twitching as he letting out small pants. He grins breathlessly, watching as namjoon stands up, still not separating their tails. He grabs the wipes he keeps in his desk's drawer, smiling back at the spent omega as he cleans him.

"Wanna go take a bubble bath?" Jimin was about to nod before he spots Namjoon's sweatpants. It had a large tent in it, and a spot of precum was visible. He tiredly moves closer, taking Namjoon hips and bringing him towards him. "Kitten, what're y-"

He cut himself off, Jimin slipping his small hand into his pants and pulling out his cock. "You leaked through your boxers," Jimin says, looking up at the alpha with innocent eyes. Innocent eyes that had no intention to be what they were. Underneath, they were still hungry for namjoon.

Whilst still looking in Namjoon's eyes, the kitten licks the tip. Namjoon inhales sharply, hesitating to grasp onto Jimin's soft yet messy hair. Jimin notices this, taking a hand away from the elder's hip to grab onto Namjoon's wrist and put his much larger hand onto the back of his head. "Kitten, I don't-" he stops himself mid-sentence to let out a deep groan, Jimin taking him whole.

Namjoon grunts, pushing Jimin deeper. Jimin does just that, his hand still on top of Namjoon's. He grips it, as he feels Namjoon twitch in his throat. He takes a deep breath in before he starts bobbing his hand. The alpha throws his head back, his mouth open as low noises escape from his mouth as he gently takes Jimin's hand into his. "Such a good kitten, taking alpha's cock whole? Such a great little omega," he praises, Jimin sucking harder and takes his hand from Namjoon's hip to fondle Namjoon's balls. Namjoon's hand tightens around Jimin's, the omega whimpering around his cock.

The lion growls, drawing his ears back as his breathing becomes even more uneven, and Jimin's jaw goes slack as his warm cum slides down his throat. Jimin licks away the excess semen, humming in satisfaction when Namjoon's cock lays limp. He looks up at him, smiling as his eyes sparkle in adoration. Namjoon peers down at him, taking a hand and cupping Jimin's flawless face. He rubs Jimin's swollen lips, gently grinning. "Wanna take a bubble bath now?"

Jimin nods.

Namjoon entwines their fingers, wrapping his tail around Jimin's for the umpteenth time that night. Namjoon starts the water, letting Jimin pick the type of soap he wanted. He concludes with lavender, handing it to Namjoon as he watches the alpha squirt the pastel purple suds into the water, bubbles already foaming on the liquid's surface.

"Joonie?" Jimin asks, laying against Namjoon's chest as the water envelopes them in a warm and calmer mindset. Namjoon hums, snaking his arm around the younger's waist as they move closer. "When you knot me,.." he starts, Namjoon opening an eye to see Jimin fidgeting with his fingers whilst blushing a deep shade of scarlet. "When I knot you,.." Namjoon teases, Jimin blushing even further before looking at the alpha. "Are you gonna mark me?" He hastily asks, his eyes widening in surprise as he finally said what he's been thinking about. Namjoon opens both of his eyes, his dark eyes looking into Jimin's chocolate orbs deeply while adjusts himself so he's sitting straight.

"Of course, did you think I wouldn't?" The elder asks, grabbing Jimin's hands.

Jimin just looks down, his ears flattening. "It wasn't about me knotting you, was it, Jimin?" Namjoon pushes, holding him close. "That's why you were so upset. You wanted to be marked." He asks, to which Jimin presses his head against the lion hybrid's firm torso. Jimin sniffles, his shoulders shaking as he nods. "Oh, baby," Namjoon coos, tilting the siamese's chin up. "Did you really think I didn't want to mark you?" Jimin breaks down further, nuzzling into Namjoon as he continues sobbing. "I-I thou-ght you we-were gonna kn-ot me and leave," he says, soft hiccups causing him to cry harder. "Jiminie, baby, I would never ever do that to you," Namjoon says, softening his voice as much as he could.

"Oh, baby, c' mere,"

Jimin wraps his arms and legs around Namjoon, crying into the elder's neck as he unplugs the drain. Namjoon carries Jimin to the counter, grabbing a towel and drying the kitty Hybrid. Jimin pouts, flicking his still wet ears. The elder chuckles, before tousling Jimin's hair and ears with the towel. He moves on to the fluffy white tail, gently taking it and patting it dry with an all-new towel, carefully doing so. Jimin eventually starts purring, Namjoon grinning and drying himself off before having Jimin cling onto him once again and walking to their bedroom. "Joonie?" Jimin asks, nuzzling his nose against Namjoon's scent gland, taking a strong inhale of the aroma of natural musk.

"Hm?" Namjoon says, opening the bedroom door.

"Can you please choose my pjs again?" The younger blushing shyly, as he waits for us boyfriend's answer.

Namjoon lets out a chuckle before grinning. "Okay, What are you in the mood for?" He asks, setting Jimin on the bed and opening the closet. "Comfy," Jimin answers simply. "Comfy," Namjoon repeats to himself, looking through the dozens of sets of pyjamas before choosing a soft-looking set. The shirt was a thin striped fabric, the colour of the night sky with a pocket that had a sleepy-looking kitten popping out along with matching shorts.

"What about this one?" He questions, turning around to face Jimin.

He stills, shaking his head as he fondly grins at the omega. He was sleeping, cuddled up with Namjoon's pillow as his mouth lets out tiny purrs of happiness.

After Namjoon manages to dress the omega and himself, he cuddles alongside his boyfriend and holds the younger close. Jimin unconsciously snuggles closer, settling in the crook of the elder's neck before purring even louder.


Namjoon slumps in the couch, the other alphas sitting next to him. Jimin gets taken to Jungkook's bedroom, his little bunny tail twitching excitedly as Jimin blushes. "I have a feeling like you know why you're here," Taehyung says, trying to keep a straight face. Jimin giggles, blushing when they move closer to him. "I don't see a mark," the bunny says, examining the kitty. "That's because he didn't mark me," Jimin says, the other two gasping. "He mated you But he didn't mark you? How is that healthy?" Taehyung exasperates. The siamese rolls his eyes, gently smiling and playing with his own tail. "He didn't knot me,...but..." he begins, looking up to see their curious faces. "We did do a few other things,"


"Did you knot him yet?" Hoseok asks, Namjoon shaking his head. "Did you do anything else?" Hoseok asks, persisting. "Yeah, a couple of things," to which the alphas perk up at. "What'd you do?"

"He ate you out?!"

A shriek rips through the quiet aura of the home, Namjoon pointing a finger to the hallway. "That," Hoseok bursts out laughing, his laughter becoming contagious and causing the others to laugh.

Yoongi looks to the hallway, grinning softly. "Kookie, I know you're there," He coos, the bunny coming out and hopping next to him and Hoseok. "We know you have something on your mind," Hoseok says slyly, looking into the omega's big eyes. "Only k-kinda," Taehyung and Jimin come through the hallway as well, the squirrel cuddling in Seokjin's side while Jimin nuzzles in the crook of Namjoon's neck and purring.

The room was pleasantly quiet, the only noises were Jimin's purring and Jungkook's quiet squeaks as yoongi and hoseok tease him.

Jimin soon falls asleep, cradled in Namjoon's warm embrace.

He wakes up when Namjoon sets him on their bed, concluding that they left Yoongi's house. He stretches, gasping when he sees the lights were dimmed. The alpha turns around, smiling at the sight of the omega. "You're awake," he starts, walking over while the siamese nods and looks around. "Namjoon? What's all this?" He questions, sitting up and eyeing his boyfriend. "A romantic dinner!" Namjoon exclaims, throwing a squished handful of roses in Jimin's face.

Jimin blinks, twitching his ears as the rose petals fall.

"You didn't cook, did you?" Jimin asks, raising a brow at the alpha. "If I said yes, would you believe me?" Namjoon asks, walking over and taking the last petal out of Jimin's hair. "No," Jimin answers, purring as Namjoon pets his ears. "Good choice. I had Seokjin come over," Namjoon tells, scratching behind the siamese's left ear.

Jimin nods, leaning into his touch. "Are you hungry?" His boyfriend asks, the younger immediately nodding. Namjoon grabs a tray that was set on the bedside table. Jimin's eyes sparkle as he tastes the food, leaning his head back against the headboard and humming in satisfaction. Namjoon just watches him, meeting Jimin's eyes every now and then. "Did you eat?" The omega asks, Namjoon shaking his head. "I'm not hungry,"

Jimin rolls his eyes and puts his chopsticks to Namjoon's mouth. "Eat." He commands, Namjoon taking a bite of the spicy noodles. He smiles as Jimin continues to feed him, subtly moving closer and closer until Jimin is about to sit on his lap. Jimin wraps his tail around Namjoon's waist, pulling them closer. Namjoon growls, pushing Jimin's lips into his. Jimin quietly moans in the kiss, the spicy tang of the noodles making his mouth tingle. Namjoon's tongue licks its way into the younger's mouth, Jimin's tail tightening its hold on Namjoon, his hands desperately grasping onto the alpha's shirt.

"Namjoon," he breathes out, Namjoon beginning to kiss his neck. "Do you think you're ready, baby?" Namjoon purrs out, his voice gruff and hoarse. "You said I-it yourself, Joon, only you know what I want," the cat replied, tilting his head back as Namjoon lightly nibbles on the shell of his ear. "That's right, baby,"

Namjoon separates from Jimin, hastily setting the tray of half-eaten food on the table and taking his shirt off. He hovers over the lustful omega, trailing his hands under his shirt as he feels goosebumps spread over the surface. Jimin lets out little noises, his back lifting off the bed as his mouth falls agape when Namjoon flicks his hardened nipples. He rubs the pink buds with his thumbs, caressing them in circular motions as Jimin writhes and attempts to rub his hardened cock against the alpha's thigh. The sugary scent of vanilla clouds the room, pushing them both to go further.

Namjoon finally lifts Jimin's shirt off of his sweaty body, Jimin looking up at him while breathing deeply. "Alpha, please, I know what I want now," he pleads, Namjoon's eats twitching along with his constricted cock. He nods, moving closer, trailing his fingers across Jimin's heaving torso.

He snaps out of his trance when Jimin's hand latches around his wrist, pulling him into his embrace as they kiss. The alpha takes Jimin's pants off, breaking their kiss to peer at the other's choice of clothing. "Mm, red," He coos, Jimin holding back a surprised noise when the elder roughly takes off his lace panties. Jimin's cock springs up, the cool yet thick air making him quietly hiss. "Look at that, your cocklet is standing so prettily for me," Namjoon says, wrapping a loose hand around it and lazily pumping it up and down.

Jimin claws at the sheets, tightly closing his eyes as his cock is stroked slowly. The lion spreads his legs, letting out a pleased noise as slick steadily streams out of his quivering hole. "Look at all this slick, and only for me," he comments, Jimin impatiently nodding.

Namjoon takes his hand away from Jimin's cock, circling his rim, watching in awe as slick coats his fingertips. The alpha's eyes darken when he slips his index in finger slowly, moving until Jimin takes it to the knuckle. His raging cock strains against his sweatpants, making him slightly distracted as he starts to move his single finger. Jimin writhes, small breathy moans escaping his mouth. They only push Namjoon further, gripping Jimin's thick thigh and pushing another digit in. The omega lets out a squeak, his voice starting to become shaky.

"Look at yourself, Kitten, already so fucked out just because of my fingers. Are you sure you can take a knot?" He cockily presses his fingers harsher against Jimin's clamping walls, the younger nodding his head while more lewd noises emerge from his lips. "Words, baby,"

"Y-yes, I c-can ta-ke it-t," he answers, shuddering as a third finger begins to move along with the others. "I don't know, omega. You look pretty tired to me," the lion replied, fastening his hand's pace. Jimin opens his mouth, trying to say anything, but only choked out moans came out. Namjoon only smirks, taking out his three fingers.

Jimin whines, thinking that they were done. "Tsk, so impatient," taking out his cock, grunting as he pumps it a couple of times. He leans over Jimin, kissing the younger's face. "Are you sure you're ready for this, kitten?" He asks softly, Jimin's mocha eyes piercing into his while he nods. "I'm ready," he says confidently, taking a few deep breaths in as Namjoon aligns his cock with Jimin's glistening hole.

The omega sucks in a sharp intake of air through his teeth as Namjoon groans, slipping his tip in. The elder grips on Jimin's hips, gently caressing the skin there and keeps slowly pressing in. He peppers the siamese's face with kisses, grunting as his hips come in contact with Jimin. Jimin breathes heavily, sniffling at the pain of feeling like he was being shredded in half.

"Shh, baby, deep breaths," Namjoon softly guiding Jimin's wide and panicked eyes to his. "You need to breathe, kitten. Relax," he advises, Jimin hastily nodding as he tries to adjust to Namjoon's massive size. "That's it, baby. In...and out... good job," he praises, Jimin's hole slightly loosening and relaxing his body. "You ca-n move n-now," Jimin says, still breathing deeply. Namjoon stays still for a bit, leaning down and kissing Jimin's sweaty forehead.

"You're so strong, baby," he says, beginning to pull out and moving back in, Jimin grasping on his shoulders. Namjoon nuzzles his head in Jimin's neck, gently licking as they both moan. Slick does its purpose, acting as a natural lubricant and letting Namjoon move faster. Jimin latches his tiny claws on Namjoon's shoulder blades, arching his back and letting out noises he never knew he could make.

Namjoon sucked and nibbled on his neck, grazing his alpha fangs onto the soft flesh, making Jimin tighten around him as he pounds deeper into the mewling kitty.

Their skin slapping was covered up by Namjoon's deep growls as he licks at Jimin's collarbone, along with the siamese's high pitch cries. Jimin shuts his eyes tightly as he throws his head back, Namjoon's thick cock grazing his sensitive walls so perfectly. "Al-pha, w-wanna, ri-de," He mewls out, Namjoon immediately lifting Jimin up and leaning against the headboard. Jimin catches his breath, leaning on Namjoon's chest and grinding onto Namjoon's cock, gasping out as the tip of his cock hits something deep within him. He lets out an explicitly loud moan, stopping his movements and looking at Namjoon, shocked.

"Wh-What was that?" He asks Namjoon chuckling.

"That's your prostate," he says, rutting his hips up and causing Jimin to grab onto his shoulders tightly as he hums prettily. "F-eels good," the omega mewls, starting to lift himself off of his boyfriend's lap and grinding back down, shivering.

Namjoon groans, cupping Jimin's face and humming. "Does it?" The siamese nods hastily, desperate to feel the surge of pleasure flowing through his veins like an injected drug again.

Namjoon's hands trail down, lifting the kitty up and letting him drop. Jimin cries out in bliss, lolling his head back as Namjoon's continues his motions, taking a hand away and thumbing the slit of Jimin's leaking cock.

Their minds fog over in lust, chasing their orgasms as they begin to feel more and more sensitive.

Namjoon flips jimin back against the bed, holding his legs to his chest as he thrusts faster into Jimin.

The Hybrid mewls, his orgasm rushing through as Namjoon's rhythmic movements abuse his nerves over and over ardently. His tail starts spasming, feeling his walls clench as he cums onto his and Namjoon's chest. He pants, Namjoon wrapping his arms around him as his knot starts to swell. Jimin gasps, feeling his hole stretch more. Namjoon groans loudly, pressing Jimin closer and making sure his knot pops in.

Tears brim the siamese's eyes, sniffles leaving him as an immense pain rips through him. "Shh, baby, it's okay, it's okay," Namjoon repeats, cupping and letting Jimin's head as the kitty cries. "I-I ca-n't," he cries out, shaking his head. "Yes you can, I know you can," Namjoon says, grunting as his cum starts flowing into Jimin's small body.

Thigh tears flow out of Jimin's eyes as he sobs, Namjoon trying to think of a way to make him feel less pain.

"I need you to trust me, okay, Kitten?" Jimin opens his watery eyes, nodding. Namjoon's takes a hand off of Jimin's hip, kissing the omega's head before slipping his finger in beside his cock. Jimin hiccups, scrunching his eyebrows together as more tears flow out. "Nam-Joon, too mu-ch please n-o,"

Namjoon takes his finger out, Jimin slightly relaxing. "Wh-at did you d-do?" He questions, his glossy eyes deeply looking into the alpha's. Namjoon smiles before answering. "Showing that your body is capable of taking more," Namjoon's grip tightens around the kitty's waist as more cum streams out, Jimin's walls still clamping around him in sensitivity. "Joonie?" Jimin asks, his eyes looking starry. "Can we-"

Namjoon wastes no time, leaning in Jimin's neck and licking the flesh before sinking his teeth in, Jimin letting out a mewl as his toes curl. A euphoric feeling blooms in both of their chests as Jimin bites Namjoon's neck as well, both smiling at one another.

"We're mates now," Jimin says happily, locking his arms around Namjoon's neck and pulling him down. They kiss, Jimin smiling.

As they part, Jimin giggles. "Bubble bath?"


When they're all clean, they cuddle up in bed. Jimin letting himself be spooned by his mate, their tails entwining before Namjoon leans to Jimin's velvety ear and tugs at it with his teeth before hoarsely whispering.

"See what a little patience gives you?"

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