Gangrene Queen

The Jig is Up

Angela rubbed her aching head when she heard a loud thumping on the door. It sounded like someone repetitively punching a thin block of wood. She slowly rose from the mattress and trudged over to answer it. Her eyes widened when she saw who stood before the threshold.

“Princess?” Angela gasped. “How’d you know where to find me?”

“ANGELA ABIGAIL MORBUCKS!” I KNOW you stole from my daddy!” Princess screamed. “You’re the only one who knows how to open the vault besides him so I know you stole from him! And don’t think I don’t know it’s you just because you have a sloppy dye job and a bad complexion.”

“Princess, please, I can explain,” Angela begged. Angela didn’t notice that Ace was standing right next to her.

“Babe, why’s there a little kid yellin’ at ya?” Ace asked. He put his arms around Angela.

Babe?” Princess asked in disbelief. She couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. “You mean you and her are together? That’s disgusting! I thought you’d never get a date, Angela!”

“I know it was wrong to steal,” Angela said. “You’re too young to understand, but maybe one day you will. I did it because I'm in love. I’d give anything to keep Ace happy.” Ace didn’t say anything in return, but he tightened his hold on his girl.

“Psh, who needs love when you can have cash,” Princess scoffed.

“Babe, come on, what’s the matter?” Ace asked as he looked into Angela’s eyes.

The rest of the gang had woken up and came into the room to see what was going on.

“Princess, I know what I did was wrong, but hear me out,” Angela pleaded.

“You stole from your own family!” Princess shrieked. “I may be evil, but that’s really low even for me.”

There was not a closed jaw in the house. The whole gang stared at Angela not knowing what Princess was talking about.

“Sssssooo wait a sssssecond,” Snake said, “Angie, you sssssstole from your own housssse?”

“It wasn’t really my house,” Angela quickly explained. “It was my uncle’s house. I was just visiting him.”

“Wait, yous guys are related?” Ace asked in disbelief.

“Unfortunately,” Princess said coolly. “Anyway, now I'm gonna tell daddy that you stole from him and he’s coming home tonight and you’re gonna be in big trouble!”

“There’s no way you’re related!” Arturo cried in disbelief.

“No, Arturo, I am,” Angela sighed. She lifted up her hair revealing the heart-shaped birthmark on the back of her neck. “Princess is my cousin on my dad’s side. I know that when they were looking for me, they said that whoever found me would know it was me by the birthmark.” She looked back over at Princess and said, “Princess, I don’t get it. Why would you rat me out like this? I love you! I’ve cared for you since the moment you were born!”

“It’s payback time for all the pranks you’ve pulled on me!” Princess shrieked.

“I thought those were funny!” Angela protested. “Clearly you can’t take a joke!”

“Well no one cares anyway, because I know where you are and you’re gonna be in big trouble!” Princess threatened as she stomped away and got back into her limo as it drove away from the dump.

There was an awkward silence counted in breaths and heartbeats.

“I guess you’ll all want an explanation,” Angela said quietly, breaking the silence. No one said anything, but Angela continued, “My name is Angela Abigail Morbucks,” she looked over at Ace and said, “Yes those are my real initials. My parents happen to be the richest people in Cityville and they sent me here because they were going to be in Paris for a few months. Hell, I have no idea if they’re even back yet. They also got tired of dealing with me since I kept getting kicked out of school. I love my uncle and my cousin, but I'm tired of doing things I'm supposed to do. I got bored one night and so I ran away, just so I could pretend to be somebody else for a little while and then go home after a couple hours. And then I met you guys. You guys are the only friends I’ve ever had. I never wanted to go home again.”

Everyone continued to stare at Angela. Ace finally shattered the awkward quiet of the moment as he took Angela into his arms and said, “Babe, I don’t care where ya came from or how ya got here. The point is you’re here.”

“So wait a second, you’re not mad at me for lying?” Angela asked.

“Nah,” Ace said. “Don’t worry ‘bout it. I guess ya want us to start callin’ ya Angela now?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Angela laughed. “Angie will be just fine.”

“What’re youssss gonna do now?” Snake asked. “Princesssss ssssaid she wassss gonna rat you out.”

“I don’t have a choice,” Angela sighed. “Either way, I’ll end up in jail, so I’ll just cut out the middle-man and turn myself in.”

“Angie, you’re gonna give up that easily?” Ace asked. “Ya never give up.”

“Besides, we’re your friends,” Arturo said. “If you go down, we go down with you, just like when we got superpowers and took over Townsville for a little bit.”

“Big Billy no want Angie to go to jail,” Big Billy said firmly. Grubber blew a raspberry as though seconding the emotion.

“Guys, really, that’s sweet of you, but I really fucked up and this something I gotta do,” Angela said as she started heading towards the door.

“Angie, ya do have a choice,” Ace said as Angela was about to walk out.

“Oh?” She asked, not knowing what Ace was talking about.

“You could turn yaself in, or we can get outta here,” Ace said. “You and me, Babe. We’ll go so far away they’ll never find us.”

“What?” Angela gasped. Her adventurous side was getting the better of her again, and running away with Ace was starting to sound very enticing and terribly romantic, just like the star-crossed lovers in a storybook.

“I'm serious,” he said. “Just you and me. We can get outta Townsville. No one needs this place, anyway.”

Angela giggled. “Where would you suggest we go? New York perhaps?” She suggested jokingly, possibly as her way of making fun of Ace’s accent.

“Why not?” Ace grinned. “Wherever yous wanna go.”

Grubber interrupted with a raspberry. Angela couldn’t explain how, but it felt as though she could finally understand him.

“Grubber does have a point,” Angela agreed. “We’re not going to get very far without someone who knows how to drive.”

“Oh, and you remember that money you let me borrow?” Arturo reminded her. “I was gonna use it to buy booze for everyone with my fake ID, but I think we’re really gonna need it right now. We could use it for, like, motels and stuff.”

We?” Ace asked, realizing what Arturo was implying.

“I wantsssss to go too!” Snake cut in.

“Big Billy wanna go for a ride!” Big Billy added excited.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, no one said yous guys was all goin’ with us!” Ace pointed out.

“It’s fine!” Angela laughed. “Every couple needs a third wheel! Or in this case, a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth wheel! Now let’s get the hell outta here before I get caught!”

“Road trip!” Big Billy cried.

The next montage is set to “Summertime Killer” from the Kill Bill soundtrack and shows the gang piling their possessions into the tiny trunk of the convertible and driving off into the sunset, leaving Townsville far behind them as they coast through the desert.

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