You make me feel love

Chapter 8

Santana was staring nervously at the mirror in her hotel bathroom as she realizes today is the day she and Dani get to meet her parents. Santana can feel herself sweat like a sinner in church and that is saying something considering the fact that she never felt guilty in church. "Baby, I know you're beautiful and all but if you stare at that mirror any longer you are going to crack it." Dani said as she slips her arms around the brunette's waist before planting a kiss on her cheek. The sudden gesture of love automatically pulls Santana out of her thoughts. So she turned around to hug Dani right back and kiss her on the forehead.

After they had their breakfast at the hotel, they then begin their journey to Santana's "parents'" house. "I can't wait to see your house Sanny. I wanna see the home that you grew up in. I wanna see the toys you use to play with but most importantly I wanna taste your mom's cooking". Dani says cheerfully swinging her lover's hand as they walk along the pavement. But all Santana did was give her a small and slightly sad smile before correcting Dani "My parents' house".

Dani stops while tugging Santana's hand causing her to stop too. "Babe, is something wrong? Because I'm getting this vibe that you don't wanna really got to your parents' place" Dani ask as she looks into Santana's eyes because the one thing she knows best about her girlfriend is that she can be this rough rock on the outside or with others but with her she is this soft marshmallow.

Santana realizes that Dani is trying to read her, so she just grins widely before planting a soft and short kiss on Dani's lips causing her eyes to close. "I am fine baby, come on let's go or we'll miss lunch." Santana said as she pulls Dani by the hand to cross the road. The two continue their walk in the most comfortable silence that you only get when you are with that one person where you do not need you walls to be up and on your guard.

Dani is starting to realize something very quickly. She realizes that the houses in this part of town look amazing. They were not as big as bungalows but close. Then they reach this huge shiny steel gate with a guard house next to it. Dani is basically confused at this moment but Santana just leads them to the guard house.

"Ms Lopez, it's been a long time since the last time I saw you. How are you?" asked a middle age man in a security guard outfit. "Yeah, well I've been pretty busy. But thanks for asking Harold. Could you let us in please?" the brunette said and instantly the huge gate opens halfway. Santana thanks him and continues to lead Dani on.

Dani instantly gasp in surprise and awe at the enormous and beautifully design houses. The next house gets bigger than the other as though everyone is competing to have the biggest house on the street. Dani keeps on waiting for Santana to turn at each house they pass but still they keep going.

Then they saw the huge house on a hill top at the very end of the street. Dani eyes are bulging out of her socket because she never imagines seeing a house that big at a small town like Lima, Ohio. She is even more shocked when Santana leads them up the hill. She instantly pulls them to a stop halfway up the hill. "Santana is there something you are not telling me? Is this really your house? I thought you said that you live in the slums of Lima, Ohio called Lima Heights Adjacent. So did you lie to me?" Dani asks nervously near shouting.

Santana opens her mouth but closes it again before beginning "Ok fine I'll tell you everything, but can we walk and talk?" Dani nods and they continue ascending the hill. "Ok right, first of all, I do live here and I do live at Lima Heights but minus the Adjacent. That place is on the other side of town and yes it is the total opposite of this place. I say I am from there for a tougher image. My dad was the only but now first ever Nero-cardiac surgeon in all of Ohio. My mom is a dedicated housewife. Both my parents are also from wealthy family backgrounds. My mother's mom, so basically my abuela married somewhat Latin royalty when she was back in Spain and then they both migrate here. Then my dad's parents on the other hand were self-made multi millionaires and when they both died, my dad being they're only child, inherited everything. So yeah that's it." Santana explains nearly out of breathe as they reach the top of the hill and once again standing in front of a big but much more detail steel gate with amazing fencing surrounding the entire estate.

"So basically you are filthy rich but you still wanna live in a loft with Rachel and Kurt when you could have an entire penthouse to yourself or that you would rather stay in a hotel than to stay here and most important why do you don't want anyone to know about this again?" Dani ask as they both sit at the cliff of the hill. "Well I just don't want people to know. People here treat people differently here when they know you have money. Besides there are some people who knows." The brunette says as she looks down to see all the othe houses. "Who else knows?" Dani ask as she puts her head on her lover's shoulder.

"Quinn, Brittany and this Dalton Academy guy, Sebastian, he knows because he lives around here too and he saw me once leaving the house. At first he thought I was here to hook up with one of the rich man or woman but then I explained and he actually believes and we kinder bonded base on the fact that we kinder resent being rich." Santana as she kisses the back of Dani's hand.

"So basically you wanna be independent and not ask money from your parents everytime you need it is?" Dani asks looking at Santana and she just nodded to the question. Santana then pulls them both up and take a card out of the pocket of her leather jacket before scanning it on a scanner near the gate and it instantly opens. Once inside Santana presses a button to close it again.

Dani is at awe by the amazing landscape of the place but Santana is not faze by it but is still smiling at Dani who looks so adorable. There is like a huge marble fountain at the middle of the front yard. Everything was just gorgeous, it was like being at a castle ground but when Dani looks up, she sees that the house even looks like a modern day Buckingham Palace. Dani then sees the four storey high partially glass garage at the other end of the yard. She could see a couple of sport cars and well all the luxury car brands that you can name in your head. But there was a Rolls Royce right in front of the steps leading to the front door with a red bow on it. Both of them stare at it suspiciously but just made their way up the steps.

Santana took a deep breath and the releases it before looking at Dani who gives her a nod of encouragement. Then Santana presses the doorbell and you could literally hear it from the outside. The door then opens….

To be continued…..

First and far most I would like to apologies for not updating earlier. I hope you can all find it in your heart to forgive me. I'll find a way to make it up to you guys.

So anyway after this chapter you'll start to learn a lot about Santana's history in my story. I'll might post a history for both Quinn and Dani, so tell me in the comments if you would like me to do so. Because remember my story will tend to stray away from the TV show itself.

I would also try to put in more POV of Dani because I just realize there isn't enough of her POVs so I'll try my best.

Thanks for all the reviews so far, I really appreciate it and keep voting btw one person can vote more than once.

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