You make me feel love

Chapter 1

Set at Dani's apartment on Labor's day. Right after Santana and Dani woke up from a whole night of loving.

"Baby have you seen my jacket" said Santana as she came out of Dani's bedroom and into the living room of the apartment looking for her black leather jacket. She can't seem to remember where she threw it when they came into the apartment while making out last night. "I think it is on the couch but I'm not sure" Dani said from the kitchen while whisking the pancake mix for breakfast. "Babe it is on the couch. Damn you are always right aren't you?" said Santana while making her way behind Dani and wrapping her arm around Dani's waist before planting a kiss on her temple.

"God, I love you so much" said Santana as she rested her chin on her lover's shoulder. "I know you told me that the whole time last night, and I love you too" Dani said as she turns around and gives Santana a peck on the lips. She then took the pancake mix and went to the stove to start cooking. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Santana went to the door and open it and to her annoyance it was Rachel and Kurt arms wrapped around each others as usual.

"Hey, we knew you would be here when you didn't come back to the apartment" said Kurt with a cheerful voice and making his way while leading Rachel into the homey apartment. "Well come right in and make yourself a home" said Dani with a cheerful voice "Yes please do, I mean it's not like my girlfriend and I wanted to have a romantic breakfast" said Santana sarcastically but got bump in the shoulder by Dani as she handed Kurt and Rachel a plate of pancakes. "Why thanks Dani, it smells and looks great" said Rachel sounding actually happy after nearly two weeks of grief. Kurt smile and began to eat. They all sat at the tiny dining room table eating and laughing at all of Dani's stories.

"So Rachel when does your Funny Girl production starts" ask Dani while looking at Rachel "Erm.. in about a week or two I'll start practicing but I don't know when it would show though" said Rachel before putting another spoonful of pancakes in her mouth "well I think it won't start so soon, the director of the show still has another show going on" said Kurt while reaching out to hold Rachel's hand. Then all three of them realize that it was too quiet right now, so they all turn their heads to look at Santana who was stuffing her mouth with pancakes and looking like she was enjoying it.

"Wow, slow down tiger or you'll choke or something" said Dani while giving Santana a concern look. Santana look up at them and swallow all the pancakes in her mouth even without chewing then smiles at Dani "I'll be fine, I always eat like this when the food taste good. Ask Rachel and Kurt" as she looks back and forth at the two divas. "You guys let her eat like this?" said Dani also looking at the two. The two just putting their hands up in defeat as though not wanting to be a part of this argument.

The four of them put on their coats and head out to go back to Kurt Santana and Rachel's apartment for a movie marathon. Since its Labor's day they all get the day off. They stop at various restaurants to get take outs and groceries shops to buy snacks and beer. As they reach the apartment, Rachel saw a couple of envelops in their mailbox. She took it and went into the apartment. "Ok, I get to choose the first movie since it was my ideal to have this marathon" said Kurt as he made his way to the shelves with all their DVDs. "Whatever as long as it is not Funny Girl because we would be watching it on Broadway every night when Rachel's production starts" said Santana as she sat next to Dani on the coach and handing her a beer.

"Find we could watch Breakfast at Tiffany's then" said Kurt as he puts the CD into the player. "Ow shit.. Why didn't I say that too" said Santana as she buries her head in Dani's neck "No take backs because it has started" said Kurt looking at Santana with a warning look. "It's ok baby we're get through this together" said Dani while stroking her baby's hair. "O MY GOD YOU GUYS!" said Rachel as she came into the living room holding a card in her hand. "What? What's wrong? Are you ok?" said Kurt as he looks at her.

"Our junior glee mates are throwing a reunion week next week for us to come back" Rachel said as she handed the card to Kurt. "It says here that everyone has accepted the invitation and they are just waiting on us" said Kurt while still reading the card. "Well it is the semester break for most universities in the country" said Rachel as she checked the calendar on the wall. "Well I think we should all go to see everyone. And hey Dani you can come with us and be my date" said Santana while looking and grinning at Dani. "Well… erm.. ok It would be nice to meet your other friends for the first time" said Dani while smiling "your right I want everyone to meet you even my parents and they can see just how happy you make me" said Santana as she plants a kiss on Dani's lips and it didn't take long before it ended up into a makeup session. "Hey, guys get a room please" Kurt said looking at them and smiling

"Fine we would" Santana pick up the smaller girl and carry her to her room to continue in peace. "but the movie you guys" said Rachel sounding slightly upset but her comment was ignore. So she sat next to Kurt and they both were smiling at each other. "I can't remember the last time Santana was this happy" said Rachel while eating the chips they bought and watching the movie. "Yup, she wasn't even this happy when she was Brittany" said Kurt, but they both did not know that Santana was ever this happy when she slept with Quinn at the wedding but it didn't last because it was just a one night stand. "Goodness, I love Audrey Hepburn. She is an icon all by herself" said Rachel with Kurt nodding his head in agreement.

Side note: I don't really want to emphasize on Rachel missing Finn because if I do I would end up crying.

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