You make me feel love

Chapter 2

"Someone answer the door please" said Rachel from her room as she putting her clothes into her luggage bag on her bed. "I got it" Santana said as she pulled her luggage bag into the living room and putting it next to the sofa with Kurt's bag since he had finish packing earlier. Kurt didn't answer because he was in the shower. Santana open the door and it was Dani standing there with a huge smile on her face. "Hey baby, miss me last night?" Dani asked as she entered the apartment and Santana helped her pull her bag into the apartment. "You know it, I was pretty lonely. Missing my lady lover" said Santana as she wink at Dani. Dani walks over to Santana and pulls her into a hug. Santana then tightens her grip on Dani and kiss her on the forehead. Dani looked up and kisses Santana on the lips passionately.

"Hey Dani, you all set for our trip because we got to get the airport soon" said Rachel while pulling her bag and putting it next to theirs. "Yup as long as Santana gets on the plane then I would have everything I need" said Dani as she pecks Santana's cheek. Kurt came out of his room "You guys ready let's go already I called the taxi he would be waiting downstairs."

When they reach the airport, Dani and Santana walked hand in hand to check in their tickets at the counter with Kurt and Rachel following closely behind them and discussing just how nice the airports looks. After dropping off their bags and checking in their tickets, the four of them head over to Starbucks in the departure hall to past the time. "I'm super excited to meet all your friends and your parents babe" said Dani said as she reached out her hand across the table to grab Santana's. Santana thought about and smile at her sweetheart before saying "Owya, I almost forgot about mami and daddy. But yeah, they will all love you, especially my parents. But my mom will try to over feed you, so beware" Santana then moves closer to Dani to plant a kiss on her forehead. "God, could you guys stop with all your sweet talk. Cause your making me swoon" Kurt said while smiling at the two of them "Ya, could you guys get any cuter" said Rachel agreeing with Kurt.

"Believe it or not we can" said Dani with a huge smile while looking at Santana. "You know what. I love your contagious smile." Santana said as she kisses Dani on the lips. Then an announcement about their flight told everyone to head to the departure gate. As they got into the plane they sat two by two. Dani and Santana sat in front of Kurt and Rachel. "Babe could you sit by the window? I don't really enjoy planes." Dani said giving Santana does puppy eyes. "Haha, ok baby no problem. Do you wanna hold my hand?" Santana said as she grab on to Dani's hand just knowing what the blonde would say. As the plane lifted off the ground she felt Dani squeeze her hand so tight. But Santana uses her thumb and to rub the back of Dani's hand to reassure Dani that she was there for her throughout the whole flight.

Dani turn to look at Santana and gave her a small smile. The whole flight was torturous for Dani but she was really relief that Santana never let go of her hand the whole way even when they were eating. But only when the plane landed on the ground did Dani loosen her grip on Santana's hand, but they still hold hands as they got out of their seats and made their way to the arrival hall. Santana felt a numb feeling on her hand but she just smile it off knowing that she help comfort her angel through the entire journey. "So how did you two hold up?" Santana ask as the four of them enter the arrival hall. "It was great, but I nearly fell asleep" said Kurt as he yawns. "Well that's what happens when you booked us an early ass flight porcelain" Santana said as she roll her eyes but Dani hit her shoulder a little before looking at her. "What its true. And you know it doll." After collecting their bags, they grab a cab and went straight to the hotel where they check in immediately. They use the lift to go their rooms which were on the same floor as each others. "Hey, where are the others staying?" Kurt asked Rachel curiously, Rachel thought long and hard but she realize that she never ask them "I literally have no idea. I kinda forget to ask". Then they reached their rooms which were right next to each other's. Kurt and Rachel's room had two single beds in them, while Santana and Dani's room had a king size bed. "Well, see you two ladies later and don't you do something you'll regret." said Santana sarcastically and wink at Rachel and Kurt who looked at her with a disgusting look but they just smile it off and went into their room.

"Ah, this is nice. Hey you wanna do something naughty?" Santana said as she jumps on the bed and looks at Dani seductively. "Owya, what do have in mind?" said Dani said as she gives Santana that sexy look she would give Santana when they were get it on then she crawls sexily on Santana while unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a very sexy lace black bra. Santana sit up a little causing Dani to straddle her waist and she wrapped her arms around Dani and planted kisses on her neck and exposed chest.

Just as it was about to get into a heated moment they heard a knock on the door. "Don'" Dani said while having a hard time breathing. "Whatever.. you say.. babe" Santana said sounding sexy as hell. But just as she was about to continue further, the knock suddenly got louder and more furious. Dani sigh and gets off Santana to lay on the bed as she sighs. Santana got up angrily and walk towards the door "I'm coming chill" she said with her most piss off voice. Dani turns to her side to watch Santana walk to the door. Then she shot up from the bed and ran towards the door without buttoning her shirt when she heard Santana squeal…

To be continue…

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