You make me feel love

Chapter 3

"Ow my God, Quinn!" Santana said happily as she pulls the blonde in for a hug Dani came to door but fixes her shirt first when she saw Rachel and Kurt at the door. But her attention soon fell upon the person Santana was hugging. Santana pulls back and looks at Dani before saying "Dani baby, this is my best friend Quinn. And Quinn this is my very beautiful girlfriend, Dani" then winks at Dani who smiles widely and reach her hand out to shake Quinn's. Quinn reaches out to shake Dani's hand but gave her a small smile.

Kurt and Rachel look at each other when they felt the awkwardness between the two blondes. But Santana was to oblivious to sense it cause she was too happy. Dani's smile slowly fades when she sense the tension coming from Quinn's fake smile. All five of them were now sitting around Dani and Santana's room talking. Well everyone was talking except Dani and Santana who was just sitting there with Dani on Santana's lap and the latina's arms wrapped around Dani.

Rachel notices Quinn glaring at two for being all in love and stuff without the both of them realizing it. So she nudges Kurt on the arm and make her eyes look towards Quinn's direction. Kurt got the memo. Then he asked Quinn "So Quinn, it's been a really long time since you came back here huh..?

Quinn pulls herself out of her glaring state and said "Well, I have been really busy. Yale gives twice the amount of assignments to their law students. Cause they are known for producing the best lawyers." Quinn said as she turns her attention back towards Dani, but sounding a little too proud of herself as though trying to show off how educated she is. Kurt and Rachel looks at each other after hearing how extra snobbish Quinn sounds.

But then she realizes that two lovebirds weren't paying any attention to her. They are too busy staring into each other's eyes sweetly while their foreheads touch. Santana then pecks Dani's lips. Rachel then moves closer to Quinn and whispers softly into her ear "They are so cute aren't they? It is so crazy and contagious when you see how much they love each other. And they've only been dating for five weeks now." As though unintentionally rubbing it in Quinn's face. But Quinn being the well compose person she is, just nods. Kurt saw how Quinn's face just spells how jealous she is.

So Kurt began talking again "So, Quinn we missed you during the funeral" he knew mentioning this would hurt Rachel but he needed to ease the tension in the room and he was quite curious to hear Quinn's reason. Rachel began to frown a looks down at her hands on her lap. Quinn then rubs her hand up and down Rachel's back as though reassuring she was alright "Well, first of all it was my semester's final that week, so I couldn't miss it." Then she pauses before continuing "And I knew that if I came back I would break into a million of pieces seeing my dear friend just laying there in a coffin, so yeah that's why I didn't come back." It took everything in her not to cry but she could feel Rachel shaking.

"Ow.. sweetie, ok erm.. Come on lets go back to our room and get you freshen up and maybe a short nap" Kurt says as he saw Rachel crying and helping her get up. Dani gets up from Santana's lap and helps Kurt take Rachel to their room. Now it was just Quinn and Santana in the room silent and quite shock of what had happened as well.

"Was she like that during the funeral?" Quinn asks Santana to break the silence in the room. "Yeah I guess.. No actually she was more composed then me believe it or not. Now I was a wreck during the whole week. Couldn't even finish the song I was singing for him and I just ran out screaming. Not to mention that I kind of assaulted Sue" Santana said while looking at Quinn with her sad face. Quinn loves that face because she knows Santana only shows that face to her. Because it means that she was in her vulnerable state.

"I can believe it Santana. You have always been the more emotional one and have the biggest heart among all of us even though you try to hide it. And that's what makes us the same…" Quinn put a little more stress on the last sentence as she reaches out her hand to grab on to Santana's. Then the door opens both of them turn their heads at the same time and saw Dani. Santana immediately lets go of Quinn's hand to the blonde's despair and walks over to Dani to hug her knowing that she was going to cry.

Dani hugs her so tightly and begin to cry into her baby's shoulder. Quinn just stares at the two of them and finally realizes just how much they love each other. Santana pulls back a little and looks into Dani's eyes. Then Quinn sees it, she was showing Dani the face, that sad face, which was supposed to be reserve for her only. Quinn felt a tear starting to fall. She quickly wipes it off and gets up. "Well.. I think I should go back to my room and freshen up too. And.. erm... let you two.. Well yeah see guys later." Quinn says in a rush before rushing out, so to not let Santana stop her.

When she gets to her room and shuts the door, she throws herself on the bed and all the tears she was holding in just come gushing out. Quinn knew this would happen. Because she knew Santana was dating again. Rachel told her all about it and Kurt described Dani fully to her on the phone and she has seen all their Instagram photos and seeing them calling themselves "Dantana".

But Quinn thought that just maybe deep down in Santana's heart that she still loves her and if she saw her, she would just leave Dani for her in a heartbeat, however it seems as though, the latina has no intention of leaving Dani and those feelings she was hoping for, obviously doesn't exist.

Then Quinn remembers the last reason why she didn't come back for the funeral. It was because she thought Santana was going to bring "Her" and Quinn knew that she would not be able to handle the lost of Finn and see (possibly) the love of her life with another person, all at the same time.

"Why.. Why did I just let her leave that night? How stupid was I to let her go? Do I dare share my true feelings with her? NO.. She is with Dani. She would just hurt me. Pull yourself together Quinn Fabray; she is happy now, even more than when she was Brittany or even.. Me. If love her I will just let this plays out." Quinn says to herself before going to take a shower.

"Quinn seems like a nice person." Dani says sarcastically as she straddles Santana's who is lying on the bed. "Yeah she is." Santana said trying to ignore the sarcasm. Then she tries to defend Quinn by saying "We have been friends, since like forever. She was the first person I came out to after Brittany. Because I knew that she wouldn't judge me, because she knew the real me so well.. even better than me." Santana said as she smiles at the thought of Quinn. But then she turns her attention back to Dani. She rests her hands on Dani's hips to slowly and lightly sway her hips.

Dani leans down and kisses Santana passionately. Santana smiles into the kiss "Let's continue where we left off shall we." Dani just nods continue to lower her lips and began sucking on Santana favorite spot on her neck.

Side note: Nobody but Quinn and Santana knows about the night that they slept with each other. But Kurt and Rachel kind of suspect that there is something going on there.

P.S: I would like to announce that Quinntana is currently leading. So Dantana lovers please show your support for your favorite OTP and comment to vote.

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