You make me feel love

Author's Note

First of all, I would like to apologize to all the readers who are shipping for a Quinntana ending. I got quite a few PMs and reviews that asked me whether I was hoping for a Dantana ending because of the shout out I made in the last chapter to the Dantana shippers to vote and that they were being outnumbered by the Quinntana lovers. I would like to say that I personally love both OTPs very much and that no matter which ever one wins I would still write a really good ending according to your votes, so don't worry. So to show how sorry I am to all the Quinntana lovers for the misunderstanding in the last chapter, the next chapter will involved more Quinntana scenes. I'm hoping that you amazing readers will forgive me.

Then I also got a few PMs and reviews saying that you guys want Dani, Santana and Quinn together, as in like all three of them together. Well, I won't lie it's a great ideal and it would be a first for the trio to be put together. But I would only consider it and might put it as a choice if someone would give me a name to call them. So yeah that is some food for thought.

There were also some of you who stated that no matter what happens you want them all to still be friends. This is true don't worry, this story will not involve any cheating on each other or what so ever. I don't think I could write it that way.

Also sorry for the delay I was away on vacation, so yeah. I'm gonna try and post at least four new chapters before I leave again on another trip then I'll be gone for two weeks and then be back hopefully with more stories in mind.

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