You make me feel love

Chapter 4

The next day Quinn got up earlier than she wanted to but then again she didn't get much sleep from the night before either. She gets up and heads straight to the shower. She gets a feeling of relief when the hot water touches her smooth skin. Despite the wonderful feeling, her mind can't help but drift off to last night and tears slowly runs down her face. When the thought of how she ran out on Santana and burst into tears upon reaching her room, from seeing how in sync Dani and Santana were with one another. But most importantly when she saw that the "Santana Lopez" wasn't afraid of showing the other blonde just how vulnerable she can be and how quickly she can get rid of her walls when it comes to her.

Quinn quickly pushes the thought aside before she starts crying uncontrollably again. She dries herself off with one of the fluffy towels and slowly put on her clothes on the bed that she has pick out for today. As she is just about to apply her makeup, there is a knock at the door. She got up from her seat and over to the door. When she opens it she saw Santana standing right there with a huge smile on her face.

Santana casually walks past Quinn and into the room. Quinn shakes her head slightly, before closing the door to look at the Latina. "Santana, you do know you need to be invited in before you coming in right?" Quinn says trying to sound annoyed at her friends presence, but actually she was glad that the Latina was here. She then sits back on her seat in front of the mirror to do her makeup. Santana falls back on Quinn's bed and say "Yes I do know. And first of all, crap like that doesn't apply to best friends" Says Santana with her normal tone. Quinn just looks into the mirror to see Santana's reflection and just smiles before continuing to apply her makeup.

"Quinn." Santana says sternly catching the blonde's attention again and slightly shocks her from the tone. But then she softens her voice as she says "Doll, I don't think you need to put on any make up. You always look better without it" she lifts herself up slightly using her elbows as support and looks at Quinn with so much care. Quinn just stares at Santana through the mirror, her heart felt as though it is being put back together after breaking into a million pieces from yesterday, when she heard the other woman call her that and those brown eyes that looks like they are screaming "I LOVE YOU" at her.

Santana then jumps off the bed to take her phone out off the back pocket of her skinny jeans when she hears it beep. The certain motion snaps Quinn out of her thoughts and she puts her blusher down gently. She turns around in her seat, so she is now looking at the brunette. But she wishes she didn't because she saw a huge smile spread across Santana's while replying to text message she has just receive from whom she is guessing is Dani.

From Dani: Hey babe, hope you and Quinn have a great day today. But I miss you already ;)

To Dani: Got it, I'll try and yeah I miss you too. A lot more in fact- xoxo

"Santana.. erm.. what are doing here anyway? Where's emm.. Dani?" Quinn asks nervously as she slowly gets up to go and grab her phone from her bag, hiding her face from the other woman. Santana looks up from her phone and puts it back in her pocket. She then walks behind Quinn with a soft smile before wrapping her arms around her waist and rest her chin on the blonde's exposed shoulders. Quinn lets out a small sigh at the sudden contact.

"Well, I was thinking that you and I could hang out around town before hitting the Lima Bean to meet the others" Santana says as she slowly sways their bodies together. She then continues when the blonde didn't reply and just leans into her embrace to rest her head against hers. "Kurt left to hang out with Blaine at school and help them practice for Nationals but Rachel didn't want to go with him saying that she really doesn't want to be near the school right now. And that she would rather take Dani from me to show her around town." Upon mentioning her girlfriend's name Santana quickly releases Quinn from her grasp.

Quinn lets out a soft whine at the lost of contact, it was barely audible. But Santana still hears it any way. Quinn turns around to look at Santana who is heading for the door. "Where are you going?" the blonde asks curious and worried at the same time. "Nowhere, I'm just going to sit on the couch until you are ready to go." Says the Latina putting her hands up like she was caught red handed then she sits on the couch and crosses her legs.

Quinn gives her a small smile before turning to apply her lip gloss. "Ok, I'm ready let's go" she says as she grabs her bag and head to the door. Santana quickly gets up and follows her like a lost puppy out of the room. When they got out of the hotel building the cold November air hits them sending shivers up their bodies. Luckily they are already wearing their long coats.

Santana then reaches her hand out to grab Quinn's and stuff both hands in the pocket of her coat. Quinn then looks at her confuse but happy because of the sudden gesture. Santana just smiles and they both walk along the streets in the most comfortable silence you can only imagine. "So have you taken Dani to meet your parents yet?" Quinn asks breaking the silence even though she didn't want too. She can just walk with Santana for miles and miles in that all so peaceful silence but she needs to know the answer to this question.

"No, I haven't.. but I will, maybe tomorrow since we have no other plans. But I mean we are going to still be here for another two weeks, so yeah.. no rush." Santana says calmly while unconsciously rubbing circles with her thumb on the back of Quinn's hands which is in the warmth of her pocket. Quinn nods and feels herself being lifted to heaven from the feeling how smooth the other woman's thumb is. "I don't get it Santana why don't you two just stay at your house? I mean it's not like your mom would mind. She does know about Dani right?" Quinn says consciously knowing Santana doesn't like to bring up her parents in any type of conversation. Santana then slightly squeezes her hands assuring her.

"Haha, of course mami and papi both know about Dani. She is not my dirty little secret you know. In fact I want everybody to know about me and her. How we make each other feel, so yeah.. you know little things like that." Exclaim the Latina happily as she slowly loosens her grip on Quinn's hand when she mentions about her and Dani. But then tightens it again when she continue to say "And Quinn.. you know how much I don't like that house" Santana says slowly as she stops them both and turns to look at Quinn's hazel green eyes. Quinn could see Santana was giving her that look she loves so much. Then she remembers it is also the same look that Quinn thought was once for her eyes alone but now it's seems she has to share it with another.

"Hey, we are so close to Breadsticks" Santana says happily looking away from Quinn to look at her favorite restaurant. Quinn rolls her eyes at the Latina sudden happiness. "Do you want to go in and get some breadsticks?" Quinn asks happily knowing how happy this beautiful person in front of her gets when she sees that place. "Ow yes, you know we have to. Come on" Santana says dragging Quinn away with her to the restaurant. Quinn just smiles following Santana. Their hands never letting go of each other, giving her butterflies.

To be continue..

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. And hopefully forgive me for the misunderstanding in the last chapter. But I still needed to make Quinn hurt a bit or it won't be fair.

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