You make me feel love

Chapter 5

They walk in to Breadsticks still hand in hand and straight to the cashier. Quinn sees how Santana's face lights up when she says "I'll have 26 breadsticks please." but she then looks at Santana with a concern look but the brunette just smiles adorably at her. Quinn shakes her head with a smile and makes her order "I'll have 5 please." the woman nods her head and left to get their breadsticks. They just both stand there in silence but still holding each other's hands. Santana then intertwine their fingers causing the blonde to blush a little.

"Do you think Mami and Papi will like her?" Santana asks with a little bit of concern in her voice while staring blankly at Quinn as though thinking of what if they don't like this great woman who has truly changed her life for the better. Quinn sighs and even though she is clearly and deeply in love with this amazing person standing in front of her, she still has to be her best friend and support her current relationship with the other blonde. So she gives the best advice she can think of but secretly aching from the thought of it."Would it even matter if they don't? As long as you love her why should it mean anything if they don't like her" the blonde says while rubbing the back of the Latina's hand with her thumb. But with a heavy heart she says "And.. I know that.. You do love her very much" with a shaky voice and tears nearly falling but she stops them and continues to say "besides Dani is an amazing person" trying to sound as happy as she can. But he hurt doesn't go unnoticed by Santana her eyes slowly saddens and she gives the blonde sympathetic look

"Quinn..." but before she could finish the lady comes back with their orders in separate bags. So Quinn quickly advert her attention to the cashier. "That would be fifteen dollars" the cashier says. But before she could pay her, Santana gives her a twenty and tells her to keep the change. The two walk out, but are no longer holding hands, much to Quinn's despair. Because the Latina just couldn't wait to eat her breadsticks. "You wanna know something Q" Santana says in between bites. Quinn looks at her and nods her head while smiling.

"I don't drink and go out to clubs as often as I use to anymore. Just on special occasion" Santana says while looking at Quinn feeling proud of herself. "She has truly changed me Quinn. I used to think that things like that were important in my life, but now I know they mean nothing to me, in fact the only thing that means anything to me now is her." She is smiling widely as she explains this to Quinn. Quinn just looks down knowing tears are about to fall. Because secretly deep down, all this years she has try so hard to mean that much to Santana. To mean so much to her, that she could change her for the better. To be able to help her see things in a better light, but clearly this person who she has only known for a few weeks has done it in a heartbeat. Quinn swallows the lump in her throat "Well.. erm..She is truly amazing isn't she.. huh" She tries her hardest but she can't help it and sniffles a little. Tears are on the bridge of falling, she stops both of them and looks directly into the Latina's eyes. Santana sees her tears and reaches out her hand to cups Quinn's face, and then wipes the tears with her thumb that are already falling on the smooth pale skin of the blonde's cheek.

"Quinn.. I" Santana is once again cut off when she hears Rachel shout their names from across the street. They both turn to look at Rachel and Dani who are approaching towards them. Santana quickly smiles widely and pulls Dani into a tight embrace. "Hey baby. I miss you so much" She says as she buries her face in Dani hair while enjoying her scent. "Hey babe, I miss you too." The shorter blonde returns the hug and buries her face in the crook of Santana's neck before kissing it. Rachel smiles at the two and nudges Quinn's side with her elbow. Quinn looks at Rachel and just smiles at her. All four them begin to walk to the Lima Bean to meet up with the others. Quinn and Rachel are walking behind Santana and Dani who are holding hands and whispering loving words in each other's ears. Rachel is just looking at Quinn and wandering why is she glaring at the two ladies in front of them. She swears that if looks could kill, she would have to start planning Santana and Dani's funeral.

"Babe, what are you eating?" Dani ask while looking at the taller woman. Santana smiles at her darling lovingly "Breadsticks. They are my favorite. Do you want some?" she says in between bites. They both then hear the other two behind them gasp in surprise and stop walking. Dani looks confusingly at them while Santana shoots them the "what the fuck" look. The two of them just look at them with a horrifying look plaster to their face. "Did you actually just offer to share your breadsticks with someone?" Rachel says with her mouth wide open. "Ya.. is there a problem with that? She is my girlfriend." Santana says while staring at her. "It's.. just that.. you never share.. like with anyone.. not even Brittany" Quinn says sounding shock as hell.

Santana just rolls her eyes and turns to look back at Dani who is currently giggling. The shorter blonde then takes one of her breadsticks and bites off half of it, before putting the other half in the Latina's mouth and kisses her cheek. Santana is now smiling from ear to ear and they continue walking. Quinn just stares at Rachel who is smiling. "She has truly tamed our tiger hasn't she?" Rachel says while looking at Quinn who is now currently lost in her thoughts. She then wraps her arm around the blonde and leads the both of them. Still behind the other two love birds.

It did not take too long before all four them are in front of the Lima Bean. Inside they can see all their friends sitting around a table and laughing away. As Santana is about to go in she feels Dani thug at her hand. She quickly looks at her girlfriend with a concern look "Are you ok? What's wrong?" she says as she pulls Dani to one side of the café. "What if they don't like me? And think I'm not good enough for you?" the blonde says sounding panicky as she looks at her lover's friends. Santana then gives her a reassuring smile and intertwine their fingers, before repeating what Quinn has said to her earlier "it doesn't matter whether they like you or not, all that matters is that I love you so much" she then kisses Dani's forehead. Dani is smiling again and she kisses Santana on the lips.

As they walk towards the others, they see that Quinn and Rachel are already sitting amongst them. "Ow my God you guys, you wouldn't believe it. But guess who "The Santana Lopez" actually shared her breadsticks with" Rachel says after taking a sip of Kurt's coffee making him shot her a deaf stare but she just ignores him. Everyone then becomes quite and shock from hearing what Rachel has said. "I hope it was with Dani" they all turn to look at Brittany who is holding two cups of coffee, because one is for Mercedes. "Hey Brittany" Dani says as she gives the blonde a hug after she puts down the hot drinks.

Author's Note: First of all I would to apologize for the delay but my holiday trip was sooner than I expected and lasted longer too but at least I get to post this one up. The next chapter would be how Dani and Brittany met. So I suggest that you guys read it, if not along the way you'll get confuse.

Thank you for all the reviews and PMs. I really appreciate them. PM me your thoughts and maybe some ideas too.

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