You make me feel love

Chapter 6

Everyone is slightly confused at the sudden gesture between the two blondes except for Kurt, Rachel and Santana who are just smiling at them. "Do you guys know each other?" Arties asks sounding surprise. "Yap, I went to New York once just to check her out" Brittany says as she sits next to him. Santana sits on one of the couches and pulls Dani to sit on her lap. She then wraps her arms around Santana and leans her head against hers. "Well aren't you going to tell us the story" Quinn says sounding a little bitter and impatient. "Ok.. ok I will, calm down Q" Brittany says. She has become more mature since she has been studying at MIT.


2 weeks ago

Rachel and Kurt were playing UNO in the living when suddenly they heard a loud knock on the door. Kurt got up and made his way to it. Rachel then looked towards him when she heard him squeal. "Ow my God, Brittany what are you doing here sweetie" Kurt said as her pulled her into a tight hug. Rachel got up and gave her a hug as well. "Well I thought that I'll drop by and see how you guys are doing" she said as they all make their way to the couch. Kurt then handed her a cup of coffee. "Erm.. and I wanted to tell you guys personally, about how sorry I am for missing Fi.. his funeral" she couldn't bring herself to say his name, it was still too soon. Rachel and Kurt gave her sympathetic smile. "So.. erm.. where's Santana?" Brittany said as she looked around the apartment hoping to catch a glimpse of her best friend.

"Well.. err.. she is currently out with her.. erm.." Kurt said while looking at Rachel hoping that she would finish his sentence. She nodded and continued "Her girlfriend, Dani." Rachel said bluntly because she knew it would be better to tell her now instead of later. "Ow.. that's good then, so I can tell the two of you the real reason why I'm here." The blonde said while smiling mischievously at the two of them. The two divas look at each other confused and concern. "Britt, if you are here to break up the two of them. I am going to.." But before she could finish her warning, she got cut off by the blonde. "NO. Of course not Rachel, I saw how the two of them are on Sanny's Facebook page and I think they are just adorable. I'm just here to see it in person. I'm here to see if she is good for Santana. Not to spilt them up just to see." The dancer said honestly, Kurt and Rachel looked at her surprised but then nods while smiling at her. Rachel realized that MIT has help Brittany to grow up a bit.

The trio continued on chatting about their studies and how life was treating them until they heard the door open and two women who were giggling away about something. They turned to looked at them but the two were too busy trying to steal kiss from each other. Santana then stops and looks at them when she heard Kurt clear his throat loudly, but still hugging her lover. "Hey you guys.. ow my god, B!" Santana shouted loudly and ran towards the much taller blonde and pulled her into a really tight hug. "What are you doing here?" Santana said happily while still hugging her best friend. Dani made her way to one of the armchairs and sat there just smiling at how happy her girlfriend is. Santana did mention to Dani about Brittany, how they were best friends and Santana's first love. But she also had mentioned how that was long over, so she doesn't think much of it.

"Nothing I just wanted to drop in and say Hi." Brittany said while sitting back at her place. "Ow Britt, this is Dani. My amazing 100% Sapphic Goddess and girlfriend." Santana said excitedly as she winks at Dani pulled her up from her seat. Brittany smiled at Rachel and Kurt then winks at them. She was so glad to see how happy Santana is. She got up and pulled Dani into a hug which surprised the shorter blonde but she responded back. "Hi Dani, Rachel and Kurt told me a lot about you and how you have been making Santana smile a lot lately." she said as she looked towards Santana who is smiling from ear to ear. "Really? I hope it is all good and Santana told me a lot about you too." Dani said as she smiles at Brittany.

"Ow look at the time me and Rachel need to get to NYADA for our night classes. Come on Rach" Kurt then quickly grabbed their stuff and dragged the smaller woman out the door. "Holy.. I need to get to work, Babe. And it was really nice to meet you Brittany. See you guys later" Dani said as she pecked Santana's lips and hugged Brittany again. "See you later baby!" Santana shouted out as her lover left.

"Wow, she is great Santana. Ow my god all this time I thought you were over exaggerating about her but it turns out she is everything you said and I have only met her for a few seconds" Brittany said as they both sit down. Santana is grinning and she picked up one of the coffee cups. "See I told you. She is amazing Britt. I don't know I must have done something really nice in my past life to be able to have her as my girlfriend." Santana suddenly realized something she then stood up quickly and started to panicked. "What's wrong S?" the blonde said sounding concern when she sees the other woman pacing around the apartment.

"Our one month anniversary is tomorrow. Holy Crap, and haven't even buy her anything. Scratch that I don't know what I should get her." Santana stated as she sits and put her face in her hands and sighing in frustration. "That's ok Sanny, I know I could follow you to go pick up an amazing present for her" Britt said jumping from her seat and she grabbed Santana's arm to drag her out of the loft.

They reached a really big mall and started to look around. "You know what Britt, it is amazing how you are my ex girlfriend and yet you are helping me choose an anniversary gift for my current girlfriend" Santana said as they were walking around. "Well we did promise that we would always be best friends first before anything else. Ow my god that would be perfect" the blonde said as she pulled Santana towards a jewelry shop. They went in and straight to the display case at the window. Santana then realized that the two were in Tiffany's.

"Britt, you do realize that Dani and I have only been together for a month right? Don't you think it is a little too soon for expensive jewelry" Santana said staring at her because she could never glare at Brittany. "Well, Santana tell me honestly. Do you see yourself being with her longer than just a month?" Brittany asked sounding a little too smart than she usually does. "Well.. erm yeah I do.. of course I do. I might even see myself being with her for the rest of my life. But.." She was cut off by her best friend once again "No buts. Santana you clearly know that you are going to be with her for a really long time, so this is just going to be an investment. It won't just be your one month anniversary present to her but as a promise that shows how you actually see the two of you being together for more than a few months."

Santana then sighs realizing that what Brittany has said actually makes a lot of sense, then they both asked for assistance from one of the shop workers. "How may I help you lovely ladies?" a woman said kindly at two of them. "Well, we saw that beautiful bracelet at the display case and we were wandering if we could take a look at it?" Brittany said calmly while Santana just smiles at the woman. "Alright, give me a minute" She left the two of them to get a key to open the case. "She will love it." Britt said excitedly to Santana who just smiles at her. "Here you go, the body of the bracelet is made of white gold and there is approximately 5 karats of pink diamonds on it." The lady said as she handed it over to Brittany who motions to her to hand it to Santana.

The Latina then reaches out and looks at it. It was gorgeous but Santana had to play her cards right here. "How much is it?" She said trying not to sound too amazed by the bracelet. "Well the original price is 5,000 dollars but because of the holiday discounts, it is 4,250 dollars and we will even engrave it for free." Santana then swallows the lump in her throat and looks at Brittany who is smiling at her.

"Ow come on Santana you can afford that. In fact you can even afford six of them with the original price." Brittany said quietly at her best friend. She knew that Santana is actually very rich but she also knew that she wasn't a fan of telling everyone of her wealth. "Besides, like I said it will be like your promise to her." the blonde continued. The lady was just looking patiently at two of them. "Well.. erm.. I'll.. err.. take it" Santana said as she thought of it. "Very nice choice, what would you like to have engrave on it?" the woman ask. "Erm.. 'You Make Me Feel Love, Dani' I'll like to have that engrave please."

Santana said and the woman nods before taking the bracelet back to bring it to the goldsmith at the back. She then writes them up and asked them how they would be paying. "Erm card please" Santana said as she handed her credit card over to the woman. The woman looks at her name on the card which said 'Santana Perth Lopez' and then back to her. "Are you related to miss Maribel Perth Lopez?" Santana then smiles awkwardly before nodding. "She is my mother." The lady smiles at her "Your mother is one of our most regular costumer you know." She said as she winks at the Latina. Brittany could tell that Santana was really uncomfortable.

The two then went back to the loft with the bracelet all wrap up in the signature Tiffany's light blue box and six bottles of champagne which they bought with their fake IDs. They even stop by Dani's favorite Chinese restaurant and pick up some take outs. Brittany began cleaning up the apartment as Santana set the dining table. They both heard Rachel and Kurt come in "Ow my, what is this all about?" Kurt asked as he puts his bag down, Rachel does the same and looks at Brittany who is just smiling at them. The two divas then squeal when they saw the gift on the dining table. They rushed towards it and started fighting with each other to open it. "Hey wonder twins be very careful with that" Santana growl at the two, Rachel then grabbed it from Kurt. She opened it and both gasp at how beautiful it was.

"Wow Santana, this is so erm.. so erm.. beautiful." Rachel said nearly crying from joy. Santana roll her eyes and grab it form the two of them and put it in one of the kitchen drawers. "It's for Dani. Tonight we are celebrating our anniversary dinner since tomorrow we both got long shifts at the diner. And no you guys are not joining us." The smiles on their face begin to fade but Brittany grabbed them both by the arm and dragged them out.

Santana had just finished lighting the last candle when she heard Dani come in. She went to the door to look at her girlfriend who looks really surprise. "Honey, what is this all about?" Dani said as she slowly walks towards the taller woman and grabbing her hand. Santana then begin to swing their hands "Well it is our anniversary dinner. Since we won't be able to have one tomorrow" She said as she kissed Dani passionately. It nearly turn into a make out session but then Dani's stomach growl from hunger and the two pulled away while laughing.

After dinner they sit on the couch drinking champagne and cuddling closely to one another. Dani then sits up and got up. "Wait here I'm going to get your present." She went to Santana's room, the Latina then quickly got up to get her present and hide it behind one of the pillows. Dani came back with a piece of paper and hands it over to Santana who smiles and took it from her.

Santana then looks at her really shock "Is this what I think it is?" Dani smiles and nodded, Santana then looks back at the paper, and it was a sheet music with lyrics and notes on it. She smiled widely at Dani "I wrote you a song because I was thinking that one day when I actually get to record something, it would be this song and you would get to have your anniversary gift nominated at Grammy's. So it isn't much now but one day it will be." Dani said smiling shyly at her. "Are you kidding, it means everything to me now with or without a nomination" Santana says as she kissed Dani but then quickly pulled away.

"Now it is your turn to open my gift" She reached behind her and gives the box to Dani who looked really shock. "San..tana.. is this.. ow my god" she said as she opened it and squeal just like how the two divas before her did. "Santana you shouldn't have. I can't take this." Dani said giving it back to Santana. Santana just took it out form the box and grab Dani's hand to place it around her wrist. "There, it fits beautifully. And Dani you can take it. Look at it as a promise from me to you that show you how much I love you. Just like that beautiful song that you wrote for me." Dani then smiles and kisses Santana but now it is her turn to pulled away. "How did you afford it?" she asked curiously. "I have been saving up for a while now so yeah." She really didn't want to tell her yet because things like that are not really important. They resume their make out session in the privacy of Santana's room.

The next day everyone were at the door caused they were saying goodbye to Brittany. "Bye Britt see you soon ok" Rachel said as she hugged her friend. Kurt just nodded and smiled at her before hugging her as well. "Bye B, call us when you get there. And thanks for everything" Santana said as she hugged Brittany tightly. Brittany then pulled Dani into a hug before whispering in her ear. "Thank you so much Dani, you know for taking care of Santana. You are really good for her. Please promise me you will never break her heart." Dani smiles and pulls away as she said "I'll never dream of it"

*End of Flashback*

Brittany tells them the whole story but she left out some details such as how much the bracelet actually cause and the fact that Santana is quite well off. All of them are listening to her story attentively except for Dani and Santana because they are too busy whispering "I love you" to each other. When Brittany finishes, everyone then turns to look at them and then to the beautiful bracelet on Dani's hand. They all start to talk about other things but Quinn is still looking at the two of them. She can feel her heart fall into her stomach from envy.

Author's Note: I feel like the flashback is too long but no matter, at least all you amazing readers get to enjoy it. PM me your thoughts and maybe some ideas too.

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