You make me feel love

Chapter 7

Everyone is getting up to leave to head over to Rachel's place for a party that her dads are throwing to celebrate her getting her dream role of Fanny. Quinn is just about to walk out the door when suddenly she felt someone grab her arm and pull her to a quiet corner of the café. "Quinnie are you ok?" Brittany ask with a concerning look. Quinn just stares at her before sighing. "Yes, Britt I'm fine." She tries to say as calmly as she can. But Brittany could see right through her. "Q.. I know that you slept with Santana during the wedding." The taller blonde says as Quinn's eyes begin to widen. "Britt..I.. I didn't.." but she was cut off by the dancer "Save it Quinn. I found out when I saw her leaving your hotel room while trying to fix her clothes and make up. And I also see the looks you have been throwing at her and Dani since you guys came in." Brittany says while giving her the no nonsense look.

But before Quinn could say anything she continues sounding a little more sternly. "Whatever feelings you have for her right now, you have to lock it up and put it away. Because…well because no matter what you're feeling, you have to remember that Santana is really happy right now." Quinn can feel the tears falling from her eyes. "But… Brittany.. I…" Quinn says trying to hold back her tears. "I know Quinn, but do you really want to be that person again, the person who goes around splitting people up just because you 'THINK' you loved them. Don't be that selfish person Quinn, especially not to Santana. We both know she has work so hard to get where she is right now. And honestly she is where..she belongs." Brittany says softly as she wipes Quinn's tears with a tissue. The two then walk in silence to Rachel's house since everyone is most probably there already.

Santana decides to take Dani on the long route to Rachel's place, because she wants to spend some little lone time with her girlfriend. She wanted to do it this morning but the dwarf diva just had to take her, well at least she got to spend some time with Quinn. "You ok Babe?" Dani asks as she squeezes the Latina's hand pulling her out of her train of thoughts. "Yeah, I'm fine honey" She says with a huge smile and kisses the top of Dani's hand causing the shorter the girl to giggle. "What are we gonna do tomorrow?" Dani ask while swinging their hands slightly as they walk along the pavements. "Well…ermm.. I was thinking that.. maybe.. we could meet my.. parents tomorrow.." Santana says nervously while looking at Dani. The blonde turns to look at her and smiles before pulling the taller woman in for a kiss. "That is a really good idea." The blonde says as she slowly pulls away. Santana is now smiling like an idiot and speechless. Dani smiles at how smitten Santana is over her. The two then continue they're walk in a very comfortable silence while holding hands.

Quinn and Brittany finally arrive to the house but once they got inside, it is clear that the party had started a long time ago. Everyone is already wasted, the music is so loud that the two blondes thought they could go deaf from it and people are running all over the place. They went down to the basement sees that the bar is nearly empty. Quinn makes her way to Mercedes who is a little more sober than everyone else. "Where are Rachel's dads?" Quinn shouts trying to compete with loud music. "What?! Ow the dads.. err.. ya they had to leave to go to Rachel's aunt's house in Toronto after they got a call saying it was an emergency." Mercedes shouts back but with a slight slur. Quinn just nods and begins to walk around the room to look for Brittany, but then she saw her already quite wasted and taking body shots with Tina and Kitty. Quinn shakes her head then pick out a full bottle of tequila from the bar shelf and made her way to the balcony on the second floor. As she leans against the rails and swallows a large gulp of alcohol she hears two people giggling.

She looks down and sees the two people she hope had gone back to the hotel to cuddle or something. She nearly scoff when she sees Dani playfully pushing Santana with her shoulder causing her to lose her balance and then reaches out to pull her into a hug. But what really made her scoff is when Santana nibbles on Dani's ear causing her to smile widely and blush. She then feels the alcohol slowly sinking in causing her jealousy to rise even more. She is about to yell at them but then Rachel comes out pull them into the house. Quinn then sighs before scolding herself for being so pathetic. She then starts to drink the rest of the liquid in the bottle she is holding while thinking about what Brittany told her earlier. As she is about to drink down her last swallow, she hears two people running up the stairs laughing. She puts the bottle down and looks at them. To her annoyance it is the last two people she wishes to see right now. "Wow Quinn, go easy on that. Are you ok?" Santana says as she lets go of lover's hand and walks over to her well she isn't quite sure what Quinn is to her but that is not important right now. "Yeah… I'm fine…" Quinn says trying her best to sound sober but when she tries to get up, her legs betrays her and she falls back down. Lucky for her Santana caught her before she fell on the floor. "Quinn, I don't think you're alright." Dani says as she slowly approach the drunk blonde with a bottle of water she got from downstairs earlier and hands it to her girlfriend to give it to Quinn.

"What..are you..two doing up here…" Quinn says as she drinks the water and hiccups causing Santana to smile a little. "I don't drink" Dani says while giving the Quinn a small smile and kneeling next to Santana on the floor. "And that is why I don't drink anymore either." Santana says as she grabs Dani's hand and squeezes it as she winks at her. Quinn then feels that all too familiar feeling coming back. "I'm gonna.. go back downstairs and get another bottle of water." Dani says as she gets up and kisses the top Santana's head. "So.. you gave up drinking for her? She must be really good in bed" Quinn says with a scoff and bitchy tone before drinking the last swallow of her tequila. Santana looks at her with the "what the hell" look. "NO Quinn, the reason why I stop was because she helped me realize that I can have a good time even without drinking. And if giving up drinking means I get to have her in my life longer because I won't die of alcohol poisoning, then I don't see a problem with it." Santana says with her own bitch tone as she gets up and left Quinn. Dani is just about to walk up the stairs when Santana came down and pull her by the arm. "Come on baby, we're leaving" Santana says as she pulls her girlfriend and walk out the front door.

The two of them walk in silence but holding each other's hand. Dani looks up at Santana and she can see that her girlfriend is really mad about something. "Erm.. Sanny.. are you ok?" Dani ask cautiously. Santana then snaps her head to looks at Dani. Her face then slowly softens and a smile starts to form on her face. "Yeah.. I'm alright. Don't worry about it. I just wanted us to leave that place... I can't even hear myself think." The Latina says trying to reassure her girlfriend. "Well, I did feel a little uncomfortable back there.. So where are we going?" Dani says cheerfully trying to change the subject. Santana smiles at how adorable Dani can be. "Well.. I thought that maybe we can walk to my house, since it is closer than the hotel." Santana says forgetting for a moment that honestly she'll rather go to hell then to her parent's house. "Really? I thought we were going to meet your parents tomorrow?" Dani ask sounding confuse. Santana then realizes what she has just said.

"Well.. err.. ya I think it is a better idea to walk back to the hotel than." The Latina says a little too quickly while sounding a little nervous. Dani notices and stops both of them. "Ok.. why the change of plans? Are you ok? Why don't you want to go to your place anymore?" The blonde asks curiously. "Well err.. since we were thinking of meeting my parents tomorrow, so I thought why don't we just wait till tomorrow. Because well...err...there is no better way to put this but my parents are intolerable. There I said it." Santana mumbles with a panicky voice. Dani just smiles at how adorable Santana is when she mumbles, it reminded her of the time they first met. "They can't be that bad Santana." Dani say while rolling her eyes. "You are right, because they are much worst." Santana says she pulls Dani to continue walking.

They finally reach the hotel and both of them went into the shower together before heading off to bed. Sleeping in each other's arms at the end of the day was well the time of the day they both love so much.

Author's Note: I'm so very sorry that this chapter or basically the update for this story took so long. I went through a long writer's block and then I get bitten by the lazy bug so yeah. Anyway I'm going to try and update more. But I'll really appreciate some ideas from you guys.

And I think I'm going to write a Dani's POV soon because I just realize that I haven't written one yet.

P.S. Thanks for all the lovely reviews and PMs. Keep them coming.

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