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Out of the blue

By GloriaMcGlorious

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

Out Of The Blue

Quinn was having a normal day at the lawyer firm sitting in her office which was made of four pure oak wood walls and a carpet floor imported from Italy. The best part was that it was at New York City. She has worked so hard for this office. Long hours, hard cases and working on holidays really paid off. But of course it was easy to miss holidays since she was the only one among her friends who wasn't married or engaged or even dating. She was pretty preserve after high school. But at least she has friends.

It was getting pretty late and people were leaving, so Quinn decided it was time to go home. She picked up her Polo suitcase and her Louis Vuitton handbag. She changed from her Chanel leather shoes to her Jimmy Choo black heels. She was on her way to the lift when one of her five best friends walked up to her and pats her on the back. She was shock. She turns and saw it was Stiffany.

'Jesus Stiff, you scared the hell out of me' Quinn said while putting her hand on her chest making sure her heart didn't just fall out.

'Sorry Quinn It's just that I wanted to get your attention.' Stiffany said while giving Quinn her most innocent look.

'It's ok. What do you want exactly?' Quinn said while looking as serious as she can.'I want to invite you to go dinner with us?' Stiffany said with a smile to show that she is not scared.

'Why? What so special?' Quinn said looking puzzle'Well erm.. We have a surprised for you' Stiffany said with a huge grin on her face

'Erm… ok... But nothing stupid and ridiculous' Quinn said sounding unsure, puzzle and very confuse'Ok awesome..! Go to this place at 10.15p.m we will meet you there. And wear your sexiest dress' Stiffany said while handing a piece of paper to Quinn.

Quinn took and looks at it. It said "Go To THE QUETEX" she was curious but she didn't ask. She went to the parking lot. She press the off alarm button on her keys. She open the driver door of her Range Rover went in and put her suitcase and handbag on the passenger seat. She put her seatbelt on and started the car. She drove out of the parking lot into the streets of New York. She drove straight to her penthouse building. Parked her car in the basement and went straight upstairs. She showered, fix her makeup, fix her hair and choose her sexiest dress which was the latest Armani black dress.

She went to the basement and drove her car to a place called THE QUETEX. She drove while looking at her GPS and the clock. It was 10.10 p.m. when she got there she saw it was a night club / strip zone. But the weird thing is that it's near where Quinn live which is the upper East side of New York. She gave her car keys to the valets to park her car. She went in and saw the place was really high class. The stereos, the DJ, the bar, the dance floor and the decorations were amazing and very expensive.

She saw her five friends sitting at a very beautiful and elegant booth. Each one of them holding a glass of wine. She walks over and greeted and nods at everyone. They hand her a glass. They cheer and drink. They spent hours of drinking and talking about rubbish. Quinn looks at the watch on my hand and saw it was 12.45 a.m. already. She thanks God that the next day was a holiday. Then Stiffany got up and told everyone that it was time for Quinn's surprise. All the girls started to giggle and grin. Quinn was so scared and nervous. Stiffany blind folded Quinn. All of them lead Quinn slowly up a fleet of stairs. They turn Quinn around and open the blind fold. Quinn was facing a redwood door.

'Owe my God… please tell my gift is not a whore and sitting on a bed half naked' Quinn said looking worried but still facing the door. 'Well erm…it is… I know it's weird but you really need to get laid. But don't worry she is a professional. She wasn't supposed to be the whore that we hire. She is actually the owner of the place.' Patricia said hoping to calm Quinn down. 'Wait what…? You guys hire a girl whore…? How do you know I play on the other team..? And you got the owner to do me' Quinn said with a mixture of emotions 'Yes, we know it's so obvious you don't seem interested in any of the new guys or even the guys we recommended to you. And we got the owner because the whore we hire broke her leg. And there wasn't anyone else to do it. So the owner step in and told she'll do it…' Lisa said before being interrupted by Carley who said' we were shock she that wanted do it'

Quinn turns around to face her friends. While glaring at them furiously she said 'fine I'll do it since you guys paid her so much to do this. She turns again to face the door. She turns the door knob. And walk into the room quietly and very nervous. But then she became calm when she saw that there was no one in the room but her. She turns to see her friends but there were gone. So she looked around the room. It was very classy. She didn't expect it to look this nice. She sat on the edge of the bed. She touches the Egyptian cotton sheets. Then she turns to the door with a shock and scared face, when she heard the door slam shut. She saw the back of a certain Latino in a corset. She was starting to get curious. Then when the girl turned, Quinn went shock. Her hand was covering her mouth to hide her mouth.

It was Santana… Santana Lopez… Quinn stared with shock eyes. Then Santana look up from the floor to look at her. She saw it was Quinn. And she was even more shock. 'Qui…inn...Quinn..! 'Santana said mumbling and shouting. ' wha..t are you doing here…?' Quinn said while being short of words. 'I own this place. But why are you here?' Santana said while cocking an eyebrow. 'My friends brought me here. So if you are the owner… those that mean… owe my god...!' While moving around the room nervously. 'Quinn calm down. Why would your friends hire a girl whore instead of a guy? Unless…owe god… Quinn Fabray is playing on the same team as me. What happened Quinn? Santana said while looking at Quinn with vulnerable eyes.

Quinn was a little puzzle when she saw those weak and vulnerable eyes. She wonders what happened to that Santana that she remembers. The Santana that would make fun of her or even glare at her. But this Santana just stared with scared eyes. 'Well erm… things just never worked out when I date guys. Then I start to find out that it's because I prefer women than men. But I've never dated after I graduated from Harvard. 'Owe… erm…this is awkward…Quinn you'll have to know that I'm not gonna sleep with you. Because erm… we're kinder friends. And I have a no dating/sleeping with friends policy. Ever since…erm… me and Brittany broke up after high school.' Santana said while smiling nervously. 'I understand Santana.' Quinn said while rubbing her arm. They were quite for a moment until Quinn ask

'What happened to you and Brittany anyway… and have you heard from her ever since you two broke up'

'erm.. No I haven't heard from her ever since. And we broke up because she went to Los Angeles to chase her dance dream while I came to New York looking for an opportunity. And that's when I how I got this really good career.'

'Owe… well erm... The last I heard about Britt was that she a back up dancer for Beyonce Knowles. Santana how of this bar do you have? Because I remember going to Paris and hearing the exact same name on one of the high class bar sign?'

'Well I have six. One here in New York, one in Paris, one at Los Angeles, one at Italy, one at Germany and one at China. And they all belong to me.'

'What the…? How did you effort it…?'

'Well I had a little help from a friend starting this one then the rest I started myself. Why Quinn, don't believe that I could be pretty successful?'

'It's not that it's just that. I never thought that you would become and actress or something. Not a famous club owner.'

'Well… as you know, I don't like reaching peoples expectation'

There was another awkward silence.

'So erm… Santana... What do we do now…'

'Well… I'm free tomorrow. So do you want to go out for lunch or something?'

'Lunch sounds like a really good idea.'

Santana stands and walk over to Quinn. She pulls Quinn into a hug. Then Santana went out first. But then she turns and says 'I'll see you tomorrow. We're should meet here. So come around 1.00p.m or something I guess. Bye and goodnight'. Quinn nodded and just stares at Santana's still perfect body.

To be continue…

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