Stiles Becomes a Werewolf


Stiles finally goes after Theo for proof he was right all along. But things go for worse when...

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Chapter One

“Scott! Scott, wake up!” Yelled Liam worriedly as he shook Scott, who was laying on his bed fast asleep; face in pillow. Scott hadn’t gotten much sleep lately so this was a change for the better. Since the Dread Doctors had come to town, no one had time to sleep.

“Mhmm, what?” Said Scott as he lifted his head sleepily, eyes barely open. His vision was blurry and his hearing was muffled; he was barely functioning at all.

“It’s Stiles.” Said Liam

“What’s wrong with Stiles?” Asked Scott sitting up instantly. The grogginess vanished the instant Stiles name came up. Scott became alert and gave all his attention to Liam.

“He’s missing.” Said Liam

“What do you mean he’s missing?” Asked Scott getting off the bed and slowly putting on a sweatshirt. While he got dressed, his eyes never left Liam.

“I mean no one has heard from him in hours. Malia called a little while ago freaking out about a message on her phone. I checked mine and I had the same message. The only thing we have is the voicemail he sent all of us.” Said Liam

“What did he say?” Asked Scott

“Listen for yourself.” Said Liam pulling out his phone and clicking play, “I’m going after Theo. Right when I saw him I knew something was up, but you guys wouldn’t believe me. So, I’m gonna get proof he’s the villain. If I don’t come back, you know that I’m dead.”

“When was this sent?” Asked Scott grabbing his shoes and jacket. He reached for his phone on the nightstand when he realized it had died during the night.

“About midnight.” Said Liam checking his phone to make sure the time was correct.

“We need to find him, now!” Said Scott as the doorbell rang through the air. The sudden blaring noise caused Scott and Liam to jump.

“Maybe, it’s the others.” Said Liam running down the stairs, barely making it to the bottom without falling.

“Maybe...” Whispered Scott putting his shoes on and grabbing his car keys. He was zipping up his jacket when Liam started to yell.

“Scott!” Yelled Liam

“Hang on, I’ll be down in a minute.” Said Scott sticking his head out of his room.

“I think you should come now.” Said Liam

“Why?” Said Scott looking down the steps.

“Because I found Stiles.” Said Liam moving away to show an unconscious Stiles laying face down in the entryway.

“Stiles!” Yelled Scott running as fast as he could. He knelt down and turned Stiles onto his back. There was bruising all over his face and he was breathing heavily. Scott noticed blood on Stiles’ shirt and lifted it up to reveal a deep claw mark. Scott touched Stiles hand and discovered he was in pain; a lot of pain. They needed to go, now.

“We need to get him to Deaton, fast. Help me lift him into the car.” Said Scott grabbing Stiles’ arms as Liam grabbed his legs. They slid him into the backseat as Scott made a quick call to Deaton and everyone else. When they finally got to the clinic, everyone was already there. Malia was pacing back and forth, Lydia was staring into blank space, Kira was standing by the entrance and Deaton was cleaning the table for Stiles. Scott and Liam carried Stiles through the back door and set him lightly on the table.

“What happened?” Asked Malia as she noticed the blood.

“We don’t know but we think Theo was behind it.” Said Liam with a bit of anger.

“Well, we don’t know for sure. We have no proof.” Said Scott stating the truth. Yes, Stiles left a message about going after Theo but that doesn’t mean Theo did this. No one knew for sure, except Stiles.

“I think this is enough proof, let’s go tear him apart.” Said Malia as her eyes glowed a bright blue. So clear and so bright, her eyes could be spotlights.

“Let’s wait till Stiles wakes up before we do something stupid.” Said Scott as Deaton began to speak.

“Scissors please.” Said Deaton as Lydia handed it to him. Deaton then cut Stiles shirt off to reveal more claw marks and bruises. Scott put his hand on Stiles’ hand, taking some of the pain. When Scott took away his hand the unconscious Stiles took a deep breath and calmed.

“Stiles...” Whispered Lydia sadly as she moved closer, putting her hand on his. She squeezed lightly, hoping it would help.

“Whoever did this is gonna pay!” Said Malia punching the metal table; causing a dent.

“Please don’t ruin the table, it’s not werewolf proof. Now Kira, Malia, Lydia and Liam, I need you all to go into the waiting room. Scott and I need to talk alone.” Said Deaton in a serious tone.

“But…” Said Malia as tears came to her eyes. She might not be the most caring person but when it came to Stiles, she’d do anything.

“It’s fine.” Said Scott nodding his head. Liam and Kira walked out of sight as Lydia helped Malia out of the room. Scott moved over to his best friend, squeezing his hand once again. All Scott wanted to do was give his friend a hug, to make him better. But no hug could cure this.

“He’s gonna die, isn’t he?” Questioned Scott as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“The claw marks and bruises are only surface wounds. Those I’m not worried about, those will heal. But the one on his stomach has stabbed through his large intestine, causing internal bleeding.” Said Deaton hovering over his wounds, “He will die, unless you do something about it.”

“No, I would never do that to Stiles.” Said Scott knowing exactly what Deaton was suggesting. Stiles had never asked and Scott was not about to do that to his best friend.

“I would usually agree with you but it’s Stiles we’re talking about. He figures out who the bad guy is, with a look. He’s your rock and anchor, even if you don’t realize it. You have to make a choice. Either he dies, or you bite him and there’s a chance he lives.” Said Deaton

“He’s never wanted to be a werewolf, he’ll hate me.” Said Scott looking down at Stiles and how broken he looked. Scott never wanted to see Stiles like this, never.

“He might or he might not hate you. If he does, he’ll get over it. But hurry, you only have a few minutes before he’s too far gone to save.” Said Deaton

Scott looked at Stiles for a few more seconds before he headed into the waiting room. Everyone who was sitting, stood up the minute Scott entered, “We have a problem.”

“What’s the problem?” Asked Malia as her worry intensified.

“One of the claw marks went deep and punctured his intestine. He’s internally bleeding and he’s going to die unless I do something. Unless, I turn him.” Said Scott standing in front of everyone. Lydia looked like she was on the brink of tears, Malia kept a strong face but you could tell she wanted to cry, Liam had anger in his eyes and Kira tried to stay calm.

“But isn’t there still a chance he could die?” Asked Kira

“Yes, but there’s also a chance he lives. If I don’t do this, he will surely die. I didn’t want to do anything without asking you guys first.” Said Scott

“Shouldn’t we be asking his father? I mean I think the sheriff would like a say.” Said Liam

“Deaton said we don’t have much time to decide. If I don’t do this now, he won’t make it. By the time we could get ahold of his dad, it’d be too late.” Said Scott

“Do it.” Said Malia

“But what if it doesn’t take? It could kill him, anyway.” Said Liam

“I don’t care, save him.” Said Malia

“We can’t lose Stiles, we’ve already lost too many of our friends.” Said Lydia with a tear in her eye. At that moment she thought of Allison, her best friend she couldn’t save. When Allison was killed she felt every minute of it and she didn’t want to do the same thing with Stiles.

“Alright, here goes nothing.” Said Scott leading the others back to Stiles.

“Whatever you decided, you have to do it now.” Said Deaton

“I’m really sorry.” Whispered Scott grabbing Stiles’ wrist.

“After you bite him, there’s no turning back.” Said Deaton

“I know.” Whispered Scott who went into werewolf form. Scott lifted Stiles’ wrist to his mouth and bit into his skin. A few seconds later, he moved his mouth away but there was no response from Stiles.

“Did it work?” Asked Scott as he went back to his normal self.

“I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see.” Said Deaton as everyone waited. Hours past and Stiles didn’t move a muscle. Kira and Lydia fell asleep in the corner, Malia stayed by Stiles’ side without blinking, Liam was trying to stay awake but was failing at it, Deaton was in the other room dealing with the animals, and Scott was wide awake just staring at Stiles; pleading he would open his eyes.

Malia was watching Stiles when suddenly his fingers twitched. At first she thought it was her mind messing with her, but then it happened again, “Guys, guys wake up!”

“What?” Said Scott standing straight up. Lydia and Kira were out cold but Liam woke up instantly, like someone had poured cold water down his shirt.

“He moved his fingers.” Said Malia smiling for the first time in hours. She put her hand on his and wrapped her fingers around his thin hand.

“Deaton!” Yelled Scott waking Lydia and Kira, making them jump to their feet. They then walked over to Stiles and noticed his fingers moving a bit.

“What?” Questioned Deaton as he peaked his head around the corner of the door frame.

“He moved his fingers.” Said Scott with a smile.

“Look at his face. The bruises, they’re gone.” Said Kira pointing to Stiles as everyone noticed the same thing. Every bruise, cut and claw mark was gone. Even the one on stomach had vanished.

“All of the marks are gone.” Said Deaton as Stiles suddenly sits up, breathing heavily. His eyes are glazed over and his breathing is fast. After his vision is a little less blurry he notices where he is.

“Stiles, look at me.” Said Scott

“Scott how did I get here, I was...” Said Stiles getting off the table. Right when his feet hit the ground he felt dizzy, and almost fell over. Malia grabbed his arm and kept him on his feet.

“Stiles sit back down, we need to talk.” Said Scott as Stiles looked over at his best friend. He saw the worry but Stiles couldn’t sit. He needed to get back out there, to make him pay.

“No, I can’t he’s still out there. I need to find him.” Said Stiles almost falling to the floor a second time. The only thing keeping him standing was Malia’s grip on his arm.

“Theo?” Asked Malia

“Yes, I need to find him.” Said Stiles

“We will, but first we need to talk. Take a seat.” Said Scott

“Fine.” Said Stiles sitting back on the table with Malia’s help.

“What happened after you left all of us that message?” Asked Scott

“I had been watching Theo since he came to town and he always went into the sewers around midnight. I followed him inside, and hid behind a bunch of barrels; then three men came out of the shadows. They weren’t normal men, but the Dread Doctors and Theo was working with them. I got clumsy, and accidentally leaned on a barrel causing it to tip, exposing myself to them. The doctors whispered something to Theo and left.

I tried to run but he grabbed me by my shirt and threw me into a cement wall. I also tried to fight back but I was much weaker than he was, being human and all. He broke my nose, jaw and clawed at me a few times. Finally, the last time I stood up he stabbed his claws through me and lifted me above the ground. He said that I was ruining his plans and that I needed to be disposed of. But right before he let me drop to the floor his eyes changed color, but they didn’t turn yellow like they should. His eyes went dark, very dark.” Said Stiles

“What do you mean dark?” Asked Scott

“I mean his eyes turned black.” Said Stiles

“Like the iris?” Asked Liam as Stiles turned to look at him with an annoyed glare.

“Like his iris? No dumbass his whole eyeball was black as coal, like some kind of demon. Right before he was gonna finish me off I found this broken piece of wood nearby. I stabbed it through him and ran as fast as I could. I made it to my jeep and drove over to your house; that’s the last thing I remember.” Said Stiles finishing his story.

“Stiles, we need to tell you something.” Said Malia squeezing his hand, “You notice how all the bruises and claw marks are gone.”

“Yeah, that’s weird. How long was I out?” Said Stiles looking all over his chest and arms. He was surprised he healed so nicely. Usually, any cut he got scarred over.

“Your wounds were worse than we thought. You were gonna die so Scott…” Said Malia

“Stiles, I turned you into a werewolf. It was the only way to save you, I’m sorry.” Said Scott interrupting Malia. The second that sentence registered with Stiles his eyes became wide and his breathing quickened.

“You what?!” Said Stiles suddenly breathing really fast. His heart was pounding in his chest and everyone could hear it. His vision blurred and spun. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t breathe at all.

“What’s happening?” Asked Malia confused and scared at the same time.

“He’s having a panic attack.” Said Lydia running toward Stiles.

“Is he gonna be okay?” Asked Liam

“Stiles, look at me. You need to breathe.” Said Lydia

“I can’t, I can’t.” Said Stiles falling off the examine table. He fell to his knees as Lydia, Malia and Scott kneeled beside him.

“Stiles, you are okay. Everything is okay. I need you breathe, alright.” Said Scott rubbing Stiles’ shoulder. But Stiles was spiraling and he could barely hear a thing.

“Stiles breathe.” Said Malia trying her best to calm him down but nothing was working.

Lydia remembered back to the last attack he had and knew what had to be done, “Malia, you need to kiss him.”

“Why?” Asked Malia

“Because if he holds his breath the panic attack will stop. Make him hold his breath.” Said Lydia as Malia grabbed ahold of Stiles’ head and kissed him. This surprised Stiles and his latest breath caught in his throat. He instantly stopped hyperventilating and when she moved back his breathing was back to normal.

“How did you know that would work?” Asked Malia turning to look back at Lydia

“I didn’t.” Said Lydia lying. She never told anyone and neither did Stiles about their kiss. It was to save him from a panic attack, but it felt like more than that. She didn’t really know what to think.

“Stiles, are you okay?” Asked Scott as Stiles looked up at him. The worry in both their eyes started to fade.

“Yeah, I think so.” Said Stiles breathing deeply. He had calmed down and was getting back to normal.

“I’m so sorry but I couldn’t lose you. None of us could lose you.” Said Scott

“It’s fine, just repay me by finding Theo and taking him down.” Said Stiles as everyone nodded their head.

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