Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Ten

“Where’s Carly?” Asked Scott as Liam ran in.

“She’s in Stiles’ jeep. What happened when I left?” Asked Liam looking at Stiles. He was paler than usual and blood soaked his shirt. Stiles was breathing lightly but still alive enough to heal. Hopefully.

“It doesn’t matter right now, I need you to go with Malia and Kira to hide that box.” Said Scott pointing to Derek’s triskelion box; the one the nogitsune would never escape from. Not in Scott’s life time.

“I can’t leave Carly, what if she wakes up and I’m not there to explain everything.” Said Liam

“We’ll keep her safe till you get back, don’t worry.” Said Lydia

“Now go and hide that box.” Said Scott

“What about you?” Asked Liam

“I’m going to take Stiles and Carly back to Stiles’ house.” Said Scott

“I can’t leave her.” Said Liam

“Yes you can. See you soon.” Said Malia as Malia and Kira started dragging Liam away.

“Let me go!” Said Liam as they rounded the corner.

“He’s breathing very lightly Scott.” Said Lydia putting her ear near Stiles mouth.

“We just need to get him to a safe place so when 24 hours is over he’ll start healing.” Said Scott

“Are you sure he’ll make it that long?” Asked Lydia looking at how terrible Stiles looked.

“Once we get him home I’ll call mom, he’ll be fine.” Said Scott doubting the last part as he put Stiles left arm around his shoulder, “Grab his other arm.”

“Got it.” Said Lydia putting Stiles right arm around her shoulder. With some trouble they made it to Stiles jeep and got him in the passenger’s seat. Scott got in the front and Lydia sat in the back to look after Carly.

As they started driving Lydia spoke, “What are we gonna do about Carly?”

“You mean if she lives?” Asked Scott

“Yeah.” Said Lydia

“I guess she joins the pack. I mean what else am I supposed to do. I turned an innocent girl, it’s just wrong.” Said Scott shaking his head back and forth.

“She’s Liam’s family you couldn’t just let her die.” Said Lydia

“Yeah but I can’t just go turning people left and right because they’re family. When I lost Allison I could have turned her, saved her life right then and there. But I knew it was wrong and she would have hated me if I tried. I couldn’t even curse my girlfriend how do you think I feel about turning a girl I barely know.” Said Scott

“She’s his cousin.” Said Lydia

“It doesn’t mean it’s right.” Said Scott

The rest of the car ride was in silence. When they finally made it to the house, all the lights were off. It was creepy staring at the house in the dark, with nothing but silence. Nothing but black and cold darkness.

“Maybe the Sheriff’s at work.” Said Lydia helping Scott get the unconscious Stiles out of the car.

“He had off today.” Said Scott

“He could be sleeping.” Said Lydia as they made it to the door.

“He wouldn’t be sleeping this early.” Said Scott as they entered the house.

Scott, Lydia and an unconcious Stiles enter the house to pitch black darkness. Lydia reaches over and flips the switch, turning on the lights. When the lights illuminated the room, they found Stiles’ dad tied to a chair with Theo holding a knife to his neck. So close that if the sheriff moved he’d be dead in seconds.

“Theo don’t.” Said Scott

“You took my master away from me. Give me Stiles and the box.” Said Theo

“The nogitsune was not your not master, the Dread Doctors made you think that.” Said Scott setting Stiles down.

“They messed with your head Theo, you might have been evil but at least you weren’t a monster.” Said Lydia

“Give me the box!” Screeched Theo

“I can’t.” Said Scott

“And why not?” Said Theo

“Because Malia and Liam are hiding it as we speak.” Said Scott

“I’ll kill him.” Said Theo setting the knife’s blade lightly on Mr. Stilinski’s neck.

“If you kill him, Stiles will have no family left and he’ll never come with you.” Said Lydia

“Then hand me Stiles and this will all be over...” Said Theo

“No!” Yelled Carly from the open doorway. Scott and Lydia turned around to notice Carly in werewolf form. Her eyes glowed pink as she growled at Theo. As with Stiles, no werewolf had ever had that color of eyes. She was rare.

“Carly? What are you doing?” Asked Scott as she transformed into a werewolf.

“How did she...” Said Lydia

“She’s asleep.” Said Scott as Carly walked past them to Theo.

“Werewolves can sleepwalk?” Said Lydia

“I did once when I tried to save that bus driver; I thought I was dreaming. I never knew I did it til I saw the bus.” Said Scott

“What is she gonna do?” Asked Lydia

“I don’t know.” Said Scott

“Back off werewolf runt.” Said Theo hitting Carly across the room into the table. It didn’t even phase her one bit. She just ran at him with all her force.

“No one calls me a runt!” Said Carly running at Theo with full speed knocking the knife out of his hand.

“Watch Stiles, I’ll get the sheriff.” Said Scott running up to Mr. Stilinski.

“Who’s that?” Asked Mr. Stilinski

“Carly.” Said Scott untying him

“New werewolf?” Asked Mr. Stilinski

“Yeah.” Said Scott getting him untied.

“Did you turn her?” Asked Mr. Stilinski

“Yeah.” Said Scott

“On purpose?” Asked Mr. Stilinski

“No I would never curse anyone who, didn’t need it.” Said Scott

“Why are her eyes pink?” Asked Mr. Stilinski

“I don’t know.” Said Scott

“What happened?” Asked Mr. Stilinski finally seeing Stiles up close.

“He’ll be fine.” Said Scott

“What do you mean, he’s dying.” Said the Sheriff

“His werewolf healing will kick in, in about 23 hours. Once Theo is taken care of I’ll call my mom to stitch him up. Don’t worry.” Said Scott

“He’s a werewolf!?” Asked the Sheriff

“Yeah, that’s the reason he’s been missing for the past few days.” Said Scott

“I thought he was just being, Stiles.” Said Mr. Stilinski

“We can talk about this later. I’d be more worried about what’s happening over there.” Said Scott pointing to Theo and Carly still fighting. Carly just kept throwing herself at Theo trying to tear him apart.

“How the hell are you this strong?” Asked Theo trying to get away from Carly.

“Because I’m a not a normal wolf.” Said Carly putting her claws through Theo.

“Shouldn’t we do something?” Asked Lydia

“Whatever she does to him, he deserves.” Said Mr. Stilinski kneeling next to Stiles.

“Ahh...what are you?” Asked Theo spitting up blood.

“Something no one has ever seen.” Said Carly slitting Theo’s throat.

“Awww...ahhhh...awww.” Said Theo through the blood spilling down.

“Won’t he heal?” Asked Lydia

“Not from this wound.” Said Scott

“I just redid that floor.” Said Mr. Stilinski

Lydia ran over to Carly who was just standing there, looking down on Theo. Lydia grabbed her by the shoulder and took her over to the sheriff. She was shaking and was frightened beyond repair, “Hey are you alright?” Asked Lydia looking into Carly’s eyes.

“She’s coming.” Mumbled Carly

“Who’s coming?” Asked Lydia

“She’s coming.” Mumbled Carly as she collapsed to the floor.

“Help me.” Gasped Theo as blood filled his lungs.

“Why would I help a killer? You have killed innocent people; including my friends and I. I’m gonna leave you to die alone, because you choking on your own blood brings a smile to my face.” Said Scott leaving Theo to die in his own pool of blood.

“We just hid it.” Said Malia walking in with a start.

“Why is that every time I leave, something good happens.” Said Liam in a whiny tone.

“Is he?” Asked Kira looking at Theo’s still body.

“Yes, he’s dead.” Said Scott

“Carly!” Yelled Liam as he noticed she was passed out on the floor. “What happened?”

“She collapsed. But she’ll be fine, just let her rest for a bit.” Said Scott as Liam slowly put Carly down on the couch, covering her with a blanket.

“What are we supposed to do?” Asked Kira

“Well first we have to get rid of Theo’s body. Said Scott

“I am not touching a dead body.” Said Lydia

“You find dead bodies all the time.” Said Malia

“Doesn’t mean I’m going to touch them.” Said Lydia

“Then stay here and clean up the blood, because I am not touching any of it.” Said Mr. Stilinski

“Well then it’s a good thing I wore a red dress today.” Said Lydia following Mr. Stilinski into the kitchen.

After all the blood was cleaned up, and the body was disposed of Scott called Melissa. She bandaged Stiles up and went downstairs with the others. Each person watched Stiles for a few hours and for the last shift Lydia was on duty.

She covered him and moved some hair out of his face as she spoke, “I am so sorry this happened to you. I wish I could of saved you before you were almost killed, multiple times. I don’t know if you can hear me but I care for you. At first I thought you were just Scott’s geeky friend but you are so much more than that. I, I love you.” Said Lydia kissing Stiles on the lips.

She headed for the door as Stiles responded, “I love you too.”

A few hours later he awoke again, “What happened?” Asked Stiles opening his eyes to notice Scott in the corner of his room. He was sitting at Stiles’ old wooden desk, still cluttered with papers and graphs.

“You fainted.” Said Scott

“Theo.” Said Stiles sitting up fast.

“You don’t need to worry about him anymore, he’s dead.” Said Scott

“How?” Asked Stiles

“Carly.” Said Scott

“Is she okay?” Asked Stiles

“You could say that.” Said Scott

“What do you mean?” Asked Stiles

“I turned her.” Said Scott

“You what?!” Yelled Stiles as his eyes went wide. He’s the reason an innocent girl was turned. He made her into a freak, and he felt so bad. His breath began to quicken but Scott calmed him down.

“When Theo stabbed her, his claws went clean through. When I came out of your mind, Liam was trting to stop the blood flow but there was no use; she was dying. I was going to let her go in peace but then Liam told me she was his cousin. I have taken too much from him already, I couldn’t take his family too.” Said Scott

“They forced you, didn’t they?” Said Stiles as his breathing slowed.

“Something like that.” Said Scott

“Sounds like them.” Said Stiles

“I heard what Lydia said to you.” Blurted Scott as Stiles started to stand. He turned to look back at Scott with wide eyes. “You did?”

“Are you gonna tell Malia?” Asked Scott

“What am I supposed to say? I was half passed out when Lydia kissed me and said the one thing I’ve wanted to hear her say my whole life?” Asked Stiles

“You’re gonna have to tell her.” Said Scott

“I know...” Said Stiles looking at his feet. What was he supposed to do? He loved Malia but Lydia made his heart race at even a glance. How was he supposed to tell her?

“Come on everyone’s been waiting for you.” Said Scott

As they made their way down stairs, everyone was smiling, “I missed my embarrassing little son.” Said Mr. Stilinski hugging Stiles. He might not have known everything that had happened but Stiles eventually would blab it to him. If not he’d get it out of him one way or another.

“I’m more badass, now that I’m a werewolf, dad.” Said Stiles

“We’ll see about that.” Said Mr. Stilinski

“We missed you.” Said Lydia giving him a hug and lingered a little to long.

“Yeah, buddy.” Said Liam also giving him a hug.

“Don’t you ever get possessed again.” Said Malia squeezing him so hard he could hardly breath.

“I’ll try not to.” Said Stiles

“Good.” Said Malia giving him a big smooch on his cheek as she looked Lydia in the eyes.

“Where’s Kira?” Asked Stiles

“I don’t know she was just here.” Said Lydia

The Dread Doctors were looking at the painting behind the wall of the beast vs. the alpha. The main doctor picked up his cane and broke more of the wall nearby. Inside was another painting but it wasn’t a fight, it was a girl. A girl on fire. She had black flowing hair, her eyes were glowing yellowish orange, and there was a fire around her in the shape of a fox.

“She will succeed. Kira will kill them all.” Said the doctors

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