Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Eleven

“I will succeed, no need to worry.” Said Kira as she entered the room with the Dread Doctors. Her eyes glowed like the sun on a summer day. She wasn’t Kira anymore, it was something dark, and empty.

“Looks like our test is a success, seeing as you came when we called.” Said the surgeon.

“I came because I wanted to, I was not called.” Said Kira

“That you know of.” Said the surgeon with a bit of silence, “Do you know your mission?”

“Yes, I have to kill Scott’s pack one by one.” Said Kira

“Are you sure you have the strength? They are your friends.” Said the surgeon

“They have been saving people for too long. It’s time to get rid of the heroes, and bring back the villains. Heroes are weak with too many emotions. Villains know how to win.” Said Kira smiling an evil grin.

“You killed the nogitsune.” Said the surgeon

“They needed to know everything was alright. I do not want them getting suspicious. The longer they are clueless the better.” Said Kira

“You did good today. The nogitsune was a loss but you will get us back to the top. Go back to your friends, we will call you with your first target soon. When we call, you will kill.” Said the surgeon

“Can’t wait.” Said Kira as she left the room. When she got to the doorway, she blinked to turn her eyes back to their normal brown. Once away from the Dread Doctors she had to put up her facade. She quickly made her way across town and she arrived at Stiles’ house within minutes. Kira quietly entered, to see the whole gang hugging.

“Don’t you ever get possessed again.” Said Malia squeezing him so hard he could barely breathe.

“I’ll try not to.” Said Stiles

“Good.” Said Malia giving him a big smooch on the cheek.

“Where’s Kira?” Asked Stiles

“Sorry, I was in the bathroom. Welcome back, Stiles.” Said Kira coming into the room and giving him a hug. She tried her best not to grab her blade, ending him right there. They were heroes that needed to be stopped, not her friends.

“Thanks.” Said Stiles as Carly sat up breathing heavily.

“You’re fine, it’s gonna be okay.” Said Liam running over to Carly. He hugged her as he tried to calm her breathing. He whispered you’re fine over and over as he held onto her.

“Where am I?” Asked Carly with wide eyes as she did not recognize her surroundings. She trusted Liam but she did not feel comfortable in a place she had never seen. Especially, since she thought she had died and now she wasn’t dead.

“That was a long bathroom break.” Whispered Scott as he turned toward Kira.

“I had a stomach ache.” Whispered Kira walking over to Carly.

“Are you sure?” Whispered Scott

“Yes.” Kira snapped as everyone turned their attention to Carly and Liam. She was confused and scared at being somewhere foreign. I mean who wouldn’t be.

“You’re at my friend Stiles’ house.” Said Liam as Carly looked up at Stiles’ with wide tear-filled eyes.

“The one who tried to kill me?!” Said Carly backing away from everyone. How could they be so close to the man who told that boy to stab her? He was a murderer and...a monster.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, just let us explain.” Said Stiles as he got closer and she backed away even farther. When Stiles tried again, Lydia held him back.

“Just relax.” Said Lydia to both Stiles and Carly.

“I will not relax with a murderer in the room.” Said Carly as she wrapped her arms around her knees. She was terrified, of him and everything that just happened. She doesn’t remember much but she was sure she died. How come she was alive and the killer was here?

“Will you let us explain if Stiles leaves the room?” Asked Scott

“Yes.” Said Carly in a quiet voice as she shook her head up and down.

“I’ll go with him.” Said Malia as she followed after Stiles, who just walked out. When she made it to the kitchen he was leaning against one of the counters and was just staring at his feet. It wasn’t his fault that he was the nogitsune’s favorite toy, that he was being used to do those horrible things. He would always be the monster, even when he wasn’t possessed. The darkness seeped into his veins and there was no way to wash that clean.

“She doesn’t trust you yet, it’ll be fine.” Said Malia as she squeezed his shoulder. This reminded him of what Lydia said earlier and he scooted away from her touch. From the look on her face she thought the reaction was from what Carly said. Maybe it was but it was not the whole reason.

“Explain.” Asked Carly as Liam grabbed ahold of her a hand and squeezed. He was trying to give her comfort but it wasn’t really working.

“It’s a long story. With blood, biting, and a whole bunch of other stuff that Liam will explain to you. But I have a question first.” Said Lydia crossing her arms across her chest.

“Whatis it?” Asked Carly

“Right after you killed Theo you whispered...” Said Lydia

“I killed someone!” Said Carly interrupting Lydia who suddenly started hyperventilating. She didn’t remember killing anyone. How could she kill someone? It’s not possible.

“You don’t remember, anything?” Asked Scott

“No the last thing I remember is, you bit me.” Said Carly looking at Scott with fear. A memory came back to her but it was only a snippet. She remembered that before everything went dark, Scott was biting into her arm. The pain seared at her skin.

“You’re safe, I promise. Just please tell me what you meant when you said, she’s coming.” Asked Lydia really worried about the fact she had no idea who could be coming for them.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Said Carly looking right at Kira.

“But you said it.” Said Lydia

“She was dreaming, she’s not gonna remember that.” Said Kira looking right at Carly.

“I remembered in a different way but it was the same scenario, she should remember something.” Whispered Scott to everyone except Liam and Carly.

“Maybe she’s different.” Said Lydia

“But shouldn’t she at least remember something?” Said Scott

“Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on?” Asked Carly starting to get mad. Everyone was whispering around her and she hated when people did that. It was one of her pet peeves.

“Yeah, come with me. We’ll go talk outside.” Said Liam grabbing her hand, looking at the others.

“How do you think she’ll handle the truth?” Asked Kira

“I think she’ll be fine.” Said Scott

“What about the Dread Doctors? Soon they will come after us and protecting a new werewolf isn’t easy. We already have Stiles but he at least knew what a werewolf was and how real they were. What are we gonna do now?” Asked Lydia

“As long as we look after each other no one else will get hurt.” Said Scott as they looked out the door Liam and Carly just went through.

“What going on?” Asked Carly when they finally got onto the porch.

“You should probably sit down first.” Said Liam as they both sat on the bench nearby. It was padded with old and dirty cushions. The cushions had flowers and bees and stuff illustrated on them.

“I did what you asked, now explain.” Said Carly

“Theo, the one who attacked you, was a chimera.” Said Liam

“A what?” Said Carly

“Theo was a chimera. Half wolf, half coyote. He was made by these horrible people known as the Dread Doctors.” Said Liam

“So you’re saying that Theo was an science experience and “The Dread Doctors” made him?” Asked Carly

“Yes. The Dread Doctors are very old and strong. They have hurt a lot of people, including you.” Said Liam

“What do you mean? I’m fine.” Said Carly

“What do you remember before passing out at the hospital?” Asked Liam

“I found you when Theo caught me. I fell and your friend Scott bit me; then I passed out. Why did he bite me?” Asked Carly really worried she’d get rabies or something.

“You don’t remember being stabbed?” Asked Liam

“Well I remember this hot pain and you crying like a wuss.” Said Carly

“Hey, you were dying I can cry over that.” Said Liam

“I was dying?” Asked Carly as she rubbed her back. She knew something was wrong. She could have sweared she died, so what happened?

“Look at your arm and stab wound, they’re healed aren’t they.” Said Liam

“That’s impossible.” Said Carly lifting her shirt to show where the mark was and moving her arm around. There was no way she’d heal that fast from wounds like that. What had happened?

“When Theo stabbed you it wasn’t with a blade. He stabbed you with his claws.” Said Liam

“Yeah right.” Said Carly sarcastically

“It’s true.” Said Liam

“Then how am I alive?” Asked Carly

“I begged for Scott to save you.” Said Liam

“By biting me?” Asked Carly starting to think everyone was insane. How could biting anyone save a life? Everything Liam has been saying sounds crazy, it doesn’t make sense.

“Yes.” Said Liam

“How does that help me?” Asked Carly

“It helps because Scott is a werewolf.” Said Liam

“You’re kidding, right?” Questioned Carly

“No, I’m deadly serious. If werewolves didn’t exist then how could I do this.” Said Liam transforming into his werewolf form. Crly’s eyws widened as Liam’s eyes glowed yellow and his teeth sharpened.

“Ah!” Screamed Carly as she punched him straight in the nose.

“That is the second time some girl punched me in the face. Because of my own face.” Said Liam rubbing his nose. Man girls can punch hard.

“What about the time that little girl beat you up? You had a black eye for a week.” Asked Carly

“Let’s just not talk about her okay.” Said Liam

“But it was hilarious.” Said Carly

“Just please stop.” Said Liam looking away about to cry.

“Did something happen?” Asked Carly

“I’d rather not talk about it.” Said Liam

“Sorry, I didn’t know.” Said Carly

“It’s fine.” Said Liam as Carly decided to get back to the topic at hand. She didn’t want to cause Liam any discomfort.

“So you’re a werewolf and Scott is one. Does that mean I’m one too?” Asked Carly changing the subject.

“Yes and I will help you through it.” Said Liam

“What are the others? Are they werewolves too?” Asked Carly

“No, but they aren’t human. Lydia is a banshee she’s really good at finding dead bodies. Malia she’s a werecoyote which I didn’t know existed till I met her. Kira’s a kitsune which is a fox creature. Stiles was the nogitsune but now is back to his werewolf self, which hasn’t been long.” Said Liam

“What do you mean?” Asked Carly

“Stiles knew from the beginning that something was up with Theo, but none of us believed him. He went after Theo but almost got killed because of it. Scott didn’t want to lose another friend...” Said Liam

“Another?” Asked Carly

“Yeah. The last time Stiles was possessed by the nogitsune...” Said Liam

“He was possessed before?” Asked Carly

“Yeah, Stiles hasn’t had good luck lately. But to continue, the last time he was possessed he killed tons of people, including two of his friends. I never got to know them but I heard they were awesome.” Said Liam

“Who were they?” Asked Carly

“Allison and Aiden. Allison was someone everybody loved. They were fighting the Oni...” Said Liam

“Oni?” Asked Carly

“Warriors the nogitsune got control of. She looked away for one second, and one Oni warrior stabbed her. She died in Scott’s arms and everyone felt it was their fault that they didn’t save her. But not as much as Stiles. The nogitsune copied his body and kidnapped Lydia. If they would have left him alone she’d still be alive, but it wasn’t his fault. It was her choice to save her friend, no one else’s. While Aiden wasn’t always the good guy. At first him and his twin Ethan were the bad guys but they eventually joined team McCall.” Said Liam

“How do you know all this if you weren’t there?” Asked Carly

“It’s something people talk about.” Said Liam

“So back to Stiles.” Said Carly a little more interested in him.

“Scott didn’t want to lose another friend so he turned Stiles. They have been friends longer than any of us, the original pack. But it’s more than that, it’s like they’re brothers. Even when they get mad at each other, they will protect one another at all costs.” Said Liam

“I feel horrible. It wasn’t his fault and I blamed him for it. I blamed him for being a murderer. I feel terrible.” Said Carly

“He’ll get over it.” Said Liam

“Are you...gahh!” Said Carly falling off the bench holding her head. Pain surged through every part of her body, like someone had turned her blood to lava.

“Carly, what’s wrong?” Asked Liam as he grabbed her arms. He could sense the pain being inflicted but he still didn’t know how to help. Liam pulled her onto his lap, “Gahhh!”

“Guys!” Screamed Liam as everyone ran out to see where the screaming was coming from. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Carly collapsed and in pain.

“What’s wrong with her?” Asked Scott as he crouched down beside her. He set his hand on her arm and took some of her pain.

“I don’t know, she just collapsed.” Said Liam

“Her eyes.” Said Lydia

“They’re pure white.” Said Stiles as he looked at Lydia and she looked at him.

“Carly!” Screamed Liam as everything around Carly washed away like water thrown on a painting.

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