Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Twelve

“Kira, what are you doing?” Asked Lydia as she backed away from the incoming figure. Kira looked murderous, nothing like the Kira everyone knew. This was a monster, taking on the form of her friend. Lydia looked into Kira’s eyes and nothing of her friend was there, it was just dark.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Asked Kira flipping out her belt, as it transformed into its samurai form.

“Kira, its me. Lydia, your friend. I need you to see that.” Said Lydia as she kept moving back.

“You were my friend. Now that I know what needs to be done, you can’t be in the picture.” Said Kira running after Lydia.

“I’m your friend.” Said Lydia who was cornered.

“Not anymore.” Said Kira stabbing Lydia with her belt samurai sword.

“Why?” Asked Lydia coughing up blood.

“Because heroes don’t always win.” Kira whisped into Lydia’s ear as she pulled the sword out. Lydia then fell to the floor lifeless and pale. Kira stepped over Lydia’s dead body and started dialing.

“Lydia has been taken care of.” Said Kira to someone on the phone. She looked back at the lifeless body of her once friend and smiled. Finally, she got rid of one of the good guys, one of the heroes.

“Now take out the next target.” Said the other

“And who is that.” Asked Kira

“Stil...” Said the other on the phone as Carly was brought back to reality.

“Carly?” Asked Scott

“Yeah...” Said Carly opening her eyes slowly. It was a really bright day so it took her a few minutes to adjust. Once she could keep them open, she sat up in Liam’s arms.

“Are you okay?” Asked Kira

“I’m fine.” Snapped Carly at Kira.

“You are definitely not fine.” Said Liam

“It happens all the time, no need to worry.” Said Carly standing up

“No need to worry! You fainted and your eyes turned white, that is not normal. What happened?” Said Lydia crossing her arms across her chest.

“I just fainted.” Said Carly lying through her teeth. If they found out what she was, and what she’s done they may never forgive her. They might werewolves, banshees, werecoyotes and kitsunes but that was physical pain. Carly’s pain was mental and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“You’re lying.” Said Scott

“No, I’m not.” Said Carly

“I can hear your heartbeat, it skipped a beat at the word faint.” Said Scott

“Tell the truth.” Said Kira

“I am.” Snapped Carly

“Just leave her out of it.” Said Liam still holding onto Carly. He also wanted to know what happened because he knew that was no faint, but if she didn’t want to tell, he wouldn’t make her. Whatever that was looked painful and she did not look good, he wanted to make sure she was okay. She’s already been through too much.

“What aren’t you telling us?” Asked Lydia

“I could smack it out of her.” Said Malia

“No. Let her tell us on her own.” Said Scott

“Carly, you don’t have to tell them anything.” Said Liam

“If I don’t they’ll keep asking.” Said Carly turning to look at the others, “You all are creatures born or bitten. I was born into my curse and I will have to live with it till the day I die. Your curses cause physical pain, but mine causes mental pain and that is worse than any pain someone can inflict with a blade or claws. I’m like a banshee but much much worse.”

“What are you?” Asked Scott

“Have you ever seen a show called My Babysitter’s a Vampire?” Asked Carly as everyone nodded their head no, “Well as you tell by the title a family’s babysitter’s a vampire. One of the main characters named Ethan sees things. When he touches someone or something his eyes turn white and he sees something.”

“Like a vision?” Asked Lydia

“Yeah but since it’s a kids show on Disney, he has no pain with his visions. In my case, I’m not so lucky. In the show he is called a seer and so that is what I am.” Carly explained looking really worried. She was worried that they would be scared of her or worse.

“So your psychic?” Asked Stiles

“Kinda, but I only have visions. I can’t talk to ghosts or anything else. I am only allowed to see glimpses into the future like someone getting murdered or kidnapped. Usually something dark, something I don’t wanna see. Something that would be in a normal person’s nightmare.” Said Carly

“A seer can’t exist.” Said Malia

“If werewolves, banshees and kitsunes exist, why can’t seers exist?” Questioned Carly

“Because this is the first time in my entire life I have heard of them.” Said Malia

“Anything is possible.” Said Scott

“So when you collapsed, you had a vision?” Asked Liam sounding worried and confused. He has known Carly his entire life but has never seen her do this. What happened since the last time he saw her? What caused this and why?

“Yes.” Said Carly

“How long have you been getting these visions?” Asked Scott

“About a year.” Said Carly

“Do your parents know about this?” Asked Liam

“Nope, I haven’t told anyone, till now.” Said Carly getting sad for a moment. She remembered the reason she came to see Liam. The reason she had these powers. The reason her mother was dead.

“Does it hurt?” Asked Stiles

“Yeah, but after some practice I’m hoping the pain will ease. I won’t be sure until something happens. If I succeed, I will have visions with no pain at all; the one good thing I have to hope for.” Said Carly

“But why did your eyes turn completely white?” Asked Scott

“When I have a vision everything around me washes away like a painting when water is poured on it. All the colors run and wash away just like my surroundings. So when I get sucked into the vision my eyes lose their color too. Making them colorless and white.” Said Carly

“What did you see?” Asked Stiles

“I saw...” Said Carly

“Hey, lets start the drama tomorrow. Give her a break.” Said Kira wanting to get Carly alone. If she saw visions she might already know her plan and that was something Kira could not have. If she knew then she needed to be disposed of.

“Sorry.” Said Stiles

“It’s fine.” Said Carly

“Okay. Let’s go inside and get back to having a good time. Forgetting about all the drama and facts that we just learned about. Even if some of it seems impossible.” Said Malia going inside.

“You coming?” Asked Scott

“Yeah in a minute.” Said Carly

“Take as long as you need.” Said Liam going inside with everyone but Kira. Kira waited till everyone was far enough inside that they wouldn’t hear her. Then she just stood there until Carly started staring.

“What are you staring at?” Asked Kira getting annoyed. If she had the chance she would kill her right here and right now. But getting caught was not an option and she couldn’t take the chance.

“I know who are.” Said Carly

“I’m Kira, you already knew that.” Said Kira

“Your being controlled to kill. I think they were called the Dread Doctors? You know your being controlled, right? Like a puppet.” Carly blurted out. The

“They don’t control me.” Said Kira pushing Carly on her butt.

“Yes they do. I saw the needle they injected into your eye. They made you a killer.” Said Carly

“You don’t know me. You don’t know the things I have done. How can you know if your some silly little girl.” said Kira putting her hand around Carly’s throat.

“I know that you are going to kill Lydia tomorrow night. That you’re going to stab her and enjoy every minute of it. I might be a silly little girl but I know a lot more than most...” Gasped Carly

“I’m gonna kill you.” Said Kira squeezing harder.

“That’s the same thing you said to Lydia as you plunged your sword into her chest.” Said Carly

“Shut up! You might know my plans but you won’t be here to stop it. You’ll be long dead.” Said Kira squeezing Carly throat harder.

“K...ill meeee. But the...en will you’re a” Gasped Carly

“If you speak one word...” Said Kira lifting her hands.

“You’ll kill me, and that’s fine. But at least I’ll die knowing I tried to stop you.” Coughed Carly as she rubbed her throat. She then grabbed her bag and headed in the house, pretending none of that just happened.

Ring. Ring. “Hello?” Asked Kira knowing the familar breathing. She wanted to kill these heroes as bad as the next but the doctors were still frightening. Even if she was evil.

“Your first target has been determined.” Said the surgeon

“Lydia Martin?” Asked Kira

“Correct.” Said the surgeon

“What about this girl…” Said Kira

“We know.” Said the surgeon

“What are we gonna do about her?” Asked Kira

“Bring the girl to us.” Said the surgeon

“What about Lydia?” Asked Kira

“Once we have Carly, you may take out Lydia Martin.” Said the surgeon

“How will I get her away from the pack?” Asked Kira

“Find a way.” Said the surgeon hanging up. Nothing more but silence on the other line. So Kira put her phone in her pocket and headed back inside.

“I wanted to say sorry, for getting you hurt.” Said Stiles coming over to Carly who was sitting at the counter, alone. Knowing that Kira was going to do something awful.

“Liam explained everything, I should be the one saying sorry.” Said Carly

“Just let me say it, I need know I said it.” Said Stiles

“Okay.” Said Carly giving her full attention to Stiles.

“I’m sorry I broke your arm and almost killed you. You’re cursed because of me and I’m sorry for that. But tell me one thing…” Said Stiles feeling like the monster he was.

“What?” Asked Carly interrupting Stiles.

“What did you see, when you had that vision?” Asked Stiles

“If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone else. Not yet anyway.” Said Carly as she quickly looked around the room. Kira was distracted so hopefully she wasn’t listening. Carly took a deep breath and turned back to face Stiles.

“Why?” Asked Stiles

“Because Kira will be listening.” Said Carly

“What’s wrong with Kira? If she hears the conversation, what does it matter?” Asked Stiles

“She’s being controlled by the Dread Doctors. I saw them inject something into Kira’s eye and since then they have been controlling her. She has been evil for weeks, maybe months and no one has noticed. No one has noticed because no one wants it to be true.” Said Carly

“That can’t be true.” Said Stiles

“That’s what I saw and nothing I’ve seen has been false, unless they change their mind or someone stops it.” Said Carly

“If this was true, she’d be a villain and she has done nothing but help.” Said Stiles

“It’s an act. She’s been playing you guys for weeks, pretending to be the goody two shoes she always is. But she’s not, not anymore. She is a emotionless killing machine and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants.” Said Carly

“And what does she want?” Asked Stiles

“She’s wants to kill every last one of you, starting with Lydia.” Said Carly

“You’re joking.” Said Stiles

“She’s going to drive her samurai sword through Lydia on the north side of the school building. I saw the whole thing happen and I don’t think you want to see it as well. Kira will kill Lydia, unless you do something about it.” Said Carly

“Are you sure she’d do this?” Asked Stiles

“Yes.” Said Carly

“Why can’t you tell Scott or at least Lydia?” Asked Stiles

“Because I won’t be here much longer.” Said Carly looking over to Kira who looked evilly back at her. She saw she would be taken a week ago so she knew what was coming. She was just hoping to have more time. To say goodbye.

“Why?” Asked Stiles

“I heard Kira talking with the Dread Doctors, she’s supposed to take me to them.” Said Carly lying about how she heard the information.

“We need to tell everyone.” Said Stiles getting up.

“Don’t.” Said Carly grabbing his wrist.

“But…” Said Stiles

“If you tell, Kira will know I told and will kill Lydia even earlier. I won’t risk another’s life for mine. Not anymore.” Said Carly pulling Stiles back into his seat.

“When is she supposed to kill Lydia?” Asked Stiles

“Tomorrow night.” Said Carly

“Then what do I do?” Asked Stiles

“Keep quiet, and lie. When it comes time for Kira to kill Lydia, you protect her.” Said Carly

“What about you?” Asked Stiles

“Don’t worry about me, I can protect myself.” Said Carly not sounding very confident.

She’s had these powers for a year and she’s been a werewolf for less than two days. What’s next? Getting possessed by a ghost? She was surprised how well everyone took her secret, most would call her crazy. It was nice to feel liked for a change, even if it is only for a short while.

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