Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Thirteen

After hours of hanging out and celebrating getting Stiles back, things started to slow down. Carly felt awkward around Liam’s friends but she tried, since she was probably never going to be able to go home. As a kid she lived up in Beacon Hills but moved at the age of 8, so everyone old enough or who cared remembered who she was. She was only at the high school because she wanted to see Liam and tell him. But since the bomb and her becoming a werewolf she just hasn’t had the time.

“I think I’m gonna go home, I don’t want my mom to worry. Ever since I was in the hospital she’s been really overprotective.” Said Lydia slowly getting off the couch.

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna go to. Carly you, coming?” Said Liam

“In a second.” Said Carly hugging Liam

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” Said Scott

“Actually we have a few weeks off of school, because of the construction.” Said Lydia

“Even better.” Said Scott

“Bye.” Said Liam heading out doorway.

“Relax it’s over now.” Said Lydia

“I have a feeling it’s just the beginning.” Said Stiles as Lydia hugged him, “We need to talk about what happened upstairs.”

“Soon.” Said Lydia as she started for the door. He knew what was gonna happen but could do nothing to stop it. At least not for now.

“I’d like to freshen up before I head out. Where’s your bathroom?” Asked Carly walking over to Stiles.

“Up the stairs and to the left.” Said Stiles pointing toward the stairs.

“Thanks.” Said Carly

“I think I’ll freshen up as well.” Said Kira

Carly let Kira go first and once Kira was out of sight she stopped. When Scott left, she mouthed something to Stiles. She mouthed, “Save Lydia.” knowing she probably wasn’t leaving that bathroom by herself.

Stiles mouthed back, “I will, I promise.”

Then Carly made her way up the stairs to the bathroom, where Kira was waiting. She was leaning up against the tan counter. When Carly entered Kira looked up with an evil grin. But Carly wasn’t scared, what happened to her, she deserved it. For everything she did.

“I thought you’d be waiting.” Said Carly

“I know you told Stiles.” Said Kira

“Then you know he’ll stop at nothing to protect everyone, especially Lydia.” Said Carly

“You have only known him for about a day, maybe less. How do you know anything about him?” Said Kira getting defensive. Even if she wanted them all dead, she wanted Carly dead even more and she was getting very annoying.

“Because this isn’t the first vision I’ve had of you guys.” Said Carly

“How much do you know?” Asked Kira

“A lot more than you think ” Said Carly

“How much?” Asked Kira grabbing a sharp metal nail file from Melissa’s makeup bag.

“I know that the night you were coming back to town the Dread Doctors stabbed a needle into you eye and made you a monster.” Said Carly

“I am not a monster. Scott and his pack have hurt a lot of people. I am doing the world a favor.” Said Kira crossing her arms.

“When Stiles killed, it was the nogitsune in control. Liam, Lydia and even Malia have never killed an innocent on purpose. Scott the all powerful true alpha hasn’t even killed anyone. How are they the bad guys?” Said Carly

“You can hurt someone without killing them. Besides, Scott did curse Liam, Stiles and you when he didn’t have to.” Said Kira

“He turned all of us to save our lives.” Said Carly

“He saved your life once, but he can’t save you this time.” Said Kira stabbing the nail file into Carly’s stomach.

“Aw….” Said Carly holding the bleeding wound.

“That is the best thing I’ve done all day.” Said Kira putting one hand on Carly’s shoulder and other starting to twist the file. As she twisted, she could hear the flesh tearing, and blood flowing. This is the first time today she actually got to do something fun, and she enjoyed every minute of it.

“Ah...what are you gonna do kill me or are you going to take me to your bosses?” Said Carly holding back her urge to scream.

“They are not my bosses, we’re partners. Get it through your thick skull, I am no one’s pet.” Said Kira punching Carly so hard she became unconscious.

“What was that?” Asked Scott

“I think someone screamed.” Said Malia

“I’ll go check it out.” Said Stiles

“I think it’d be better if I went, we don’t know…” Said Scott

“I think I can handle it.” Said Stiles running up the stairs. When he made it to the bathroom the door was ajar, and from the crack Stiles saw movement. He opened the door to find blood on the floor and Kira dragging an unconscious Carly out the window.

“Stop!” Yelled Stiles

“I can’t, not till everyone is dead.” Said Kira

“Why?” Asked Stiles

“Because heroes don’t always win. You should know that better than anyone. You could have helped me Stiles but now your back to your original bland self.” Said Kira

“Then why save me?” Asked Stiles

“Because I’m a fox and foxes are amazing tricksters.” Said Kira jumping out the dark window with Carly on her back.

“What happened?” Asked Scott running into the room. Kira and Carly were both gone and there was blood all over the floor. Who caused this and why?

“You wouldn’t believe me.” Said Stiles

“Try me.” Said Scott

After Stiles explained everything, Scott responded, “It can’t be true.”

“The Dread Doctors messed with her mind, she is being controlled.” Said Stiles

“But she helped us, why is she doing this now?” Asked Malia

“I have a feeling it has something to do with Carly.” Said Stiles

“Why?” Asked Malia

“The Dread Doctors could control her this entire time but did nothing, why?” Said Stiles

“To attack us when we wouldn’t expect it.” Said Scott

“But she went berserk killing the nogitsune.” Said Stiles

“Maybe they wanted the nogitsune dead.” said Malia

“But he was an ally who could get away with stuff, they couldn’t. They needed him, they didn’t want him dead.” Said Stiles

“Then why?” Asked Scott

“I don’t know.” Said Stiles as Liam entered the house.

“Where’s Carly? I’ve been waiting for like 20 minutes.” Said Liam walking through the front door. Everyone looked nervous but why were they nervous? What was going on that Carly wasn’t with them, where was she?

“She’s gone.” Said Malia

“What do you mean, gone?” Asked Liam

“Kira took her to the Dread Doctors.” Said Stiles

“How could she?” Said Liam under his breath.

“I don’t know. But we were thinking that she did this because she’s being controlled.” Said Stiles

“But Carly is innocent. Why would they want her?” Asked Liam

“Her visions tell the future, if they used her they’d be unstoppable.” Said Scott

“But how did they know she even existed?” Asked Malia

“I don’t know.” Said Stiles

“But you always know.” Said Liam getting angry. Stiles started this. If he never got possessed, Carly would fine and he wouldn’t have lost her again. He can’t lose her. He just can’t.

“I’m not psychic, I’m just observant.” Said Stiles

“You caused all of this!” Yelled Liam tackling Stiles

“Liam calm down.” Said Scott trying to pull Liam off Stiles.

“It wasn’t my fault.” Said Stiles blocking his face.

“You got her hurt. You started everything. You’re the reason any of this is happening!” Yelled Liam transforming into werewolf form and howling into Stiles face.

“It’s not my fault!” Howled Stiles transforming into werewolf form and throwing Liam off him.

“I’ll rip you apart!” Yelled Liam running at Stiles

“Stop! This is not going to get her back.” Said Scott standing in the middle, putting one hand on Stiles and one hand on Liam.

“I didn’t cause her kidnapping, okay? She came to me with the information about Kira, she trusts me. So you should too.” Said Stiles

“Then you got any ideas on how we can save her?” Asked Liam

“What if she’s already dead?” Asked Malia

“I won’t let that happen.” Said Scott

Suddenly Lydia burst through the door, ” I know where she is.”

“How?” Asked Liam

“Because I can feel her dying.” Said Lydia

Carly woke up in the middle of a musty room tied down to a wood chair with zip ties. The walls and floors were both made of cement. There were no windows and the only way out was one little door on the other side of the room. When her vision became clear, Kira was standing in front of her; still wearing that evil grin.

“She’s awake!” Yelled Kira

“Mhm.” Mumbled Carly as she was still pulling herself together.

“Time to meet my friends.” Said Kira as the Dread Doctors enter.

“Subject appears normal.” Said the surgeon getting close to Carly. He lightly pulled her eyelids apart so he could see her eyeballs.

“You must be the Dread Doctors, you’re scarier then I remembered. What I saw made you look like weak links; losers even.” Said Carly confident.

“Subject is calm.” Said the surgeon circling around Carly.

“That’s because I’m not scared of you.” Said Carly as the surgeon jabbed her in the ribs.

“Hey!” Growled Carly as her eyes turned pink.

“When In werewolf form, eyes are pink.” Said the surgeon

“What are you gonna do to her?” Asked Kira

“Her powers are not at full capacity because of werewolfism.” Said the surgeon

“Must fix.” Said the two doctors coming forward with a bunch of tools; all of them were sharp and metal. For the first time since this mess, Carly was scared. She wasn’t scared of dying, just the pain beforehand. She was not good with pain, not at all.

“What are you gonna do?” Asked Carly wiggling in her chair.

“Must remove werewolf.” Said one of the other doctors.

“How are you going to do that?” Asked Carly in a high pitched voice. When she got scared her voice always got higher in tone.

“A while back the doctors created a chimera that craved blood.” Said Kira

“Like a vampire...” Whispered Carly

“Yes, like a vampire. He died early on, only a few weeks after his transformation actually. He could have done so much if Malia hadn’t killed him. Anyways, he was the first real life vampire or at least close to one. He was a great weapon.” Said Kira

“So how does that make me human again?” Asked Carly

“In lore, werewolves and vampires have always been mortal enemies. Every story written says that werewolves hate vampires and vice versa. So the doctors tested a theory on a few humans.” Said Kira sounding so smart. Even though she was the idiot working with those monsters.

“What theory?” Asked Carly

“That a werewolf could be cured by vampire bite or blood. So they took a few teens and tested it. When werewolves were injected with the blood it cured them but any vampire-like subjects died instantly; from very terrible and bloody deaths.” Said Kira

“So you’re going to inject me with “vampire” blood?” Asked Carly trying get out of the chair. That did not sound fun and she really didn’t like needles. Like a super phobia of all needle phobias.

“Yeah, and the best part is that since vampires are undead and werewolves are not, you’re gonna feel a lot of pain. It will be fun to watch.” Said Kira smiling from ear to ear.

“How much pain?” Asked Carly trying to get out of the chair as the surgeon brought over a large syringe with an even bigger needle. This week was just not Carlys week.

“You’re going to die and come back over and over.” Said Kira

“You mean it’s going to feel like my dying.” Said Carly

“No, I literally mean your going to die. Eventually, the werewolf part of you won’t be able to heal you, so the last time you come back you’ll be human.” Said Kira

“And if it doesn’t work?” Asked Carly

“You’ll die.” Said Kira holding Carly down as the surgeon injected a giant needle into Carly’s forearm.

“This will go on for hours, maybe even days, depending on the person.” Said Kira

“Ahhhhh!” Screamed Carly as fire flooded her veins, burning at her nerves.

She could hear her heartbeat as clear as day but something was wrong; It was as if someone was trying to make it stop.

“You hear that?” Asked Kira

“Ahhhhh!” Screamed Carly

“That’s your heart stopping, slowly and painfully until there’s nothing left.” Said Kira

“Ahhhhh!” Screamed Carly, her screaming went on for minutes until her head dropped and silence rang out.

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