Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Fourteen

“How do you know it’s her?” Asked Liam

“Who else would be put in that much pain?” Said Lydia holding her side. Normally when someone died she was just drawn to them, no pain involved. But this time was different, maybe it was because Carly was different; who knows. All Lydia knew was that Carly was in a lot of pain, crippling pain.

“If they kill her, I don’t know what I’ll do…” Growled Liam as his eyes turned yellow. His breathing quickened and anger was spreading across his face. Scott noticed the change as he grabbed Liam’s arm.

“Calm down, Liam.” Said Scott holding Liam back.

“How do I calm down when a person I love is dying?” Asked Liam

“Just stay calm, if you’re angry you’ll do more bad than good. If want to help her you need to stay focused.” Said Scott

“I can’t. All I want to do is rip someone apart. With my strength, I can get her back.” Said Liam

“I know you believe that but it’s not the way. I’ve been stuck in your shoes on multiple occasions, so I understand. My mom was gonna be sacrificed, Stiles got kidnapped, Lydia’s gotten kidnapped, you when you were thrown in that well. I’ve know the feeling all too well, and I’ve always stayed calm. So just stay calm.” Said Scott letting go of Liam.

“I’ll try.” Said Liam nodding his head as he gave Scott a small smile.

“Okay long have you had this feeling that Carly was dying?” Asked Stiles

“Ever since Kira took Carly.” Said Lydia as her legs gave out. Stiles took a step forward and caught her. He kept her standing as she leaned against him. Malia noticed the closeness so she continued the conversation.

“You know she got taken?” Asked Malia hiding the hate she was feeling right now.

“I was texting my mom and when I was about to leave, I saw Kira jump out the window.” Said Lydia

“Do you know which way they went?” Asked Liam

“No, it was too dark. But if you remember I am attracted to dead bodies, if we wait a bit I’ll just go there and you can follow me….” Said Lydia realizing what she just said after it was too late.

“But that means she’s dead...” Said Liam

“We’ll find another way.” Said Scott

“Will we?” Asked Liam

“We’ll try.” Said Scott

“Is she even alive?” Asked Liam looking over at Lydia. She looked really pale but not as bad as before.

“I don’t know.” Said Lydia with confusion.

“How do you not know?” Asked Liam

“Whenever someone dies I get a feeling in the pit my stomach to get to a certain place. This time is different because I’m in pain, but I still had the urge to find her. I was about to head off when the feeling just stopped, like...” Said Lydia

“She woke up.” Said Stiles

“Yeah. Whatever the Dread Doctors are doing to her, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.” Said Lydia leaning her head on Stiles while she regained her composure.

“Hey, I’m gonna get you out of here.” Said Stiles starting to undo the zip tie on Carly’s arm. She was only half conscious but she recognized the voice. She knew he was in danger but there wasn’t much she could do.

“No, they’ll catch you.” Whispered Carly, opening her eyes.

“It’s fine. As long as you get out, then it doesn’t matter what happens to me.” Said Stiles getting one of her hands loose.

“Look out!” Screamed Carly as he turned around to get stabbed my Kira’s blade. It stopped only an inch away from his heart and Kira knew it.

“Stiles, stop trying to be the hero; to be Scott. It’s gonna get you killed.” Kira whispered into his ear. Kira kinda liked Stiles, at least the void part anyway. But if he kept being the hero, she’d have to kill him because heroes get in the way.

“I’d rather die a hero then live long enough to become the villain.” Said Stiles pushing Kira away.

“You already are the villain.” Said Kira stabbing it into his heart.

“Aw...” Said Stiles falling to the floor lifeless.

“Nooooo!” Screamed Carly as she woke up.

Carly opened her eyes and realized she was still tied to the chair. She was still in the cement room, none of that had happened. Not yet, anyway. This is when Carly noticed Kira.

“You must have had a vision, seeing as you screamed yourself awake. What was it about? Was it about me?” Asked Kira getting real close to Carly.

“It was nothing important.” Said Carly

“Everything you see is important.” Said Kira pointing a knife at Carly’s neck.

“I thought you’d be gone by now, killing Lydia.” Said Carly changing the subject.

“All of them will come here to save you. If I can take them out in one blow, then my mission is complete.” Said Kira walking around Carly twisting the knife in her hands.

“How do you know if they’ll even come?” Asked Carly

“Liam is your family, Stiles will feel guilty and Scott is the hero. They’ll come and bring everyone along with them.” Said Kira getting real close to Carly’s face.

“What did the doctor’s promise you, if you killed all of them? Money? Power? Respect?” Asked Carly as Kira started to become annoyed.

“They promised I’d get to go home and back to my life.” Said Kira

“They’re never gonna let you go, you must know that.” Said Carly

“We’re partners, they will keep their side of the bargain. If they don’t, I kill them and take my leave. As simple as that.” Said Kira with a big smile.

“You’re lying to yourself.” Said Carly

“Maybe I am, but so are you.” Said Kira

“What are you talking about?” Asked Carly as the pain started up again. Her veins lit on fire; like lava was running through them. The fire was headed toward her heart and the beats started to slow.

“Your moms car crash wasn’t an accident.” Said Kira

“Yeah it was...Ahhhh!” Screamed Carly

“We both know what hit your car that night and it was no deer.” Said Kira

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly

“Ahh!” Screamed Lydia as she fell to her knees. She felt as if her heart was being crushed in someone’s hand. Then while someone crushed it, they lit it on fire. She could barely breathe; it was so bad she could feel her eyes getting wet with tears.

“What’s happening?” Asked Stiles as he bent down to help her up. Malia noticed the way he grabbed Lydia’s arm and she knew something was going on. She would have to talk to Stiles later.

“It’s Carly.” Gasped Lydia as Stiles helped her to her feet.

“Is she…” Said Liam

“She’s dying.” Said Lydia

“We could call Kira and make her give Carly back?” Said Liam

“Why don’t we listen?” Said Scott pointing to his ear.

“That’s probably a better plan.” Said Liam as everyone listened for Carly. Next door a cat was playing with yarn, down the road a child was laughing, 4 blocks from their location a person was yelling at their ex, and finally they heard her across town. She was screaming at the top of her lungs in a cement room. It was a basement and they recognized it.

“She’s at school.” Said Scott, Malia, and Liam at the exact same moment.

“I couldn’t find her voice.” Said Stiles

“That’s because you need more practice. Once this is over, I’ll teach you.” Said Scott

“We know where she is, let’s go.” Said Liam heading toward the door.

“I think we should wait.” Said Stiles

“If you want to wait that’s fine, but I’m going.” Said Liam running out the door.

“Liam!” Yelled Malia but he was gone.

“We have to go after him.” Said Lydia

“Okay. Lydia and Stiles take the jeep and Malia and I will take Malia’s car.” Said Scott

“Why do they get to go together?” Asked Malia with clear annoyance.

“Because I need you to be ready. Stiles and Lydia will be in the back for search and rescue.” Said Scott

“I think I can handle myself.” Said Stiles

“I’m not taking any chances, now let’s go.” Said Scott as Stiles helped Lydia outside.

Everyone got in their vehicles. Scott drove in front, while Stiles followed close behind. It was a slow ride and silence was killing her, so Lydia decided to start a conversation. Silence was a gift when it came to her abilities. But silence is just too quiet.

“Stiles?” Asked Lydia

“Yeah?” Said Stiles as gave her a quick glance and then returned his attention to the wheel.

“I know it happened a while ago but I never asked. Why didn’t you tell anyone we kissed?” Asked Lydia really wondering. She knew he had a crush on her, so why wouldn’t he want to tell someone he finally got the kiss; even if it was to save his life.

“I didn’t think you wanted me to tell anyone.” Said Stiles

“Thanks for that…” Said Lydia twiddling her thumbs and looking down at her feet. It was nice of him to think of her.

“I also thought you didn’t want people to know because you would get embarrassed.” Said Stiles

“You thought I’d get embarrassed?” Asked Lydia with surprise.

“Yeah because I’m not your type.” Said Stiles

“My type?” Asked Lydia

“Hot, popular, and strong. You go for the buff bad boys and I am far from either of those. You and I know it was to bring me back to reality but once people found out, rumors would spread. I didn’t want to hurt your popularity.” Said Stiles

“Oh…” Said Lydia

After some awkward silence Lydia spoke up, “Stiles about earlier…”

“Yeah...” Said Stiles

“I meant what I said.” Said Lydia truthfully. She had never seen Stiles in this way and a few years back she would have been disgusted. Ever since that kiss, things have changed.

“So did I.” Said Stiles glancing over at her.

“But you have Malia?” Said Lydia

“I love Malia, I do, but I’ve only known her for three years. I’ve known you since third grade, I will always love you. Nothing will change that.” Said Stiles

“I had no idea.” Said Lydia as they arrived at the school.

“Me and Malia will go in front, you guys stay in back.” Said Scott as they entered the school. When it was empty and dark the school could be pretty spooky. Probably because so many horrible things happened there. It was a horror house, literally.

They head down the dark corridor when Stiles begins to hear a voice, “Stiles? I know you can here me Stiles.”

Stiles could tell instantly that it was Kira so he looked round and round but he couldn’t spot her. He tried to use all his senses but something was blocking it. The group continued walking as he whispered, “Where’s Carly?”

“She’s next to me. Dead.” Whispered Kira is a ghostly tone.

“What did you do to her?” Whispered Stiles

“We made her better. She’ll be on our team and fight for our cause. You should join us Stiles; join the winning team.” Said Kira

“I will never join you. I am not the nogitsune; I might have the memories but I am trying to push those down. I don’t want to be the bad guy.” Whispered Stiles as they made it to the basement door.

“Are you talking to someone?” Asked Malia

“No. Why would you think that?” Said Stiles awkwardly

“Just nevermind.” Said Malia

“We’re coming to save Carly and defeat you.” Whispered Stiles as they made their way down the stairs.

“Scott can try and so can Lydia and Malia. But you on the other hand, won’t be with them.” Said Kira as someone pulled Stiles into the darkness of a side passageway.

“Is everyone alright?” Asked Scott as they got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Wait. Where’s Stiles?” Asked Lydia looking around.

“Stiles!” Yelled Malia but there was no answer.

“We’ll find him, let’s just save Carly first. Stiles can take care of himself.” Said Scott as the others followed him through a creaky wooden door. They walked into a giant cement room with no windows or any natural sources of light. It was almost completely empty, almost.

“You finally made it to the party.” Said Kira as everyone noticed the limp Carly tied to a wooden chair, Liam chained to a wall, and Stiles passed out on the floor.

“Let them go!” Yelled Scott with a growl.

“This isn’t you.” Said Malia

“This is me, a better me. I used to be weak and now I can take you all down. I don’t even have to think twice.” Said Kira with a twisted smile.

“Kira, please let them go.” Said Lydia

“Once I finish my mission, there will be no one to save.” Said Kira

“What did you do to Carly?” Asked Malia as she noticed how pale and sick she looked. Malia might not have much empathy but she felt bad for the girl. She got thrown into this against her will; all Carly wanted was to see her cousin but instead she got turned, kidnapped, and struck with pain.

“We’re fixing her curse.” Said Kira

“You mean…” Said Scott

“We’re making her human.” Said Kira

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