Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Fifteen

“How? That’s not even possible; I would know, I’ve tried.” Said Scott as Lydia and Malia glanced over at him. Scott hated who he became for a while after he was turned. He’s become more accepting, but if there was any chance to go back, he would have done it.

“The Dread Doctors are very skilled in many a thing. For hours, maybe even days, she will wake up and then die again. The very last time she wakes up she’ll be human and the doctors can’t wait.” Said Kira with s grin.

“That’s why I felt the pain suddenly disappear.” Whispered Lydia to herself.

“Good observation, Lydia.” Said Kira as she turned toward the others, “What makes this situation even better is every time it happens, she’s in excruciating pain. Her heart gets crushed, lava runs through her veins, and everything tingles like thousands of needles stabbing every pore. It’s the perfect kind of torture.”

“Shut up!” Growled Liam

“Finally, you’re awake.” Said Kira walking over to Carly.

“Stay away from her.” Said Liam eyes turning yellow. He struggled against the chains as anger spread across his face. No one was gonna hurt his cousin, not if he could help it.

“Carly, I need you to wake up.” Said Kira digging a nail into the back of Carly’s neck.

Carly twitched and jumped awake. She looked around with wide eyes, noticing all Liam’s friends. She didn’t want more people getting hurt, and her worst nightmare was coming true.

“Leave her alone.” Said Liam finally breaking through the chains.

“I will let her go, but first, let’s have some fun.” Said Kira as Scott, Malia and Liam collapsed in pain. Every blood vessel in their brains were being popped over and over again, fast enough where they couldn’t heal. It was so painful that their vision started to blur.

“Please…just kill me, leave them alone.” Said Carly

“I’m not allowed to kill you, but I can kill her.” Said Kira pointing at Lydia.

“Lydia run!” Screamed Carly as Lydia ran out of the room as fast as she could.

“Once they don’t need you anymore, I’ll kill you myself.” Said Kira running after Lydia.

“Kira, what are you doing?” Asked Lydia backing away. Kira had the scariest look on her face, and Lydia knew what was coming. She was just hoping someone would come to her rescue. She knew from the look in Kira’s eyes that Kira was going to kill her, so she decided to stall as long as she could.

“Stiles!” Screamed Carly as he started to move.

“Mhm…” Said Stiles opening his eyes.

“I need you to untie me.” Said Carly

“Of course.” Said Stiles ripping the zip ties off. There were red marks, but her werewolf healing made them vanish. Stiles helped Carly to her feet so she could lean against the chair.

“You need to go now...ahhh…” Said Carly leaning against the wood chair.

“Are you okay?” Asked Stiles

“I’m fine, you have bigger worries.” Said Carly as realization hit Stiles in the face like a dodgeball.

“Lydia…” Said Stiles running out of the room.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Asked Kira flipping out her belt, as it transformed into its samurai form. She got it from her mother, and boy did she love it. Much better than the typical samurai sword. Hers was special, and better for killing.

“Kira it’s me, Lydia, your friend. I need you to see that.” Said Lydia

“I know. But I’m still gonna kill you!” Said Kira running after Lydia. Kira chased Lydia down a few winding halls till they hit a corner. Lydia tried to find a way out, but she was trapped.

“I’m your friend.” Repeated Lydia

“Not anymore.” Said Kira as if in slomotion the blade aimed for Lydia. Stiles knew he didn’t have time so he ran from his hiding spot and pushed Lydia out of the way. Instead of the blade going through her, it went through him. He would heal, she would not.

“Stiles!” Screamed Lydia as she turned to see the blade going through Stiles’ stomach. Worry filled her body as she tried to get closer. The minute she took a step he gestured her to back up, “Go!”

“I’m not leaving you.” Said Lydia

“Find everyone, go now!” Yelled Stiles as Lydia ran down the hall. She looked back and their eyes met for only a split second. She nodded and vanished around a corner.

“Brave little wolf, trying to be a hero he can never be. I might not have got Lydia, but I can kill you just as well. The end goal is to kill you all, so going out of order shouldn’t be a problem.” Said Kira pushing the sword deeper.

“Ahh...then do it. Kill me.” Said Stiles falling to his knees.

“Why are you so hell bent on dying?” Asked Kira

“I...I...I killed too many people to say I’m innocent. Last time people kept telling wasn’t me and eventually I believed that. But as the nogitsune killed I felt strong, points happy; that’s not something heroes do. I might not be the villain anym...m...more, but it doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to die.” Said Stiles breathing heavily.

“Kira stop!” Yelled Scott

“Please just let him go.” Asked Carly leaning against the wall. The pain was slowly coming back, but she couldn’t let it show. She couldn’t let them worry, not for her.

“You freed her.” Said Kira as she turned to look at Scott.

“Yeah we did, and we are gonna free him to.” Said Scott

“My mission is to kill all of you, why would I let him go?” Said Kira

“We weren’t asking!” Yelled Malia as she tackled Kira away from Stiles. When she had the chance, Lydia ran up to Stiles and pulled the sword out. She then put his arm around her neck and helped him back over to the group.

“You saved Lydia.” Said Carly as Stiles made it over to them.

“Yeah I guess I did.” Said Stiles as he smiled at Lydia and she smiled back.

“Gahh!” Said Carly falling to her knees

“What’s wrong?” Asked Liam

“It’s happening again, ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly

“Kira, please don’t do this.” Said Malia

“It must be done.” Said Kira sliding Malia across the floor to the rest of the pack. When they were distracted dealing with Malia, Kira put her arm around Carly’s neck and dragged her to her feet, putting her in a chokehold.

“Kira, let’s talk about this.” Said Liam

“Ahhh!” Screamed Carly as her iris’ turned pink.

“Thinking is for heroes. Thinking is for people who actually care. But in my case I am neither a hero nor do I care.” Said Kira grabbing her samurai sword that still had Stiles’ blood on the blade.

“Don’t do anything rash. Kira, she is just a girl caught in the crossfire; please don’t do this.” Said Stiles as Kira opened a hidden compartment on the hilt of the sword. Inside was a button, when she pushed it her sword turned into a small dagger.

“Did you tell them?” Asked Kira

“Tell us what?” Asked Scott

“I wanted to tell Liam personally...ahh…” Gasped Carly as pain surged through her body. Her legs were wobbly, her hands tingly, and her vision kept going blurry.

“Tell him.” Said Kira

“Mhm.” Said Carly

“Tell him!” Yelled Kira as she put the blade up to Carly’s neck. She pushed enough for discomfort but not enough to draw blood.

“I didn’t just come to town to see you. There’s something I wanted to tell you. After everything that has happened, I haven’t had the chance.” Said Carly

“Okay?” Said Liam

“A year ago my mom was driving me home from a sleepover, because I got in a fight with one of my friends. On the way home a deer ran out into the road causing the car to slide into a tree. I was banged up but al..ive...e...e. I looked over to my mom and she wasn’t so lucky. A second later, I had my first vision of all the memories I had of her. At first I thought it was my life flashing before my eyes, but then 9 months ago...ahhh...I had a vision of my brother breaking his leg. Two days later, he was in the hospital because he was beaten up and got his leg broken.” Said Carly in tears.

“That’s horrible.” Said Lydia

“How come no one told me…” Said Liam with tears in his eyes.

“My dad didn’t want to hurt you. He knew you were doing well at this new school, and he didn’t want you to act out. Next month, he is actually getting married to a woman named” Said Carly in a whole lot of pain.

“How could he get over your mom that quick?” Asked Liam

“I think he just wants us to be back to the way we were and he’s using that woman to do it.” Said Carly

“Why did you tell us this?” Asked Scott

“Because the thing that made them crash wasn’t a deer.” Said Kira

“Ahh..this wolf ran out into the middle of the road so we swerved. It rained the day before so the road was kinda slippery. Right when we were about to crash, I saw the wolf transform into a woman.” Said Carly

“A werewolf.” Said Liam

“Can you tell them who it was?” Asked Kira

“It was Amy. Amy killed my mom.” Said Carly

“That’s awful.” Said Malia

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Asked Liam

“No one would believe me.” Said Carly

“Why tell us this, why do you care?” Asked Scott

“Because Amy wasn’t a natural werewolf. She was one of the first successes for the Dread Doctors, just like Theo.” Said Kira as she looked at her wrist as if their was a watch,”Oh, time for me and Carly to go; time flies when you’re having fun.”

“You are not leaving with Carly.” Said Liam as he growled.

“I will and I can. She is in too much pain for a human to take. Why don’t I make the process faster?” Said Kira pointing the dagger at Carly’s stomach. The tip of the dagger was touching Carly’s shirt.

“This isn’t you.” Said Scott

“Everyone has a dark side.” Said Kira

“This isn’t your dark side, you are being controlled.” Said Lydia

“I was told not to touch Carly. If I was being controlled, would I do this?” Asked Kira stabbing the blade into Carly’s stomach.

“Ahhh….” Gasped Carly as blood started to seep through the wound.

“Why?” Asked Liam as a tear fell down.

“Because I need you to feel pain, the more pain you people feel, the easier it will be to kill you.” Said Kira

“Just give Carly to us, and we can talk about this.” Said Scott

“I can’t, the Dread Doctors need her. No one defies them and lives.” Said Kira

“Ahhh.” Said Carly as her hands were painted red.

“Please…” Said Liam

“Sorry, but heroes don’t always win.” Said Kira disappearing with Carly.

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