Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Sixteen

“I should’ve done something...” Said Liam as he punched the wall; leaving a dent in the brick. He never knew how much pain she’d been in, he was in the dark. He should’ve known about the crash, he should’ve protected her, he should’ve done more.

“We’ll get her back.” Said Scott as he squeezed Liam’s shoulder.

“I’m not so sure you believe that.” Snapped Liam as he pushed Scott’s hand away.

“I want to find her…” Said Scott as Liam turned to face him with anger in his eyes.

“You despise what you did to her and you hate Carly just a little bit too. Everytime I say her name or you look at her, I can see it in your eyes. You don’t want to save her because if you do then more problems will come your way. You would rather let her die, then save her life!” Yelled Liam

“I saved her for you. Yes, I despise what I did to her, but that look in my eyes isn’t hate. It’s me being sorry that I got her into this mess. If she died like she was supposed to we wouldn’t be in this mess, but I would feel even worse that I let another innocent die. Liam believe me, I want to save her!” Yelled Scott

“Stop fighting, this isn’t going to fix anything.” Said Stiles as they completely ignored him.

“If you really wanted to save her, you would have held Kira down while we escaped. You could’ve done anything necessary to save everyone, but you didn’t. You’re too much of a coward to hurt your precious girlfriend!” Yelled Liam as he got in Scott’s personal space.

“She isn’t in her right mind and she isn’t just my girlfriend; she’s your friend too. She was there the first time you turned, she was there through all your anger fits, and she was there when you needed a friend. Or have you forgotten?!” Yelled Scott getting closer to Liam.

“Stop!” Yelled Stiles as he put on hand on Liam and a hand on Scott, pushing them away from each other. Stiles getting in the way broke them out of their anger.

“Fighting isn’t gonna solve anything, we need to work together to get Carly back.” Said Lydia

“What happens when we get her back? If we let her go home she’ll be living with a murderer and not just any murderer, but a werewolf who was created by The Dread Doctors. How are we gonna keep her save? If she stays in town she’ll be taken from her dad and brother, how do you explain that she can’t come home? I say we cut our losses and leave her.” Said Malia

“We are not leaving her.” Said Liam moving away from Scott.

“We’ll figure out the details later, first we need to get her back.” Said Scott

“How are we gonna find her?” Asked Lydia

“Do you know her scent?” Asked Malia

“Not really.” Said Liam

“Could you get a scent from blood?” Asked Stiles pointing to the small puddle of blood.

“Yeah, a very strong one.” Said Scott crouching down beside it. He felt so bad that she had to go through all of this. She didn’t deserve this, no one did.

“So, who wants to go first?” Asked Lydia

“I’ll go first, she’s my cousin.” Said Liam bending over the blood, sniffing. The smell of cherries filled his senses as directions to her location filled his brain. He backed away as Malia, Scott and Stiles sniffed the blood; catching the scent.

“Alright, you all go rescue Carly. I’ll go to Noshiko to figure out how to cure Kira. Then we can get more done at a faster rate.” Said Lydia as Stiles gave her a reassuring look.

“Call us as soon as you find anything.” Said Scott

“I will.” Said Lydia leaving for Kira’s.

“Let’s go rescue her and this time no one is getting in my way.” Said Liam as the group followed Carly’s scent trail.

“How are we gonna cure Kira?” Asked Lydia, sitting down next to Noshiko. They needed to find a way to fix this, and fast. If they didn’t, a lot of people could die, including her friends.

“Have you read the Dread Doctors’ book?” Asked Noshiko

“Yeah, I have.” Said Lydia

“In the book did it mention anything about curing people from The Dread Doctors hold? A spell, a potion, or even a pressure point?” Asked Noshiko

“I can’t remember…” said Lydia

“What do you do when the answer is on the tip of your tongue?” Asked Noshiko

“I scream.” Said Lydia

“Then scream.” Said Noshiko

“But I…” Said Lydia as Noshiko grabbed Lydia’s shoulder. She looked at her with confidence and strength. Noshiko knew it was the only way.

“Lydia scream.” Said Noshiko

“Here goes nothing...Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Lydia in a very high pitched wail. Everything around them started to shake, even the walls looked like they were shaking. Noshiko covered her ears, but it still hurt anyway. Nothing she could do blocked the noise. So she held her hands over her ears until the screaming stopped.

“Anything?” Asked Noshiko rubbing her ear.

“Yeah I think so.” Said Lydia

“What?” Asked Noshiko

“Someone who was a werewolf and got turned back into a human, has to inject their blood into Kira. Then she’ll be back to her normal self, but the person who gave her blood will forget...everything that...happened since they were bit….” Said Lydia

“Aw...ah….aw.” Loudly breathed Carly as she woke up. She looked around, but she did not recognize her surroundings. She searched the room until she spotted Kira by the front door.

“Finally, I thought you were never gonna wake up.” Said Kira

“Where am I?” Asked Carly

“We’re at Lydia’s cabin.” Said Kira

“Aw…” Said Carly moving to a different position on the wooden chair she was tied to. Why is she always tied to a wood chair? How about a comfy couch or recliner, even a wood chair with a cushion would be better than this.

“I got you good.” Said Kira lifting Carly’s shirt to show the stab wound.

“Get your hand off me.” Said Carly

“Your wound is slowly healing, you should be human in a few hours.” Said Kira grabbing an injector.

“Why does it matter, you’re gonna kill me anyway.” Said Carly

“The Doctors need you, so you won’t die just yet.” Said Kira

“What’s that for?” Asked Carly noticing the device in Kira’s hand.

“This is a small little electronic bug that’s going to crawl around on your brain.” Said Kira putting the injector up to Carly’s neck. It was cold, shiny metal and when Kira pushed the button Carly felt nothing. Not even a tiny pinch.

After a bit of silence Kira spoke, “Scott’s pack isn’t gonna stop until they get you back, so this bug will do our job without us having to be near.”

“What job?” Asked Carly

“Whenever the Doctors need to know something they’ll push a button and whatever you see will appear on this screen.” Said Kira as she turned on the t.v.

“Please…” Said Carly

“Show me where Lydia is.” Said Kira pushing a button

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly as everything around her washed away.

“I’ll go to Noshiko to figure out how to cure Kira...” Said Lydia as Carly came back into reality.

“She’s going to my mother to cure me, how sweet.” Said Kira putting the remote down. She grabbed her jacket and headed for the door. She turned back and gave a grin.

“Leave her out of it.” Said Carly as her pupils turned light pink.

“You’re barely a werewolf anymore you can’t do anything to me.” Said Kira

“She’s your friend.” Said Carly

“Don’t you get it? I don’t care.” Said Kira getting close to Carly’s face. There was a look of disgust and hatred in her eyes, one you could drown in. If you hadn’t known her before, there is little chance you’d guess she wasn’t evil the whole time.

“Where are you going?” Asked Carly struggling against the rope. She knew Kira was going after Lydia, but she wanted confirmation. Lydia didn’t have claws to protect herself, she wouldn’t be able to make it out alive.

“Lydia’s alone, what do you think I’m doing?” Said Kira

“You’re just gonna leave me here?” Asked Carly

“Yeah because Liam will be here in 5..4..3..2..1...” Said Kira sneaking out the back.

There was a moment of silence and then Liam came bursting through the front door. He looked around the room and when he spotted Carly, relief flooded his mind. He ran up to her and began untying the ropes. Tears of joy were in his eyes when he noticed that she was okay, at least for now.

“Liam!” Said Carly hugging him; tight. She was still weak from everything, but for now she was fine. Fine until she started dying once again.

“Where’s Kira?” Asked Scott

“She’s…” Said Carly

“Lydia…” Said Stiles running out of the cabin.

“Stiles?!” Yelled Malia as she followed him outside.

“Stiles, Malia, and I will deal with Kira. You two stay here and rest.” Said Scott running after Stiles and Malia.

“Are you okay?” Asked Liam

“I’m fine but could you get me a glass of water.” Said Carly hiding the remote behind her back.

“Of course.” Said Liam as he exited the room. She needed to know how Lydia would die. She needed to help. She needed to do something.

“Show me how Lydia will die.” Whispered Carly, pushing the button. Carly then held back her scream as everything washed away.

Suddenly, Carly was in a home she did not recognize. It was older and in the Japanese style, which looked very nice. Carly looked around until she noticed two figures talking to each other in another room. Carly slowed crept up and opened the door just far enough so she could see what was going on. Lydia was talking to an older woman, and they were focused in conversation.

“Then scream.” Said Noshiko

“But I…” Said Lydia

“Lydia scream.” Said Noshiko

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Lydia in a very high pitched wail. The walls shook and Carly had to cover her ears. Even in visions she could feel pain.

“Anything?” Asked Noshiko rubbing her ears.

“Yeah, I think so.” Said Lydia

“What is it?” Asked Noshiko

“Someone who was a werewolf and got turned back into a human, has to inject their blood into Kira….” Began Lydia

“Well, well, well, trying to be the hero I see. You guys never seem to quit, even though you know you’re going to lose. You are all like flies that keep flying into a house, knowing fully that one day someone will squash you.” Said Kira as she interrupted Carly.

“Kira, I’m your friend and I want to save you.” Said Lydia

“I don’t need saving.” Said Kira pulling out her belt samurai sword.

“Kira, I know my daughter is in there somewhere, and she would never kill her friend. She is too kind to hurt anyone who isn’t evil. You must stop this. Be my daughter again.” Said Noshiko

“Your daughter has been gone for a very long time. She was weak, shy, and pathetic. I get things done and I know how to kill.” Said Kira

“I don’t believe you.” Said Noshiko moving in front of Lydia.

“What are you doing?” Asked Lydia

“She won’t hurt me.” Said Noshiko

“I’m not gonna let you risk your life for me.” Said Lydia

“And I’m not gonna let you get hurt.” Said Noshiko without moving a muscle.

“Move mother, I need to finish this.” Said Kira grabbing her mom by the neck.

“Leave her alone.” Gasped Noshiko

“It’s my mission.” Said Kira

“I won’t let you.” Gasped Noshiko

“Then I guess I have to dispose of you then. I didn’t want to do this you leave me no choice. Goodbye, mother.” Said Kira, throwing Noshiko across the room. Noshiko’s head slammed into the stonework, causing blood to spew from her head.

“Kill me, I don’t care anymore.” Said Lydia

“Gladly.” Said Kira as she stabbed her samurai sword through Lydia’s stomach as everything came back.

“Carly? Hey, hey are you okay?” Asked Liam as Carly opened her eyes.

She looked up into Liam’s worried eyes as he checked for injuries. She’d forgotten how protective he’d always been for her. Liam never had any siblings of his own so Carly was the closest thing he had. It meant a lot to know someone cared for her.

“I’m fine, just give me your phone.” Said Carly getting back to the situation at hand.

“Did you have a vision?” Asked Liam

“It doesn’t matter, just give me your phone.” Said Carly looking for Lydia’s number and dialing. She had to pick up, if she didn’t then Lydia could already be dead.

“Hello?” Asked Lydia

“Are you at Kira’s?” Asked Carly as relief spread across her face. She was so glad she’d seen the future and not the present. As long as Lydia got out of there she should be okay.

“I just got here, wait how did you...” Said Lydia

“Nevermind how I know, just get back in the car.” Said Carly

“Why?” Asked Lydia

“Because Kira will be there any minute to kill you.” Said Carly

“But we need to know how to cure her.” Said Lydia

“I already know how to cure Kira.” Said Carly

“How?” Asked Lydia as she got into the car slamming the door.

“You do?” Asked Liam

“I’ll explain later, but I need you to come to your family’s cabin right away. This is of upmost importance.” Said Carly as Liam began looking at her with worry again. He did not like where this conversation was headed and Carly knew that.

“I’ll be there as soom as I can.” Said Lydia hanging up.

“How do you know how to cure Lydia?” Asked Liam

“I’ll explain later. Call Stiles, Scott, and Malia I have something to say.” Said Carly

“Are you…” Asked Liam

“I’m fine, just do it.” Snapped Carly

“Okay, I’m on it.” Said Liam going into the other room.

“I will save Kira even if it kills me.” Whispered Carly as her body ached. Kira had done awful things to her but there was still a chance of saving Kira. Carly has lost a lot of people in a short amount of time and she wasn’t gonna let Liam feel the same agony.

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