Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Nineteen

“What happened?” Asked Stiles into the phone. Lydia was relaxing in the living room as he talked to Scott in the kitchen. Since his fight with Malia he has been thinking of what to do.

“Kira’s cured.” Said Scott

“Can I talk to her?” Asked Stiles

“She’s out cold right now. When she’s asleep I almost forget about the nasty things she’s done. I’m just hoping when she wakes up, it’ll be the real Kira and not that monster.” Said Scott struggling to hold the phone and Kira.

“ Carly okay?” Asked Stiles

“She’s fine.” Said Scott

“Alright...good...great.” Said Stiles as he scratched the back of head. He wanted to ask Scott something, but didn’t want to seem desperate. He could hear Scott sigh on the other side of the line

“What do you want?” Asked Scott

“How do you know I want something?” Asked Stiles acting as if Scott was crazy. Scott wasn’t wrong, but Stiles didn’t want to admit that.

“Whenever you ask something of me, you get awkward. You pause between words and end sentences like your going to say more. Even through a phone I can tell you want something. What do you want, Stiles?” Said Scott

“No…” Said Stiles

“Stiles.” Said Scott

“Okay fine, I want something. I was just wondering if you could talk to Malia about the fight. Get her to at least talk to me. I think I’ve made a decision.” Said Stiles

“Sure, I can talk to her for you.” Said Scott

“Really?” Asked Stiles with surprise.

“Yeah, see you soon.” Said Scott hanging up.

Stiles put his phone in his pocket and made his way back over to the couch. He tried to sit as far from Lydia as the small couch would allow. After he was situated her turned toward Lydia and spoke, “Carly did it, Kira’s cured.”

“Good I can’t wait to have my friend back and not a person hell bent on murdering me.” Said Lydia

“Yeah.” Said Stiles as he sat down.

After a bit of silence Lydia spoke,“Why did Malia ignore you earlier? I noticed when you guys came in, she scooted away from you. Malia also yelled at you before she left with Scott and Liam. What was that about?”

“We got in a fight.” Said Stiles

“About?” Asked Lydia

“You.” Said Stiles

“Oh...well why were you fighting about me?” Asked Lydia awkwardly looking down at her feet. She knew the reason, but she wanted Stiles to say it.

“You know why.” Said Stiles

“So, what happened?” Asked Lydia

“Malia heard us say I love you to each other and noticed a few of my actions where I was close with you. She got mad and who’d blame her? I’m her boyfriend and I’m looking at another girl. After a talk with Scott and a lot or thinking, I know what I want.” Said Stiles

“What is it that you want?” Asked Lydia

“You.” Said Stiles as he grabbed Lydia face and pulled her lips to his.

“Do you think you can walk?” Asked Scott carrying Kira out.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Said Carly covering her arm. The longer she could carry this out the better, they needed to get back to the cabin. She would let them go first, then she’d get as far away as she could.

“Let’s get back to the cabin. Once we get to safety we can decide what to do next.” Said Scott as everyone followed behind him.

“Malia?” Asked Scott

“What?” Asked Malia with annoyance. She wasn’t in the mood to have a chat about what happened, but Scott continued talking.

“I’ve known Stiles for a very long time, until you came along he only loved one person…” Said Scott

“Lydia.” Said Malia

“Yeah Lydia. He used to be obsessed with her, maybe a bit of a stalker depending on the day. She ignored him for years, not caring for his existence. But a while back she started to pay attention to him, she had a boyfriend, but he could wait. She was all he obsessed about until he met you. He loves you Malia.” Said Scott

“I know he does, but he also loves her.” Said Malia walking ahead of Scott as Carly and Liam started having a conversation.

Carly’s wounds were getting worse. Her arm felt like it was on fire and her back ached. She was gonna die and she knew that. She was just hoping to have more time, “You were awesome back there.”

“Thanks.” Said, Carly, squeezing her arm as she turned toward Liam. She was going to miss him, but he would live on and do so many cool things. He was the best cousin you could ask for.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Said Liam

“Yeah, I’m fine...e...e.” Said Carly as she felt claws go into her back. She hid her face away from Liam while clenching her teeth. It felt searing rods had shoved into her back. She wiped away a tear and turned back towards Liam.

“I…” Began Liam

“Liam.” Said Carly interrupting Liam mid-sentence.

“Yeah?” Questioned Liam

“I just wanted to say that...I love you.” Said Carly as blood seeped onto the back of her shirt. Her fingers began to tingle and she couldn’t feel her toes at all.

“I love you too, but why…” Said Liam

“Stop, I smell blood!” Said Scott interrupting Liam.

“I smell it as well. Where is it coming from?” Asked Malia turning to look at Carly

“Carly are you…” Said Scott as he noticed her legs were shaking. Her face was pale and clamy, something was wrong.

“I’m not as well as you thought.” Said Carly as her legs started to weaken.

“What do you mean?” Asked Liam

“I’m...I’m...dying…” Said Carly collapsing onto the ground.

“Carly!” Screamed Liam kneeling by her side.

“What happened?” Asked Malia

“She’s bleeding, why is she bleeding?!” Asked Liam as blood was all over Carly. He tried to find the source, but there was too much blood. He looked her with worry as he continued his search for her wounds.

“Remember before Kira passed out she mentioned that Carly would die faster, maybe this is what she meant.” Said Malia

“We are going to save you, I will not lose you again.” Said Liam

“There’s nothing you can do…” Said Carly

“Carly, why are you bleeding? I never saw you get injured.” Asked Scott

“I’m bleeding because…ahhh… once I became human. I only had….ahhh...a few hours…until I would have died. But since I….I...cured Kira it sped up my...y...y death” Said Carly

“Did she mention a way to save you?” Asked Malia

“” Said Carly coughing into her hand. When she brought her hand back into her line of vision it was painted red. It hurt everywhere and she just wanted it to stop.

“Liam…” said Scott

“Don’t.” Said Liam

“Ahhh….” Said Carly as Liam picked her up.

“Liam just wa…” Said Scott

“No, I am getting her back to that cabin with or without you.” Said Liam as he ran past them with Carly in his arms. She used all her strength to cling to his neck, but her arms were failing.

“Do you think she’ll make it?” Asked Malia

“I don’t know…” Said Scott as they went after Liam with Kira still in Scott’s arms.

“Move!” Yelled Liam as he ran through the back door of the cabin. Stiles and Lydia stood up to see a bloody and weak Carly in Liam’s arms. She looked terrible, almost ghost-like.

“What happened?” Asked Lydia as Liam threw everything off the table that was the perfect size for Carly to lay on. She felt her eyelids getting heavy, but she kept them open. She was not gonna die without saying goodbye.

“She’s dying.” Said Malia as her and Scott made it inside.

“I thought you said she was fine.” Said Stiles as Liam laid Carly on top of the table.

“When Carly became human, Kira forgot to mention that she only had a few hours to live. It would’ve been hours, but since she cured Kira it sped up. I don’t know why or how, but because she cured Kira, her life is ending.” Said Liam holding Carly hand.

“We need to find where the blood is coming from.” Said Lydia

“Look at her arm.” Said Stiles pointing to the pool of blood underneath Carly’s arm. Her once blue shirt was now a dark purple and her skin was a bright red. Lydia slowly moved the sleeve to show a bite mark in Carly’s arm.

“How?” Asked Scott

“I’m dying...ahhh…from the wounds…that caused you turn” Said Carly

“Would turning her again save her?” Asked Malia

“No...if you try I’ll...l...l...die instantly because...of what cured...d...meeee.” Said Carly coughing up blood.

“What cured you?” Asked Stiles

“Malia would know.” Said Kira sitting up.

Everyone turned their attention towards Kira. Scott looked relieved while the rest stayed defensive; just in case it wasn’t the real Kira. Liam didn’t care if she was the real one or not, she was still the reason Carly is and has been in pain. He was furious, “I’m gonna kill you!”

“Stop! It wasn’t her fault!” Yelled Scott stopping Liam with his arms.

“I was being controlled, if it was me I would have never done any of this.” Said Kira with guilt written all over her face. She felt awful for everything she had done, especially to Carly. Kira barely knew the girl, but she was the reason Carly was dying.

“It felt like you to me.” Whispered Liam

“Why would I know what she was cured with?” Asked Malia

“Because you killed the chimera used to cure Carly.” Said Kira.

“You mean the one who drank blood? The vampire experiment?” Asked Malia

“Yeah.” Said Kira

“So the Dread Doctors made a vampire? A being that actually drinks blood? Sweet.” Said Stiles as everyone looked at him.

“Stiles.” Said Scott with some annoyance.

“Sorry.” Said Stiles looking down at his feet. Sometimes Stiles said things before he thought them through. He then decided to keep his mouth shut and listen.

“So she was cured by “vampire” blood. How do we fix her now?” Asked Liam

“If we find the blood of the chimera it will heal her wounds, saving her life. The blood made her human and it has healing properties. Once she became human the blood will heal, not kill.” Said Kira

“How do we find it?” Asked Scott

“By using Stiles.” Said Kira

“What?!” Asked Stiles as surprise spread across his face. He never got chosen to do anything, especially something that could save or end someone’s life. He didn’t think he was capable of suceeding.

“Brand new werewolves can be very strong, if you get a whiff of it you’ll lead us right to the blood.” Said Kira

“Shouldn’t you know where it is, since you worked with them?” Snapped Liam

“I might have injected it into Carly, but they never trusted me enough to show me where they got it. I was being controlled, Liam. I would have never hurt Carly otherwise. I’m so sorry.” Said Kira

“Why can’t Scott or I catch the scent?” Said Malia

“Stiles will pick it up better. It has to be Stiles.” Said Kira

“But he doesn’t even know how to do that yet.” Said Malia shooting knifes at Stiles through her gaze. He felt every single one.

“I can try.” Said Stiles looking at Malia.

“Alright, Stiles I need you to catch the scent from Carly’s blood.” Said Kira

“Do I have to?” Asked Stiles

“Yes, now smell the blood for the scent.” Said Kira

“Aw...fine.” Said Stiles as he walked over to Carly and smelled the blood all around her arm. At first it just smelled like iron, but suddenly, something else showed up. The scent of strawberries filled his nose and he knew that had to be the scent; he felt it.

“Got it.” Said Stiles

“Alright, let’s go.” Said Kira

“Liam, come here.” Said Scott

“But…” Said Liam

“I’ll be” Said Carly as Liam walked over to Scott. As he walked over to Scott, Stiles walked over to Carly. He sat down next to her and smiled a small smile.

“Did you have to hit me that hard?” Asked Stiles

“Sorry…” Said Carly coughing

“I get it, I would have done the same thing.” Said Stiles

“” Asked Carly

“Yeah. I’ve been through darkness too.” Said Stiles

“If I don...t make…” Said Carly

“Don’t.” Interrupted Stiles

“Just meeee o....ut. If I don...t make it, I ne...ed you to te...ll some...thing fo...r meee.” Said Carly

“What?” Asked Stiles

“” Said Carly as she grabbed Stiles’ collar and whispered in his ear, “Hayden is al...ive.”

“What?!” Said Stiles really loudly.

“Shhh!” Said Carly, seeing as no one paid attention.

“She’s alive?” Whispered Stiles

“Yes, with others., Cor...ey and one” Whispered Carly coughing.

“Theo’s pack…” Whispered Stiles

“Yeah. But don...t te...ll anyone, especially I want to tell him my...self. If I don’t make it, th...en tell hi....mmm.” Said Carly

“Come on, Stiles.” Said Kira as Malia, Lydia, Scott and Kira headed outside.

“Ple...ase don...t te...ll” Said Carly

“I won’t, I promise.” Said Stiles following the others.

“What was that about?” Asked Liam coming back over by Carly.

“” Said Carly

“It’ll be fine.” Said Liam holding her hand.

“May….ahhhhhh!” Screamed Carly as everything around her washed away.

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