Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Two

After Stiles had woken up, Scott drove him home. When they arrived, Stiles went right up to his room and passed out seconds later. Scott decided to stay with Stiles, he had never turned before and Scott was worried. Stiles was clever, but he also had panic attacks. If something riled him up he could just snap. While Scott dealt with Stiles, Malia and Liam searched the sewers, but there was no sign of Theo; he fled. So for now they waited, anyone who’s hiding something eventually makes a mistake; they have to.

“Scott, what are we gonna do about Theo?” Asked Kira

“I don’t know. All I know for sure is that the full moon is tomorrow and Stiles is a brand new werewolf. I want to help my friend through this, and then we can find Theo.” Said Scott crossing his arms over his chest.

“How do you think he’s gonna handle it?” Asked Kira

“He’s a strong person. I just don’t know if he’s strong enough for this.” Said Scott

“Are you gonna chain him up?” Asked Kira

“I’m gonna have to. What other choice do I have? It’s his first and I’m not gonna let him hurt anyone, or that guilt will just build. When he had to deal with killing all those innocent people as the nogitsune it almost tore him apart, I can’t let anything like that happen again.” Said Scott

“Do you think he’s okay?” Asked Kira looking into Stiles’ room to see him fast asleep.

“I don’t know...” Said Scott with worry.

While Scott and Kira were whispering, Stiles was having a nightmare. He was in a dark room with no light, no windows, not even a door. Suddenly this bright spotlight comes from the front of the room and was only pointed at him. He took a step to the right and it followed, he went left and it did the same.

“Hello? Who’s there?” Said Stiles but no response.

“I can hear you breathing. Who are you?” Asked Stiles again hoping for a response. And this time he got one.

“You want to know who I am?” Asked a man

“Yes.” Said Stiles

“I’m your inner wolf.” Said the man stepping out of the shadows. It was Stiles but it wasn’t. He had the fangs and facial features like Scott but his eyes weren’t red, blue or even yellow; they were a light purple.

“Your eyes.” Said Stiles

“You mean our eyes.” Said the inner wolf

“Why are “our eyes” purple?” Stiles asked

“Because we are rare.” Said the inner wolf

“What do you mean, rare?” Asked Stiles with confusion and worry. Becoming a werewolf was hard enough but being a rare type was even worse.

“We were possessed by the nogitsune about two years ago correct?” Asked the inner wolf circling Stiles.

“Yeah, I got one my friends killed because of it, so what?” Asked Stiles as the horrible memories came rushing back. Allison dead, Isaac electrocuted and Scott shish kabobed.

“You were possessed by something dark, and pure evil. You were being controlled by a demon itself. That takes a toll on a person’s humanity, doesn’t it? When the nogitsune left, you still had a bit of darkness on your soul. So when you became a wolf, our eyes reflected that darkness.” Said the inner wolf

“But I’m innocent. It wasn’t my fault.” Said Stiles

“Innocent! While the nogitsune killed and you watched how did you feel?” Asked the inner wolf getting right in Stiles face. So close they were almost touching noses.

“Nothing.” Mumbled Stiles

“What did you say? I don’t think I heard you.” Said the inner wolf cupping his ear.

“I felt nothing. No joy or sadness, just nothing.” Yelled Stiles pushing the inner wolf back. Even though the inner wolf looked like him, he really wanted to punch the guy.

“You see Stiles, everyone even “innocent” little you has darkness in them. Even if they don’t believe it.” Said the inner wolf pushing Stiles onto his butt. Would it hurt him if he punched a version of himself, because Stiles really wanted to punch him, full on. Using all the strength he could muster but he put his fist away.

“What now?” Asked Stiles getting really annoyed.

“It’s time for you to wake up.” Said the inner wolf as Stiles jolted up in his bed, sweating and breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?” Asked Scott running over to the bed.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bad dream.” Said Stiles slowly getting out of bed.

“Are you sure it was just bad dream?” Asked Scott with worry.

“I’m fine, Scott. Don’t worry.” Said Stiles not feeling very confident with his words. He wasn’t fine, not at all.

“Okay, I believe you. Why don’t you go downstairs by the others? We’ll be down in a sec.” Said Scott as Stiles got to his feet, wiping away some sweat that had been on his forehead.

“Okay.” Said Stiles walking down the steps. Taking every step slowly, thinking about his dream. When he turned would eyes be purple or was it just his imagination making things up?

“Scott?” Questioned Kira as she looked down at Stiles’ bed.

“What?” Asked Scott

“I don’t think he’s okay.” Said Kira lifting the comforter out of the way to show the sheets. Where Stiles’ hands were resting minutes before, were deep claw marks. Deep enough to go through the mattress. Kira and Scott gave each other a look before heading downstairs. When they arrived, conversation had already begun.

“Alright, so what’s the plan?” Asked Liam as everyone faced him. He crossed his arms across his chest and his face became deadly serious.

“I have an idea.” Said Scott as everyone turned their attention to him, “We need to split up so more things can get done. Liam, Kira and Malia tomorrow night you will go on lookout for any sign of Theo. Me and Lydia will take care of Stiles and his transformation.”

“Why can’t I stay with Stiles?” Asked Malia

“Because you are a trained hunter, and Lydia isn’t. No offense.” Said Scott

“None taken.” Said Lydia agreeing as it was 100% accurate.

“Meet back here around 5 o’clock tomorrow. We will plan everything out then.” Said Scott as he gave a look to Kira and she caught on instantly.

“Sounds like a plan. I think we should all get going. Everyone needs a little shut eye from the exhausting last few days.” Said Kira as Scott mouthed a thank you.

“But...” Said Malia

“See you tomorrow.” Said Kira as she pushed Malia and Liam out the front door. Barely getting them out before she got the door closed.

“You can go home, Scott. I think I can make it till tomorrow night; alone.” Said Stiles as he walked over and sat down on the couch. Scott noticed how slowly Stiles walked and knew something was wrong.

“I saw the claws marks in your bed. How bad was your nightmare?” Asked Scott

“It was nothing. Just some stupid clown.” Said Stiles lying through his teeth.

“Are you telling me the truth?” Asked Scott touching Stiles’ hand. Suddenly, a rush of emotions flooded Scott’s brain. The most prominent one being pain.

“You’re in pain.” Said Scott as Stiles removed his hand from Scott’s.

“It’s just the full moon, I’m fine.” Said Stiles

“How bad does it hurt?” Asked Scott

“It’s nothing.” Said Stiles as he went over to get the pizza. When he made it to the counter, he stopped to hold his side in pain. Then he made it back and sat down.

“I am not gonna leave you. You tried to help me on my first turn and I wouldn’t let you. But this time even if you don’t want it, I’m helping.” Said Scott

“Fine, but can we eat. I’m starving.” Said Stiles changing the subject.

“Sure, let’s dig in.” Said Scott grabbing the first slice of thick 3 meat pizza from the box. But it was just an act, Stiles was lying. His dream was not about a clown and the full moon wasn’t why he was in pain. Scott had been listening to his heart, his heart skipped a beat at the words clown and full moon. He was lying but for what reason? If he was in pain, why not tell the truth? If it was just a dream, why lie about it? What was he hiding?

The rest of the night was peaceful. No monsters, no problems and nothing out of the ordinary. Scott and Stiles could finally just sleep. The next day was just the same. Stiles could feel the pull of the moon, but Scott kept him focused on other things like television and video games, anything that was distracting. Finally, it was time.

“Alright, it’s time. Remember Kira, Malia and Liam if even the smallest clue of where Theo is shows up, call me. Me and Lydia are gonna take Stiles deep into the woods; away from people. We don’t need any problems.” Said Scott

“Are sure this is gonna work?” Asked Kira

“I hope so. If not, things will get worse. Just remember, if anything happens call me.” Said Scott

“Got it.” Said Liam

“Alright, see you all in the morning.” Said Scott as everyone headed out.

Scott started the jeep as Lydia helped Stiles into the backseat. After she closed the door, she got in on passenger side and Scott got behind the wheel. Once on road, pain started to burn at Stiles’ mind. His head was in his hands as he squeezed his eyes shut.

“Are you sure these will hold him?” Asked Lydia pulling out a giant clump of chains.

“It held Liam.” Said Scott as Lydia put the chains back in the backpack Scott had brought.

The pain was becoming unbearable. Stiles felt his claws, poking holes into his skull. His canines extended with pain like a thousand needles stabbing him in the same spot all at once. He could feel his body transforming, he needed to get out of the jeep, now! While Scott and Lydia were distracted with the road, Stiles unlocked the door and quickly rolled out.

Seconds later, Scott stopped the jeep and started running after Stiles; but Stiles was faster. Stiles didn’t even know where he was going all he knew is that he had to keep running. When he finally stopped, he couldn’t take the pain anymore and he screamed, collapsing to his knees. It felt like he was dying over and over again.

“Stiles calm down. Think of an anchor. Someone you care for, to keep you human.” Said Scott suddenly appearing from the tree line. When he arrived Stiles was in ball, screaming. He hated how much pain Stiles was in but there was nothing he could do.

“I can’t it hurts too much.” Said Stiles

“Yes you can. Just relax and think.” Said Scott as Lydia finally caught up to them. Stiles started thinking of Malia. Their first kiss, their studying sessions and every memory in between but nothing worked. Stiles was fully transformed and started to lose his self, he was becoming more animal than human faster every minute.

“Stiles listen me, you need to calm down.” Said Lydia taking Stiles face in her hands.

“How?” Said Stiles breathing very fast.

“Look into my eyes. Focus on the color, not the transformation. Think of a happy memory and focus on the details.” Said Lydia

Stiles looked right into her eyes and calmed instantly. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green, like grass a spring morning. That’s when it hit him. Malia wasn’t his anchor, Lydia was.

“It’s working.” Said Scott as his phone rang.

“Go take that, I can handle this.” Said Lydia

“What memory calmed you down so fast?” Asked Lydia helping Stiles to his feet. He was shaking but he was okay; at least for the moment.

“It wasn’t a memory. I found an anchor.” Said Stiles

“Who?” Asked Lydia

“You.” Said Stiles as Scott returned. Lydia was a bit surprised when Stiles told her, that she was his anchor. She knew that he had a crush on her awhile back but was he still crushing? Even after he got together with Malia?

“It’s Liam, they found Theo.” Said Scott

“Alright, let’s go.” Said Stiles

“No, it’s still a full moon. Meaning at any moment you could lose control once again. We are just lucky, you calmed down for now. But I can’t have you going after Theo in a state like this.” Said Scott

“So you’re just gonna chain me up and leave?” Asked Stiles

“No, Lydia’s going stay here with you.” Said Scott as he started chaining Stiles to the nearest tree.

“Come on. I finally have wolf powers and I’m not even allowed to use them.” Said Stiles struggling in the chains. He tried to break them but failed every time.

“Pretty much, at least for today. Lydia can you come here for a second.” Said Scott

“Sure.” Said Lydia

“When he was transformed, did you see his eyes?” Asked Scott with confusion. Stiles’ eyes were a different color than normal wolves, and he wanted to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

“Yeah. Why weren’t they yellow?” Asked Lydia

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen a werewolf with purple eyes before.” Said Scott

“Is that bad?” Asked Lydia

“I don’t know.” Said Scott

“I’ll try to find some information on it. Now go they need you.” Said Lydia starting to push Scott toward the jeep. He was much stronger than she was and didn’t move a muscle.

“Are you sure you can handle it? I could make Liam come help you.” Said Scott turning around.

“I’ll be fine. Goooo!” Said Lydia pushing Scott toward the treeline. He gave her one last glance as he ran out of sight.

“You were talking about my eyes, weren’t you?” Questioned Stiles looking at his feet as Lydia returned. His dream came true, he had darkness in him. Once you have darkness in you, it never goes away.

“Do you know what it means?” Asked Lydia

“I do.” Said Stiles

“Then what does it mean?” Asked Lydia

“It means I have darkness on my soul.” Said Stiles

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