Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Twenty

“Hello Carly.” Said Kira as Carly turned around. She just left with the others, how was she here? Kira can’t be in two places at once.

“But how? You just left with the others. I saw you leave.” Said Carly

“This is a recorded message activated when I am no longer controlling it. I am most likely taking everyone to the chimera’s blood, but it’s a trap. The blood will heal you, but the Dread Doctors will be waiting for them…” Said Kira

“They’re all gonna get killed because of me. I have to stop them.” Said Carly

“If you are in as bad as a condition as thought, you’ll bleed out before you even get to the door. You will never make it.” Said Kira

“I don’t care.” Said Carly

“As you wish.” Said Kira

“One other thing, I didn’t have this vision randomly. I touched Liam and suddenly I was here. What happened?” Said Carly

“You are having this vision because of Liam. Liam caused this because he was taking some of your pain away. That little surge triggered the bug and this message.” Said Kira

“Will the bug just be dead in my brain forever or…” Said Carly

“No at this moment it is crawling out.” Said Kira interrupting Carly mid-sentence.

“How do I stop them from getting hurt?” Asked Carly

“If you give the Dread Doctors what they want, your friends can grab the blood and save you.” Said Kira

“What do they want?” Asked Carly

“Don’t you know, it’s your visions.” Said Kira

“But they left me to die, I must not be that important.” Said Carly

“Yes, they did, but they always had one question they wanted to ask you. They wanted to wait till the very end, but because you escaped it made things challenging. If you go to them, your friends will live.” Said Kira

“And what is it they want to see?” Asked Carly

“How they will die.” Said Kira

“But if I give them that, they’ll be harder to take down. They’ll know what to protect themselves from. It’ll ruin everything.” Said Carly

“Yes, but remember your visions depend on choice. If someone’s choice changes, so does the vision. So, if they discover how they will die…” Said Kira

“It won’t matter.” Said Carly

“Exactly.” Said Kira

“But how do I get there? As you said, I wont be able to make it out the door. I can’t help anyone if I’m bleeding out.” Asked Carly

“You’ll get there with this.” Said Kira holding a vial of a red substance.

“What’s that?” Asked Carly

“The bug has a very small amount of the chimera’s blood inside of it. While it’s leaving, it will inject the blood into your skin. This will heal the wounds well enough for you to get there, but when the Dread Doctors look into your mind, all wounds will open and you will bleed out. If they don’t get that blood to you, you’ll most certainly die.” Said Kira

“That’s good enough for me.” Said Carly taking and vial and downing it.

“That was imaginary, but the bug has just injected it and left. Go and save our friends.” Said Kira as Carly came back to reality.

“Carly, this gross bug just came out of your ear. Are you okay?” Asked Liam as he clung to my hand. He tried to make her as comfortable as possible and it meant a lot.

“I’m fine.” Said Carly looking at her arm as it was healed enough not to bleed.

“What did you see in your vision?” Asked Liam

“I got to go.” Said Carly getting off the table. She ignored his question and took a few steps toward the door.

“Woah, woah, woah what do think you’re doing?” Asked Liam running around the table to block my path. I tried go around him, but he wouldn’t budge.

“I’m going to end this.” Said Carly

“You are too wounded, just rest.” Said Liam trying to pull her back.

“Get off me! I have been tortured, turned, stabbed, and now I am dying. If I can save even one person before I die, then I’m going to do it. I won’t let anyone else get hurt because of me, never again.” Yelled Carly running out the door.

“Carly!” Screamed Liam

“It can’t be here.” Said Stiles

“I’m sorry, but it is.” Said Kira as everyone entered the room Stiles became the nogitsune in.

“I can’t, you guys find it. I’ll wait here.” Said Stiles backing up.

“You have to come so we can find it as fast as we can before the Dread Doctors return. I know this is hard, but you can do it. You are strong Stiles, so be strong.” Said Kira

“It’ll be fine.” Said Lydia

“Okay...” Said Stiles entering the room. He followed the scent to a wall that looked just like the rest. He knocked, putting his head against it. He did it again and noticed something strange.

“It’s hollow.” Said Stiles turning back to look at the others.

“I got th…” Said Scott

“Look out!” Yelled Stiles as the Dread Doctors appeared behind them.

One doctor grabbed Malia, putting it’s arm around her neck and the other grabbed Scott, putting its arm around his neck. The surgeon came in last revealing the knife in his cane and stabbing Kira with it. Once it went all the way through he lifted her up and threw her out of the room. Lydia ran in the corner out of all the madness and Stiles was stuck in place with fear.

“Stop, Stop!” Yelled Carly running in front of Stiles.

“Carly, what are you doing here?” Asked Stiles

“You are still alive?” Questioned the Surgeon who expected Carly to be dead by now. Carly was a strong girl and she couldn’t be killed that easily. She was going to fight and continue fighting until the very end.

“Let them go, and I’ll show you what you want.” Said Carly

“What are you talking about?” Gasped Scott struggling against against his captor.

“Carly, how are you even standing right now?” Asked Malia

“It doesn’t matter how I’m standing or how I got here. I will show you what you want, just let them go. I wont fight or trick you, just please let them go.” Said Carly

“Will accept.” Said all the doctors at once as they dropped Malia and Scott. Stiles ran over to them as the Surgeon approached Carly.

“Leave her alone!” Yelled Stiles

“Get the blood.” Mouthed Carly as the Surgeon’s hand touched her face.

“I will do this manually.” Said the Surgeon pushing harder on her temples.

“Ah...ahhh..ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly as everything washed away. Carly traveled through darkness until the same room she had just left. Everyone was there, including Kira’s mom.

“You will perish.” Said the Surgeon

“I don’t think so.” Said Noshiko appearing with a remote-like device.

“A remote, really mom.” Said Kira

“This is no remote.” Said Noshiko pushing the button. When the button was pushed all the doctors started shaking furiously. They screeched and one of them fell to their knees.

“What’s happening?” Asked Stiles

“Have you ever noticed that they shake just a bit, or fade in and out? The Dread Doctos do that because they have done something to themselves to stay alive, immortality you might say. This remote gives off the same frequency as the Dread Doctors, causing them to be human as long as it’s on.” Said Noshiko

“Alright, let’s see what happens when I do this.” Said Kira stabbing her sword through one. It screeched an ear piercing scream as it fell to the ground, lifeless.

“Could I?” Asked Malia

“Only this once.” Said Scott as Malia transformed into her werecoyote form.

“Excellent.” Said Malia running at another tearing him to shreds til there was nothing left. She scratched, tore, and ripped it apart. Blood stained her clothes and the wall nearby.

“Now for the Surgeon, the leader.” Said Scott

“Scott, can I do it?” Asked Liam

“Sure, why not.” Said Scott

Liam approached the Surgeon and knocked him onto his back, “This is for killing Hayden, this is for me and this is for hurting my friends.” Said Liam thrashing at the Surgeon’s throat, till the shaking stopped. Then Carly came back to reality, sort of.

Scott went around Carly and the Surgeon, braking through the cement and grabbing a few vials of blood for Carly. He slowly made his way back around, in case the Doctors attacked. Once he got back to the others, he checked on Kira to make sure she was gonna be okay.

“Guys, there’s blood coming out of her ears. Why is there blood coming out of her ears?” Said Lydia

“We need to get her out of here.” Said Stiles

“The Doctors are all in a trance and we have the blood, why don’t we just grab her and run.” Said Malia

“I guessing he’s doing something similar to me putting my claws in someone’s neck. If we move her, it could kill her.” Said Scott

“We could just let her die. She has caused a bunch of our problems.” Said Malia

“She’s Liam’s cousin, we will not let her die. Not after everything she has been through.” Said Scott

“Malia, can I talk to you for a second?” Said Stiles moving over to the side of the room.

“What?” Asked Malia with annoyance

“Scott told me I had to make a decision and I did...” Began Stiles

“You chose her, didn’t you?” Questioned Malia as hurt filled her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Malia. I love you I truly do, but Lydia has been by my side for years and years. She is the longest crush I’ve ever had and I want to be with her. I hope you can forgive me.” Said Stiles as gave Malia a hug, “I’m so sorry.”

“Stiles, I’m mad and hurt and feeling terribke, but I understand. If I was in your situation I’d do the same thing. I love you, Stiles, but you aren’t mine.” Said Malia as a tear rolled down her face.

“Are you mad at me?” Asked Stiles

“It’s just…” Said Malia as Carly collapsed onto the floor and the Surgeon backed away.

“We must retreat till better plans are drawn.” Said the Surgeon as they all left the room. When Scott looked around the corner, they were gone. He double checked and triple checked just to make sure.

“Guys, she doesn’t look good.” Said Lydia sitting by Carly’s side.

“Sorry it took me so long. Finding Carly’s scent was difficult, but I…” Said Liam as he finally saw her limp body, “What happened?”

“We don’t really know. She ran in and said she’d give the Doctors what they wanted. They did something to her head, the Surgeon caused a vision I think. Whatever they saw made them retreat and leave Carly like this.” Said Stiles as Liam kneeled beside Carly.

“Blood is coming from both wounds, and out of her ears. Her breathing is raspy and her skin is pale white. If we don’t inject the blood now, she won’t be alive much longer.” Said Lydia

“Here.” Said Stiles handing her the vials of blood.

“Needle.” Said Lydia as Malia grabbed one from the creepy equipment on the table.

“Are sure this will work?” Asked Liam holding his cousin’s hand, squeezing hard.

“It’ll work.” Said Kira

“Here goes nothing.” Said Lydia putting the needle slowly into Carly’s forearm. Lydia injected two of the three vials into Carly’s bloodstream as the others waited for a response. They watched as her wounds healed and the color came back to her skin. Then Carly suddenly opened her eyes, but they weren’t green, they were red.

“Kira, why are her eyes red?” Asked Scott

“For about five minutes, she’ll go insane and crave blood.” Said Kira

“What!? You never said anything about that!” Screamed Liam

“You injected a ton of blood from a chimera with vampire tendencies. Until it mixes with her blood…” Said Kira as Carly pushed Liam out of the way crouching and hissing at them.

“Will she grow fangs?” Asked Stiles as everyone backed out of the way.

“Nope, just insane.” Said Kira as Carly approached Liam who was still on the ground.

“It’s Liam, your cousin.” Said Liam slowly

“She’s not stupid, she knows that. She just doesn’t care.” Said Kira as Carly got closer to Liam. She sniffed at him with hunger in her eyes.

“Carly, you can fight this.” Said Liam as Carly looked at him for a moment, as if she was breaking out of it. Except she didn’t break out of it, instead Carly launched herself at Liam

“Carly, stop it!” Yelled Liam, holding her back. She snarled at him and kept trying to get at his throat. She looked different, almost animalistic.

“We should do something.” Said Lydia

“I got an idea.” Said Stiles moving away from the group, “Hey Carly, come and get it.” Said Stiles cutting his arm.

“What are you doing?” Asked Malia as Carly noticed the blood.

“I’m saving the day.” Said Stiles as the wound healed, leaving only the blood behind.

“Rahhh!” Growled Carly running at him.

“This is a horrible plan.” Said Scott

“It’s only five minutes.” Said Stiles running out of the room with Carly following close behind.

Stiles ran down one of the sewer tunnels and thought he lost her. He looked right and left, Carly nowhere in sight. Stiles took a breather as from out of nowhere she tackled him onto the ground. As he struggled to get free,.she started licking his arm.

“This is very awkward.” Said Stiles trying to push Carly off, but that blood made her really strong, he was stuck.

“You know I might be your friend, but this is too weird for me.” Said Stiles as she ran out of blood to lick and bit into his forearm.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Stiles at the top of his lungs.

“Let go!” Yelled Scott as he grabbed Carly by her arms and dragged her away from Stiles. She was fighting against his grip as she licked her lips.

“I thought you had it?” Said Lydia sarcastically.

“Shut up.” Said Stiles smiling.

“Carly, snap out of it!” Yelled Scott shaking Carly.

“Look!” Said Malia pointing to Carly. Scott let go of her and moved back to notice Carly’s eyes change back to green. She looked around in confusion and then she noticed Liam. How did she get here?

“Carly?” Asked Scott

“Yeah, who else would it be?” Said Carly

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Asked Lydia

“I remember finding you guys, the Dread Doctors, my vision, and then pitch black darkness. Why? Did I do something wrong?” Said Carly

“Well…” Said Malia

“Nope not a thing.” Said Stiles

“Then why do I have this irony taste in my mouth, uhhh.” Said Carly trying to get the nasty taste out.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Said Stiles

“Where did the Dread Doctors go?” Asked Carly

“They vanished, but they will probably be back soon. We should get out of here, before they do.” Said Scott as everyone followed.

“Stiles?” Asked Lydia

“Yeah…” Said Stiles

“Did you tell her?” Asked Lydia

“Yeah, I did. She’s hurt, but she understands.” Said Stiles as she looked over at Malia and she looked back. He gave her a small smile and she did the same.

“So, what’s the plan now?” Asked Lydia

“We’ll get everything back to normal and then, maybe, we can go our first date. I could pick you up around 8 and we could get dinner. Afterward we could go see a movie or take a stroll in the park.” Said Stiles

“Will everything ever go back to normal?” Asked Lydia

“I hope it does. A normal week or even a normal month, would be nice. We’ll make it through just like we always do.” Said Stiles as he grabbed Lydia’s hand and squeezed it tight. They smiled at one another as everyone left the sewers in one piece.

“I really don’t think you should leave.” Said Liam as Carly started getting her car.

“The bloods completely healed me, I’m fine.” Said Carly

“That’s not what I’m talking about.” Said Liam

“I’ll be fine. Besides, I can’t leave my dad alone with that monster. I’m going protect them and if I need to, I’ll fight back. I won’t let another one of my family members die.” Said Carly closing the car door.

“Don’t do anything stupid.” Said Liam leaning in the open window.

“I won’t.” Said Carly kissing him on the cheek.

“I love you.” Said Liam

“I love you too.” Said Carly driving out of the school parking lot.

“She’s gonna be okay.” Said Scott putting his hand on Liam’s shoulder.

“I hope you’re right.” Said Liam

Carly was on the edge of town when the Surgeon moved in front of her path. Luckily, she noticed in time and stopped the car. When she did, the Surgeon went to the driver’s side and pulled her out of the car and slammed her back into the door, closing it.

“I gave you what you wanted.” Said Carly trying to move out of the way.

“Can’t risk being found.” Said the Surgeon as the other doctors appeared and held Carly against the car.

“Even if I told someone, no one would believe me.” Said Carly

“Can’t take the chance.” Said the Surgeon holding up a scary device.

“What’s that for?” Asked Carly

“This device will block your memories with a wall, so you won’t remember any of this until you return to Beacon Hills.” Said the Surgeon

“I won’t tell, please.” Said Carly

“Can’t take the chance.” Said the Surgeon putting the device on her forehead.

“Ah….ahhh….ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly as a needle went into her forehead.

“Extract memories after the explosion. You will think you went to the school and hung out with Liam for a few days.” Said the Surgeon

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly

“Nothing after the bomb will be remembered until you return to Beacon Hills.” Said the Surgeon removing the needle and disappearing.

Carly blinked once and got back in her car and drove off. Carly believed she had a nice visit with Liam and his friends, but nothing more. At least until she returned…..

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