Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Three

“What do you mean darkness on your soul?” Asked Lydia in a worried tone. Darkness has been in his life for years but he didn’t need more. He didn’t need darkness added to his plate of worries.

“Exactly how it sounds. I had this nightmare about my inner wolf and he said that when the Nogitsune left, he left darkness on my soul.” Said Stiles

“Inner wolf?” Said Lydia

“Sounds crazy, I know.” Said Stiles

“So your eyes are purple because of the darkness on your soul?” Asked Lydia confused and worried. None of this sounded good.

“Yeah, in his exact words, my eyes reflect the darkness.” Said Stiles.

“Oh...” Said Lydia looking down at her feet. She didn’t know what to say or how to even make him feel better. There was really nothing she could do.

After some awkward silence Lydia spoke, “Stiles...”

“Yeah?” Said Stiles shaking himself out of his thoughts. Some were good and some not so much.

“When you said I was your anchor, what did you mean by that?” Asked Lydia thinking about what an anchor means to a wolf. Their anchor is the thing they can concentrate on to keep themselves human. It can be a person, emotion and even an object. It’s something they care for, very deeply. It’s their reason to stay calm.

“When Scott said to think of an anchor, I immediately thought of Malia. I focused on memories I shared with her but I just kept turning. I was losing control and very close to becoming a full on beast. But then you took my face in your hands and I saw your eyes. I calmed in an instant and I knew you were my anchor.” Said Stiles

“Why?” Asked Lydia

“Because, I care for you.” Said Stiles with loving eyes. He had always had a crush on Lydia and even though he was with Malia, he still liked her.

“Oh...well I’m just happy you calmed down.” Said Lydia getting awkward. She rubbed her hands and backed up a bit, distracting herself with the beautiful view of the trees in the moonlight.

“I feel like we’re sitting ducks out here, we need to help Scott.” Said Stiles as he felt a tingling in his gut. He focused on Lydia but this was his first turn and it was harder to control than he thought.

“Stiles, you know we can’t. If you went, you could accidentally take someone’s life and you don’t need more blood on your hands.” Said Lydia looking toward the direction Scott went.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Asked Stiles taking offense. He knew what Lydia was bringing up and he wanted to know what she thought.

“It’s nothing.” Said Lydia

“Tell me.” Said Stiles

“It’s just that when you were the nogitsune, you killed innocent people…” Said Lydia remembering the attack at the hospital as doctors and patients were being electrocuted.

“And?” Asked Stiles

“And you recently killed Donovan, you don’t need anymore blood on your hands.” Said Lydia

“Lydia, I was being controlled by an evil spirit and Donovan was out of self defense, you know that.” Said Stiles feeling hurt. Everyday he had to deal with the guilt of what he did. His friends were the only ones he had and if they couldn’t even understand, then he had no one.

“I know but...nevermind, I’ll be right back.” Said Lydia

“I need to help. Just please let me go!” Said Stiles breaking a chain silently. If she thought he was a monster then at least he could take out another.

“It’s unsafe for you to leave, I’m sorry.” Said Lydia walking away.

“I’m sorry.” Said Stiles breaking another chain

“For what?” Asked Lydia turning around to see Stiles break the last chain

“This.” Said Stiles as his claws grew, canines extended and his eyes glowed purple. He growled at Lydia and darkness was all she saw in his eyes. If she didn’t know him, she’d be terrified.

“Stiles, you need to calm down!” Said Lydia

“I need to kill Theo.” Said Stiles

“No, you aren’t in control. You could hurt Scott, Liam or even Malia. Don’t do this. Calm down.” Said Lydia in most serious tone she could muster.

“Theo needs to pay. I don’t care how unstable I am, he’s gonna pay.” Said Stiles running off into the woods, leaving a stunned Lydia standing in the dark. After the surprise left her eyes, she pulled her phone out and called Scott.

“Where’s Theo?” Asked Scott finally arriving.

“He just entered the abandoned warehouse across the street.” Said Liam pointing to a run down warehouse. It’s grey bricks were covered in moss and grass around it was nearly 2 feet. All the windows were either boarded up or broken. It was a dark and lonely place.

“Did he see you?” Asked Scott

“No, we were hidden behind some trash cans when we spotted him.” Said Malia

Ring. Ring. Scott pulled out his phone and realized it was his phone ringing. He read the caller I.D when Kira questioned him.

“Who is it?” Asked Kira

“It’s Lydia, be right back.” Said Scott walking away from the group. He walked toward an old oak tree and rested beside it. Then he answered the call.

“What’s up?” Asked Scott

“It’s Stiles.” Said Lydia

“What happened?” Asked Scott as worry flooded into his voice. He knew he shouldn’t have left his best friend. How could he abandon him on his first turn?

“He escaped and he’s coming for blood.” Said Lydia

“Theo...” Said Scott coming to a realization.

“Hurry, he’s coming and he’s coming fast.” Said Lydia

“Thanks.” Said Scott hanging up and heading back toward the rest of the group.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Kira

“It’s Stiles, he escaped and is coming to kill Theo.” said Scott

“What’s so wrong with that?” Asked Malia

“It’s wrong, even if their evil.” Said Scott

“How are we gonna stop him if we don’t even know where he is?” Asked Kira

“I think I found him.” Said Liam pointing to a very angry werewolf Stiles running toward the warehouse. Sometimes wolves can sense an emotion if it’s strong enough, all they felt was anger. Searing red hot anger.

“We need to stop him, now!” Said Scott running after Stiles.

“Where are you, Theo? Come out and get me!” Screamed Stiles

“Stiles, can’t you ever die.” Said Theo appearing out of the shadows.

“Sorry, I’m not good at following instructions from a psychopathic killer.” Said Stiles as Scott and the others snuck in and hid behind a pile of musty boxes; still full of whatever this warehouse used to store. It was very hard to see but Scott and the others managed.

“I see.” Said Theo, “How’s your dad doing?”

“Shut up!” Said Stiles as his eyes glowed purple and he growled.

“His eyes.” Whispered Malia looking at the purple glow of Stiles’ eyes. Wondering how they were purple, if every other beta she’d seen had yellow eyes. Why were his different?

“I know, there purple.” Whispered Scott as he noticed the wonder and surprise on Malia’s face. Liam was wondering but he didn’t have anything to say.

“Why? Why are they purple?” Whispered Malia

“I have no idea.” Whispered Scott

“I see, Scott turned you.” Said Theo stating the obvious. As he could clearly see Stiles was in werewolf form.

“Yeah, and now I’m strong enough to kill you myself.” Said Stiles pointing his sharpened claws at Theo. Ready to slash open his throat the first minute he gets. He knew it was wrong, but he really wanted to do it.

“Then why did you bring backup?” Questioned Theo

“I didn’t.” Said Stiles

“Scott I can hear you breathing, come on out.” Said Theo as Scott and the others came into view.

“Theo, just come with us. This doesn’t have to get messy.” Said Scott

“But it does.” Said Theo noticing Scott and Stiles, “I see you’ve made up for the whole Donovan thing? I was hoping that’d last longer but it’s cute.”

“You lied to me and I believed you over my best friend, how could you?” Said Scott with hurt in his eyes. He had guilt over how he reacted and he did not like people bringing it up.

“I wanted a pack without you, and I still want one.” Said Theo

“We are never gonna join you.” Said Malia

“I know. But I do know someone who will.” Said Theo

“Me? I would never be in a pack with a murderer like you.” Said Stiles

“I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about him.” Said Theo pointing at Liam as everyone turned to look at him.

“Me?” Asked Liam

“Of course you.” Said Theo

“I would never leave Scott.” Said Liam

“Is that so? He turned you against your own free will and ruined your life. Doesn’t that make you angry?” Asked Theo

“At first yeah but he is my friend and I would never abandon him.” Said Liam as he and Scott shared a look.

“If you can’t see it my way, I’ll make you.” Said Theo extending his claws and running at Liam.

“I won’t let you hurt him.” Said Scott stepping in front of Liam.

Theo charged at Scott and knocked him to the ground. Scott pushed Theo off him and got back on his feet. Then Scott grabbed Theo by the shirt and threw him across the room. Theo whistled and the three men everyone feared arrived, The Dread Doctors. Suddenly, Scott was paralyzed from the neck down, and Kira, Liam and Malia were all in hallucinations.

“How?” Asked Scott

“The Dread Doctors have a special gift.” Said Theo pausing for effect, “They can paralyze you with a look. They can even make you hallucinate if they want.”

“Why are you working with them in the first place?” Asked Scott

“You see I’m not a normal werewolf, like you all think am I, right Stiles?” Asked Theo as Scott turned to look at Stiles. Just realizing he was paralyzed as well.

“Stiles?” Said Scott

“He’s a chimera. Half werewolf, half coyote.” Said Stiles

“Your a…” Said Scott

“Yes, I’m a success.” Said Theo

“Why didn’t you just make us hallucinate too? Then you could have escaped and we wouldn’t have known where you went.” Asked Scott

“I didn’t make you hallucinate because I wanted you to see this.” Said Theo as a Dread Doctor picked up Stiles by the back of his shirt. Stiles tried with all his might to move, but the effect was too strong. There was nothing he could do, and Scott could barely move as is.

“I thought you wanted Liam.” Said Scott

“That was just so I could bring in the big guns. Liam is of no importance to me but Stiles, he is.” Said Liam

“How?” Asked Scott

“You’ll see.” Said Theo as one of the doctors injected something into Stiles neck. At first there was nothing but then it hit Stiles like a truck. Pain surged through every part of his body and all he could do was scream, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Let him go, please.” Said Scott trying to move but not even his pinky toe twitched.

“See you soon, Scott.” Said Theo as the doctors and Theo disappeared carrying an unconscious Stiles.

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