Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Four

As the doctors left with an unconscious Stiles, Scott tried his hardest to move, even a toe, but nothing happened. They dosed him with a lot of kanima venom, enough to take down a dinosaur. Scott finally began to be able to move his arms and he dragged himself over to Malia.

“Malia! It isn’t real, wake up! You need to snap out of it!” Yelled Scott trying to shake her awake.

“Ahhhhh!” Screamed Malia sitting straight up.

“Good, you’re awake.” Said Scott

“Where are the Dread Doctors? I was just in…” Began Malia

“They made you guys hallucinate, you’re okay.” Said Scott interrupting her.

“Where’s Stiles….” Said Malia looking around the room.

“They got him.” Said Scott in a sad tone. He promised he would never let anything bad happen to Stiles again and he failed. He failed his best friend, the one person who never gave up on him.

“What do you mean they got him?” Asked Kira as she broke out of the haze. She was alert and worried. If the Dread Doctors got him there’s no telling what they’d do.

“Liam was a distraction so the Dread Doctors could take Stiles. I don’t why they want him but it was bad enough to incapacitate us all. Whatever they want, it’s not good.” Said Scott

“I was just a distraction. Wow. That gives me another reason to kill the Dread Doctors and Theo.” Said Liam cracking his knuckles.

“Why would they want Stiles?” Asked Kira

“I don’t know but I have a feeling…” Said Scott as he became nauseous. If they took Stiles, there’s no telling what they’ll do. His best friend was in danger and Scott had no clue where he was.

“What kind of feeling?” Asked Malia

“The kind of feeling that says this isn’t gonna be pretty.” Said Scott

After opening his heavy eyelids, Stiles notices his surroundings. It was dark but he could cleary see the moistness of cement. From the looks of it, somewhere in the sewers. He tried to sit up but he was constrained, tied to a gurney. He lifted his head up and looked down to notice his arms and legs were tied down. He tried to slip out of the restraints but they were too tight for him to even try. He was stuck, and there was no escape.

“We updated the restraints. Werewolf proof. Too many of the test subjects were escaping and I couldn’t let that happen, now could I.” Said Theo stepping out of the shadows.

“Where are your bosses?” Asked Stiles

“They aren’t my bosses!” Said Theo tightening one of Stiles arm restraints.

“Ssss. So, what do you want, Theo?” Asked Stiles gasping in pain. The tightened restraint was digging into his skin and he would definitely have a mark later.

“From the beginning, you somehow knew I was up to something. Everyone else gave me a chance but you saw through my disguise. You always see the monster before everyone else. I wonder why that is.” Said Theo stabbing Stiles in the leg with a scalpel.

“Ah!” Screamed Stiles struggling in the restraints. Theo twisted the blade inside Stiles skin and it burned. He wanted cry but he also didn’t want to give Theo the satisfaction. He really wanted to just rip Theo’s head off with his bare hands, and kick it across the room. But there was no chance of that.

“You are very smart and clever Stiles.” Said Theo pulling out the scalpel.

“It’s one of my many qualities. But I know you didn’t come here to praise or even stab me with medical equipment. What is it that you want from me? You gonna turn me into a chimera or what?” Asked Stiles

“No not a chimera. I’m going to do something much much better.” Said Theo as a evil grin spread across his face. It was unnerving and Stiles was worried. More worried than he already was.

“How can anything be worse than being like you?” Questioned Stiles with a hint of humor to mask his fear.

“Do you remember this, Stiles?” Asked Theo holding up a container Stiles knew well. It contained the one thing that scared him to death. The one thing he still had nightmares about. The one thing that made his eyes purple. The nogitsune.

“How did you get that?” Stiles asked as his heart almost beat out of his chest. The nogitsune made him a monster and he didn’t want it coming back. Never.

“I’m very good at what I do. Once you get to know people, you can learn anything. Even the whereabouts of a monster.” Said Theo

“You can’t.” Said Stiles with pleading eyes.

“Oh, but I can.” Said Theo bringing the box over near Stiles.

“Scott and Kira changed the nogitsune, it won’t work.” Said Stiles thinking of something logical.

“Are you sure? We could test it out. I would love to see what the nogitsune would do with you being a werewolf this time around. Me and him could have a whole lot of fun together.” Said Theo starting to undo the cover.

“Please, I’ll do anything. Please!” Said Stiles struggling in his restraints.

“When Scott and Kira destroyed it’s copy body of you it didn’t kill it or turn it human. They just let it free to possess another. The thing is, it really liked you Stiles; you were good at the game.” Said Theo undoing the cover.

“How did you know that?” Said Stiles struggling even more. He knew it was useless but it was better than not trying at all.

“Do you really think I came to town a few months ago? I’ve been here for a very long time, Stiles. I know more about you then you know about yourself. I did research and I observed.” Said Theo

“How much do you know?” Asked Stiles

“I know enough. For example, when the nogitsune was captured you fainted correct?” Said Theo with a smile.

“Yeah, so what?” Said Stiles

“You didn’t just faint, you died.” Said Theo

“I couldn’t have, Scott would have heard my heart stop.” Said Stiles

“He didn’t notice it because your heart only stopped for a moment. When you suddenly collapsed that was because your heart stopped beating. You were dead for mere seconds and then you were alive and breathing.” Said Theo

“How did it start again without Scott noticing?” Asked Stiles

“The darkness brought you back.” Said Theo

“How?” Asked Stiles

“When the nogitsune left, it tainted you. Like when you died to save your dad. Your heart had a darkness on it and this did the same. It brought you back but have you noticed you have been angrier lately, less the innocent Stiles you used to be? That’s because when you died the darkness took over for just a second and took part of the good Stiles everyone loves. When the nogitsune takes over he will be to full strength again.” Said Theo

“Scott will kill you.” Said Stiles

“Will he? How many has he killed? Give me a number. Round if you have to. How many people or monsters has Scott McCall killed?” Said Theo

“None, he’s killed none.” Said Stiles as his eyes looked away from Theo’s gaze.

“How many lives did you take Stiles? How many lost their lives to the nogitsune? Tell me, Stiles.” Said Theo getting real close to Stiles face. Close enough that Stiles could feel Theo’s breath on his cheek.

“I don’t know.” Said Stiles

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Asked Theo

“I couldn’t keep track.” Said Stiles

“See now that’s why I want Void Stiles. He killed and killed without mercy. He didn’t care who got in the way. He is the perfect villain and he’s a whole lot more fun than you.” Said Theo opening the container.

“Please.” Said Stiles holding his mouth shut.

“Sorry, but the nogitsune will return. He and I are gonna have some fun.” Said Theo holding Stiles mouth open as the lighting bug flew down Stiles throat.

Scott and the others decided they needed to find Stiles as soon as they could. The best place to hide him would be the sewers so that’s where they headed. Once they got to the entrance, Scott’s phone started to ring. He looked at the caller I.D and noticed it was Lydia.

“Where are you?” Asked Scott

“I’m getting in Stiles jeep, where are you?” Asked Lydia as Scott could hear a car door slam. Then a few turns of the key before Stiles ducttaped car came to life.

“We are heading to the sewers. Meet us there.” Said Scott

“Sounds good.” Said Lydia

“Hey, did you ever...” Began Scott

“Do you know why Stiles eyes are purple?” Asked Malia as she stole the phone from Scott. She was curious and worried. She didn’t want to see Stiles get hurt and if this had something to do with that, she needed to know.

“Yeah.” Said Lydia

“Then why are they purple? Tell me, Lydia.” Said Malia

“Stiles told me that they were purple because when the nogitsune left, it left darkness on his soul. Darkness that seeped into his eyes. His eyes are purple to reflect that darkness.” Said Lydia

“That is not good.” Said Scott taking the phone back.

“Why?” Asked Lydia

“Stiles was taken by the Dread Doctors. If he has darkness in him and they made him a chimera, he’d be powerful. Something I hope doesn’t come to pass.” Said Scott as Lydia was in shock with what he just said.

“He was what?!” Said Lydia

“I’ll fill you in later, just get here as soon as you can. We need to find Stiles.” Said Scott

“See you soon.” Said Lydia hanging up.

“So if Stiles becomes a chimera…” Said Kira

“He’ll be the Dread Doctors prized weapon. They’ll turn him against us and they’d win because they know we could never hurt him. They’d be unstoppable.” Said Scott

“Alright I see our only option, let’s kill Theo. That gets rid of one threats.” Said Malia

“I kind of agree with Malia, I mean he is a horrible person. He made you turn Stiles, and he lied to you. Theo has hurt everyone of us, we need to take him down.” Said Liam walking in front of everyone.

“We don’t kill people.” Said Scott

“Scott, he isn’t innocent. Sometimes you need to get blood on your hands. Not everything can be solved with peace.” Said Liam

“No, we will find another way.” Said Scott

“And what if he kills Stiles? Will you kill him then?” Asked Malia

“I hope it doesn’t come to that, now let’s go.” Said Scott heading into the tunnels. The others followed close behind and kept their guards up. If anything came out of the shadows, they’d be ready.

All they had to go on was the description Stiles gave about his fight and where it happened the night he got attacked. So they searched for a room similar or to his exact description. After awhile they finally made it to the room Stiles described but it was empty. They searched the room and every crevice until Scott noticed a button. He pressed his palm against it as a secret door opened.

He entered to find an unconscious Stiles tied to a gurney with creepy medical equipment all around. He ran to Stiles’ side and started to untie him. The others noticed the door and ran in to help.

“Help me untie him.” Said Scott as Liam walked to the other side of the gurney.

“Isn’t it a little too quiet? Too easy? Why would they take Stiles and then leave him unguarded?” Asked Kira

“I don’t know and I don’t care. Let’s just get Stiles out of here.” Said Scott getting Stiles limp body over his shoulder. As this was happening, Stiles was stuck in his mind fighting for consciousness.

“Hello Stiles…” Said the Nogitsune in a taunting tone.

“I won’t let you take over, not this time.” Said Stiles getting angry. So angry he felt like he could explode. Maybe even kill the nogitsune right now.

“But I already won. I’ve taken over and there is nothing you can do. I’ve been in control before Stiles, don’t think it’ll be even easier the second time?” Said the Nogitsune

“I won’t let you.” Said Stiles

“I will finish my mission...” Said the Nogitsune

“And what’s that?” Asked Stiles

“Destroying them all Stiles, one-by-one…” Said the Nogitsune

“No.” Said Stiles

“You can’t stop me, Stiles. It’s too late, you’re trapped…” Said the Nogitsune as a cage materialized around Stiles.

“Let me out!” Screamed Stiles banging his fists against the bars.

“It’s time to have some fun, and you will get in the way. Stay here and enjoy the show.” Said the Nogitsune but the nogitsune was already gone. He was trapped in his own mind. Instead of a game this time around, he was imprisoned.

“Who said you could have Stiles?” Questioned Theo suddenly appearing from around the corner. He had the evilest smirk on his face. Like he won without there ever being a contest.

“What did you do to him?” Asked Scott setting Stiles down on the cement floor. Malia kneeled next to him while the others stood ready to attack. If anything came at them, they’d be ready.

“Something fantastic.” Said Theo

“He’s waking up.” Said Malia as Stiles’ eyes fluttered open. He looked confused and scared. He sat up as Malia engulfed him in a hug. But Stiles’ arms didn’t rise to return the affection.

“What did you do?” Asked Scott

“Hey, are you alright?” Asked Malia

“Yeah, I think so.” Said Stiles

“Stiles? Which one are you?” Asked Theo

“Which one? What are you talking about?” Asked Scott looking down at Stiles and then looking back at Theo. He was confused and even more worried. That did not sound good.

“Stiles take this sword. If you’re who I think you are, you are going to stab Scott without a second thought.” Said Theo throwing Stiles a sword. Stiles looked at the blade for moment. When he lifted his head there was a smile on his face.

“Stiles?” Questioned Scott as Stiles got to his feet and faced Scott. Stiles looked at the blade one more time before he made his decision.

Without even looking at Scott, Stiles stabbed him right through the stomach. Blood seeped down Scott’s shirt and dripped onto the floor. He gasped in pain as his legs went weak and he fell onto them, “Ah...”

“Excellent.” Said Theo

“Stiles, what are you doing?” Asked Kira looking worried.

“It isn’t Stiles.” Said Scott

“It is now.” Said Stiles with a mischievous grin.

“Correct, it isn’t Stiles. Not the Stiles you all care and love at least. Scott, would you share with the group who this is. Tell them.” Said Theo with a smile.

“What’s he talking about Scott?” Asked Liam

“It can’t be.” Said Kira as realization hit her in the face like a brick wall. The horror and fear consuming her.

“Oh, but it is.” Said Stiles with a murderous smile. The same smile the nogitsune had when it controlled him the last time. The same smile that ruined lives, even ended them.

“What? Someone please tell me what’s wrong with Stiles.” Said Malia

“Yeah Scott, explain.” Said Theo

“He has once again become void.” Said Kira

“Void? You can’t mean…” Said Malia as fear went through her body. A door slammed open and everyone turned toward the noise. Lydia appeared with a frown.

“It’s the nogitsune and there’s no stopping him.” Said Lydia entering the room.

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