Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Five

“Do you really think you could get rid of me that easily?” Said Void Stiles pushing the sword deeper into Scott and twisting it. More blood spewed from the wound, painting the floor red. Kira tried to pull the sword out, but when she tried Stiles would start twisting the sword faster, causing Scott more pain.

“Ahhhh…” Said Scott putting his hand around the sword and wound.

“Stop!” Said Kira

“How did you turn him void?” Asked Liam

“Very simple. When Scott and Kira killed the copy of Stiles it let this little lightning bug out. They trapped it in a little round wood container. It didn’t kill it or turn it into a werewolf, they just let it free. So I found the box and returned him to his rightful place.” Said Theo smiling evilly

“Let Stiles go.” Said Scott

“The fun part about this time is you can’t change it or stab a sword through it. The nogitsune has a powerful body now and it doesn’t need to let go of Stiles. If you kill it, you kill Stiles right along with him.” Said Theo smiling as he turned to leave, “I got to get going, things to do, places to be. Void have some fun.”

“Last time you heroes ruined my plans but since Stiles has a few more toys, I’m gonna have some fun.” Said Void Stiles pulling the sword out of Scott letting him collapse to the floor. Void Stiles wiped the blood off on his pants and smiled while doing it. Scott was weak but he was gonna be okay.

“Ah..” Said Scott as Kira helped him to his feet.

“I’ll heal.” Said Scott to Kira shooing her away.

“Why Stiles? Huh, why does this powerful nogitsune like Stiles so much?” Asked Malia

“Stiles is a clever creature. Even before he was a werewolf he was strong, not in the werewolf kind of way but he was human. He has all you supernatural friends and he was the only human, and he survived. Until you made him into a beast. He’s in the middle and everyone trusts him. Which when you’re a trickster like me it can be a whole lot of fun.” Said Void Stiles

“Let him go!” Said Malia turning into her werewolf form.

“Not just yet, I have many plans that me and Stiles are going to accomplish.” Said Void Stiles

“Any clues on what that’s gonna be?” Asked Liam

“I don’t share clues, I give riddles. Did Stiles tell you I love riddles? Well here’s one for you, it’s warm and nice where children play, learn and love. But the rooms will be filled with corpses soon enough. Where is this?” Asked Void Stiles

“I...I...I don’t know.” Said Scott

“Well you should find out or on Monday a lot of people are gonna die…” Said Void Stiles

“Just let me tear at him.” Said Malia knowing it was a bad idea but she really wanted to. To just rip the flesh off that monsters bones for taking Stiles away from her. But if she did, she’d take Stiles down with it and she couldn’t risk losing the one good thing in her life.

“Malia if you hurt me, you hurt Stiles.” Said Void Stiles

“He’ll heal.” Snarled Malia

“Malia no, it’s not worth it.” Said Scott ready if Malia tried anything.

“Will he?” Said Void Stiles picking up the sword.

“What do you mean will he?” Asked Scott

“Let’s try it out shall we.” Said Void Stiles pointing the sword at Stiles stomach.

“What is he..” Said Liam as Void Stiles pushed the sword through Stiles and quickly pulled it out. Blood streamed down his white shirt. Void Stiles lifted up his shirt and waited for about a minute and nothing. The wound wasn’t healing, just blood.

“Why isn’t he healing, what have you done?” Asked Scott taking a step toward Void.

“I’ll see you soon.” Said Void Stiles laughing a very creepy laugh.

“Wait!” Said Scott as Void Stiles disappeared.

“But he’s a werewolf, he should be healing on his own, right?” Said Liam

“Yeah, he should be.” Said Scott

“Last time this happened it destroyed him.” Said Lydia thinking back to the last time Stiles was possessed. He couldn’t look at them for weeks knowing it was his fault Allison and Aiden were dead. If he kills anymore innocent people, it’ll kill him.

“We can’t let him hurt anyone else.” Said Scott

“We need to talk to an expert.” Said Kira

“Who?” Asked Liam

“Noshiko Yukimura.” Said Scott

“Who the hell is that?” Asked Liam

“She’s my mother.” Said Kira

“Did you tell them?” Asked Theo

“No. I thought it be more fun, if they watch their friend die first.” Said Void Stiles as he felt Stiles banging on the cell, wanting to be free. But there was nothing Stiles could do, he was trapped and it was the nogitsune’s turn to have some fun.

“Alright, so what’s our first evil deed?” Asked Theo

“Did you really think I would work with you?” Said Void Stiles

“I brought you back.” Said Theo

“Well Science Experiment, if you haven’t learned anything I work alone.” Said Void Stiles

“I brought you back, I even got you Stiles, you should be thankful.” Said Theo

“Thankful! I am thousands of years old and you are just a frankenstein made by some insane doctors. You are bits and pieces glued together. You are nothing compared to me.” Screamed Void Stiles getting really close to Theo’s face.

“I want my pack and if you’re not gonna help, I’ll have to eliminate you.” Said Theo as the Dread Doctors appeared.

“I’m not afraid of some lunatic doctors. I defeated the Oni which were called to directly defeat me. Some doctors can’t and won’t take me down.” Said Void Stiles sounding very confident.

“Test your luck.” Said Theo as the doctors ascended. But instead of attacking the nogitsune, they grabbed Theo.

“What are you doing, get him.” Said Theo struggling

“Not needed anymore, failure, failure, failure.” Said the Doctors in unison.

“What are you doing? I’m not a failure, let me go.” Said Theo trying break free of their grasp but the harder he tried, the tighter their grasp got.

“The Dread Doctors don’t need you anymore, they found a better partner. Someone who get things done. A powerful being who knows what they’re doing.” Said Void Stiles

“I’m your first success, you need me.” Said Theo struggling in the Doctors arms. They were much stronger than he was and their grip never loosened. For the first time, since he became the bad guy, he was scared.

“Failure, failure, failure...” Said the Doctors in unison.

“You did their dirty work and nothing more; you aren’t needed anymore.” Said Void Stiles as he turned toward the Dread Doctors, “Do whatever you like to him, I’ll be back soon.”

“You can’t, you need me! You need me!” Screamed Theo as the doctors threw him on the gurney. He struggled but eventually they got him tied down.

“You need me…” Said Theo as a doctor put duct tape over his mouth and grabbed the syringe.

“Mom, something happened to Stiles.” Said Kira as her mother came out of the kitchen.

“Oh, I know what happened to your friend.” Said Noshiko

“How?” Asked Liam

“I could sense the evil presence of the nogitsune.” Said Noshiko

“What do we do?” Asked Scott

“The nogitsune is a smart fox, very clever in its ways. It won’t be tricked the same way; It knows you better. Now that he knows your weaknesses, he will be harder to catch.” Said Noshiko

“It mentioned that this time around it couldn’t be changed, what does that mean?” Asked Scott

“Last time to get away from you it made a copy body, that you could kill. But if he stays inside Stiles and you try to get rid of the nogitsune, you’ll hurt him or worse. It isn’t gonna give Stiles up easily, not again.” Said Noshiko

“But Stiles is a werewolf, shouldn’t the nogitsune not able to possess him?” Asked Malia sounding worried. There was no telling what he’d do.

“Wait, Stiles is a werewolf?” Asked Noshiko

“Yeah, Theo almost killed him and I had no choice.” Said Scott

“If he is a wolf, then the nogitsune should not be able to possess him.” Said Noshiko

“Why?” Asked Lydia

“A werewolf is supernatural, and so is a fox. They are two seperate beings, who can’t mix. It doesn’t work like that, it can’t work like that.” Said Noshiko

“But the nogitsune is possessing Stiles. Does that mean he’s not a werewolf anymore? How is that possible?” Said Kira

“If part of the nogitsune was still in Stiles, then it’s possible he could be possessed again.” Said Noshiko

“Stiles said he had purple eyes to reflect the darkness the nogitsune left on his heart.” Said Lydia

“So the darkness explains how the nogitsune could possess him but it doesn’t explain why Stiles wasn’t healing. When Nogitsune stabbed “himself”, it didn’t heal.” Said Liam

“Well, there is an old myth. This myth states if the nogitsune manages to possess another supernatural being, that creature will lose some of its abilities.” Said Noshiko

“When the nogitsune leaves Stiles, will he be human or wolf?” Asked Malia

“In the myth they keep their powers but there’s a catch.” Said Noshiko

“What?” Asked Scott

“They will return twenty-four hours after the nogitsune leaves. If Stiles is injured before the twenty-four hours and I mean seriously injured, there’s no saving him.” Said Noshiko

“How do we get the nogitsune to leave Stiles?” Asked Lydia

“I don’t know but you need to be fast, before the nogitsune strikes.” Said Noshiko

“All he gave us was a riddle.” Said Liam

“What riddle?” Asked Noshiko

“It’s warm and nice where children play, learn and love. But the rooms will be filled with corpses soon enough… Where is this?” Said Scott sounding confused.

“When did he say he was gonna do this?” Asked Noshiko

“Monday. He said Monday.” Said Lydia

“That’s tomorrow and we don’t even know what the riddle is saying.” Said Liam

“I do.” Said Kira

“When?” Asked Malia

“I just cracked it. The whole way here I was thinking about it. Where do child play at school, they learn at school, and fall in love at…” Said Kira

“School. He’s going to attack the school.” Said Scott

“And tomorrow hundreds of kids will be inside.” Said Lydia

“If he succeeds in his plan, a whole lot of people are gonna die.” Said Noshiko

“We need to stop him, we need to stop him now.” Said Malia

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