Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Six

After Scott changed clothes and healed up, the friends traveled to Kira’s home. Noshiko was busy so the group waited for almost an hour. Once her business was finished she answered their questions.

“How are we gonna stop him, if we can’t hurt Stiles?” Asked Liam

“We have to figure out a way to make the nogitsune leave Stiles’ body.” Said Malia

“How?” Said Lydia

“Last time you went into his mind, correct.” Said Noshiko to Scott.

“We could try it but it could kill me or Stiles and we don’t even know if it will work this time.” Said Scott thinking of the last time he went into Stiles mind. Lydia and Scott were tied down, lost, and Stiles was playing a game with a monster. Scott knew this time was going to be different though. This time it was worse.

“How are we even supposed to get close enough?” Asked Lydia

“Let’s just brainstorm tonight and tomorrow we get back together.” Asked Kira

“We meet at the front of the school, and go from there.” Said Scott

“See you guys tomorrow.” Said Liam as everyone went their separate ways.

“Alright guys this is the plan. Me and Kira are gonna take the first floor, Liam and Malia take the second floor and Lydia you take the basement. Everyone agreed.” Said Scott as quick as he could possibly speak.

“You know when people split up in the movies, someone always dies.” Said Liam

“It’s the only way we can cover all grounds. Lydia if you want you can come with us, if you don’t want to be alone.” Said Scott

“I think I can handle it.” Said Lydia holding up Stiles bat.

“If you find Stiles, come find me right away.” Said Scott entering the building. Everyone went their separate ways. Malia and Liam made their way upstairs as everyone had entered their classrooms and all the hallways were empty. The lights shut off and it was too dark to see, when a familiar voice came from the shadows.

“Hello Malia and Liam looking for me…” Said Void Stiles

“Where are you, you freak?” Asked Liam

“Freak? Those are some hurtful words, I am just like you.” Said Void Stiles

“You are nothing like us.” Said Malia

“Really? I think I’m more like you than you think.” said Void Stiles suddenly appearing. Smiling from head to toe.

“How is an evil trickster like you, supposed to be like me?” Asked Malia

“Coyotes are a trickster of some sort. They will leave their own behind for gain. They will eat anything that moves, even their own kind at times. You’re a trickster just like me.” Said Void Stiles

“We are gonna take you to Scott.” Growled Liam

“Not so fast little wolfy.” Said Void Stiles as Liam ran at him. Void Stiles moved just in time to grab Liam by his shirt and throw him head first into the nearby lockers. When Liam hit the ground he was unconscious but still breathing.

“You could join me Malia, I can see the darkness inside you…” Said Void Stiles

“What have you done with Stiles?” Asked Malia

“He’s still here, just trapped, watching all the pain I cause.” Said Void Stiles

“Let him go before I tear him out.” Said Malia shifting

“You can’t hurt me Malia it will hurt your boy toy here and I really thought you’d take my offer but I guess I was sadly mistaken.” Said Void Stiles as he rushed Malia. She managed to get a gauge in his arm, but he was faster. He threw her back into the lockers then slid her down the hall. She stood up in just enough time to trip him. Then he tripped her, got up and as she was on her hands and knees he kicked her in the face causing her to black out. As he left her unconscious, he laughed and disappeared.

Lydia finished searching the basement and made her way back to the main floor. After she made it upstairs she looked everywhere for Scott. She finally spotted him as she walked toward the history department.

“Did you find him?” Asked Kira

“No the basement was clear.” Said Lydia

“We’ve checked all the rooms, where else could he be?” Said Scott

“Maybe Malia and Liam have him.” Said Kira

“Well they should have been back by now.” Said Scott

“Don’t worry about them they are just taking a nap….” Said Void Stiles walking into an empty classroom.

“What did you do?” Asked Scott as they entered the room, locking the door. There was no chance he was letting him out of his sight, not again. Never again.

“Nothing permanent.” Said Void Stiles

“Why hurt the school, what’s your benefit out of it?” Asked Lydia

“Nothing. I just like causing pain.” Said Void Stiles

“So what are you gonna do, claw some kids to death?” Said Lydia

“No something much more exciting.” Said Void Stiles holding a remote in his hand. It was shiny black and only had one big, red button. Nothing else, no switches or back panels, just the button.

“What’s that?” Asked Scott

“Oh, let me give you a small hint, ka-boom.” Said Void Stiles

“You brought a bomb?!” Said Lydia

“That’s the best way to hurt a whole lot of people, isn’t it?” Said Void Stiles

“Let’s talk about this...” Said Scott taking a step forward.

“Ah, ah, ah if you take one more step, I push the button.” Said Void Stiles

“Stiles would never do such a thing.” Said Kira

“Are you sure? Because I can see into his mind and I’m not so sure about that.” Said Void Stiles

“Stiles isn’t evil.” Said Lydia

“You want to know what he told me. When I murdered all those people and injured Isaac, you want to know what he felt? He felt nothing, not happiness or sadness, just nothing. Does that sound good to you?” Asked Void Stiles

“He was scared that’s all.” Said Kira

“No he wasn’t, all he felt was nothing. Like he didn’t care...” Said Void Stiles

“I don’t care what happened in the past, all I care about his saving Stiles and this school.” Said Scott taking another step forward.

“You can’t stop me.” Said Void Stiles

“I can sure as hell try.” Said Scott grabbing Void Stiles by his shirt and pushing him into the wall.

“Listen here, tell me where the bomb is or I take you out.” Said Scott extending his claws.

“You’re not gonna hurt me.” Said Void Stiles

“Oh, but I can make you leave.” Said Scott as his claws touched Stiles neck.

“The bomb is on the south side of the building, near the library.” Said Void Stiles quickly.

“I’ll be right back, watch him.” Said Scott running out of the room.

“If you try anything, I’ll cut you. I don’t want to hurt Stiles but I will if I have to.” Said Kira pulling out her belt that turns into a samurai sword. She got it as a present from her mom, after she got better at using her abilities.

“Will you? Because I don’t think you’ll be conscious much longer.” Said Void Stiles

“And whys that?” Asked Kira

“Because I already have you cornered.” Said Void Stiles who threw Kira into the back wall hitting her head so hard she passed out.

“Kira!” Said Lydia running over to Kira’s side. She was breathing but not by much.

“You gonna kick me around too?” Asked Lydia

“No I need you for something else.” Said Void Stiles coming right up to her.

“What?” Asked Lydia

“A hostage.” Said Void Stiles putting his hand over her mouth and dragging her out the door. She struggled to get free but his grip was too strong. After trying to get free she bit his palm and he moved back. Lydia started running forward but he was faster. He grabbed a cloth from his back pocket and put it over her nose and mouth.

“Shh, just fall asleep.” Said Void Stiles who dragged a chloroformed Lydia toward the exit.

“Let her go!” Said Scott running toward Stiles.

“I think you have bigger problems on your hands.” Said Void Stiles pushing the button on the remote. Suddenly there was a loud bang and the building shook. Scott turned to look at the explosion but when he looked back Stiles was gone and so was Lydia.

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