Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Seven

“Kira.” Said Scott as he ran into the classroom. Kira was on the floor out cold, so he lifted her up into his arms.

“You’re gonna be okay. I’ll be right back, I need to find the others.” Whispered Scott as he set her on the floor outside the room. He turned around to see Malia and Liam headed his way.

“What happened?” Asked Liam looking at the unconscious Kira.

“The nogitsune knocked her out.” Said Scott

“Is she okay?” Asked Malia

“Yeah, she’s healing as we speak. What happened to you guys?” Asked Scott

“The nogitsune knocked us around and got away. I’m guessing he came after you guys next. By the way, where is the nogitsune?” Asked Liam looking around.

“And where’s Lydia, is she still searching the basement?” Asked Malia

“Lydia was taken.” Said Scott

“What do you mean taken?” Asked Malia

“I heard Lydia screaming so I ran as fast as I could. When I arrived the nogitsune was dragging Lydia toward the exit. I tried to get close but when I did he set off a bomb and the whole building shook. When I turned back he was gone and so was Lydia.” Said Scott

“You let him take Lydia?!” Asked Malia

“I didn’t let him. I was distracted by an explosion.” Said Scott

“Guys?” Asked Liam as Kira opened her eyes.

“You don’t turn your back on the villain.” Yelled Malia

“There was an explosion, how can I not get distracted by that!” Yelled Scott

“Guys?” Asked Liam as Kira got up and looked right at him. Her eyes glowing an orangish yellow as she turned and walked right out the front door.

“She’s your friend!” Yelled Malia

“There are people hurt back there, or even dead, don’t make me the bad guy!” Yelled Scott

“I’m not trying to make you the bad guy, I get there was an explosion but you should be worrying about your friends!” Yelled Malia

“You want me to care for you guys more then hurt innocents? I can’t, I’m sorry!” Yelled Scott

“Guys!” Yelled Liam

“What?!” Yelled Malia and Scott at the same time.

“Is nobody paying attention, Kira’s gone.” Asked Liam

“What?” Said Scott looking back.

“Where’d she go?” Asked Malia

“While you two were fighting she woke up and just left.” Said Liam

“She wouldn’t just leave.” Said Scott

“I think she was in a trance.” Said Liam

“How do you know?” Asked Malia

“She looked up at me but her eyes weren’t brown; they were glowing orangish yellow. She looked right at me with the blankest expression and just walked straight out.” Said Liam sounding worried.

“I thought she said whatever the doctors did to her was fixed.” Said Malia

“I guess not.” Said Scott

“So what are we gonna do?” Asked Liam

“We have to find Kira. She could be anywhere by now.” Asked Scott thinking about all the places she could have gone too.

“I have a pretty good idea.” Said Liam as he pointed at the door. In big blocky letters it said, “The nogitsune will die!”

“How did she write that so fast?” Asked Malia

“I don’t know but we need to stop her. If she kills the nogitsune, Stiles dies too. I am not about to let my best friend die.” Said Scott

“What’s the plan?” Asked Liam

“We are gonna save Lydia, get the nogitsune out of Stiles, and stop Kira from doing anything she’ll regret. I will not lose another friend to this monster.” Said Scott

Lydia opened her eyes to find herself in a broken down house. The walls paint was chipped and some floor boards were missing. Some windows were boarded up while others were shattered. Scattered broken furniture was all over the place, in tatters. The whole place had been abandoned for years, except for the occasional homeless person as seen by the wrappers and graffiti.

“Do you like the place?” Asked Void Stiles as Lydia jumped in surprise. When her heart slowed she looked up the monster.

“Where am I?” Asked Lydia

“Sorry, I can’t tell you that...” Said Void Stiles

“I’m tied up, and I don’t have my phone. Why does it matter?” Asked Lydia

“I have my reasons.” Said Void Stiles

“My friends are gonna kill you.” Lydia blurted out as Void Stiles gave a loud and evil-sounding laugh.

“Maybe. Maybe they will defeat me and save the day. But this time I have a bodyguard.” Said Void Stiles as Theo stepped out of the shadows.

“What did you do to him?” Asked Lydia

“I made him the chimera, he should have been.” Said Void Stiles

Theo’s eyes were dark and cold, like a demon. When he blinked they stayed greyish black. His claws were just a bit longer than a normal werewolf, and he had a tail. Then Lydia noticed the scales going up the right side of his face and neck. These scales wede same ones Jackson had when he was the kanima, but Theo was way more frightening.

“Theo is part coyote and part werewolf like he was before but the doctors added a bit more. He is now part kanima, coyote, werewolf, and demon.” Said Void Stiles

“Demons don’t exist.” Said Lydia

“They might not but they got close enough. Demons in culture have no emotion, they are just killing machines and that is now Theo.” Said Void Stiles

“That means…” Said Lydia

“We took away his ability to feel. He’s just a emotionless monster...” Said Void Stiles

“Why? Why do that to him?” Asked Lydia

“Because I like him better this way, don’t you?” Asked Void Stiles

“I’m gonna get rescued, you know that right?” Said Lydia

“How are they gonna find you?” Asked Void Stiles

“I’ll scream.” Said Lydia as she screamed as loud as she could.

“Shut up!” Said Void Stiles putting duct tape over Lydia’s mouth.

“This is reporter Carrie Nicholson on the scene. Earlier this morning a bomb went off in the south wing of Beacon Hills High. 150 people were injured and 30 dead. Injured were rushed to the hospital soon after the incident. Police are still trying to find the bomb but there is no trace of it anywhere. Who would hurt children like this? Who?…” Said the tv as Scott turned it off.

“I should have stopped it.” Said Scott

“You can’t save everyone, Scott.” Said Liam

“That’s my job.” Said Scott

“It’s not your duty to save the human race, that’s too much for one person.” Said Liam

“Let’s just focus on finding Kira, where would the nogitsune take Lydia?” Asked Malia

“The sewers?” Asked Liam

“No, he wouldn’t go back again, not after last time.” Said Scott

“The warehouse?” Asked Liam

“He wouldn’t go somewhere where we could find him easily.” Said Scott

“What about a broken down building, those are good places.” Said Melissa, Scott’s mom. Since Scott’s dad left, Melissa is all Scott has and he is all she has. She knows his secret and keeps him safe. No matter the consequences.

“Mom, I don’t think the nogitsune is that dumb.” Said Scott

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Lydia

“What was that?” Said Melissa

“It’s Lydia and she’s showing us the way.” Said Scott

“How?” Asked Malia

“Once you practice, you can pick up on a voice or sound and follow it to the location it came from.” Said Scott

“So we can find Lydia, but what about Kira?” Asked Liam

“We just have to hope we can get there before she does.” Said Scott as they all left the house, leaving Melissa to stay home and worry.

“I have to ask you something.” Said Void Stiles ripping the tape off of Lydia’s mouth.

“Ow! What do you want?” Said Lydia

“I’ve been sifting through Stiles memories, and there’s something odd about it. You’re all over the place, why is that?” Said Void Stiles

“I don’t know.” Said Lydia

“I know you’re lying, because in his memories, I can see the moment he told you.” Said Void Stiles

“I have no idea what you talking about.” Said Lydia

“Oh, you remember the dance. The night Peter tried to turn you. He told you something before you left to go look for Jackson, what did he say?” Asked Void Stiles knowing the answer just wondering if she did.

“Nothing important.” Said Lydia

“Oh but it was important to him, his exact words were ‘I’ve had a crush on you since third fricken grade’, isn’t that cute?” Said Void Stiles

“Why does it matter?” Said Lydia

“Because he still loves you.” Said Void Stiles

“He has Malia now.” Said Lydia

“He has moved on but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Right after you were bit, he told Peter to kill him instead of hurting poor innocent you. When he was gonna stab himself, you were the main reason he didn’t. When they were gonna go rescue Scott he wanted to find you first, because he didn’t want to leave without you. Just a few weeks ago, you got stabbed by Tracy the kanima girl. He didn’t go look for Malia he went straight to you, to make sure you were alright. Scott had to pull him away from you because he was so worried. You have been blind this entire time. Stiles is in love with you and will always be in love with you, no matter what.” Said Void Stiles

“Get away from her!” Yelled Scott

“Theo attack.” Said Void Stiles

“Watch out!” Screamed Lydia

“Why?” Asked Liam

“Because he’s not Theo anymore, he’s a..” Said Lydia

“Monster.” Said Scott as Theo knocked him to the floor. Scott grabbed Theo by the shirt and threw him off of him. Malia got in and tried to attack but Theo just threw her like a rag doll. Scott came and punched him a couple times before letting him drop to the floor. But when he did Theo tripped Scott onto his back. Right when he was about to claw open Scott’s face, Kira appeared.

“Move.” Said Kira pointing the tip of her samurai at Stiles neck.

“Kira stop.” Said Malia but Kira wouldn’t respond. Kira didn’t even turn to look at Malia. She kept focused on her goal, to kill the monster.

“Theo, move away from Scott.” Said Void Stiles as Theo obeyed.

“Kira, if you hurt him, you hurt Stiles.” Said Scott

“I am the messenger of Death!” Said Kira as she was about to stab Stiles.

“Now!” Said Void Stiles as Theo stabbed a sword through Kira.

“Ahhh…” Said Kira as her eyes turned back to brown, she was out of the trance.

“Kira!” Yelled Scott you started to run forward.

“Don’t.” Said Liam stopping him.

“Why?” Asked Scott

“Because I’ll kill her.” Said Void Stiles as Theo the hilt closer to her back.

“Ahhh..” Said Kira

“Just let them go, they are not part of this.” Asked Scott

“Oh but they are.” Said Void Stiles as Kira reached for her sword.

“How?” Asked Malia

“Kira is part of the reason I was captured last time and innocent Lydia kept Stiles alive.” Said Void Stiles as Kira picked up her sword. Everyone was focused on Stiles that no one noticed, “They important pieces to the puzzle just like all of you are.”

“Kira no!” Yelled Scott as she plunged the sword through Stiles back.

“Ahhh.” Said Void Stiles as he fell to his knees.

“Stiles.” Said Lydia

“Theo, let her go. Afterward can you pull this sword out, please.” Said Void Stiles in annoyed tone as Theo took the sword out of Kira and threw her back to Scott. Then he went behind Stiles and pulled the sword out of him.

“Hey, hey you’re gonna be fine.” Said Scott stroking Kira’s cheek.

“I will be okay but I need to get to my house, where my tail is.” Said Kira spitting up blood.

“Liam can you get Kira out of here?” Asked Scott

“Yeah, come on.” Said Liam slowly picking up Kira and leaving the house.

“He’s gone.” Said Lydia

“It doesn’t matter. We need to get everyone ready and healed, then we can go after him.” Said Scott as Malia untyed Lydia. The ropes were a little tight so Lydia’s arms were sore, but she’d make it.

“Wait.” Said Lydia as she suddenly felt something in her pocket that she knew she didn’t put there.

“What?” Asked Malia

“There’s a piece of paper in my pocket.” Said Lydia

“So?” Asked Malia

“It’s wasn’t there before I was kidnapped.” Said Lydia

“Here let me see.” Said Scott unfolding the piece of paper.

“What does it say?” Asked Malia

“It says, “I don’t leave survivors”.” Said Scott

“He’s going to the hospital. He’s gonna kill all the survivors of the explosion.” said Lydia as realization hit her in the face like a moving train.

“Does it say when?” Asked Malia

“Tomorrow night, he’s gonna kill all of them tomorrow night.” Said Scott

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