Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Eight

After picking Kira up, Liam ran as fast as he could toward her home. She was getting weaker as each moment passed; he didn’t have any time to lose. Finally, Liam made it to Kira’s home and burst through the front door.

“What happened?” Asked Noshiko coming from kitchen to notice her bloodied and unconscious daughter.

“I will explain later. Just tell me...” Said Liam setting Kira on the nearby couch. “Where is her tail?”

“It’s in her nightstand.” Said Noshiko kneeling and holding her daughter’s hand.

Liam ran as fast as he could up to her room. When he opened the door there was paper all over the floor. He picked one up and flipped it over to show writing in Japanese. He looked at a few other pieces and they all said the same thing, so he stuffed one into his pocket. He walked over to her nightstand, and after some rummaging he finally found the ninja star shaped tail. He turned around ran so fast down the stairs that he was by her side in seconds, “Kira, wake up I got your tail.”

“Hand it to me.” Said Kira weakly as some blood dripped from her mouth.

“Here.” Said Liam as she made a fist around the ninja star, cutting her hand.

“Ah..” Whispered Kira as blood started dripping off her hand.

“Is it working?” Asked Liam as Kira suddenly sits straight up with her eyes glowing like before, then falls right back down. Her hand went limp as it fell to the side and the tail clattered to the floor, “Is she okay?”

“Yes, she’ll be fine. But since she was so weak she will heal while asleep.” Said Noshiko putting a blanket over a sleeping Kira. She just wanted her daughter to be okay and lately that idea became less and less of a reality.

“Hey, I found something in her room.” Said Liam taking out the crumpled piece of paper he took from Kira’s room. “I think it’s written in Japanese.”

“Kira doesn’t know Japanese.” Said Noshiko

“Well it looks like she learned.” Said Liam handing Noshiko the piece of paper.

“Watashi wa sorera subete o koroshimasu.” Noshiko whispered to herself.

“What does that mean?” Asked Liam

“It means, I’ll kill them all.” Said Noshiko

“Kill who?” Asked Malia as the others filed into the room. Scott looked over and saw Kira’s condition and ran to her side. He kneeled beside and squeezed her hand.

“I was in Kira’s room to get her tail and there was paper everywhere. On each piece of paper it said, watashi wa something, something , something. Which means I’ll kill them all in Japanese. The issue is she doesn’t know Japanese.” Said Liam

“Who does she mean to kill?” Asked Lydia

“We don’t know.” Said Liam

Stiles tried to scream but no one could hear him. He watched as innocent people were injured because him. It might be the nogitsune controlling him, but it was still his body taking lives. He watched as Kira was stabbed by the sword, it wasn’t him but it was his fault. Then when Kira stabbed the nogitsune, he felt every ounce of pain but that was okay; he deserved pain. He hurt too many people to be let go, he deserved to die but the nogitsune escaped.

As the group was distracted Theo carried Void Stiles out to the car. Theo slowly put Void in the passenger seat and ran around to the drivers side. He started up the car and started driving until Void Stiles spoke, “Take me to the hospital.”

“You’re a supernatural being you can’t.” Said Theo

“I’m not gonna get treated. We need to get to the hospital, to hide in the basement. Tomorrow night we attack.” Said Void Stiles

When they arrived at the hospital, Theo parked around back. Theo took Void Stiles’ right arm and put it around his shoulder. They slowly walked over to the back entrance and realized the door was locked. So, Void Stiles used his strength to break the door handle clean off. After a few corridors and staircases they made it to the lowest level of the hospital. They roamed around until they found a nearby abandoned operating room. Void Stiles and Theo went in and locked the door securing their safety till tomorrow.

Void leaned up against a wall and decided to torment Stiles some more.

“How are you enjoying the show?” Asked Void appearing next to Stiles’ cage.

“You’re sick.” Said Stiles

“Am I or are you the sick one?” Asked Void

“You are.” Said Stiles

“How rude.” Said Void digging his finger into the wound from the sword. Stiles looked down and noticed blood start to seep onto his shirt as he was hit with immense pain, “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

“I wasn’t lying earlier when I said we’re connected Stiles. When I get caused pain, you feel it too.” Said Void digging deeper.

“Mhm...I. Don’t. Care. Any pain you cause me hurts you too, so I can hmmm-andle it.” Said Stiles holding back his scream.

“Maybe so but I can cause you another pain that has no effect on me.” Said Void

“And what’s that?” Asked Stiles

“Mental. Tomorrow I. I mean we, are gonna get rid of the survivors, all of them. Meaning you get watch me kill people I’ve already tried to blow up.” Said Void smiling.

“Why? Why hurt so many people?” Asked Stiles

“I think it’s fun and watching you in pain is a hobby of mine.” Said Void started to leave Stiles’ little cage, “If your friends get to you, will you want to leave? You’ve hurt so many people and you have the most blood on your hands. Your friends are monsters and you’ve killed more than them; that’s a little disturbing, don’t you think?”

“Most of the blood on my hands is because of you.” Said Stiles

“Donovan’s isn’t.” Said Void turning back to look at Stiles.

“That was self defense.” Said Stiles

“Was it? If I remember correctly you liked killing him. It might of been an accident but you loved watching him die, you enjoyed it.” Said Void

“I just said that to Theo so he’d get off my case.” Said Stiles

“Stiles I’m in your head, you can’t lie to me.” Said Void

“I’m not lying.” Said Stiles

“You just can’t admit some of me rubbed off on you. The darkness tainted you and when I’m gone I can’t wait to see what you do.” Said Void leaving Stiles all alone.

“We only have two hours till the nogitsune attacks, how are we gonna take him down and save Stiles life?” Asked Liam

“I have to go into Stiles’ mind and get him out so they separate. Then we kill the nogitsune for good.” Said Scott

“How do you suspect we do that?” Asked Lydia

“I don’t know.” Said Scott

“We could trap it in that box again.” Said Lydia

“If there’s no other way, then we use the box.” Said Scott

“What if before the nogitsune is killed or trapped, it hurts Stiles?” Asked Liam

“We just have to hope, we can save Stiles in time.” Said Scott

“Do you think we can?” Asked Liam

“I hope so. I do not want to lose my best friend because I didn’t save him.” Said Scott

“What now?” Asked Malia

“Prepare. We will leave in a few minutes.” Said Scott kneeling next to Kira

“Hey...” Said Kira waking up to Scott’s chocolate brown eyes. The color of hot cocoa on a cool evening always cheered her up. His eyes brought a small smile to her face.

“Are you okay?” Asked Scott

“I’m healed, I’ll be fine.” Said Kira showing off her hand and lifting her shirt so he could see her unwounded stomach.

“Before we all leave, can I ask you something?” Asked Scott

“Yeah, anything.” Said Kira

“Liam found paper all over your floor with some Japanese writing translated to i’ll kill them...” Said Scott handing the crumpled piece of loose leaf to Kira.

“I don’t remember writing that.” Said Kira

“Maybe the Dread Doctors got you or something.” Said Scott

“We’re ready.” Said Malia as Scott patted Kira’s shoulder and went back over to the group.

“Maybe.” Whispered Kira with a creepy smile as her eyes changed colors to their orangish yellow.

“The mission is to save Stiles, it’s time to get my best friend back.” Said Scott as Kira blinked turning her eyes back to brown.

“How many survivors have we slaughtered?” Asked Theo

“About half.” Said Void Stiles looking into a nearby room.

“Carly, how are you feeling?” Asked a nurse

“I’m fine, Shelli. Aside from my arm being crushed, I’m peachy.” Said Carly

“I’m surprised you remember my name.” Said Shelli as she wrapped Carly’s arm and secured the cloth in place. She made sure everything was in place and she looked up at Carly.

“I was eight when I moved away, not a baby. It’s not like I’m senile, I have memories. Like the time I fell off my bike and twisted my ankle.” Said Carly

“Yeah, you were crying like a baby. Your dad brought you in and you were spouting tears everywhere. I thought I was going to drown in the river that was flowing from your eyes. It was adorable.” Said Shelli laughing

“I was not crying like a baby.” Said Carly with a pouty face. She would cross her arms across her chest but with a broken arm, it wasn’t possible.

“Yeah, you were. You can’t lie to me, I was there.” Said Shelli as she suddenly changed the subject. “Can I ask why you were even at the school?”

“I was visiting Liam.” Said Carly

“Do your parents know you’re here?” Asked Shelli

“My dad knows I’m here, but he doesn’t know I was at the school. I’ll be calling him in a bit to let him know.” Said Carly

“Well you better, he must be worried sick. Does your mother know? If she doesn’t I understand, she can be very protective. When I knew her she would never let you out of her sight for even a second.” Said Shelli

“She was very protective.” Said Carly as her face saddened.

“Was?” Questioned Shelli

“She died.” Said Carly as a tear came to her eye.

“What happened?” Asked Shelli with genuine concern.

“Last year, she got in a car crash while driving me home from a sleepover. I made it out of it with only a few broken ribs. She wasn’t so lucky.” Said Carly

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea.” Said Shelli rubbing Carly’s shoulder to give her some comfort.

“It’s fine.” Asked Carly

“I’ll be back with the papers, just wait here and relax.” Said Shelli closing the door.

When the door closed Carly heard Shelli drop something with a clattering bang. Carly got to her feet as the nurse screamed so loud it hurt Carly’s ears. She got closer as red painted the tempered glass. She girl a thump as the red substance stained the glass.

“Shelli?” Asked Carly as she got closer. She went over to the door and slowly opened it to reveal Shelli’s dead body leaning against it. She was covered in blood and a look of terror was still plastered on her face.

“Somebody help! Shelli’s been injured! Somebody help me!” Screamed Carly dropping to her knees. Shelli’s blood seeped onto Carly’s jeans but she didn’t care, someone needed to help Shelli.

“No one is coming to save her or save you.” Said Void Stiles grabbing her by the throat and dragged her to the other side of the room. He lifted her and slammed her back into the wall, knocking a picture onto the floor.

“Did you kill her?” Carly gasped as she tried to pry Void Stiles’ hand from her throat but to no avail.

“Yes, and I’m gonna kill you too.” Said Void Stiles

“Why? What’s your gain?” Gasped Carly

“You’re different from the others, you’re curious.” Said Void Stiles

“I would like to know why I’m gonna be killed.” Gasped Carly

“Put her down, Void!” Said Malia

“Why should I, we’re having so much fun.” Said Void Stiles squeezing harder.

“Help me.” Gasped Carly as her face started turning a light blue.

“I said let her down!” Yelled Malia ramming into Stiles which knocked him over top the bed, letting Carly drop to the floor.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Asked Lydia running to the coughing girl.

“Carly, my name’s Carly.” Said Carly coughing

“Let’s get you out of here.” Said Lydia helping her out of the room.

“Where’s your leader?” Asked Void Stiles

“At Kira’s house watching over her.” Said Malia punching him in the face.

“How sweet? But I can’t be killed without them.” Said Void Stiles

“We’re not here to kill you, we’re here to destroy you.” Said Malia

“But you don’t even know...” Said Void Stiles in a taunting tone. He saw the look of confusion on Malia’s face and his smile widened.

“I don’t know what?” Asked Malia

“Not everyone is who they seem to be.” Whispered Void knocking Malia out.

“What just happened?” Asked Carly

“We’ll explain later after we get you to safety.” Said Lydia as they ran into Liam. Liam backed up and that’s when recognition spread across his face, “Carly?”

“Liam!” Said Carly hugging him.

“You know her?” Asked Lydia

“Yeah, she’s my cousin.” Said Liam

“Do you think you could get her out of here?” Asked Lydia

“I think so but where’s Malia?” Asked Liam

“She’s dealing with Void.” Asked Lydia

“Why are you here?” Asked Liam walking toward the exit.

“I came to see you.” Said Carly

“It’s kind of a bad time.” Said Liam

“I can see that, but I need to tell you something.” Said Carly

“What do you need to tell me?” Asked Liam

“Ahhh!” Screamed Carly as Theo pulled her into the shadows.

“Carly!” Yelled Liam running back to Lydia’s side.

“Where are you, Theo?” Asked Lydia

“Looking for me?” Said Theo grabbing Liam and Lydia and throwing them into opposite walls.

“See, it looks like you can’t save everyone.” Said Void Stiles as Theo appeared next to him holding a struggling Carly.

“Just let her go Void.” Said Malia who just came out of the adjacent room.

“She is the next survivor on my list and now that I know you care for her, I can’t let her live.” Said Void as Theo’s claws extended into Carly’s back.

“Noooo!” Screamed Lydia as Carly’s body hit the floor.

“Now where is your precious leader when you need him.” Said Void Stiles

“I’m here and soon you won’t be.” Said Scott appearing behind Void Stiles as he stabbed his claws into the back of Stiles’ neck.

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