Stiles Becomes a Werewolf

Chapter Nine

Everything went dark as Scott was transported into Stiles’ mind. Within the blink of an eye, he was taken to the white room as before. He recognized the empty nothingness of this place. It made you feel like you were being consumed by dread but this time around, something was different.

Instead of the game of Go, there was a cell with Stiles inside. The cell was rusted and old. With one pull it would probably just tip over, if he tried hard enough. Scott used his heightened sight to see Stiles crunched up in a ball. Blood stained hands and tears soaked his shirt; he looked awful.

“Stiles, are you okay?” Asked Scott running up to the cell. At the sound of Scott’s voice, Stiles barely even looked.

“Go away.” Said Stiles turning away.

“No, I came to save you.” Said Scott ripping open the cell door.

“I don’t deserve it.” Said Stiles

“This isn’t you, just like before it’s the nogitsune’s fault.” Said Scott

“But is it? I have watched him hurt you, Malia, Liam, Kira, Lydia and all those innocents in the school. I saw him murder everyone of those survivors and a few nurses along the way. He just hurt Carly and she’s gonna die too, I’m being controlled but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t me.” Said Stiles putting his head in his hands.

“None of this is you.” Said Scott

“I got Allison, and Aiden killed last time, what if it’s one of you this time?” Said Stiles

“It won’t be. Now come on we need to stop this Nogitsune.” Said Scott reaching out his hand.

“God dammit, Scott! I can’t be saved, I’m the one with blood on my hands.” Said Stiles revealing his bloodied hands. When he did Scott noticed his torn shirt.

“When Kira stabbed the Nogitsune…” Began Scott as Stiles noticed where he was looking.

“I felt everything.” Said Stiles

“I’m so sorry.” Said Scott as he tried to comfort Stiles, but when he go near Stiles backed away.

“Don’t be sorry. I deserved that pain.” Said Stiles looking down at his feet.

“Stiles, come with me.” Said Scott

“I don’t deserve to be saved. Leave without me.” Said Stiles

“You’re my best friend, I am not leaving you to be controlled by an evil fox. Now we gotta get going.” Said Scott holding out his hand.

“I stabbed you Scott, I have thrown Malia and Liam around and I even kidnapped Lydia; they don’t want to see me. Besides the nogitsune was right. I have the most blood on my hands and I was the human. I’ve killed more than I can remember so please leave me here. Getting tortured like this is my punishment.” Said Stiles

“You’re wrong. Since you were taken we have done nothing but search for you. Everyone has helped out, even after the nogitsune hurt them. We all know this isn’t your fault, it might be your body doing the acts but it’s not you. We need to get you out of here, we are gonna end this fight tonight. I don’t care if you killed more because none of it was your fault, now come on.” Said Scott pulling Stiles out of the cage.

“You’re gonna be fine.” Said Liam trying to stop the blood. It was flowing like a river, and there was no way, even with his strength, that he was gonna stop it. She was gonna die unless someone did something.

“I’m not gonna make it, don’t sugar coat it. I’m not as stupid as you think.” Said Carly coughing up blood.

“No you are not gonna die, okay? Just stay with me.” Said Liam putting more pressure on the wound.

Suddenly Scott opened his eyes and backed away from Stiles, breathing heavily. He leaned against the adjacent wall trying to catch his breath. Then Void Stiles opened his eyes to show the real Stiles, not the nogitsune. You could tell just by the look on his face.

“Stiles?” Said Malia

“Yeah.” Said Stiles

“What did you do?” Asked Theo shoving Scott into the wall.

“I let him free.” Said Scott

“We don’t have much time, the nogitsune is still in my mind; I have just taken control for the moment. When he takes control again, I will either be strong enough to make him leave or he’ll take control again. If he takes control, I need you to kill me.” Said Stiles saying the truth no one wanted to hear. He didn’t want to die, even heroes are scared to die. But if he killed the monster, so be it.

“No, we just got you back.” Said Liam

“Well you better hope it’s me that takes control then.” Said Stiles falling to the ground in pain.

“What’s happening?” Asked Lydia

“They’re battling for Stiles.” Said Malia

“A little help.” Said Liam trying to keep Carly alive.

“How far did his claws go in?” Asked Scott pushing Theo out of the way to run over to Carly. She was laying on the floor with a puddle of blood surrounding her. She was trying really hard to keep eyes open, but her eyelids were getting really heavy.

“They went all the way through.” Said Lydia lifting Carly’s shirt to show the mark.

“She’s not gonna make it on her own.” Said Malia looking at Scott.

“No, I can’t.” Said Scott knowing it would change her life forever. He turned Liam to save his life but he regretted ruining his life every day after. He couldn’t do the same to her. He wouldn’t.

“You have to, or she’ll die.” Said Liam

“It could kill her.” Said Scott

“But there’s also a chance she could live.” Said Liam

“I can’t just turn every person who gets injured.” Said Scott

“She’s not just some random person. She’s my cousin.” Said Liam crying as he squeezed her hand. They took baths together, had sleepovers, and before she moved they did everything together. He couldn’t lose her, not today.

“I didn’t know...” Said Scott

“Liam, it’s fine at least you tried...” Whispered Carly as she started closing her eyes.

“She’s dying Scott! Make a decision.” Said Malia

“Please!” Said Liam

“No.” Said Scott

“Scott, please.” Said Liam with tears in his eyes.

“I can’t.” said Scott

“You want to know why she was at school the day of the attack? She came to see me. Her parents and me are the only ones to care for her and if she dies, it’ll be because of me.” Said Liam

“You didn’t know she was gonna be there, Liam.” Said Lydia

“It doesn’t matter, I was the reason she got hurt and I will do anything to fix it. So please Scott, save her. For me.” Said Liam with pleading eyes.

“There’s no going back Liam.” Said Scott

“I know.” Said Liam

“It’ll change her life forever.” Said Scott

“And I’ll help her through it.” Said Liam

“I’m doing this for you. If it turns badly, that’s on you.” said Scott

“Okay, just please save her.” Said Liam

Scott kneeled down beside the girl, “I’m so sorry...” Said Scott biting into the girl’s wrist. He felt his teeth pierce her skin as his eyes turned bright red. He hated this, but there was nothing he could do. If he didn’t turn her, Liam would lose a family member and Scott had taken a lot from Liam, but he couldn’t take this.

As Scott lifted his mouth Carly screamed, “Ahhhhhh!”

“Carly?” Asked Liam

“Ahhh...I...I...I.” Said Carly falling limp in Liam’s arms.

Stiles suddenly stood up, “Get her out of here.” Said Scott

“Got it.” Said Liam picking Carly up and running down the hall.

“Stiles?” Asked Malia as Stiles starting puking. After puking, Stiles backed away and fell against the wall. A form shaped from the puke to show the nogitsune.

“Theo go to the Dread Doctors, you’re theirs now.” Said Void

“But Void…” Said Theo

“Go!” Yelled Void as Theo ran out of sight.

“You’ve lost and there’s nowhere to run.” Said Scott

“I’ve got one more card up my sleeve.” Said Void as Kira suddenly appeared stabbing her sword right through the nogitsune.

“That’s for stabbing me.” Said Kira

“Ahh...” Said Stiles falling to the floor.

“Stiles!” Screamed Malia running over to him. As she flipped him over there was blood all over his shirt.

“What did you do?” Asked Lydia

“Anything you do to me he feels.” Said Void laughing.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Said Scott

“It’s fine just get it over with. Ahhh...” Said Stiles crumpling in pain.

“I can’t.” Said Scott

“Fine.” Said Void Stiles using his claw to dig into the sword wound.

“Ahh!” Screamed Stiles in agony.

“You have to Scott.” Said Lydia

“But...” Said Scott looking at his best friend in pain.

“Do it!” Screamed Malia

“I’m sorry Stiles.” Said Scott transforming into werewolf form. Scott jumps forward as he bites Void right on the shoulder.

“Ahhhh!” Screamed Stiles as the wound appeared on his shoulder with the same pain Void was feeling.

“This won’t kill me.” Said Void as his face started to crack.

“Yeah but it will be good enough until we can figure out a way to squash you.” Said Scott as the nogitsune turned to dust letting out a lighting bug. Lydia grabbed the box and caught the lightning bug locking it tight. The nogitsune was never gonna escape again.

“Stiles!” Screamed Malia as he fainted in her arms.

“Get him up, it’s time to go home.” Said Scott as Stiles drifted into darkness.

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