The Last Shinobi


Rebecca Danielle Rojas
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Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze had finally fulfilled his lifelong dream: Becoming Hokage of Konohagakure. His life had been hell, of constant resentment and hatred, of pain and loss, and now, everything had fallen into place. Being the key player in the ending of the Fourth Great Shinobi war, Naruto had been given an on-sight promotion, and everyone finally acknowledged him for the great man he was. When news came out that he was also the Yondaime's legacy, his only son, more praise and begging of forgiveness was thrown at him.

He accepted humbly, for he never hated them truly, they were all blinded by their own hatred and loss, they should have known better, but he could not hate them for it.

His life had become one of legend. The Nanadaime Hokage became known as the greatest of them all, greater than his father. He brought across an era of peace during his lifetime. No war, battles, yes, but never war. No coups for power. Just peace.

He had become a master of Fuuinjutsu and even in old age, a master of every Jutsu he came across, even the Hirashin, his bloodline limit.

His legacy also continued with the only woman that truly recognized him, never as the demon, Hinata Hyuga. They had a large family, for he never had one, four sons and three daughters, all of whom became legendary Ninja's in their own right. The Namikaze clan easily became the strongest clan in all the elemental nations, known for their speed and brute strength.

His story was written by himself, opting out nothing for those who would wish to know of him needed to hear the entire truth. From the beatings to betrayal to victory. He wanted to show that it doesn't take being in a strong clan, or a part of a family to become strong. To become more than what they began. To forgive and grow. He wanted people to know that his life did not begin happy, but that he pulled himself out from sorrow in order to inspire others like him into their own greatness.

At his death, of old age along side his wife, people mourned and celebrated his life. His youngest son taking the mantel and becoming Kyudaime Hokage.

But his death did not bring end to his life.

Kami had a different plan in store for her favorite soul.

In another world she watched over, war was spilling over, and there was no one to teach the Avatar, master of all four elements and key to the end of the war, all that he needed in order to fulfill his destiny.

So she needed Naruto to teach him all he could.

"Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze." she said in a melodic voice as she walked up to a younger, eighteen year old version of Naruto, the age where he was in his prime.

"Kami-sama, to what do I owe the pleasure?" he asked knowing all to well that there must be some sort of plan in store for him, and he would comply to whatever it was. This was after all Kami whether he liked it or not, he would have to do what she asked.

He did not want to become the newest member of the Shinigami stomach club.

"I am in need of your help, Naruto-kun." she said with a loving smile adorning her gentle features.

"I am yours Kami-Sama, anything you need of me, I shall comply to the best of my ability." he said smiling back at her, his whisker marred cheeks stretching with the smile.

"I am glad," she said happily, "for I need you to train a young boy, who like you, is the chosen one of his world."

"Of 'his' world? You mean to say a parallel dimension of some sort?"

"Yes, exactly." she said.

"I understand. I trust this is why I am in my younger form rather than an old man I was when I passed on." he said rubbing the back of his head as he always did when he was unsure of something.

"Yes, and because you were quite the looker in your younger years. I did quite good work when it came to you." she said smiling again, a slight tint of pink splashed on her cheeks.

Coughing in order to hide the tint of red that had managed to come to his cheeks, he continued, "Could you tell me who, and what I am to do, Kami-sama?" he said to her, hoping she wouldn't leave him blind in a world that could be vastly different from his own.

"Of course! The world I am sending you to is similar to your own, with four Nations. The Earth and Fire Nations, the North and Southern Water Tribes, and lastly the Air Nomads. Unlike your world which uses Chakra, they bend the elements to their will through their Chi. Like your world, not everyone has the ability to become a bender, only those who are touched by the spirits are given such a gift." she explained before continuing to give a lecture on the basics of the world and it's differences from his own. So far, he was following fairly well. Fire Lord Ozai began a war which has nearly been going on for a hundred years and the Air Bender/ Avatar had gone missing shortly after. Naruto would be sent to the Southern Air Temple inside the Sanctuary to await Aang in the Avatar Chamber which he would visit the day of his arrival and explain who he was and what he was meant to do: teach the Avatar the Shinobi ways. It shouldn't be too difficult, after all he had trained his children in the family arts as well as a few orphans whom he saw potential, as well as heart. He would also become the teacher to Sokka, the Avatar's companion who was nothing more than a civilian warrior. She explained that the civilians had Chakra, like himself, so it wouldn't be difficult to teach him. Though she laughed in saying he was rather sarcastic and complained a bit much. But he also was very intelligent, and could be a Nara on several occasions.

He found himself rather excited on the mission he was given by Kami-Sama. He would live again and help end a war and bring peace. He would do as he had done his entire life: Protect the innocent and fight to protect those precious to him.

"Are you ready?" she said.

"Do you think you could supply me with the proper materials?" he asked noticing he wore nothing but a white Yakata.

"Oh! How silly of me!" she said before snapping her finger and conjured up a vast number of supplies which he began to seal onto his body and in several storage scrolls. He missed this. The adrenaline before a mission. He missed being alive.

And now he was given the chance to live again!

A great day this became.

"I am ready now, Kami-Sama." he said to her, a twinkle gleaming in his eyes.

"Great! I know you will do me proud Naruto! You've never disappointed me before!" she said before she suddenly began to disappear from his sight.

"But Aang, no one could have survived in there for a hundred years." Katara said gently as she, Sokka and Aang reached the door that lead into the Air Temple Sanctuary.

"It's not impossible," Aang said with a slight smile, "I survived in the iceberg for that long."

"Good point." Katara said, realizing that what he said was true. If he could survive that long, then what was to say that someone couldn't survive in a room?

"Katara, whoever is in there might be able to help me figure out this Avatar thing!"

"And whoever is in there might have a melody of delicious cored meats!" run "OOOFF! I don't suppose you have a key?" Sokka said as he slid down the wooden door.

"The Key Sokka, is air bending."

Without another word, Aang took in a deep breath before situating himself in an airbending stance and airbending a strong current into the pipes, eventually opening the door and revealing a room engulfed in darkness.

"Hello?" Aang called out as the door finished opening walking in tentatively, "Anyone home?"

The room, now dimply lit by the light streaming in from the open door, was filled to the brim with statues of different men and women in a spiraling formation.

"Statues? That's it? Where's the meat?!" Sokka exclaimed, wholeheartedly disappointed in he lack of meat within the room.

"I am no statue." said a voice at the center of the room. The entire group turned to find a young looking blonde haired man with three whisker like scars adorning each of his cheeks. He stood taller then them all, at 5'11" and was dressed in clothes none had ever bore witness to. His eyes were an unusual blue, brighter than Katara's that seemed to peer through your very soul. But, he had a relaxing and calm air about him, despite the over all feel of strength emitting off him in small waves that slightly unnerved them. "Hello, young Avatar, and friends."

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