Glitter in the air

Part three

“We broke up with Kevin? Why did we break up with Kevin?” Lily shook her head.

Robin sighed. “No Lily. I broke up with Kevin, not you.” She said, emphasizing on the “I”.

“Doesn’t matter!” Lily turned her head around and yelled at somewhere in the apartment. “Marshall, we broke up with Kevin!”

Marshall appeared out of the bathroom, looking like a deer looking at a car coming fast on him, his son strapped on him like a baby kangaroo. “We did? But we love Kevin!” Lily gave him her “now we don’t” look and he shut up.

“Lily, I’m fine, you don’t need to hate Kevin. I did the breaking up.” Lily gave her the “where’s the poop” eyes, but she ignored them. Lily went for another approach. “Do Ted and Barney know? You could go and bro out with them?”

Robin’ smile was earnest. “That would be fun!”

Robin stood up and went to the kitchen to grab a beer. She continued to talk to Lily. “I texted the news of my new celibate state to Barney this morning. So he can buy me an expensive bottle of scotch to make me feel better.” She came back to the living room smiling maliciously.

Lily returned it. “Well played, girlfriend!”

She curtsied. “Thank you.” She sat on the couch near her friend. “But haven’t told Ted yet, I’m a bit fearful about it.”

Marshall was bouncing to amuse his son and Lily was looking at them with affection. She asked distantly “Why’s that?”

“I didn’t want to talk about break up to Ted on the phone after his own with Victoria. In case he’s still sore about it.” She explained.

Lily was about to answer back when her son started to cry. “Sorry, Robin. He must be hungry.” Robin shrugged, showing that she didn’t mind. She normally hated crying babies, but her little nephew was the cutest boy in New York. Marshall went back from the kitchen, saying they were out of pumped milk. “Well lucky you, son of mine. You’re gonna have the boobie!” teased Lily and took her son out of Marshall Kangaroo pouch.

When Lily disappeared in Marvin’s room to feed him, Ted entered the apartment. He said hi to Marshall and saw Robin. “A beer? What a wonderful idea.” At his turn, Ted went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle, sitting on the couch near his best friend. “So what’s new guys?” Ted asked.

He didn’t even finish his question that Marshall blurted it out: “Robin broke up with Kevin!” Robin rolled her eyes so far away that she thought they would back off his her head.

Ted took a sip of his beer. “Well that’s the season of break up. Barney just told me he broke up with Nora.”

Marshall made a helpless expression. “We broke up with Nora too? Man!”

From Marvin’s bedroom, Lily yelled. “That’s a good thing! She was nice but didn’t fit Barney at all.” Ted and Marshall shrugged in a way that meant; if Lily says it, it’s because it’s true.

A part of Robin just started to dance. Her heart was doing weird palpitations and some UFOs were flying in her stomach. Could Barney had left Nora for her? Could this kiss mean as much as she had hoped? She lost herself in thoughts of naked skin, sweat, shallow breath, spicy scents and glitter. Ted brought her back on her with a hand on her shoulder.

He asked if she was alright about the break up and she brushed him off. “I liked him but he talked about children and everything, so it’s better that way.”

It’s at that moment that Lily came back with her son cradled in her arms. “I know you said you don’t want kids, Robin, but you might change your mind one day. Breaking up with someone for this, it’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?”

Robin fixed her beer bottle in her hands, playing with it. “Guys, it’s not just that I don’t want children…” They were all looking at her, expecting her word with badly hidden anticipation. She felt the stress of finally telling them, years after knowing, they deserved to know after all. She stood up, closed her eyes and took three deep breathes. When she opened her eyes, the look of worry was on her best friends’ faces.

“I can’t have them.” She said in finality. “I’m only 5% fertile or something like that. I can’t bear children.”

Marshall was the nearest and came to crashed her against his huge body, Ted following him. When they let her go, Lily almost threw her son in her husband arms and hugged Robin with all the maternal instinct she had, tears in her eyes. “Since when do you know?”

Robin put her chin in the crook of her friend shoulder. Even though Lily was much smaller than her, it felt quite comfortable. “A couple of weeks after my engagement to Don.”

Ted had the biggest reaction. “That was more than two years ago!” She felt the reproach and anger in his statement, but Robin couldn’t blame him.

Robin let go of Lily. “I know. It’s just...” She looked at her best friend in the world, teary-eyes. “You had just announced you were pregnant and then I couldn’t find the courage.” She felt tears threatening to overflow. “I didn’t want to ruin being a mother to you.” She finally admitted.

Lily started to cry and hugged her again. “You would never do that!”

Funny thing was that she felt guilty for these two years, every time she saw Lily’s big belly or her son crying. She had always wanted to tell her friend, but a part of her thought that because of the defect her uterus had, she would ruin Lily’s parenthood, that Lily herself would feel guilty about showing up her son to her every time. Yet, hearing Lily saying that everything would be fine, she felt fine too.

She left her friends in the living room for the rooftop, where she lighted up a cigarette. A small laugh came to her ears. “Thought you stop smoking?”

She looked back at Ted and smiled. “Yeah... No I didn’t.” He laughed again and stood at her side, looking at Manhattan with her.

“Robin, I’m sorry.” She knew he was talking about her infertility.

She shrugged. “I never wanted children, Ted. So it’s better that it happened to me than to someone else like Lily.” She blew smoke. “I’m fine.”

He looked at her with his puppy eyes. “You shouldn’t let that stop your relationship with men.”

She chuckled a bit at the irony. “Ted, you are the one that want a wife with 2.5 kids, so sorry if coming from you, it’s a bit farfetched.” He continued to look at her in that weird fuzzy way and she suddenly got scared of what he would say next.

“For you, I would give up children, Robin.” She had been right to be scared.

She stepped back a little, giving herself space. “Say what?”

His eyes were all mushy and shiny and she realized what he was going to say, way before he did. “I love you, Robin. It was always you.” She was going to say something, but he cut her.

“Don’t say anything now. You know how important you are to me and I watched you suffer through a bunch of dead end relationship. When I thought you were getting married, it really killed me and I’m sorry for putting this on you, but I really love you and I want to be with you.” He explained in one big breathe. She didn’t know exactly how to respond.

Truthfully, when they dated, years ago, she told him that she loved him and she did so. It was her first time to say the L-word to a man and she never regretted it. Ted was kind and safe. He cherished her like a doll and did everything for her. She had felt blessed by his presence in her life and breaking up with him had been really hard on her. She had been a mess for weeks and it took time for her and him to be best friends all over again.

Ted was the perfect boyfriend and he would be the perfect husband and for a moment, Robin wondered how happy she could be to throw herself into his arms. A flash of bright blue eyes and wicked smile that made her stomach turned on itself appeared in her head, squeezing her heart. Then, reason rushed into her brain.

“I didn’t have only dead end relationship.” She argued a bit weakly.

Ted gave her his “are you kidding me” look. “Robin, you dated Barney. How is that not dead end?”

Her heart hurt for a moment there. Her knuckles tickled, telling to punch Ted really hard in the guts. She ignored her anger took a long puff of her cigarette, looking at the skyscrapers of New York.

There was a reason why they broke up the first place, Ted and her, and it was still there. “Ted, we broke up because you want marriage, kids and stability. I want to travel the world. We don’t fit. You fitted better with Victoria than with me.” She felt a bit bad to mention his ex, but she did believe deeply that Victoria had been the One for Ted. “I don’t know why you two broke up, but it doesn’t mean that you and I are meant to be. It just means you are sad now.”

He shook his head actively and took her hands into his. “No! I broke up with Victoria because of you.”

She blinked away the surprise. “Say what?”

He looked at her eyes, his soul vulnerable. “She said that you were between us. The she felt our past was stopping me to go the distance with her. She wanted us to stop being friend and I couldn’t, so I broke up with her; because you are more important.”

Robin felt quite moved by his confession and a part of her wanted to leap into his embrace. “Ted, I can’t tell you how much our friendship means to me and what you did really mean a lot, but I’m not sure...” Then, her phone vibrated in the back pocket of her jeans. She stopped looking at Ted for a second and read the text. Barney had sent her a meeting place and an hour. She looked up to Ted again.

He smiled. “Gotta be somewhere?”

She smiled, sorry. “Kinda...”

He nodded. “Go then. Think about what I told you and give me your answer later.” She smiled at him and gave him a small kiss on his lips.

“See you Ted.” Then, she fled.

Barney asked her to meet her at a Junior’s on the 44th, near Time Square. She left Lily and Marshall’s place faster than the road runner. Except that instead of running away from the coyote, she was running toward him. Her three friends felt a bit lost, seeing her leave so fast, but she didn’t think about it much.

She rushed to her place and jumped into the shower. She left the curls of her hair untouched, just the way he like it. She used an old soap in adored in when they were dating; she put on a short skirt and pushed up the girls. She checked her reflection in the big window bay of the restaurant one last time and entered. He was already drinking a chocolate milkshake. She sat in front of him, playing with her hair.

His smile was strained and he looked a bit melancholic, but Robin didn’t let it get to her. She gave him her biggest, warmest smile. “Hard to believe you would choose Junior’s of all the places.” She teased.

His laugh was nervous. “I had a cheesecake craving.”

He sipped some milkshake with the straw; his right leg had a tremor. He was playing with the knot of his tie, cracking his neck like a nervous tick. Well, he was definitely nervous. Gone was rage and fire of two days ago. The angry animal was mostly a little puppy under stress.

She passed her hand in her hair again and realized she was having nervous ticks too. The waitress came and they ordered the same cheesecake and she added a black coffee. He evaded any contact with her eyes, but so did she. When, finally, the waitress came up with the order, they both reached to the same fork. He let it go first and let her to take it. She grabbed it fast and devoured her cake like a maniac.

When she was finished and licking her fork, she noticed his plate was still untouched and when her eyes met his, they were dark and she felt completely naked under his stare. Five minutes ago, she thought the wild best had left, leaving a scared little boy and yet there he was again, the wild Pacific Ocean boiling is his eyes making her shiver.

She cleared her throat: “Didn’t you have a craving?”

He blinked, like he was leaving a state of mind, the ocean in his eyes instantly disappeared. “Sorry?” he blinked again, the tremor in his leg reappearing.

“The cheesecake.” She clarified, pointing at it. “I’m gonna eat it if you don’t.”

His voice became very high pitch: “Please don’t!” He cleared his throat. “Don’t. I – I’m eating.” He took a fork and took a huge bite.

“Did you call me to talk about…” She let out the rest of the sentence lost itself in the air, making eyes that were saying that he knew what she was talking about. He almost chocked on his food. She grabbed the nearest napkin and held it near his chin. He took it and thanked her with a sign of his head.

After the color purple left his cheeks and laughed a bit. “That was smooth.”

He threw the straw of his milkshake in her empty plate and took a large sip. “Yes, Robin, I called you to talk about that kiss.” He smiled nervously and played with his watch.

She smiled too. “Do you really want to do this in a Junior’s?” She teased him.

He chuckled. “Wanna take a walk outside then?”

She agreed, he paid and they left. They mostly walked together toward the north, passing the busy part of Time Square, but stopped around 57th street and sat on an empty bench somewhere on Broadway.

“Listen Robin, it’s hard to say it, you know how I am not the best confronter of feelings, but…” He took a deep breathe. “I never really stopped thinking about you.”

His eyes were clear and beautiful and the shade that she knew was honesty and her heart jumped into her throat, making her feel sick and light-headed in the same time. She found her courage and dare to ask: “Always?”

His smile was sad and her heart broke a little. “I did love Quinn, but your impendent wedding ceremony was crushing me until it was hard to breath. I didn’t understand it much, but she did. So she left.” He played with his sleeves nervously. “I was never in love with Nora.” He told her, his tone final. Her hand reached for his wrist, just above his silver watch. “I wanted to prove myself I could be with a nice girl in a serious relationship without feeling the pull towards you.” His fingers caressed the hand holding him. “It’s just another lie.” He whispered under the sound of the crowd around them.

“All of this is frustrating, because we tried and...” He didn’t finish his thought and simple held her hand. “I can’t be in a relationship. I should have known when I failed you.”

She played with the lapels of his suit. “Barney...” she tried to say, but he interrupted. “The thing is, Robin, if I can’t do it with you, I can’t do it with anyone else.”

His eyes were sad and clear and she was in pain just to look at his vulnerability. “You didn’t fail me. I failed you.” She finally said.

He looked surprise, but mostly lost. It was something she never – ever – wanted to say to him. She was scared and she didn’t even know how to form the word to explain it, but seeing him so broken, she realized that his torment might have been her fault all along. So, in whatever insufferable pain it would put her, she decided to tell the truth.

“Three years ago, when we broke up, it was because of me, not of you.” His eyes were searching answers on her face.

“I don’t get it. I’m the one that failed.” He repeated. “I tried to make you happy and I couldn’t. You walked away from me day after day.”

She had some difficulties to find her breath, but she did. “I walked away because of me. Because I was scared of your love for me and I didn’t felt ready.” She smiled with all the courage she possessed. “But I am now. I’m ready to be with you. To be loved by you.”

She had many ideas of how it could turn out, but she didn’t expect this. “I’m not.” He told her, his tone finale.

It froze her deep within her heart, like her blood stopped pumping through her. “You – you’re not?”

He stood up, massaging the back of his neck. “Robin, you can’t throw a bomb like that and say: let’s be together, I am O.K. knowing you love me. It doesn’t work that way.” He seemed angry like two nights ago.

She stood at his side. “I don’t understand, isn’t it why you ask me here after breaking up with Nora? To be with me?”

He sighed long and painfully. “No.”

She took a step back and looked at her shoes for a moment to find her strength again. When she looked up at him again, his eyes were sad. “I called you because I wanted to say... I give up. I’m through trying to get you, to make a fool out myself. I won’t do it anymore.” She wanted to say something, her lips moving, and no sound coming out. “Even more now that I know I was into this relationship more than you were.”

People passed fast at their sides, some even between them, making Robin feeling so very far away from him. She tried to speak again, but her brain didn’t seem connected to her mouth.

“I told you I loved you and I never asked you to say it back, I never expected it! But I thought that in time, it would come. That I wasn’t over my head in this all by myself.” He sighed like something painful was stuck in his chest. “Now you are telling me that it was me loving you that made you unhappy. How the hell is this supposed to make me feel in your head? Because I feel like shit, right now.” His face was red and the muscles of his neck were throbbing. “Like a disgusting shit, because my girlfriend didn’t want to be loved by me.”

Her eyes stung, like she had dropped soap in them, something very big and strong was obstructing her chest cavity. He was waiting for an answer and she managed to get something out. “I get it.” She croaked. “I’m sorry.” was all she said.

His smile was thin and ironic, his eyes empty. “Give me a couple of days of laser tag and bimbo-ing and we will back to normal.” He promised her, knowing that their friendship was important to her. Again she felt like he was being the bigger man in this for her, for what she wanted of him, while he just tolerated the pain and lived with it.

She nodded and he approached himself, kissing her cheek, whispers on her skin. “See you Scherbatsky.”

She smiled and he left; a trail of glitter behind him. For the first time, instead on ignoring it, she stared at it, floating and sparkling in the air, hoping she would never forget what it feels like, to see him so magical.

She left Broadway in hurry to go back at Lily’s. When she entered the apartment, Ted was still there with the married. They were all watching some TV, Marvin probably asleep in his room.

She stopped in front of the door, wondering what to say when she ran to the toilet without a word and threw up the entire content of her stomach. She felt a hand touched her back and massage it. It was Ted.

“Sorry.” She apologized when she finished. She sat on the bathtub and accepted the glass of water he was giving her. She drank a bit and chuckled. “I guess I ate the cheesecake to fast.”

He didn’t ask or say anything and simply sat at her side. They stayed in silence for a moment looking at their reflection in the bathroom mirror. Ted sighed. “It’s not going to work, isn’t it?” She didn’t say a thing, so he asked. “Robin, do you love me?”

She took some time to think about it. She guessed that in a weird fraternal way, she did. In the way he loved her? No, she didn’t. She used too. He had been her world for more than a year and he made her very happy. Even thought her she admitted that she always had a strong sexual attraction for Barney, Ted had been the very first to hold her heart. It is why she felt cruel, cold and she hated herself.

“No.” She whispered, tears in her eyes.

She saw his heart broke in his brown eyes and she felt even worst, but she held his stare, being strong for the both of them. “Is it because of Barney?” he weakly asked.

“No.” She repeated. She didn’t believe in her answer.

At first, she thought that maybe it was. If she never had fallen for Barney, maybe she would be Ted’s girlfriend again, yet a part of her knew; it wasn’t because of him. She really couldn’t love Ted like she did in the past. She has grown up and gone were the little dreams that maybe their life and dreams could fit together. Her love had transformed itself into affection and in her heart; his irreplaceable spot had changed from one of a lover to one of a friend. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head. “It’s fine. It was a long shot anyway.”

She took his hand and held it tight. “I know that you might think I am the One, but you just haven’t met her yet, Ted.”

He laughed without humor. “How would you know?” He asked, cold. It was mean, but she deserved it a little. She never truly loved like Ted did.

“Well let’s ask experts then.” She stated, standing up. “Let’s ask the married what it was like finding the One.” She grabbed his arm and brought him in the living room, where Lily and Marshall were. The little redhead asked right away if she was alright and Robin brushed it off. “Perfect! Ted has a question!”

He stumped on the couch near Marshall, pouting. She knew he didn’t want to ask so she kicked his ankle. He looked at her angrily, but she could still see his broken heart too. She kicked him again and he asked. Lily and Marshall looked at each other lovingly.

“I thought she was the prettiest little woman I’ve ever seen. I could only see her every time she was in the room and not once I doubt I would love her forever.” Lily and Ted aww-ed and Robin rolled her eyes hard. Mushy stuff wasn’t her thing: she blamed Canada.

She pressed Lily to tell her side of the story. She smiled all lovey-dovey, lost in memories. “Every time he was near me, everything seemed beautiful, everything smelled good...” She stopped looking at Ted to explain and put her eyes on Robin. She gave her a knowingly look that scared Robin slightly. “I would looked at him and see glitter everywhere.”

“Well... damn it!” Robin cursed under her breath.

A week after Barney’s refusal and Ted love confession, the dynamic of the group changed a little. Of course, no one really knew why Barney was distant. He made some excuses about a lot of work and a lot of strippers that felt lonely without him. Everyone swallowed it easily, but Robin grew more and more scared that she had hurt him too much for him to never come back near her again.

However, the awkwardness between her and Ted was quite evident and it was making Lily quite pissed off. “Why did he went and said that! I mean, I understand that he loves you and all, but man, he dumb!”

Later that week, after a lot of coaxing from Lily, they all met at MacLaren’s. Ted and she had been evading each other on purpose, not knowing how to speak to one another. Barney wasn’t there just yet and she was stuck sharing her side of the booth with Ted, making things even weirder. He kept trying to put a bigger distance between them, not even letting their shoulder at the same level. She was getting annoyed. Then, in a flash of exuberance and swagger, Barney came.

He didn’t look any different than usual. Robin was searching for clues that he was still angry or sad, but Barney, professional of denial, wasn’t showing a thing except for his mask of awesomeness. He pulled up the chair near the booth and when he sat, his knee touched hers. He didn’t pull away or act like Ted under the contact. At first, his easiness around her made her feel a bit better, thinking they could really become friends again without anything left between them, until he started to flirt with other girls.

Only one drink, he had already his tongue in the mouth of a redhead near the jukebox. She felt the pain of his rejection as strong as that moment on Broadway. Thankfully, after a couple of minutes, the redhead slipped him her phone number and she left. “Already?” asked Marshall. Barney never had a habitude of not closing on a woman. “Got her number, at least...” he muttered, definitely mad about not leaving with her.

Then Marshall and Barney started a conversion about Fantasy Guy and Food Guy at their work. Even though Robin never understood why GNB needed a guy for every little thing, Marshall’s tone was surprisingly melancholic. When Robin asked him why, he took a deep breath before announcing to everyone the news. “I quit GNB.”

Barney’s glass, that was half way near his mouth, stopped. “Say what?”

Lily showed comfort to her husband that seems a bit blue. “I’m sorry, Barney. I know how much you like us working together, but I had a great offer in an environmental firm.”

Since law school, Marshall’s dream had been to be an environmental lawyer, saving the earth against big bad polluting industries, but wanting to pay his bills and provide for his wife and son, he had took the job Barney had offered. Working for a big bank was not really against his beliefs, but he hadn’t been much happy with it. In the end, working with Barney and making new friends, he ended up liking it quite a bit and it surprised Robin that he would quit.

Barney seemed crestfallen. “I can’t believe it! You are abandoning me!”

Marshall gave him a heavy tap on his shoulder. “I’m sorry man, I’m gonna miss our conference calls.”

They all knew that those conference calls were actually Barney and Marshall drinking beer on the rooftop of GNB, throwing the empty cans at pigeons. Barney was still incredibly down. “You are leaving and in 4 months it’s Ted that’s leaving... Man that’s so depressing.”

Ted was doing the last touch up for the new GNB building and the opening was in December, on Christmas Eve. He had been stressed for weeks now, that the opening of his building was coming so soon and he felt like nothing was done. Barney had been of great support, coming to the building site.

Ted saw that now, it was his friend that felt the need for moral support. “It’s fine, buddy. Hey! I’m buying this round!” Ted stood up and went to the bar and Robin moved on the booth, leaving a place for Barney to sit, he took it.

Ted came back with drinks, but the ambiance was a bit sour. It’s what made Robin realized that Barney was definitely the mood maker in their tight group, his mood affecting everyone. After a moment of silence, Lily started to fiddle on her seat. After a minute or two, she exploded. “I can’t take it anymore! That secret is too big!” Marshall trying to calm her down but she threw the ball anyway. “I’m becoming an art consultant!”

Coming back from their shock, they all began to cheer; everyone smiles back on their faces. Funnily, Robin forgot all her problems for a moment, looking at the radiant faces of Lily and Marshall. Lily had studied Arts in college and the fact that she was simply a teacher had always bumped her a little. To have found that job was truly wonderful news.

Barney started to jump on the spot. “Oh! Oh! Let’s get champagne! Come choose it, Scherbatsky!” Like a wave on a beach, he grabbed her and brought her with him at the bar to order. She carefully chose a ridiculous expensive one without him noticing.

Then, waiting, she playfully bumped her shoulder into his. “Hey, you have cigars hidden somewhere in this suit?”

He arched one of his eyebrows. “Obviously.” He stated. He smiled at her, but a shudder went through her spine. His smile was cold, his eyes frozen. Suddenly, everything about his body language was subtlety telling her that he wasn’t there yet. He was still incredibly mad. She didn’t push her luck and acted like she never saw anything. They went back to their friends with champagne and toasted with enthusiasm. After the afterglow of happiness was slowly surrounding them, Barney flashed them a smile, like he just remembered something.

“Ted! Ted! Ted! I met the perfect woman for you!” They all rolled their eyes. Barney always seemed to meet Ted’s perfect woman and she always ended up being simply another bimbo. “She is guys! She plays bass in a band. I met her at James’ wedding anniversary last Friday. She was a cute little thing.”

Then he sobered, mentioning she didn’t want to give him her phone number, even thought it was for Ted. “Actually I met her once in the past in a CVS and tried to flirt with her. I guess my last impression wasn’t good.”

Then, it seemed that Lily was already a bit drunk because she stupidly said: “It doesn’t matter; Ted just confessed his eternal love to Robin last week.” She oops-ed the second the words were out of her mouth and the mood became awkward again.

Barney blinked like a crazy man and looked at Ted. “Did you, now?” Robin saw his Adam’s apple moved, like he’s trying to swallow something big. She was wondering what was happening in his head. He had just discovered that her reaction before their break up had been a subtle way of rejecting his love and now his best friend just confessed to her. She wanted to make him feel better, she wanted him to understand her feelings, even though she didn’t understand them herself.

She never knew why she did what she did, but she wouldn’t regret it.

She grabbed his hand that was holding his glass on the table and intertwined her fingers with his, hoping the spread warmth into his heart. She wanted to yell at him to melt that ice around him and focused on her. It seemed that a part of him understood when he looked at her. On his face, the mask was still on. He had created a lewd smile to go with her move and was probably getting ready to throw a pervert thing in their face. But his eyes were pools of confusion, searching for answers.

Everyone’s eyes fell on their hands, but she ignored them. She smiled at him. “Can you believe it? He totally Tedded up about this.” She sang, acting smug and proud. “I thought he was going to burst into song with an umbrella!” She said and everyone laughed, forgetting the awkward moment and started to tease Ted. Barney tried to let go of her hand but she stubbornly held on to it.

It’s funny, but it’s at that moment, hands intertwined, that she felt like saying it for the very first time. The words “I love you” were pushing at the base of her throat, but she swallowed them back. No matter how overwhelmed she felt, she was strangely at peace, his presence was like an ocean; immense, strong and calming. Now, wasn’t the time or the place, but she felt strength in her she didn’t know she had.

She was in love with him, for real. No “I think I love him” or “maybe there’s something there”. She loved him, truly and powerfully. The first time she thought she did, she had repressed it, refused it and when he had voiced his feelings first, she had thought that she had been wrong about herself. That all of this was going out of control.

Now she realized she had been in love with him all along. She hadn’t been wrong, simply scared to death. And she had never stopped feeling this way. That explained so much that she found herself quite stupid to never realize it before.

Now all she had to do was to figure out what to do about all this. She really was a mess after all.

Later that night, she was on the rooftop of Lily and Marshall’s apartment, smoking a cigarette. Ted silently placed himself at her side. “You really should stop that.”

She chuckled. “I was thinking the same thing.” She looked at him, showing her cigarette. “This is officially the last one.” She said proudly. He looked at her like he didn’t believe her. “I’m not saying I won’t smoke my occasional cigars, but cigarettes? I’m done after this one.”

He smiled and she ignored the love she saw in his eyes. “What brought that up?”

She shrugged, bringing the cigarette at her lips. “I found something more relaxing, I guess.”

His expression is sad and of something else that she can’t identify. She always found hard to read Ted’s feeling and today was not an exception. “You’re in love with Barney.” It wasn’t a question but simply a fact and it threw her back for a moment.

“O.K. How the hell did you do that?” He threw her a questioning look. “I mean, I just discovered that like an hour ago, how the hell did you figure this out?”

He laughed. “Robin, I think the only one that doesn’t know is Barney.”

She clicked her tongue and took a long expiration from her last cigarette. “He mostly doesn’t care. He nicely told me that he gave up on his love for me.”

Ted immediately answered. “He lied.”

Her eyes filled themselves with tears. “You didn’t see him. He wasn’t lying. I hurt him too much.”

She smoked some more and Ted sighed, looking at the shining view of Manhattan. “Man, I wish you loved me instead.” He teased her and she gave him a deadly stare. “I’m just saying; you didn’t choose the easiest man to love, Robin.”

She scoffed. “Please! It’s not like I chose this.”

They stayed another minute in silence when Ted asked: “When it started, you think?” She looked at him, now questions in her eyes. “Falling for Barney, I mean.”

Her eyes looked up, a smile drawing itself on her expression. “It’s stupid.” She said.

Ted chuckled. “In Robin language, it means it isn’t.”

She laughed and crashed the rest of her cigarette on the wall. “I wasn’t in love per say, but...” He waited, a bit of impatience showing. “Let’s just say that when I look back, all the signs were there for me to see it coming.” She looked down at the ashes and smile. “The very first time he kissed me, the signs were there I think.”

Ted’s eyebrows shut up in his hair line. “Seriously?”

She chuckled, embarrassed. “I’m not saying it was true love kiss and all that crap, but the reason I slept with him that night, it was the kiss.” She smiled, lost in the memory. “He was so addictive. I was like tasting a great scotch for the first time.”

Ted sighed with melancholy and fell against the wall behind them. “Man, he is your fate.”

She laughed at him. “Please, fate? Seriously? You are still going to say that?”

He gave her his look that meant that she was being just too Canadian and she rolled her eyes. “You said it yourself; the day we met, you already noticed him.”

She sighed, exasperated. “To sleep with him! It was only sexual attraction, really.” She bumped her shoulder on his. “Ted, if it had been fate we wouldn’t have date and I wouldn’t have loved you.”

He smiled kindly at her. “True.” He bumped her shoulder too. “Then, what changed it then? Your sexual attraction toward love, I mean.”

She shrugged. “When we dated I suppose. I don’t really know.” She laughed. “We just fitted, you know... He was so very fitting for me.” She looked at the stars-less sky. “It’s weird. When you meet someone that fits you so very well, the feeling is hard to explain.” Ted gave her a look that was begging for explications. “It’s different from what you talk about all the time: the fate and destiny thing.” He laughed.

She smiled to herself and said: “I can live the rest of my life without Barney Stinson” He looked at her like she was crazy.

“Really?” he asked.

She nodded. “I just choose not to.”

Ted haaa-ed, looking at the sky. “I guess it’s kind of a mature way to love someone.” He stayed silent for a moment and asked: “How does it feel, to be so much in love?”

She chuckled and looked at the sky too. “Blinding.” She answered simply.

Love was blind after all.

The end of the autumn and the beginning of winter passed like a blur. On Christmas Eve they all went to the inauguration of Ted’s skyscraper. They celebrated hard and late and Lily danced with everyone until her feet couldn’t hold her anymore.

On Christmas day, they spent the morning all together and hung-over, eating pancakes made by Lily. Barney had hooked up with so many girls at Ted’s party that he said he had to rest on Christmas day. “I never exploited so much a bathroom stall. Well design Ted! Architect high five!”

Robin was hurt by his antics, but she didn’t let it get to herself. She had hurt him hard and he was in every right to do as he pleased. So for months and months, even though Ted encouraged her to act on it, she hid all her feelings, strangling herself with unsaid “I love yous” and drowning herself in tears she hadn’t cried.

Barney’s coldness had melted away and he seemed to have gone back to his old self again, even with her. They laughed, they teased each others. Everything seemed so very peachy, but Robin was feeling hurt every time he was with a woman, which was every day, because Barney had gone back to his playboy ways.

While she was cleaning the dirty dishes in the kitchen by herself, Ted came behind her. “You should tell him that you love him.” he sang, a laugh disguised in his advices.

“I know! It’s just not easy, ok!” She rubbed the plate so hard that it fell back into the water, splashing her. Ted laughed. “I’m not you, Mosby. I don’t declare my undying love to anyone every week.” It was meant to prick him hard, but instead he approached near her and in her ear, he made a very loud chicken sound.

“I am not a chicken!” She argued, offended. Ted was dancing in the kitchen, still laughing, imitating a chicken. She threw water at him, but he ducked out of the kitchen.

Then, New Year Eve came and she got stuck at work. Sandy was hosting the big New Year countdown like every other year, but his producer, that happened to be his girlfriend, dumped him at the last minute. This is why Barney had invented the rule “Do not love thy neighbour.” Dating a co-worker was the worst idea ever.

Sandy was sad and he started to drink. In the end of the night, two minutes from the countdown, she had lost Sandy all over again for the third time that night. He was probably drunk somewhere and she was sick of getting groped in the mass of people at Time Square and stepping in puck.

She called Barney in total panic. “This is so not awesome!”

He laughed on the phone. “Forget about Rivers then, do it!”

She snorted. “Yeah, no. I can’t just go and talk on national TV.”

He stayed silent for a second on the line and said: “Yeah, you pretty much can.”

She thought about it for three seconds. “Oh what the hell not!”

He laughed. “That’s the American spirit, Canada! Now excuse me, I have to stop Sandy Rivers. He is calling a male escort again.”

He hung up, leaving her out of her mind, completely surprised. The co-producer shook her out of her thoughts and gave her the microphone. “It’s time.”

She never –ever – expected to do the New Year countdown, but when she did, she felt exhilarated and she realized, this is really what she wanted to do with her life. Her dreams were worth fighting for and it renewed her faith in her hard work.

The road of a journalist had been rockier than she had expected when she finished university in Canada. She had come to the greatest city in the world and thought her success would be instantaneous. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Becoming a respected journalist wasn’t like becoming a teenage pop star, she had gone up and down on the professional ladder and not once, she had reached the top, except that night.

That night, she had been the most looked at woman in the U.S., everyone watching the countdown. Yet, with all the attention of stranger, she mostly hoped that her friends would be watching.

She delivered her speech, did the countdown and the second she was out of the air, she threw her microphone to the A.D., telling him that she got to go and ran away from Time Square, toward Ted’s place, knowing all her friend would be there.

She arrived around one in the morning, after escaping the crowd. In front of Ted’s building, she saw a crooked homemade sign saying “Puzzle”, but she ignored it and ran upstairs. There was a bouncer at the door that let her in. The place was in a total mess and it smelled of vomit.

“Dude! Did you open a bar in your apartment?!” She exclaimed, looking at Ted.

“Puzzle was a big disappointment.” He said, and then he smiled and hugged her. “We all saw it, Robin. That was amazing!” She hugged him back and looked around for the others.

Lily had fallen asleep near the window, resting on Marshall that simply seemed to have passed out. She noticed he was naked under his wife. Ted nodded knowingly. “Beercules made his appearance.”

Beercules was Marshall’s nickname in college when he was really drunk. He had this reputation that no one could drink as much as him and as fast, but whenever he would hold to this challenge, he always ended up naked.

She looked around searching for Barney, when he got out of the bathroom yelling. “Shut your pie hole Rivers, I am not playing sexy donkey with you! The Barnacle does not swing that way!” He strongly closed the door behind him a put a chair on the doorknob to lock it.

He looked at Ted and her and asked puzzled: “Do I want to know what a sexy donkey is?”

Ted laughed. “I’m surprise you don’t know.”

He snorted. “Ted, Ted, Ted. You are talking to the wrong Stinson if you want a 101 class about sexual positions of the gay community. Call my bro!”

Ted muttered something about the fact that he had a not a real interest in knowing, but Barney ignored him and went to hugged her. “Scherbatsky, you just showed New York how awesome you are!”

Then, he looked around them comically, like if he was checking if they were being spied on, than he muttered: “I think no one realized that you’re Canadian, so you are fine.” She punched his arm, while he laughed and she hugged him again.

His hand was caressing her hair, his breath was tickling her neck and she held on to him longer than necessary. “You really did great out there, Robin.” He whispered in her ear.

She never expected it to happen that way, in her ex-boyfriend apartment that was transformed in a bar (with a very cool name) that smelled like puck, but it did. She held him tighter at his waist and put her head in the crook of his neck; her hug became instantly more intimate, she closed her eyes and whispered: “I love you.”

If you want to start a new year with a big bang, say I love you to the man of your dream when he just gave up on you months before. That should do it.

Ted was too busy to nurse the married to notice anything and the others people in his apartment were too wasted to care anyway.

Barney froze in her arms; all the muscles in his body were hard. She pressed her breast against his chest, the palm of her hand flat again his shoulder blade, feeling them move attractively, her nose nuzzling his neck. The hand on her lower back and the one in her hair trembled, so she just held him stronger. For a moment, he didn’t move and then he backed off, grabbed her arm and went through the front door, down the street.

The streets of Manhattan were still busy because of the New Year and they were surrounded by drunkard and party animals. The smell of puke and piss was actually stronger here then upstairs and when a guy pushed her just to get her out of his way, she was certain that he groped her. Barney was still holding her by the arm and it’s what stopped her from falling flat on her face, she mumbled a thank you.

He didn’t let go of her like she expected that he would, instead his grip grew stronger and he pulled her hard against him. Because she was tall, their eyes met almost at the same level and she noticed a fire she never saw in his eyes before and it lit her up like the Olympic torch. His teeth were stuck together, his jaw set in stone and the muscles of his neck were moving in a very attractive way, a bit like when he laughed, except now he was angry. Like that night when she kissed him, powerful and hot-tempered.

“Are you kidding me?” he seethed through his teeth.

She shrugged. “About what?” she asked, all fake innocence and battling her eyelashes.

His laughed was cold and harsh. “You can just joke about this, Robin!”

She smiled at him, her heart pounding his way out of her lips. She didn’t know she had the courage to say it again, until she did. “I love you, Barney.”

The fire in his eyes was still there, but there was something else; hope. “Robin…” He sounded strangled and vulnerable, even though his face was set in stone.

Robin always had difficulties with love declaration. Her first “I love you” was with Ted and even after, it had been hard to say it on repetition, but now, it flowed out of her heart like the a waterfall. It was so easy suddenly, to love him, to show him. Actually, nothing had ever been so easy for her.

“I love you.” She said again and laughed, exhilarated. “I loved you years ago, I loved you when I was going to marry some other guy and I love you now.” She said, detaching every word. “I was stupid and scared and I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings and you can hurt me back as much as you want right now, but I know that I love you.”

He looked at her like she was some crazy woman, letting go of her arm and she doubted herself for a moment there. Then, he grabbed her face; fingers entangled in her hair and kissed her, knocking the wind out of her lungs. Glitter exploded behind her closed eyes and the wave of his warmth crashed on her, making her tremble.

His lips left hers and he placed her forehead on hers, still holding her face, his thumbs drawing patterns on her cheeks. Because of the cold, their breath mingled in a mist between them.

“Say it again.” He begged; his blue eyes closed.

“I love you, Barney.” The words were not out of her mouth that he kissed her again, his tongue slipping into her mouth, his right hand finding her lower back and crushing her against him.

Their kiss broke when a girl with punk purple hair crashed into them on purpose and told them to get a room. Robin was going to yell obscenities at her, but Barney laughed and she stopped to stare at his smile.

“She does have a great idea.” She said, playing with his blue tie, her nails scratching his scalp. He purred like cat, nuzzling her neck.

“I love when you do that.” He growled on her skin. She took her hand away from his hair, but like a kitten, he turned his neck to follow it, she giggled.

“Let’s go to your place.” She begged him. She never begged for a man before, or for sex in general, but now her body was tired and strained of its loneliness and she wanted him to touch her, to make her body sing like only he knew how to.

His eyes were dark and shining and she knew that he wanted as much as her. “Robin...” She could hear the hesitation in his voice, his vulnerability, so she waited for him, still scratching his scalp.

“Robin, is this a New Year thing?” he asked, insecure. Confusion probably showed on her face because he started to mumble an explanation. “I mean, is it just you being on a high from your big TV break and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you won’t want me anymore, or...” he took a long and deep breathe. “Or it’s real?”

He was beautiful and vulnerable and she wanted to enveloped him in everything she is, just to show him how much this was real, how much she wanted him. She kissed him again, sweetly with kindness. Even through the cold of January, his lips were warm and inviting.

“Barney, let’s just go home.” She implored him and his lips were back on hers in a flash.

In less than five seconds, he let go of her lips and signaled a cab. They both slipped inside, holding hands, shoulder bumping and she giggled again. The road to his apartment was around ten minutes, but because of the New Year traffic, it took much longer, so they passed the time by making out like teenagers on the backseat. When they finally passed the door of his apartment; she was way much more ready for him than she should be.

His stripped himself from his suit jacket and she noticed how red his cheeks and hands were. He didn’t have a coat on, probably lying forgotten at Ted’s and she put her hands on his cheeks to warm him up. “Weren’t you cold without your coat?” She asked in a whisper.

His smile was simple and kind. “You’re warm enough.”

His hand glided on her stomach and he moved toward her lips, when the song of Darth Vader started, coming from the breast pocket of his jacket lying on the couch. She laughed and he growled.

“Teeeeed.” He said, dangerously, putting his forehead on hers.

“Just answer it now, or else he’ll never stop.” She told him, pushing him away. He pouted and reached for the phone that was still ringing.

He went to talk on the phone near the kitchen counter, on hand in his pocket, his back to her. She took a good look at him while he was busy and even thought she always found him attractive, now that she could have him all she wanted, he was even more.

His free hand left his pocket to open a bottle of Macallan 20 years and poured some in the bottom of two glasses. She heard him mentioned his forgotten coat and her name once or twice, but she didn’t care. She focused on his movements: casual, smooth and manly, his back was straight and eradiating of confidence.

He finally hung up, putting his phone on the counter, took the two glasses in his hands and turned to face her. The second his eyes were on her, she started to unbutton her silk shirt, a teasing smile on her face. He just stood there, looking at her with eyes veiled with desire, licking his lips. She took it off and his eyes focused on her breast.

“Navy lace bra, my favorite.” He said in a low voice.

“It’s a coincidence, I swear.” It wasn’t really. She had been wearing lace underwear for months now, mostly going for is favorite color, just in case.

He took the three large steps that was separating them and gave her on glass. However her hand slipped and fell on the floor, splashing his golden liquid on her.

“Man, I’m sorry.” She bent over to get the broken glass, but a growl, from deep within his stomach stopped her.

“God, you must be kidding me.”

She looked up to him, thinking he was mad, ready to say sorry again, but his eyes were even darker than before, a tick moving the muscle on his neck. He was staring at her chest and she noticed the scotch smeared across the swell of her breast.

She started to laugh but it ended up stuck in her throat when his expert tongue went to lick just above the lace of her bra, his free hand caressing her naked back. She crushed herself against him and felt his pleasure through their clothes.

“Scotch never tasted this good.” He whispered against her skin. She chuckled, her hand scratching the nape of his neck.

“Well good for you, but I’m thirsty.” She teased.

He looked in her eyes, giving her his own drink that she took and drank while one of his fingers went to push the lace out of her breast, the liquid flowing down on her hard nipple. His mouth and tongue are back on teasing her and she almost dropped her glass again. She tripped on her on feet while trying to get steadier and he laughed, catching her by the waist. He noticed her shaky hands, one arm snared around her to unhook her underwear. He causally threw it on the couch, crushing her against his chest.

“You have too much clothes.” She said, sounding desperate for him.

He went to take her glass out of her trembling fingers and she unbutton his dress shirt in a frenzy, each buttons revealing white skin, smelling of spices, soap and scotch. She pushed it away from his broad shoulder, feeling his lean muscles moving under her palms. Then, she grabbed his narrow hips and brought his naked chest to her, surprising him and the scotch he was holding spilled again, on his finger and her shoulder. They laughed and she took his glass to put it away on the coffee table, while he kissed the liquid away on her shoulder, stripping of his dress shirt still stuck on his arms.

“I’m getting all sticky.” She said; pushing him away a bit and he moved his eyebrows in a playful manner, his hand cupping on her breast naturally. She hit his shoulder to tease him and he pinched her nipple for vengeance. She gasped, grabbing his arms.

“You mentioned something about making lots of love earlier in the taxi...” he let lingered in the air and her body responded immediately.

She was going to say something bright and witty, but he urgently grabbed her by the waist, unzipped her pants that he let slipped off her legs. She kicked them away somewhere in the living room and in one fluid movement, he seized her hips and threw her over his shoulder. She yelped of surprise and he laughed, walking them toward his bedroom. He threw her unceremoniously on his king size bed. He stood up in front of her, drunk of the view she was giving him.

“I swear Robin, if tomorrow you throw me away; I’m jumping from my balcony.” He grunted; a sparkle of vulnerability in his blue eyes and she smiled, opening her arms to him.

“I’ll have to jump with you, then.” He dived into her embrace, giving her his heart and soul in the process.

They spent hours in each other’s arms and when they fell asleep, the sun was already up. It’s her phone that waked her up, ringing in the living room. She got up carefully out of bed, to not wake him up and grabbed her old Japanese style bathrobe he still had in his closet and went to get it. When she reached it, the ringing had stop and her boss had left her a voicemail. He congratulated her for the amazing last minute appearance she made for the countdown and he gave her an hour for a meeting in a couple of days, when he was coming back from his holiday vacations. She was elated, pretty sure that this meeting was for a promotion.

She tiptoed her way back into the bedroom, but Barney was already stirring up. She sat on the bed near him and played with his wild bed hair. He chuckled and then, he coughed hard and sniffed.

“Did you get sick?” she asked him, putting her palm on his forehead.

“No, I’m too awesome for sick” he weakly answered, coughing again.

His skin was boiling and she told him. “Is it a subtle way to tell me I’m hot?” he teased her, pulling her near.

He was going to kiss her, but turned his head in his pillow and coughed again.

“It’s my subtle way of telling you that you are sick.” He let out a sound of complained and sniffed. “That’s what happened when you go outside in January without your coat.”

He scoffed. “Whose fault is that, Canada?”

She tapped his shoulder for blaming her and she got up. He complained again. “Where are you going? Don’t go! I’m cold.”

She smiled and put his duvet over his shoulder, until his it was tuck under his chin. “I’m getting aspirin and water, you big baby. I’ll come back.” He nodded; she put a bathrobe and went to his bathroom. She found everything she needed and went back to give him.

He took it with a word and then threw her his puppy eyes. “What is it, Barney?”

He gave her a small like a little kid that just won something great. “Can you make me green tea with honey?”

She scoffed. “You’re a big boy, you can do it yourself!”

He pouted at her. “Not only did you made me go into the cold without a coat, you sucked my entire energy all night long like some witch and you don’t even want to make me tea.” She groaned, rolling her eyes.

She had forgotten how a big baby he becomes when sick. Last time she had nursed him for a cold, she was dating Ted and she ended up spiking his tea with drugs. As a girlfriend, she couldn’t do that anymore, she supposed, so instead, she caved in.

“Fine! But if you give me your virus, you nurse me too.” She said, pointing her finger at his face. He nodded and she went in the kitchen.

When she came back with his drink, he was dead asleep, all his covers thrown on the floor. The fever probably got him hard while asleep and he tried to cool himself down. She put his cup on his bed table and the covers back on him.

Tired and sore for their morning activities she went back to bed at her turn. She placed herself on her side, her back to him, but not a minute after, his arms snared around her waist, his sweaty chest against her back.

His hot breathe against her neck, he whispered: “I like when you’re naked.” He nuzzled her shoulder and she felt his morning stubble scratching her. “Your skin is amazingly soft.” He complimented her, open and childish.

He heart squeezed under his affection with a warm pressure and old Robin would have run away from this in a second, but in love Robin turned around in his arm and snuggled closer, feeling every angle of his body enveloping hers.

“You’re going to get sick.” He warned her. She breathed in the smell of sweat, sex and spices of his skin.

“Worth it.” They both felt asleep, entangled in each other.

When she woke up again, she was alone in his bed. She put on her silk bathrobe and went to the living area and it was at that moment that he came back from the front door, dress in a sweatshirt and jogging, IPhone in his ear. “Where did you go?” she asked and he smiled, taking the sweat out of his eyes. “For a run. Wanna get rid of this little cold so I sweat it out.” He kissed her cheek. “All better now! Let me shower and I’m yours.”

He left for the bathroom and she went to his kitchen. She looked in his fridge to find something to cook, but it was mostly full of Gatorades and water bottles. Five minutes later, he was in a bathrobe, standing behind the counter. “What is it?”

She pouted. “I’m hungry and there’s nothing here except popcorn.”

He chuckled. “I always eat outside, you know that.” He said, and she sighed.

“I know, but I had hoped to not leave the apartment today.” He grabbed his phone that was still on the kitchen counter since the night before.

“This is why people of New York invented the wonders of the delivery service, Canada.” He teased her and muttered the word Canadian under his breath and she acted offended for a second and then smile sweetly at him.

“Korean?” she asked and he rolled his eyes. He always knew about her addiction to Korean food that she developed when she first came to the city years ago. He probably had a good Korean restaurant on his speed dial, because before she knew it, he was ordering in Korean on the phone.

She simply took a bottle of water and went to the living room. She noticed to broken glass of last night on the ground, the scotch had stuck to the marble. “Damn it.” She cursed under her breathe and she went to get cleaning stuff in his bathroom.

She was on four, scrubbing the floor when he sat on the couch near her. “I’ve never been into the Cinderella pattern, but if you insist I can try.” She scoffed and threw him and dirty rag. He laughed and grabbed her by the waist to sit her him, throwing the rag somewhere on his coffee table.

“I’m not finish! There is still glass on the floor.” He muttered a “don’t care” on her skin and ravished her neck hungrily.

“Can’t keep off of me, Stinson?” He smiled against her mouth and kissed her lazily and languorously.

Thirty minutes later, her bathrobe was nowhere to be found, his boxer had flown away somewhere and someone was ringing at the door. “Delivery man has a bad timing.” He complained and stood up to answer. She went to hide behind the couch, where she found her clothing from yesterday and Barney answered the door, just after finding her bathrobe on his lamp post.

Then mostly ate in silence, watching TV, Barney still wearing her old silk bathrobe with pink flower. She could laugh about it, calling him a transvestite, but he looked somehow very sexy in woman’s clothes. She didn’t let her thought linger on it too much.

Robin had found his sport channel and she was passionately watching a game of hockey. Every time she would yell at the players on the screen, he would laugh and put his hand on her laps, stopping her from standing in outrage. Since he didn’t know much about the sport, she took the time to explain to rules to him, but she suspected that he was listening to only half of her words.

“I’ve seen Lily doing better slam than that.” He teased her and she scoffed.

“It is hard to slam someone while skating, dude!” He rolled his eyes and she punched him in his ribs. She gave up teaching him about hockey, knowing he was more of a baseball fan and focused her attention to the TV.

She noticed him cleaning the empty carton of food off the table while she was yelling at the Rangers. He sat near her, but she ignored him. She wanted to watch the game and one look at him would distract her. He started to push the shirt off her shoulder, kissing there. His tricky fingers caressed slowly up and down the inside of her naked tights.

She took a deep breath, her eyes focused on his enormous screen. “I’m trying to watch the game.” She said and he chuckled, his fingers going higher.

“Please do, I’m not stopping you.” She put all her concentration on the hockey players, ignoring him.

Yet, 10 minutes later, he was kneeling in front of her, holding the back of her knees high, splitting her tights apart, his mouth kissing the burning spot between her legs and her head had fallen back, lost at the tip of his tongue.

Later on, the game was finished and she was a big bundle of satiated limbs on the couch, Barney still sitting on the floor, his head on her tights, his tricky finger tracing patterns on her calf. She found the strength to turn her head down toward him and she saw him licking his red lips. She turned off the TV and her hand went to massage his scalp and he kissed her knee.

“I missed this.” She whispered and he smiled up at her.

“Good sex?” he teased, wickedly.

She chuckled. “Well, yes. But I mean this.” She scratched harder being his ear and he closed his eyes. “The moment after sex, with you.”

He looked into her eyes, glitter on his long eyelashes and he took her breath away. His fingers snared around her wrist and stopped her from caressing his hair. He brought it near his mouth and kissed the inside of her wrist, where her pulse point was. Then, he kissed his way up her arm, the fingers of his other hand working up her leg. He ended up sitting at her side, nuzzling her neck, bringing her legs on his. She let herself be pampered gladly.

She never was much for cuddling and so had been Barney, but cuddling together like this, she liked it. There was something in him, in the air around him, that calmed her, made her feel lost in bliss. She snuggled closer, a hand caressing his smooth stomach, nuzzling his unshaved jaw against her cheek. He chuckled in her ear. “Doesn’t it prickle?”

She hummed. “I like it. Makes you manly.”

He chuckled again. “I haven’t been call manly in...” he stopped to pause and think, looking up, an eyebrow arched. “Ever.” He added, not so happy about it.

She grabbed a fist on his chest hair and he caught his breath. “Well you are to me.”

The look he gave her was definitely saying he didn’t believe her. “Robin, you have more balls than I.” He stated as a matter of fact. She giggled, her hand follow the soft hair on his belly until she reached him down low. His eyes rolled in the back of his head, all his body becoming loose.

“I wouldn’t say so, really.” She teased him and he chuckled. “If you want to go again, I’m gonna need Redbull or something.”

Her hand went up again and she shook her head. “Nah... Too exhausted.”

He caught her by the waist and stood up. “Time to go to bed then.” She lazily followed into the bedroom, simply looking forward to sleep, his body near her. Hell, she really did miss him.

A week later, she was making small girl talk with Lily at a Spa at 34th street and Lexington Avenue. Two Asians girls were working on their toes nails. “I thought you liked black polish for your toes?” Said Lily, looking at the woman applying a nice navy blue color on Robin’s toes.

She smiled wickedly. “Navy blue is Barney’s favorite color.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Girl! I never thought I would say this to you of all the people, but you are so whipped.”

Robin made an offended face. “I am not!” she said in a very high pitch voice and her girlfriend just laughed. Robin stubbornly went back to her Vogue magazine.

“Well I’m glad you two are back together.” Robin smiled to herself. “I mean, it broke my heart to see him like this all the time.” Her redheaded friend said absently, looking at her own gossips magazine. Robin dropped her Vogue on her laps and turned toward Lily.

“Say what?!” A look a guilty stroked Lily and she shook saying it was nothing. “No. Lily, see him like what?”

She sighed. “Listen Robin. After you guys break up, nothing special happened really, but then you started to date Don and it got really serious. That’s at that time he met Quinn.” Robin nodded, not understanding why she was mentioning events that Robin already knew that happened.

“You remembered when he came into the apartment with Marshall and Ted, completely wasted because Barney had broken up his engagement with Quinn?”

She laughed. “Yeah, poor Ted broke his record of Vomit free since ’93.”

Lily sighed deeply again and asked the women doing their nails to go away for a little bit. Then, she turned her entire body toward Robin, a very serious look in her eyes. “Listen Robin. When I said you have Barney’s heart completely, I am not being over romantic or mushy or anything.” She looked down sad. “I’m the one he confided in when he started to feel really bad.” She was a bit teary-eye when she looked up. “I’m the one that held him when he cried, like a broken little boy.” She breathed deep. “He cried until he fell asleep, he was a hollow mess. He missed you so very much.”

Robin felt something obstruct her throat when she tried to swallow. “But when I came back to him after Nora and Kevin, he rejected me. Even when I was with Don and he was with Quinn, he refused to come to my wedding as friends. Actually, he was the one that left me first. He left, Lily.”

Lily smiled was a bit sad. “Honey, he didn’t leave you.” She grabbed her hand. “He gave you up.”

The Asians women came back to finish their polish and Lily acted she never said a thing, leaving Robin completely lost.

That same day, she went directly to Barney’s place in the evening. They had arranged to meet at their favorite sushi restaurant later on, but she simply went up his building, using her key. He was still wet from the shower, a towel at his hips, putting the suit he chose on the bed.

“Hey! You’re early.” He seemed pleasantly surprise by her arrival and he went to caress to back of her neck, kissing her gently on the lips.

For a moment there, she basked in his presence. The smell of his soap was strong and her eyes would follow every drops of water on his body. She shook her dirty thoughts out of her brain, she came here with intentions and she wanted answers. She could have chosen a better start thought. “Did you cry a lot?”

He looked dumbfound for second and sighed. “Fine. I watched Field of Dreams again. I was bored and it was on ABC.”

She laughed at him a bit. “No! That’s not what I meant.” Her hands went to tickle his hipbones. “I know how emotional you get when you watch that movie.”

He scoffed. “I do not get emotional! I get more awesome.” He said awkwardly.

She humored him for a moment and let him explain why Field of Dreams was a moving story for every man on the planet. He started to throw some of his fake history lessons in the mix and this is when she cut him. “I get it, I get it!” He smiled smugly and went to get put in underwear.

She took her time to look at his bum while he was naked and she sat on the bed, near his suit. He had chosen a light gray Dolce&Gabana and a light blue shirt. She passed her palm on the expensive fiber.

“I love that suit.” She whispered and he took the pants to put them on. “That’s why I chose it.”

She watched him getting dress up methodically. He grabbed his gold watch on the bed table and looked at her. “You seem lost in there.” She met his eyes and asked him to sit near her. He did, his hands automatically touching her tights with affection.

“Did you give me up?” she asked this time.

Many expressions passed through his eyes, his face contorted in concentration. Then, realization hit him. “Ha. Lily spilled the bean.”

She nodded slowly and explained herself more. “She said that you missed me and cried a lot.” He scoffed under his breath. She was pretty sure he called Lily a busy-body, but she ignored it. “She said that when we broke up, you gave me up.”

His expression was uneasy, his hand on her tight heavier. “I want to understand. I want us to go forward and I hurt you so much in the past and we haven’t talk about it really. I don’t want you to keep this inside and then use it 10 years later.”

He let himself fall on his back, crisping the bed cover. “It’s complicated.”

She nudged him in the ribs. “Try me.”

He giggled, ticklish, and took her hand to pull her toward him. She fell on him, her ear on his beating heart. “When we were together the first time, I realized how much I loved you. It was not something I expected. To tell the truth my expectations of myself then were the same as anyone else: I was certain that I would get bored and broke your heart. Falling in love was so very surprising.” His hand caressed her hair slowly. “I was so very much in love with you and I knew I was in way much deeper than you were and it scared me.”

She wanted to say something but he cut her off, asking her to let him finish. “I didn’t want to settle down just yet, but my heart didn’t give me a choice. The simple idea of being with another woman than you wasn’t attractive at all.” He stopped a moment to think and she waited. “But then, I got the courage to tell you.”

His hand went to play with a strand of her hair. “I was so very in love with you, yet you never said anything about it. I thought you needed time, but at that moment you started to walk away from me. I thought you didn’t feel the same way and that you were trying to spare me and it hurt. I felt like there was a defect in me, something that made you not love me. That there was something badly wired into me. I felt that I didn’t deserve you, that my love was not enough.”

She cuddled herself closer to him and he held her tighter. “I talked about it with Ted and Marshall and it didn’t go so well.” She looked at him worried and he smiled at her sadly. “A long conversation cut short; Ted thought that I was feeling like this because it may be true. That maybe there was someone better for you out there. So, thinking that it was the best for you, I gave you up.”

If she could kill Ted right now, she would. “Next time you want advices, go see Lily.” She growled. He kissed her deeply, whispering promises.

Her hand caressed his chest through his dress shirt. “And to make it clear, there is no defect in you.” She whispered, her hand stopping over his heart, feeling it beat. “To me, you are awesome to way you are, even the most sociopathic part of you. You are most deserving of me.”

He chuckled. “I won’t forget that then.”

She kissed his chest where his shirt was still open. “I’m sorry I was such a Grinch about all that.”

He rested his chin on the top of her head. “Tell me about it.” He agreed. He took her hand and kissed her fingers. “I am still incredible mad about you.” He smiled.

She laughed, giddily. She looked into his eyes. “Why did you reject me before?” She realized she was a bit angry at him for it. She had gone through a lot of pain during these times and now, she wanted to know. He sat up too, to meet her eyes, his hand on her lower back.

“I was in love with you. Irretrievably. The hold you had on me was so scary and I fought against it. Because no matter how much I loved you, I thought you would never love me.” She looked down, a bit ashamed. She had to admit that she never said it, those three little words. Now that she thought about it, it was when she said them that he came back to her.

She grasped his face between her hands, caressing his lips with her thumbs. “So I can make it clear, you loving me: it didn’t make me unhappy. That year together was the happiest time I had and now that I have it back, I am not parting with it. So, there is no giving up, no self-destruction, nothing.”

He kissed her, his tongue instantaneously entering her mouth. His kiss, like always, was intoxicating and addictive. She let him put her on her back, his body covering hers in a powerful manner, her easy submission turning her on. She could spend all day kissing him, but she pushed him away to remind him of the restaurant reservation they made. He pouted and she laughed.

“We are such a weird pair, you and me.”

He laughed and helped her up by the waist. “Yes we are.”

She nuzzled his clean shaved cheek and breathed in his intoxicated smell. “I won’t ever make you cry.” She said and he laughed.

“Isn’t it something the guy is supposed to say?” he teased her and she felt wicked.

“Well, we both agreed that I am the man in this relationship.”

He laughed and threw her on her back, his strong body over hers. They forgot all about their restaurant reservation all over again and stayed in all night long.

“Say what?”

Her voice had got out in a way much higher pitch than she expected, but she acted proudly, like no one would notice. Marshall and Lily raised their eyebrows in unison, a bit surprised by her reaction.

“Marriage, Robin.” Specified Marshall, “Will you and Barney get married?”

She took a large sip of scotch that burned down her throat and it made her feel better. “I ran away from my last wedding ceremony. I don’t have a great track record.” She said, a bit depress about it.

“But it’s different now!” Lily told her. “It’s Barney. You loooove him” she sang and Robin sank into the booth.

“Even so...” she started. It was hard to explain to her married friends how she felt toward marriage. However, they dropped the subject when Ted and Barney arrived and everything was forgotten.

Later that night, she was in Barney’s bed, her lover’s head burrowed between her tights. She grasped his hair and his skilled tongue left her burning spot to kiss his way up to her mouth. She was going to beg him to not stop, but when his mouth crushed hers, his tongue invading the privacy of her mouth; his fingers penetrated roughly her wet folds in one fluid motion. One of her hands grasped his lean shoulder hard while the other was holding tight on the sheet of the bed.

When she came, she let go of everything, the palm of her hand flatly opened toward the sky, in a perfect submission to pleasure and to him. He let her bathed in the afterglow, sucking her pink nipples gently. When she found motion of her limbs again, she went to caress his arms, his chest, everywhere she could touch. She felt his strong erection against the moisture between her legs and she spread herself wide open for him. He looked blindly for a condom on his bed table, but she stopped his arm.

“Barney, I can’t get pregnant.” She explained, short of breathe. He looked at her dumbfounded. Even thought they had already talked about her infertility, they always slipped so easily into their old habits and neither of them had said a thing before now. He would automatically slip a condom and not once they talked about stopping to use them. However, during her the past weeks, Robin had thought about it. She couldn’t have kids and they weren’t sleeping around, so why bother anymore.

“You’re sure? Lily would probably warn you about all the diseases I could give you.” He teased, a small smile playing on his lips. She chuckled, kissing the inside of his palm.

“Well, she is the one that keeps saying that a real couple should share everything. We could always blame her later if I get Chlamydia.” She joked and he laughed.

“I like the way you think, Scherbatsky.”

He kissed her again, his tongue doing to thing that curled her toes. When he slipped deep within her in one swift motion, they both stilled and Robin saw glitter shining like never before. She wanted to make a joke about what they have been missing, but the dark, tempestuous desire in his eyes blocked all sounds coming from her.

When their initial shock had passed, Barney outdid himself. Suddenly their love making became quite animal. She came again hard and he rode her orgasm calmly. She whispered the dirtiest words she knew into his ear while he augmented his rhythm into her. Already completely exhausted, she watched his last effort before he came hard, spilling into her, finding his release in bliss.

There was something utterly dirty yet sexy about Barney’s sperm in her, spilling on her legs and she had never felt so strangely completed and fulfilled after sex than right then.

Later, both of them bathing in the afterglow of the most amazing sex they had in quite some times, she was slowly falling asleep when he said: “Let’s get married.”

Her eyes shut open in an instant and she looked at him, a look of disbelief probably on her face. “Say what?”

He chuckled at her. “Let’s get married.” He repeated, hugging her closer. “More than half of your things are in my closet, you do my groceries, you never go sleep at your apartment and I don’t want to let you go.” He said in one breathe. She blinked, blinded by a storm of glitter around them.

“I’m not marriage material.” She said, weakly.

He smiled and said. “Me neither. Let’s get married.”

She sat on the bed, still focusing her eyes on him. He was a delicious sight, all naked, his sweat shining under the street lights passing through the windows, baby blue eyes brighter than ever. “I don’t want to prepare a big ceremony like Lily or Ted would.”

His smile didn’t waver. “Agreed. It’s too complicated. Let’s get married, Robin.”

Her hands were trembling and something big and heavy stuck in her throat. “I can’t have kids and I don’t want them anyway.”

He shrugged. “Definitely not a deal breaker. Let’s get married.”

She looked at him like he was crazy and he laughed. “I want to travel, be successful.” She explained.

“Scherbatsky, let’s get married.” He breathed one last time, his fingers snaring behind her neck, bringing her close to him, kissing her with everything he got to show. Something clicked in her head everything fell into place, smiling in his kiss.

She never expected this. She had seen hundreds of proposal in her life; some even had her as an active participant. To Robin, a marriage proposal was something done with a big ring, a man on one knee, surrounded by flowers and completely embarrassed. She always hated it. Maybe that’s why, when he stopped kissing her, his breath smelling of Johnny Walker, she felt truly happy. Because only Barney Stinson can understand her that way and she just loved him more for it.

“O.K. Stinson. Let’s get married.”

They cuddled for a moment, his chin resting on the top of her head, her lips on his neck, licking his pulse point. Until she decided to tease him, that is. “So very you, proposing without a ring.”

He chuckled and kissed her hair, his fingers mixed in her brown hair. “We’ll go at Tiffany’s first thing in the morning then.”

She felt more and more tired and right before she gave up on staying awake, she whispered on his skin: “I want a big rock...” She felt asleep on the vibration of his laugh going thought his body.

She wasn’t showing it off, really. But Barney had taken her joke about a big rock quite literally and resting on her finger was a gold band mounted by one big solitary diamond. He had made a joke about he had to show all men she was taken already. “You are too gorgeous for your own good, Scherbatsky.”

The same day he bought it, they went to MacLaren’s for drinks with everyone and he gave her a glass of Macallen 30 years to celebrate, but they both didn’t breathe a word about their engagement.

Their friends didn’t seem to catch the ring and they soon realized that it was because Lily had great news. Marshall and her were pregnant again. They bought champagne as tradition dictated them and when Robin clung her glass against Ted’s, he finally caught it. “Oh my god, that’s an engagement ring.”

Lily and Marshall smiled and Robin knew that had seen it when she first arrived, but chose to not say a thing.

“Of course, it is Ted. What did you expect?” Lily said, like a know-it-all. He didn’t say another word, but simply smiled at Barney and whispered congratulation in his ear.

They spent most of the night talking about future baby Erikson number two and her friends didn’t asked them one thing about the marriage. The funny thing was, that was quite alright with her.

A year later exactly, things had changed more than ever before, as if their life had embarked on the fast lane.

Lily had given birth to a beautiful little girl name Daisy and Marshall and her went to live a full year in Italy. They were all expecting to see them in two months in New York, Barney’s making joke about the fact that Marshall probably became part of the Italian Mafia without realizing it.

Barney and her hadn’t gotten married and not once, they talk about actually doing it. They simply spent their time together in serendipity. She had become the main news anchor at WWN alongside Sandy Rivers and her popularity kept sky rocking every broadcast.

Barney had given up his job; finally telling them that he had been working with the Feds for years, feeding them information about the illegal activities of Atrucell. Now jobless, but with a fortune, Barney was focusing on his old blog about bros and gentlemen.

Ted had met a girl. The girl Robin recognized as being the one that sat on a bench with her on a raining night. Tracy was as pretty as Robin remembered and she had the same eyes as Ted, the “let’s get married and have a bunch a babies” eyes.

Tracy recognized Robin right away, but what surprised her was that she recognized Barney. Ted had a stricken look on his face. “Please, tell me you did not sleep with him!”

Barney had laughed and made a joke about it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Tracy explained he tried to hit on her years ago in a CVS. “She told me I looked sad and broken, can you believe it!” Barney jumped in, feigning offended and it cut the conversation short.

Later that night, Barney admitted to her, in secret, that it was Tracy that pushed him to go for her in the first place.

Robin and Ted were being all “friends-with-benefits” and Barney was in his mood of destroying every TVs he could find in the back alley of the pub. One night, he tried to hit on Tracy and in the end, they talked on a bench about his feeling for her.

“She asked me if I wanted to keep playing the game or if I wanted to win.” He smiled at her, bright and beautiful. “I wanted to win. It took all my energy, all my time, all my resources; like she said it would, but I wanted you.”

In exchange for his confession, she told him how she met Tracy on that bench. How it was her talk about living without regrets that spurred her to kiss him that night and broke up with Kevin. Barney had laughed, telling her that this Tracy was definitely responsible for their happiness in a weird way.

“It’s like a bad joke about cosmic universal stuff.” And she agreed by kissing him.

She was the one that took control that night, moving languorously on top of him, showing her naked body to him. She let him caressed her everywhere, taking her time to please him. When he came, deep within her, glitter exploded in her mind.

It was Christmas 2020 at Lily and Marshall’s new house in Coney Island, when Ted asked her for the first time. “You have been engaged for years, why don’t you just get married already?”

Recently, after two kids popping out of Tracy (Penny and Luke), Ted and her had finally tied the knot in a very private ceremony. Robin had come back from a trip to Barcelona early just to be at the wedding.

Because of her promotion as an overseas correspondent, she was asked to travel a lot and she didn’t see her friends as much as she wished, but she was living her dream and nothing seemed to stop her. At first, Barney had come with her, but when his blog and bro business flopped in an unsuccessful way, he decided to stay in New York, looking for something to do with his life.

That had been a hard moment in their relationship. She was becoming more and more successful and he was living off his past salary. For a complete year, he had stopped coming with her outside the country. In the past he had something joined her later for a couple of days, but during that time, he mostly stayed home, drinking, completely depressed. For long, the Barney she knew was gone and it had been hard for her to deal with it, even more when she was abroad. Then, two years ago, something happened that changed him.

His brother James had a great friend named Susan. The poor woman’s daughter had disappeared and for an entire week, no one knew where to look. Barney, always ready to give a hand, used all his personal resources and found the little girl in less than 48 hours, helping the police to arrest the birth father that had taken her.

With a new found goal, energy and with the help of the FIB he had serviced for years; he opened his own private detective office. He had joined her in a trip she was doing in England by surprise, telling her how business was great even though he had started officially only a month ago. Her Barney was himself again and she brought him to the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street where he bought half of the souvenirs in the shop and where she had serviced him in a dark corner of Sherlock Holmes’s room.

She must admit that at first, she had been worried. She already had imagined him running away from the mob, shooting bullet at him. He had laughed and reassured her that he was mostly working on missing person cases. Mostly referred by NYPD, like missing kids or a cheating husband, nothing too dangerous. “Helps a lot when I’m bored.”

Because of his new private business, he was following her even less than when he was depressed and the weight of loneliness was getting heavier on her shoulder. He did mention how much he missed her every time she was away, but she still felt the pull of adventures that was stopping her from staying in New York with him. She was feeling a bit guilty about it all and she didn’t really know how to deal with the two sides of her that were fighting. Her adventurous side wanted to travel more, but her heart leaned deeply toward her lover that she missed all the time.

Not only that, but when she was in NYC, Barney was often busy. He had always tried to stay free for the time she was in the city, but important cases always seemed to appear out of nowhere. They decided that every second that they weren’t working should be spent on each other. Since then, they were making it work quite fine. She promised to Skype with him the second she was in her hotel room and he promised to never accept a case while she was in NYC if her stay was less than a week.

“I don’t know when we’ll get married Ted. We are very busy anyway. We have to schedule our time together.”

He scoffed. “Busy? Seriously, after a 7 years engagement, that’s your excuse?”

She sighed. “Why is it so important to you, Ted?”

He shrugged, looking at his younger kid, Luke, playing with his new red train. “I don’t know. Guess I want you happy, that’s all.”

She touched his shoulder lightly and smiled. “I am happy, Ted.”

She searched for Barney with her eyes and saw him playing with little Penny and Daisy, doing magic like only awesome uncle Barney could do. She always felt bad toward Barney because she couldn’t have kids. He would be the greatest father in the world. She had voiced her concerned every time Tracy or Lily would pop another baby and he embraced her tightly like he always did. “You matter more to me than kids.” He said to her, honest and vulnerable, and she believed every words.

“I know you think you are, Robin, but what if Barney grows tired of your nomad life? What if he meets someone while you are gone somewhere in China or Egypt?”

Her heart grew cold and she bit her lip. “He won’t. He loves me.”

Ted patted her back and gave her a smile of pity. She wondered if she was trying to convince Ted or herself.

Barney did his last trick, getting a round of applauses from his two avid spectators, and came to her near the tree and encircled her waist, his palm flat on her belly. His chin went to rest on her shoulder and she chuckled silently when he sniffed her hair.

“You smell good. Your pillow doesn’t smell like you anymore.” He complained like a young kid and she turned around in his embrace to kiss him softly, trying to warm herself up after Ted’s preaching. His fire snaked its way into her blood, making her hot like the fireplace near them. “I know that I’ve been gone too long…”

His lips trapped hers again, his fingers making a mess of her hair. “Three months is indeed astonishingly long.”

She laughed and pushed him away to finish decorating the tree. He sat down near the decorations box and passed them all, one by one to her.

“How long can you stay this time?” He asked in a small voice. She almost didn’t hear him with the children and the two other couple around the big kitchen table. She answered her voice as low as his.

“I leave for Grenade next week on Wednesday.” His mouth formed a “wow”, but she didn’t hear a sound. “I’ll be gone a month and then…I don’t know.” He looked up, his eyes full of glitter. “I don’t want to stop yet, Barney.”

He smiled at her and so she did. “I know.”

“It doesn’t mean I don’t love you any less, you know that right?” He nodded in silence. “I still want to be your fiancée.” She added and he chuckled at her. The doubt that Ted spread through her was like a malicious disease and she felt fear entrapped her. “You are going to marry me, right Barney Stinson?” She sounded unsure to her own ears and for a second she was scared he might change his mind about them. But he didn’t.

He must have felt her fears because he stood up in a flash and hugged her so tight that she fell backward. Unfortunately, Barney was unprepared to keep his balance and they both fell down, bringing the newly decorated Christmas tree with them in a big clash. When everyone else came to the living room alarmed, Barney and Robin were laughing like crazy, trying to kiss each other, not caring about the pines digging in their skin.

Ted moaned, while his wife gently tapped his shoulder with a smile. “Guys! Those were new decorations, for God sake!”

“Daddy? Will Santa come anyway?” asked Marvin, fear in his eyes.

That simply made Barney and Robin laughed harder, mistletoes in their hair.

She continued to travel around a lot, until Thanksgiving 2025.

Robin came back a week before Christmas 2024 and Ted and Tracy took advantage of that fact by asking her to babysit Penny and Luke for one night. She did point out that she was probably the worst person to ask, but they said that their kids missed their aunt Robin and she caved.

After an exhausting evening, she came back home in a state of distress. Definitely not that kind of mental state her fiancé had expected. She kicked her shoes on the welcome mat and threw her purse on the couch.

He asked her what was up, when she started to tear up and yelled: “You’re Carl.”

He looked at her quite dumbfounded for a moment there and laughed a little. “No, love, Carl is MacLaren’s bartender. I’m Barney.” She sighed exasperated. “Did the kids made you sniff their glue? Because they had me once and man, it was like acid.”

She took off her coat and threw it on her purse. “No I didn’t sniff any glue. They made me watch an old Pixar movie.”

He seemed excited like a 5 years old for a moment and asked her if it was Nemo. She denied it and his spirit tanked. “We watched that horrible movie, which is definitely not for kids, about this old bitter man that makes his house fly off with balloons.”

He blinked for a second and then understanding draw itself on his expression. “And you came to the weird conclusion that I was that bitter old man, Carl.” She sank on the couch and sniffed. He sat at her side and put his arm around her shoulder. “Man, adults shouldn’t watch Up.” He stated with humor, but she didn’t laugh. “How old is that movie anyway?” She hit him in the ribs and he faked unbearable pain.

“This is not a joking matter. You maybe not be an old and bitter man now but you will become one. You will become Carl and all because of me.”

He snorted. “Baby, the dude may wear a suit but his glasses are way out of style for me.” She hit him again. She was crying for real this time.

“I’m not kidding. Like Carl’s wife, I am infertile. I won’t ever give you children.”

She cuddled her against him and she felt the hard angle of his hips knocking hers. “I know Robin. This is not novelty and my feelings toward this won’t ever change.” He dried her tears with his hands but new ones came flowing down. “I thought we talked about this before, Robin. That you were fine.”

“Well I thought I was, but thanks to Pixar, now I know that I haven’t thought this through properly.” She argued and she heard him whispered “damn it Pixar” under his breath. “Carl thought like you, that as long as he was with her, everything was fine, but then she died and he was left all alone and sad.” She looked into his beautiful eyes, color of a winter sky. “I don’t want to do this to you.”

He grabbed her legs and passed them over his, making her closer to him. “First of all, there is no way in hell I’m letting you died. I’m way too awesome for that.” She snorted a laugh through her tears and his fingers went to dry them. “And second, Carl was extremely happy for all the time he spent with his wife and so will I.”

Her fingernails went to scratch the nape of his neck and his thin lips kissed her wet cheeks. “I love you so much Scherbatsky. I won’t ever part with you and our life, even children-less, will be complete.” He let himself fall on his back, bringing her to rest on top of him. “You make me complete and that is enough for me.”

She stayed silent, basking in the happiness of being in his arms. Because of her travels, moments like this were scattered and she missed him more and more. Leaving was getting harder every time and it hurt to leave him behind. Even on the rare occasion that he would follow her, it was never for a long time.

“Well, if I don’t want you to become Carl, I can’t let you be lonely.”

He chuckled. “I don’t feel lonely right now.” He said, playing with her hair. He sighed in comfort and bliss. “You smell so good, Canada. Let’s have sex now.” He growled, grazing the skin her neck with his teeth hungrily.

He was going to kiss her, his hands pawning her breast, but she resisted and said: “Barney, I won’t travel anymore.”

She had been going around for more than 10 years now and she was done. She was tired and for months now, the taste of adventure was simply bitter. A part of her still wanted to continue and maybe if she had been alone she would have, but she had someone waiting for her in New York every day.

She turned her face to look at him and his face was a perfect expression of dumbfounded disbelief. “Say what?”

She bit her lower lips to stop her laugh. “I apply for a permanent position at WWN for the evening news anchor and I think I will get it.” There were still questions in his eyes and she waited for him to ask them.

“You applied for it.” She nodded in agreement. “Are you sure you want to stop travelling?” he said, unsure and vulnerable.

“No. I want to travel.” His expression was sad and her heart broke a little. “But I chose travelling for years now. I think it’s time I chose my fiancé.” He was going to speak again, but she interrupted him. “It might still take around a year for the travelling to stop; I have assignments that I must finish. But around Thanksgiving next year, I should stop.”

His smile had never been as bright as this moment and when he kissed her with all the love he could give her, she felt like the ocean just swallowed her whole and breathing was not necessary anymore. She let herself drown, because she was too lost in him to care.

“Merry Christmas!” Barney yelled, in the middle of Christopher Street.

She laughed, but coaxed him to shut up, people sending him deadly stares. “Honey, Christmas was 5 days ago.”

He laughed, passing his arms around her shoulder. “I know, but I want to buy you another gift today.” She kissed his cheek, telling him he didn’t have to do that. Her fingers went to touch her new soft pink Japanese pearl necklace on her neck with affection.

“No, really, I have thought about it for years, but you were always travelling so much. Now that you’re going to stop...” He let the rest of his sentence trailed, playing with his eyebrows in a funny, wicked way.

“Barney...” she warned him. “What do you want to buy?”

His smile was brighter than the lights in the street. “A puppy!”

Her jaw must have touched the ground and she was too surprised to say anything, except staring at him. His hand went to play with her hair at the nape of her neck.

“I know how much you love dogs and I remembered how much you cried when your aunt called to say one of them had passed away.” She felt very sad in a moment, remembering how much it hurt every time her aunt would call to give her the news that one of them was gone. Barney gently kissed her cheek.

“I thought about bringing back in New York the two that are still alive, but your aunt told me they were getting a bit too old to adapt themselves to another place, so... we should buy a new one.”

She nodded slowly. “I’d like that.” She whispered; her word flying away on the cold wind of December.

He brought her to a Shelter he knew and asked her to choose to one she liked. The nice lady that was taking care of the dogs told them that a couple just brought in a puppy. Their own dog had given birth and most of her babies had found masters except the youngest. Robin asked to see it and the young lady came back with the biggest puppy she had ever seen.

“It that an English Sheepdog?” Barney laughed like a crazy kid and took to big pup in his arm.

“Yes, Miss. They grow big, but they are very intelligent and social. They easily adapted themselves too.”

Robin threw a look at Barney that was already making baby sound to the puppy, cuddling him. “And as long as you cut the fur regularly, it won’t leave hair everywhere in your apartment.”

The young lady was doing her best the sell this dog, probably because it was hard to find someone to adopt such a big dog in a city like New York. She was going to ask Barney’s opinion, but when she looked at him, he was giving her big, teary puppy eyes.

“Let’s keep him.” He had seen the hesitation on her face and outstretched his arms to show it better. “Come on, love! Look at his little tail and his big paws. We could name him Doctor Watson.”

He looked especially radiant and in love. It made her laughed. “Doctor Watson?” she dared to ask.

He nodded. “I’m a P.D., I need my assistant.” Robin took the heavy puppy in her arms and he automatically cuddle nearer. “See, he likes you.”

The two of them looked at her in the most adorable way that she had no chose whatsoever. “We’ll take it.” She said to the young lady.

She acted like she didn’t know Barney at all when he started to jump around with the puppy, all happy, but she secretly smiled while filling the adoption papers. Who would want kids when you have the legendary, and slightly annoying, Barney Stinson to take care of.

When she came back from her last trip abroad months later, Thanksgiving and Christmas 2025 had already pasted by and Barney’s fiftieth birthday was dangerously approaching. It was Doctor Watson that jumped on her when she passed the threshold. She scratched him behind his ears and he happily followed her around the apartment, even sitting in front of the closed door when she went to the bathroom. She sat on the couch, Watson putting his big soft paws on her tights, seeking attention. She scratched him again. “Where’s your papa, Watson?”

Barney knew she was coming home today and truthfully she had expected a big warm welcome and a lot of sex in every room. It was a good thing that Doctor Watson had been there, because she didn’t like the idea of coming home to an empty apartment. She cuddled with her big baby for some times, but then she started to yawn. Tired and jetlagged, she gave up on waiting for her fiancé and went to bed.

She woke under many different and pleasing sensations. The cotton sheets were at her waist, letting the cold air of March hitting her skin. However, something warm was hovering over her and something incredibly skilled and wet closed around her left nipple. She opened her eyes halfway to see the blond hair of her lover and she passed her fingers through it. He stopped his actions to look up at her, eyes dark and full of fire.

“Damn you are some hot stuff, Scherbatsky.” He growled at her, voice deep and low. “I wonder if it’s because that now, you’ll never leave, but man I want you so hard right now, China will hear you.”

Something burned up between her legs and she moaned. She fisted her hand into his hair and brought him up to her face for a sloppy kiss.

“Where were you?” she whispered on his tongue.

“Ted had a bloody emergency.” He complained, his hands caressing her breast in admiration.

“Not bad I hope.” she chuckled, already unbuttoning his dress shirt.

“His daughter got a boyfriend in school.” He said, while rolling his eyes, making quotation marks in the air at the word boyfriend.

She chuckled, helping him out of his belt. “Poor Teddy Westside.”

Barney was naked in a time record and Ted’s problems were fast forgotten. He came back on her, his mouth finding her nipple again, sucking hard, and she bent her back forward. A strong moaned pushed its way through her mouth and when she did, Watson jumped on the bed, licking her face.

“How the hell did you open that door!” exclaimed Barney, completely surprise by the presence of the intruder. She laughed hard and he pouted. “Watson, dude, I’m busy making sweet loving to your mama, so scram!” Obviously, he didn’t move and it just made her laugh harder.

“It is sooo not funny. I am naked with my woman that I haven’t seen in months with a big throbbing erection and yet, my own dog is stopping me.” She stood up and took Watson out of the room, closing and locking the door behind her.

“There, there, papa.” She teased him. “Mama is ready for her sugar.” She kneeled on the bed, passing her arms around his waist. One of his hands went down south between her legs and the other grabbed her neck.

A flash of a long ago memory came to her. That night they were at MacLaren’s, Ted had just been dumped at the altar by Stella and Robin had asked Barney to sleep at his place. He had snared his fingers around her neck so possessively that nothing would have stopped her from sleeping with him that night.

Tonight, the hand on her neck had the same feeling and her heart exploded in her chest. She whispered I love yous on the skin of his neck and he lowered her on her back, taking possession of her in the most wonderful way, his lips kissing every part of her.

He growled, his face between her breasts, making her giggled uncontrollably. “God, I missed you, Canada.” His tongue tracing bellow her breast. “Me too. Romania is so very cold without my future husband.”

This simple fact seemed that had fired up even more ardently and his lips crashed into hers, drinking her like a mad man in the desert. She humped slightly against his leg for good measure and he moaned. “Damn it.” He whispered. “Other women have nothing on you.” He claimed, grabbing her hips powerfully.

“Have you been unfaithful, you pervert?” She joked, wicked. She held his hand in hers and kissed it amorously, showing him how much she yearned for him.

He sniggered. “All the time and you are kissing the culprit.” He added, shooting his eyebrows up. She let go of his hand with a false disgust and he went to attack her collarbone. She giggled again. “I’ll forgive you.”

He kissed her with fire and passion, his tongue doing to thing that curled her toes. Then, he threw all the covers of the bed directly on the ground and she laughed. “In the way...” he justified absent-minded. He lifted her leg and tied them around his waist; her hand blindly looked for his body to touch. He leaned in, her hands finding his strong shoulders, and in one swift motion, he fulfilled her.

However, he didn’t move at all, looking at her with something in his eyes she hardly recognized. When he spoke, his voice was raw and coming from deep within him, making her shivered.

“Marry me.” He ordered. She whispered a yes that changed into a moan when he moved and then, she lost all sense of heaven or hell.

For Barney’s fiftieth birthday dinner at Ted’s house, her lover surprised everyone like he promised he would.

Robin will remember forever their expression at that moment in a delicious, evil way. They were all eating, adults and children, around the big rectangular table. Because Barney and her didn’t have kids, they were put at each ends of the table, the two big families between them. After much insistence, Barney had successfully brought Doctor Watson with them and he was sleeping soundly, like the couch potato that he was, near the fireplace.

They were all making small talk, kids staying silent, bored out of their mind because of the adult topic of conversation.

“Oh Ted, I was wondering if you could be my best man?” he threw at his best friend, so very casually, drinking his wine. The silence on the table was more religious than in a church. Robin put her fork down, making a clang, and people turned their disbelief expressions toward her.

“Barney, it’s not like you need to ask him. I doubt he’ll say no.” She smiled, servicing herself more mashed potato.

Her fiancé scoffed, offended. “Don’t you know Ted Mosby? He has been waiting for me to pop the question for years, like a girl waiting to be invited by the star footballer for the prom.”

Finally, they had the first reaction by Ted Mosby himself. “I am not a girl!” he said offended, while his kids would snigger secretly. “And it’s 12 years, Barney!” They all saw Ted started to tear up; tears building in his eyes. When he spoke again, his voice was cracking: “I waited 12 years for that question.”

At his word, Lily and Marshall started to cry and Tracy jumped out of seat, yelling she’ going to get champagne. The poor children were completely in the blank, but followed the mood of joy of their parents. They all hugged and kissed and everyone seemed in total bliss. So much that when Barney grabbed her hand and brought her away on the balcony, no one actually noticed.

The snuggled close in the cold, warming each other’s. “God! That was the most legendary announcement ever!” She claimed, proudly. He nodded in agreement.

“We totally awesomed their night.” She giggled and kissed his laughing lines near his eyes that seemed to augment in number every day.

“So much that we deserve to have sex in Ted’s office later.” She teased and his blue eyes became darker and she shivered.

“How can you exist?” he whispered in admiration and he kissed her with everything he had and she took it all.

Her hand went lower his belt and his breath caught in his throat. “You did just get 50 year old. I think you deserve a little present.”

He groaned his forehead against her. “Dude! Didn’t we agree to not mention any 0 or 5 for the next... forever?” She smiled with all the affection she had for him. “Right, so today his your...” She took a pause to think and added: “20th 30th birthday.”

He moaned like a teenager. “I’m an old geezer.”

She chuckled and slipped her hand in his underwear. “Well, you’re a really hot one.” He scoffed, closing his eyes to concentrate on the feeling of her hand encircling him warmly. “Really, you are this generation’s George Clooney, but way much hotter.”

She squeezed at the base on his sex and he moaned, moving his hips into her hand. “Ted’s office now, Scherbatsky.”

She giggled and followed him inside. Sadly, they got caught by their friends, asking them a bunch of questions about the ceremony. After a minute of complete shambles, Barney silenced them. “Guys! It’s my birthday. Right now, I want my presents.” He complained, giving all his guilty looking friends his puppy eyes.

They all nodded and went into the kitchen, where they all hid the beautifully wrapped presents. When they came back in the living room only three seconds later, they saw Ted’s office’s door closed and they heard the lock over Robin’s laughter. Doctor Watson sat right in front of the door, wimping.

Ted sighed deeply. “Oh maaan! Not cool!” They heard something crashed on the floor. “Bro, not on my drafting table!”

They signed their marriage license without an actual ceremony.

They asked Marshall, who was now a judge, to marry them and he agreed happily. Barney went to get all that was necessary at the city hall and asked their friend to meet the next day.

They were all sitting together around the big table at Ted and Tracy’s house. They had all put suits and dresses. Robin had actually put on her very expensive, but not in style, Vera Wang gown, holding a sunflower that Barney had gotten her.

Marshall finished to complete all the appropriate paperwork in silence and looked at his friend. “O.K., I know we are doing this now probably because there won’t be a ceremony, so let’s make it official in our own way.” Lily grabbed her husband hand, teary eyes, and nodded in agreement.

“I, Judge Marshall Erikson, am declaring that the present Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky are getting married today by the laws in the state of New York.” He cited solemnly, making Ted shed a tear or two. Barney raised his hand in the air and Marshall high-five-d him, emotional. Then, he took the Mont Blanc that Barney had given him when he became judge, signed the paper and give it all to his wife. “Lily, as a witness, please sign. You too Ted.”

Lily and Ted were more emotional than the actual couple who were chuckling under their breath. Tracy’s foot hit their calf under the table, giving them a motherly stare. They mimed their apologies while Lily finished signing and watched Ted Mosby, still looking at the line where he had to put his name.

“Ted?” asked Barney and the architect took a long deep breath.

“You are so late, guys.” Then, he smiled. “At least you got there.” He carefully signed his name and passed it to Robin at the other side of the table.

She grabbed the Mont Blanc and signed elegantly, not a second thought passing in her mind. Marshall complained: “You could have waited for me to ask for the “I dos”, Robin.” Everyone chuckled, but he was grandly ignored.

She looked up at Barney, his eyes full of blue glitter and love and she leaned to kiss him, but Marshall stopped her with a big yell. “No kissing yet, Barney hasn’t sign.”

Her groom rolled his eyes and grasped the pen in his fingers and skillfully wrote his name. When he put the point on the I of Stinson, she felt emotions strangling her and tears prickling her eyes. He was hers. Finally, Barney Stinson was her husband.

She saw her own emotions and when she looked into his eyes, she saw the mirror of her heart. His hand went on her neck, his thumb caressing her pulse point, like he always did, when he wanted to show her how much he wanted to possess her. She grabbed his tie and kissed him hard on the lips. She heard Marshall complained again in the background.

“Fine, fine, kiss the bride, or groom, or whatever, don’t wait for the judge that is marrying you.”

They broke apart, a fake look of guilt on their face. Marshall made a very solemn face and declares in his judge voice: “Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky, I pronounce you man and wife. You already kiss, so let’s skip that part...”

Barney muttered under his breath like a 5 years old. “But it’s the best part.” and she hit him in the ribs.

Marshall cleared his throat and said: “You have been married.”

There was a silence for a second, when Barney asked impatient: “Can we kiss now, Big Fudge?” Marshall eyed his newly married friends and said in his big voice: “Big Fudge allows it.”

Barney grabbed her by the waist and sat her on his tights, kissing her with all his worth, under the cheers of their friends. Ted stoop up, all excited. “I’ll go get scotch! I have a great Macallen 35 somewhere.” The second Ted left for the kitchen; Barney stood up with his bride in his arms and walked toward Ted’s office under the laughs of their friends.

When Ted was back, he saw the door of his office closed. “Oh maaan... Why is it always in my office?” he put the bottle of scotch on the table and yelled: “Not on the drafting table guys! Not the draf-” he interrupted himself and looked at Lily and Marshall. “They’re doing it on the drafting table, aren’t they?”

They both nodded solemnly and Marshall gave his judgement. “Big Fudge thinks so.”

Barney had booked an expensive resort hotel in the Seychelles with a suite directly on the beach. They spent their first afternoon in a bed made of Egyptian cotton sheets, with two big French doors of the balcony wide opened toward the sea.

At evening, Barney was fast asleep, his arms around her belly, snoring softly on her neck and she thought that nothing was really different and she felt completely happy. Maybe Ted had been right alone, fate existed and Barney had been hers.

Her husband woke up slightly, sticking his strong body harder against hers. “Not asleep?” he asked, his voice still sleepy.

“Not tired.” She whispered, turning around to meet his eyes, her fingers caressing the silver hair near his temples.

“Must have lost my touch.” He smiled and she chuckled. “Oh I assure you that you didn’t.” His hair was a mess and the wrinkles around his eyes deeper than in daylight. She found him so very deliciously attractive at that moment and she kissed him.

She aligned her body with his, to feel every part of him. His fingers drew the shape of the shadow on her skin, created by the sun setting at the horizon. “You know, I think we should invest in a drafting table.” He whispered a smile on his swollen lips.

She snorted. “Still don’t see how come they call that a table. It’s inclined! You can’t put anything on it.” The palm of his hand touched her lower back, at the curve of her hips and pressed her against him.

“I can put you on it.” His teeth grazed her ear and she mold her body to his, slipping a leg between his.

“You, I used to think your libido would slow down eventually, but hey! Fifty and still kicking!” She teased him, feeling his hand reached between her legs. She felt his laugh in her body and when his tricky finger found the electric spot between her tights, she moaned, her head flying backward.

“Look who’s talking...” She kissed his mouth to shut him up and he eagerly respond in kind.

Much later, she looked deep into his blue eyes; she saw his love and her heart felt full and big. She caressed his high cheekbones that were becoming more and more defined as he aged. He, would sigh in front of the mirror, looking at his wrinkle lines as they became more and more apparent and she would laugh at him, teasing him he was showing his old age. In reality, she simply found him sexy. He was aging attractively and with distinction, like an old scotch.

Barney could have chosen so many different women, he could have chosen freedom and yet, he chose her. She smiled at him and whispered: “We are married.” He chuckled and caressed her shoulder. “You think Ted was right, that we came here late?” she asked, vulnerable.

He shook his head in negative. “I think we arrived just in time.” His kiss was sweet and kind. “And our married life will be awesome.”

Ted had been right years ago about one thing; she hadn’t reached the finish line just yet. Now she did. She had waited for it and it came in a very natural way and everything was going to be legendary.

She never wanted to get married. She wanted to spend her life as a hard working celebrity, sleeping with hot unknown men from foreign country. She thought that a marriage would bind her, pine her down. Yet, she found Barney; the only man in the whole world that had the same thoughts toward serious relationship then her. They moved toward each other’s like two planets stirred by gravity. No matter how much she tried, she couldn’t leave the gravity that pulled her toward him for the past 20 years of her life.

She remembered the first night she met him and Ted at MacLaren’s, when all she wanted was a rough and tumble with the attractive guy in a suit at the bar. Because of her circumstance, she had been so sure to never talk to him, yet, he presented her to Ted.

“Thank God, you played “Have you met Ted?” that night…” His eyes had unspoken questions, but she ignored them. Robin guessed that she could still have one or two secrets after all.

He made love to her again later that night and she could swear she saw glitter in the sea, in the wind, on the sheets and in his eyes. Blinded, she embraced them, embraced him. When he fell asleep, she rested against him peacefully and spent hours thinking of that very first night 17 years ago, when she had grabbed the knot of his tie and kissed him with all desperation she had, when his body slick of sweat had rubbed against her in the most wonderful way and when they exploded together for the very first time, glitter in her bed.

“Man! I love the ocean!” he yelled, running towards her all wet from the sea, salt sticking to his tan skin.

They had decided to leave the bed to go enjoy the sun. She had lay herself on a beach chair, working on her tan, while sipping a Mojito and he had run like a crazy kid towards the sea and jumped in it.

Now in front of her, he passed a hand in his wet hair that was becoming blonder with the sun. The water splashed on her, refreshing her. She focused her eyes on his attractive chiseled chest, water running down on it. 50 year old and married, her husband still got it. His body’s sharp curves and edges were as attractive as before, his cheekbones still had that weird arousing effect on her and his crooked smile was still creating UFO in her belly.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one that notice how hot her husband was. She heard girly giggles and saw two blonds in tiny sparkly bikinis looking at Barney, eyes all hot and bothered. She felt her head inflamed and grabbed her husband by the arm and pulled him on top of her.

Oblivious, Barney simply got encouraged by her, kissing his way down her breast. Or so she thought. She heard his whispers that were tickling her skin. “Jealous of young and perky girls?” he teased. She hit his shoulder and he laughed. “Now you know what I feel when you walk around in a bikini or a hot dress.” She pouted, stroking his butt through his swim trunk.

“Not my fault if I’m pretty.” She said and he pinched her hips.

“Too pretty for your own good, alright. Other men should learn to keep their eyes in their pockets.”

She kissed him languorously and held him strongly, rubbing her body against him. His hands magically caressed every part of her body and passed through her bikini top to pinch her nipples. Her nails dug in the skin of the nape of his neck. “Barney! We’re in a public place.”

He chuckled and slipped his tongue in her mouth, hot and skillfully. “It never stopped you before.”

She sucked his tongue for a moment, forgetting where she was when his fingers went lower. “There’s kids.” She complained and he stopped a second to look around.

There were indeed children around and two of them were staring at them, eyes bigger than jawbreakers. The brunette with high ponytails asked: “Are you fighting?” and that was enough for them to spring apart from each other. Barney sat with the kids, making sandcastles, explaining about little bees and flowers and when the sun started to go down, their parents call them back.

Barney came back to sit near her, pouting. “You lost your friends already?” she teased and he nodded. She hit his forearm. “Nice sandcastles.” She said and his smile was powerful enough for her own clothes to fall off by themselves. She tried to not let it get to her and said: “I’m hungry. Let’s get dress prettily and go a restaurant.”

He grabbed her hand and caressed it slowly. “Sure. Which one do you want to go?” he kissed her palm. “There’s this seafood restaurant near the beach, down the hotel, that seems great.”

She bathed in his tenderness for a moment before answering. “That’s perfect.”

They both showered and got dress to diner, but when he appeared out of the bathroom, wearing linen gray trousers and a white shirt, she wasn’t much hungry anymore. “Barney?” He hummed, showing he was listening. “Wanna push the restaurant for later and do it?”

He sighed deeply and his dress shirt was off in a second. “God yes...”

She rubbed her body against his after a long night of well deserved sleep. She had woken up, finding him asleep and dishevels and he looked so delicious she could have eaten him right there. There was something of a mix of smooth and rough about his skin that turned her on and she rubbed herself actively on every part of his sharp body.

He mumbled, stirring awake. “Morning already?”

She chuckled, her lips tracing his left cheekbone, her hands caressing his chest. “It’s morning somewhere.” She answered him and he sniggered.

He caught her hips and aligned her sex with his, both on their side; she moaned and continued to rub herself on his skin. “You’re in a naughty mood.” He whispered in her hair.

“You’re hot.” She growled on his skin.

He lifted her leg and let it rest on his hips and slowly entered her wet spot with his hot morning erection. He moved slowly and languorously into her, mostly focusing on their make out session. She let go of his lips to whisper his name. He hummed in respond, his hips rotating.

“Barney, have you ever seen glitter in the air before?”

His eyes stared deep into hers, the movement of his hips slowed down again but not stopping. “Why?” he asked in a breath.

Her hands went to stroke his little silver hair near his ears, her mouth kissing his left cheekbone. “Just wondering.” She simply said.

He grabbed her waist powerfully and brought her on her back. He put her tights more apart, letting his erection leaving her sex almost completely. Then, he lifted her legs higher and penetrated her in one swift motion that made her closed her eyes in delight.

“There is some, right now.” He said, his eyes sparkling. She was going to ask for more, but he cut her off. “There is some right here.” He added, his mouth closing around one of her nipple, biting and sucking. “There is some there too.” He repeated leaving opened mouth kisses on her collarbone. “And when you moaned hard...” he explained, pounding harder into her until she couldn’t hear anything but her voice.

He made love to her in silence after that intermission and when they were resting side by side, catching their breath, she simply asked: “Since when?”

He cuddled her close, kissing her and stroking her. “Since the moment you kissed me.”

They didn’t sleep much for the rest of their honeymoon; they simply bathed in happiness, looking blissfully at all the glitter in the air.


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