By Farous Izwan

Scifi / Adventure

Chapter 1

Our story begins in August 1986, Tokyo…

Music - "No Theme" (Baccano)

Explosions rocked the city of Tokyo, causing a city wide panic. Where were they coming from? Down on the streets below there was a car chase with the police in hot pursuit of a black jeep and a convoy of motorbikes. The driver of the jeep and bikers each wore a black bodysuit with a black mask, blue blazer and fedora. Standing on the back seat of said convertible was a monster of a woman, in the literal yet ridiculous sense of the word. She looked to be robotic and with a round body, like a ball with legs and arms. She appeared to have drill-like arms which were actually guns, possessed a large cannon on her back, and even had gun barrels in the nipples of her exposed breasts. Also mounted on her back were mechanical appendages with various weapons at the end of each one. Her face was a cross between a human's and a cat's with red hair.

"Destroy! Destroy everything!" the female monster shouted with a manic grin. "Don't let anybody stand in our way!" She started to shoot at anything and everything in sight without a care or worry.

Meanwhile, up ahead was a police barricade. In front of said barricade, with a bullhorn was Mamoru Akasaka. He was a young police investigator for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police who'd just been promoted to the rank if inspector. He wore a stern expression as he waited for Destroyer Panther to arrive with her gang.

"Men, prepare to fire!" he ordered. "Stop them at any cost!"

"Oh, you want to die so much! You really got some guts!" Destroyer Panther laughed. "Come on then! The one with the most bullets will win here and I definitely got more bullets than you!"

Akasaka took his gun and aimed at Destroyer Panther's head but all of a sudden a motorbike leapt over the barricade and over him stunning him. The Rider of said bike was wearing a black jacket and blue jeans with black boots. His identity was concealed under a helmet and a red scarf flapped through the air like a cape.

"What the hell!" Akasaka cried out as the bike soared through the air and came down upon Destroyer Panther. The back wheel hit her in the face and spun, grinding its rubber against her ugly mug and knocking her out of the jeep. The bike stopped and spun around to face Destroyer Panther and her gang. The biker gang dashed towards him but the mysterious biker rushed through them, knocking them all off their bikes. Destroyer Panther, after getting back to her feet, glared at the interloper. She started firing her guns but only hit her men who then vanished as soon as they 'died'.

"Who the hell are you?" Destroyer Panther demanded.

The biker lifted his visor up slightly and replied, "Oh, just a concerned citizen. So, are you gonna go down quietly?"

"SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Destroyer Panther threw the jeep at the biker and then fired upon it with her guns, causing an explosion which should take the annoying biker out. "That's what you get for-WHAT THE HELL!"

The bike was racing out of the fire and smoke, unharmed, as did its rider. Smiling under his helmet, the mysterious biker then jumped off the bike and came down on Destroyer Panther with a double whammy special, slamming both his fists against her face and knocking her out as she was sent rolling towards the police. She rolled to a stop, unconscious.

End Music

Akasaka stared at the biker who gave him a salute before racing off. He wondered, "Who was that?"


Music - "Rojiura no Housoku"

There was a hostage situation at the hospital and the police were at the scene. Akasaka, like the night before, was in the lead. "Alright, we have the place surrounded! Come out with your hands up!"

The response he got was similar grunts from the night before firing at him and his men with Tommy guns. The police took cover behind their cars. Akasaka grimaced in frustration. What else could happen?

Inside the hospital, a female who looked like she'd been stitched and bandages up with pointed ears, purple hair, and dressed like a deranged doctor cackled, "I, Surgery Panther, will now use the women here to create new Panther Kaijin! Now, what to do?" Her 'patients' were gagged and tied down to operating tables. Surgery Panther tossed a scalpel between her hands. "Hm…I know! I think I'll make a Cactus Panther Kaijin with this one and a Bee Panther Kaijin with the other one!"

"Doctor, your scalpel," one of the grunts said.

"OK, give it to me," said Surgery Panther.


"My beautiful hand!" Surgery Panther shrieked as the grunt had stabbed her hand through with a scalpel.

"Sorry," the grunt apologized, grinning.

"KILL HIM!" she ordered the rest of the grunts.

Outside the hospital, the police heard several gunshots and what sounded like a brawl. Suddenly, the black-clad grunts were tossed out the window and they vanished as they hit the ground below. What came out last was Surgery Panther with several needles in her.

End Music


Music - "Alveare no Bruce"

There was a bank robbery and the robbers had taken hostages, tying up all the bank's employees and clients. Once again, the same grunts from the past two days were standing about with Tommy guns. The one leading them was another female monster with Panther-like features with dynamite strapped to her body and a belt of grenades. She was setting dynamite up on the vault's door.

"Money, money, money!" Dynamite Panther laughed, "Oh, how fun!"


A police club came down on Dynamite Panther's head. She spun, angered, to see a security guard scowling at her.

"Sorry, but you're not stealing anything," said the security guard. The grunts all aimed their guns at him.

"Oh, and what are you gonna do about it?" Dynamite Panther asked. The security guard opened his hands to reveal he had the grenade pins in his hands. Dynamite Panther's eyes shot wide open, "HOW THE HELL!" Grinning, the security guard took cover as the grenades all exploded, taking out the grunts.

The police again arrived but this time too late as the bank exploded and out came Dynamite Panther, knocked out. The smoke cleared. The police expected to see all the hostages dead, or at least badly injured, but what they discovered was that everyone was unharmed.

End Music

Akasaka narrowed his eyes. Just what was going on? Who was stopping these criminals before the police?


"There has been a radical rise in random crimes perpetrated by oddly dressed men and monstrous women. Police are also baffled as to who has been stopping these criminals and-" the reporter gasped as the criminal grunts all broke into the set. "You can't come in here!" she shouted but she was pulled out of her seat. In the lead of the Panther Grunts was a woman with gold skin, with bulging muscles, clad in gold armor with that exposed her muscular abs, a clawed gauntlet on her right arm and holding a hammer in her left hand. Orange hair spilled out of her helmet and tied into a braid with an axe attached to the end. She looked like a golden Roman gladiator judging by her appearance.

Music - "SOS" (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)

"Hello, you filthy humans," the armored woman said, "I am Gold Claw of the organization Panther Claw. You might have heard of our activity so let me set the record straight. We don't have an actual purpose except to serve our great leader and to have fun in her name. Now, we'll have a break for commercials-HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" She was shouting angrily at a young man who was holding the cue cards, with the last one about the commercial break. "DON'T MESS WITH ME, PUNK!" She swung her hair at the young man and the axe blade came down. He dodged and grabbed a nearby microphone stand. He then attacked Gold Claw and smacked her around with the microphone. This did not do any damage to the armored Kaijin woman but it did bend the stand in several places.

"OK, that's some armor," said the young man. The cameras were on him but his cap hid his face so they had no idea who he was.

"TAKE THIS!" Gold Claw swung the hammer down on him but he leapt out of the way before he got flattened. Gold Claw swung her axe-blade at the young man again, smashing a hole through the wall which the man used to flee with Gold Claw in pursuit. They were on another set. Actually, it was stage with platform set upon a flight of stairs. The young man had landed upon the platform with his hands to his hips. "You don't seem like a normal assistant director," said Gold Claw. "Just who are you?"

"Who am I, you ask?" asked the young man. "Let me tell you right here! GX…Hen…" With his left fist at his hip, he threw his right arm across his chest and then pulled it back to his right hip with the fist clenched before raising his left fist up to eye level. "…Shin!"

Change Music - "Guns And Roses" (Baccano)

There was a flash of blinding light and when it subsided, all could see who he was. And when I mean all, I mean all, as this was being broadcasted to all television screens in Japan.

"When evil is near I will be there to stop it! When people are in danger I will be there to save them! The hero of the people! The champion of justice! The warrior of righteousness! I am the Kamen Rider...Showa GX!"


There he was, the Kamen Rider Showa, in full armor. His torso armor was silver with a black chest plate, his gauntlets and boots were white as black armor covered his chest and fingertips. XIII was on his left shoulder and GX was on his right shoulder. His boots sported silver armor on them and black toes. His black helmet looked like an insect's head with red eyes, antennae and a grey mouthplate designed after an insect's mandibles. Attached to his back was a wingless cicada with its forelegs draped over his shoulders with the middle and hind legs wrapped around his midsection. Flapping in the wind was his black and white scarf which was tied around his neck.

His crimson eyes looked upon Gold Claw's stunned expression. "Prepare to play the penalty game!" He then jumped off the platform and came down at Gold Claw. He performed a series of kicks which she blocked with her gauntlets and she slashed out with her claws. He leapt back to dodge. Gold Claw had discarded her hammer and was holding her axe and swinging viciously at Showa who dodged her blows. Of course, the floor was being smashed to bits by the force of each blow as Gold Claw chased after Showa.

Eventually, the chase led them up onto the roof of the TV station.

"Is that all you can do, run away?" taunted Gold Claw.

"Actually, I needed more space," said Showa as he flicked his wrists and the energy blades came out. Crossing them in front of his face he charged at Gold Claw and swung. His blade connected with Gold Claw's axe. The female Kaijin smirked and then pushed Showa backwards.

"Heh, you're pretty good," said Gold Claw. "But what about this?" She snapped her fingers and the Panther Grunts surrounded Showa.

Showa snorted. "Is that all?" The energy blades lengthened and then turned into something more versatile: whips. Lashing out with said energy whips, he sent the Panther Grunts to oblivions as they vanished right after each shocking blow. "Got anymore tricks, Gold Claw?" mocked Showa.

The police had just arrived and once again Inspector Akasaka was out with his bullhorn, "Alright, we have the place surrounded! Drop your weapons and give yourself quietly! You are surrounded!"

"Che, annoying cops!" snorted Gold Claw. She turned to look at Showa. "Looks like this is where we part. I hope to fight you again, Kamen Rider."

"And who says I'm gonna let you get away?" asked Showa as he prepared for any of Gold Claw's tricks.

"This! GOLDEN MISSILES!" She pointed her right arm at Showa. The gauntlet was actually gun barrels wrapped around her forearm. She fired a barrage of missiles at Showa. He was able to destroy the ones coming at him but a few destroyed parts of the roof. It started to collapse under his feet so he leapt off and landed on the ground with the rest of the police.

"Damn it!" Showa cursed.

"See you later, Kamen Rider!" laughed Gold Claw as her hair spun around like a helicopter propeller, allowing her to fly away.

End Music

"Hey, get back here!" Showa shouted. He was about to activate his wings to pursue Gold Claw when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Akasaka and he had his badge out, flashing it in Showa's face.

"Sorry, but you'll need to come with us to answer a few questions," said Akasaka.

"But what about her?" Showa pointed at the air.

"We'll handle it from here. Now, as for you, you're under arrest for vigilantism, disturbing the peace and destruction of public property." He slapped the handcuffs on Showa.

"Actually, Inspector, he did help us out," said one of the plain-clothes officers, a balding man in a white shirt and black pants.

"Be that as it may, he still broke the law," said Akasaka. "Plus he looks suspicious in that costume of his."

"Costume?" Showa repeated.

"You have anything else to say before we take you to the station?" questioned Akasaka.

"You might wanna use 'resisting arrest' to that list of charges," suggested Showa as he broke the handcuffs and flew off.

Akasaka ordered as he got into a car, "After him!"


Flopping down on a bed, Shinichi Banabara let out a tired sigh, "What a day…"

"You've already said that for the past few days, Shinichi," Rika Furude told him. "I think you need new material." Shinichi rolled his eyes.

"Still, you were really great out there and you even used the speech I wrote for you," Shinichi's mother, Shiori Kasai, smiled brightly.

"You wrote it, I said it," Shinichi responded. "I might use it a few more times."

"Too bad that Gold Claw got away," Hanyuu frowned.

"She shows up again and she's gonna get a Rider Kick in the face," said Shinichi.

"The news is on," said Tatsuyoshi Kasai, Shiori's husband.

The entire family was in a hotel room in Tokyo. Actually, it was a pretty expensive room. Shiori had a book signing in Tokyo and since it was summer vacation, she decided to take her whole family with her. Of course, Shinichi also had orders from ARMOR that a new organization was starting to rise here in Tokyo and they were right. A new organization, dubbed Panther Claw, had revealed itself. As far as Shinichi was concerned they were like GIN-SHOCKER and DHS and would be crushed by the power of the Kamen Riders.

The news was on and Akasaka was on TV. Rika gasped, "Akasaka-san!"

"You know him, Rika-chan?" Shinichi asked.

"Oh, he came to the village a couple of times," said Rika. "A few years ago he helped us save the village and a few years before that he came to investigate a case involving the Dam Wars." Kasai bristled a bit, recalling the Dam Wars. It had not been good for all parties involved.

Akasaka spoke, "The Tokyo Metropolitan Police will not give up. We will apprehend Panther Claw and everyone involved in their criminal activities. Mark my words they will be put behind bars."

Rika smiled.

"I see Rika-chan has a crush~" teased Shiori.

"Shiori-mama!" Rika cried out, blushing.

"Well, I don't blame you. He is quite attractive."

"He's married and he has a daughter!"

"We should invite him to have dinner with us tonight," suggested Shiori. Rika puffed her cheeks and clenched her eyes shut.

"Just grin and bear it, Rika-chan," said Shinichi. "You know how Kaa-chan gets when she has an idea in her head." His eyes were on Akasaka on the TV. Maybe he could get to know this guy. He was just trying to do his job.

"Rika-chan, do you have his contact information?" Shiori asked.

Akasaka sighed as he sat at his desk. His superiors pretty much admonished him for today's failure. Two suspects had gotten away. The first was that Gold Claw woman and the other was that Kamen Rider. He'd heard from Det. Oishi from Okinomiya that the Kamen Rider was a hero but Akasaka wasn't really convinced until he saw it for himself. As far as he was concerned and based on what he saw, the Kamen Rider was destructive. However, he had helped them apprehend the other three suspects who happened to be woman. However, they were clearly not wearing costumes or human for that matter.

He stretched as he leaned back in his chair. He would have to write another long report for the day before he went home to his wife and daughter. He smiled. He remembered how Rika predicted his wife would die one day and he managed to save her just in time. He wondered how the little girl he'd befriended was doing. It had to be 3 years since he last heard from her. He'd wanted to take his family to Hinamizawa but work got in the way. He was hoping to get some time off this summer and maybe go on vacation but now this whole Panther Claw business had to show up. He'd just been promoted to Inspector at the end of last year and already he was immensely busy with these kinds of cases.

As he picked up his pen to begin writing his report, the phone rang. He picked it up, "Hello?"

"Is this Akasaka-san?" the voice on the other end spoke. He recognized it instantly.


"Ah, yes, it's me! It's been awhile!"

"Rika-chan, why did you call me? Is something wrong?" he asked, concerned.

"Actually, I want to ask if you wanted to have dinner with me and my family tonight."

"Dinner?" Akasaka blinked. "Family?" As far as he knew both Rika's parents were dead and she had a cousin living with her.

Man, has he been out of the loop.

"Oh, you didn't know? I got adopted. Hanyuu too," she told him.

"That's great. I hope your new family has been taking good care of you," said Akasaka, smiling. Now it made sense.

"So, can you come?" asked Rika.

Akasaka looked at the pen in his hand and the paper on his desk. He could finish it later. "Sure, name the time and place."

"And please bring your wife and daughter along too," Rika finished. "Bye." She put down the phone and sighed. Shiori was grinning from ear-to-ear. "Please, stop."

"Oh, but my little girl's first crush is gonna be having dinner with us!" Shiori gushed. "I'm so-" She stopped and then ran for the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Everyone heard her throw up and then rinsing her mouth before she walked out. "Happy!" she finished. Shiori was about two months pregnant now.

Even pregnant, Shiori worked. As an independent writer she could write at her own pace and she always wrote fast. She was surrounded her inspiration. The book she was signing in the city was actually based on her and Kasai's honeymoon.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, a spotlight shone upon Gold Claw. "Sister Jill-sama," said Gold Claw apologetically. "I beg for your forgiveness."

"You should be, Gold Claw," said a lean woman dressed in blue bondage gear. She laughed, "You ran away."

"Shut up, Cobalt Claw," snarled Gold Claw.

"You shouldn't fight in Sister Jill-sama's presence," admonished a figure clad in black and white as a spotlight shone on them. "It's disrespectful."

"That's right," a petite girl in red agreed.

"Sister Jill-sama," Gold Claw addressed their leader, "Please, allow me to go out again. I promise I won't fail this time."

Their leader, who sat upon a throne, smiled. Her servant, who was dressed as a butler, told Gold Claw, "Sister Jill-sama has given you her blessing, Gold Claw. Please, do not fail her."

"I won't!"


Shiori knew people and got her family reservations to a restaurant, a 5 Star restaurant. Then again, they shouldn't be surprised. She was actually pretty wealthy since she made a fortune off her books but she never flaunted it by buying a mansion or something. She preferred the coziness of a family-sized home with the bare necessities. She didn't feel rich with all that money after she'd lost her son and husband, just lonely. Now with her family, and a new member on the way, she felt like the richest woman in the world.

Shiori hooked an arm around Kasai's arm as they walked through the entrance, Shinichi, Rika and Hanyuu behind them. The maitre d' welcomed them and led them to their table. Earlier, Shiori had informed him of Akasaka and his family arriving to join them and he promised to keep an eye out for them.

As they were seated, Shinichi fidgeted slightly. They were having dinner with a cop and his family, the same cop who'd tried to arrest him earlier today. While he shouldn't be nervous considering his face had been masked by his helmet, he had a feeling that something bad might happen. He could not afford to let his guard down.

Rika, however, was smiling brightly. She had wanted to see Akasaka for so long but a lot of things got in the way. Had it really been three years since she saw him last? Time sure flies.

The waitress came with their menus. It wasn't long before the maitre d' came over with the Akasakas. Mamoru Akasaka had brought his wife Yukie and daughter Miyuki. Miyuki was 6 years old and cute, with dark brown hair. She looked like a miniature version of her mother. Shiori's family stood up to welcome them.

"Oh, what a cute girl…" smiled Shiori.

"Thank you for inviting us, Rika-chan," said Akasaka. "This must be your family." He recognized Kasai but not Shinichi or Shiori. "Kasai-san, it's been awhile." The two men shook hands. "Hanyuu-chan, good to see you too. Still living with your cousin, huh?"

"Yes," Hanyuu answered.

"I'm Mamoru Akasaka," Akasaka greeted Shiori. Shiori got up and gave a bow.

"Shiori Kasai, and I'm Rika-chan and Hanyuu-chan's adopted mother," Shiori informed him. "This is my son, Shinji."

"Nice to meet you." Shinichi shook hands with Akasaka. He imagined a pair of handcuffs locking their wrists together.

"This is my wife, Yukie, and my daughter, Miyuki," Akasaka introduced.

They sat back down again and the waitress returned again with some more menus and two baskets of bread for an appetizer.

"Rika-chan has told us so much about you, Officer Akasaka," said Shiori.

"Actually, I'm an Inspector now," said Akasaka. "I got promoted at the end of last year."


"Thanks, but you should really spare those congratulations until I bring Panther Claw in," said Akasaka.

"We saw you on the news," said Rika. "Are you sure you'll be able to do it? They look like monsters."

"Even so, Tokyo's finest will have them face justice," Akasaka boasted.

"Maybe you can ask the Kamen Rider to help," suggested Hanyuu.

"Kamen Rider? You mean that masked vigilante?" Akasaka responded. Shinichi's eyes narrowed.

"Vigilante? He's a hero," Shinichi defended.

"Most people will think so but he's taking the law into his own hands and look what happens when he gets involved. There's a lot of collateral damage. It's just fortunate no one got hurt. As far as I'm concerned, this Kamen Rider is as dangerous as those monsters."

Shinichi was gripping the napkin under the table and twisting it to keep his temper in check. "I'm sorry, but what did you say?" asked Shinichi. His family grew worried because of his tone.

"We know next to nothing about this Kamen Rider. Also, he's powerful, too powerful to be allowed to roam free. He's taking the laws in his own hands. It's the police job to handle criminals..."

"Even super-powered ones?"

Rika cut in, sensing an argument, "You don't have to worry, Akasaka-san. The Kamen Rider is not a criminal. He even helps to protect Hinamizawa."

"But who is he?" Akasaka asked, "What are his intentions? Why does he need to wear a mask if he has nothing to hide?"

"Maybe he has something to protect," suggested Kasai, giving Shinichi a look. "Maybe he wears a mask so that the people he cares about don't get hurt."

"Then he shouldn't be a vigilante in the first place and leave the job to professionals. We don't need costumed superhero wannabes in this city taking the law into their own hands," said Akasaka seriously. He took the law very seriously and vigilantes were just criminals, even if their attentions were good.

Shiori quickly changed the subject, "So, have you made any new arrests?"

"Yes," Akasaka replied. "Even if those grunts just vanish as soon as they're knocked out, those monster women are now safely behind bars."

That statement made Shinichi freeze. "Behind bars?"

"Yes, in a special basement cell under the police department," Akasaka added. He read the menu, "So, what's good at this place?"

Despite it being tense at the start of the dinner, it went smoothly. Yukie and Akasaka were surprised when they found out Shiori was a famous author, and an author of those kind of books. Shiori even suggested that she could lend the couple a few copies. Miyuki, confused, asked the adults what they were talking about but they managed to change the subject. Akasaka asked Rika and Hanyuu about life in Hinamizawa and got to know Shinichi and Shiori better. He concluded that Shiori was a wonderful mother if she was willing to take two girls into her home.

Shinichi, however, remained troubled throughout the entire dinner. He and his family returned to their hotel room after the dinner with the Akasakas. Shinichi sat on the couch.

"What's wrong, Shinji?" Shiori asked.

"Nothing's wrong, Kaa-chan," he lied.

"But you have your 'thinking face' on," she pointed out.

"Thinking face?" he repeated.

"It's when you're quiet and look serious," she elaborated. "Are you bothered with what he said about your alter-ago?"

"He compared me to those monsters I fight," he told her.

She put a hand on his shoulder and he looked up. She understood why it bothered him so much. He'd been made into a cyborg by Gebok in GIN-SHOCKER to become a weapon and he'd done horrible things in his past. He sometimes felt like a monster too, a feeling his friends and family squashed as they convinced him he was nothing like those monsters.

"You're not one," she told him.

"I know that, but that's not what I'm thinking about. Remember what he said about those monsters he has locked up?" he asked.


"I know I knocked them out but I thought they'd self-destruct like those grunts," said Shinichi.

"You didn't check?" Shiori blinked.

"I was kinda getting away from the police. Being questioned by them was the last thing on my mind."

"Well, you did knock them out and Akasaka did say he had them locked up. They hadn't come too either. Maybe you did break them," she reassured her son.


Hanyuu exclaimed, "Au, Au, Au! The TV! The news! Look!" She pointed.

There on the screen was the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and right on the roof was Gold Claw. The news chopper captured her hideous image perfectly. "This…is not good," grimaced Shinichi.

Music - "Stoning" (Big O)

Gold Claw looked down at the police and snorted. They were like ants from where she stood. She saw the news chopper and grinned. It was time to show the world the power of Panther Claw. "Alright you humans, listen up! We Panther Claw are not your normal run of the mill criminals! We are more! We are true monsters and your world will soon be hours!" She glowed with energy. "NOW, ARISE, PANTHER KAIJIN!"

Down in the basement cell, Surgery Panther, Destroyer Panther, and Dynamite Panther returned to life. The guard saw them and panicked.

"DESTROY!" Destroyer Panther roared.

"DYNAMITE!" Dynamite Panther declared.

"SURGERY!" Surgery Panther shouted.


The three Panther Kaijin had escaped and now they could wreak havoc all over the Police Department.

Pause Music

Akasaka was just heading home with his family when he got the call on his radio. After dropping them off, he dashed straight towards the Police Department. Gold Claw was back and that could only mean one thing…

"I gotta go," said Shinichi as he headed for the door.

"Shinji," Shiori spoke up, "Be careful."

"Listen to your mother, son," said Kasai in a fatherly manner. "You don't wanna upset her while she's pregnant."

"I got it, Otousan," smiled Shinichi. "And don't worry everyone. I'll be back." With a salute, he exited the hotel room and ran down the hallway, the stairs and then out the lobby. He grumbled. He had sent his bike to ARMOR for some upgrades so he didn't have it with him, but he knew the next best thing. He spotted an arcade, which was conveniently across the street from the hotel he and his family was staying at. "GX Henshin," he murmured.

As he entered the arcade in full Rider form, surprising several of the patrons and employees, he searched for a certain machine and found it. He strode over. No one was playing on it. That was good. It was the standard arcade machine of this era. It was as tall, if not taller, than he was with a screen and the controls which were just a joystick and buttons. He recognized the design as Prof. Takada had presented it before at ARMOR. The people in the arcade watched as the Kamen Rider put a coin in the slot and pressed a button. They gasped as the machine suddenly transformed into a fully functional street bike. The street bike's designation was the 'Machine Arcader' and it was one of Prof. Takada's latest inventions.

"I'll bring it back," he promised before he got on and rode off, the doors automatically opening for him. The patrons and employees started to wonder what had just happened.

As Showa raced along the street towards the Tokyo Metropolitan PD building, he sent the Cicada-Pack away. The robotic cicada which was mounted on his back detached and generated wings of energy before zooming off. In his helmet's visor, he could see what the Cicada-Pack saw. It was an image in the corner of the HUD, small yet still vivid. Since it was smaller and faster, it could reach its destination first and once there it could distract Gold Claw.

The Cicada-Pack functioned as a scout that was connected to Showa's armor's systems. It was as such an extension of him. Once the Cicada-Pack had gone ahead, he accelerated. He just hoped he didn't get there too late.

Inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Building, the three Panther Kaijin ran amuck. They attacked anything and everything in sight. Officers went down from their assault, badly injured, as they headed up to join their superior, Gold Claw. The Cicada-Pack had already reached its destination and was observing the three Panther Kaijin.

Showa, seeing this through the Cicada-Pack's eyes, scowled. He knew Gold Claw was on the roof. He knew what had happened. Gold Claw had used her energy to revive the Panther Kaijin trio. He should not have left them without destroying them, or at the very least report them to ARMOR. He'd gotten sloppy. Well, now he was going to fix things. He saw the Tokyo Metropolitan PD building up ahead and sped up. He saw the police surrounding the building and he also saw Akasaka arriving. Showa frowned. He knew Akasaka was going to hate him for this but there was little he could do. He dashed past the barricade, shocking the officers and then he literally rode up the wall of the building at a vertical angle, which should be impossible but the police officers were seeing it for themselves.

"STOP!" Akasaka ordered as he shouted into a bullhorn but Showa wasn't responding. "Damn it," he growled. He took out his gun and headed for the entrance. He was stopped by a couple of uniformed officers. "Out of my way," he ordered.

"I'm sorry, Sir, but we can't let you go in there," one of the officers told him.

"Why not!" he demanded.

"It's too dangerous, Sir. Those three monster women we captured got loose and are rampaging inside the building. We certainly can't let you risk yourself going in there."

Akasaka frowned but then he smiled as he spotter a police helicopter. "Oh, I'm not going in there. I'm heading up there."

Change Music - "Sure Promise" (Big O)

Gold Claw, hearing the sound of an engine, looked down the edge of the building to see Showa speeding upwards on the bike. She gawked for only a second before she ordered her Panther Grunts, "Shoot him, you idiots! Shoot him!" They aimed down and shot at Showa with their Timmy guns but he evaded with ease, swerving out of the way of the flying bullets. He punched a button on his bike and the headlights released a bright beam of light into the Panther Grunts' faces, blinding and stunning them. Even Gold Claw was flashed by the light and cried out as she rubbed her eyes. The bike flew upwards once it ran out of wall but Showa spun the bike around in mid-air and landed it safely upon the rooftop. The tires screeched as he came to a stop and dismounted. The Panther Grunts recovered and aimed their guns at Showa but all of a sudden they were shot in the back and knocked down. Showa looked up and saw a helicopter that was shining its light on him and Gold Claw.

"Gold Claw and Kamen Rider!" he spoke through his bullhorn. "Your are surrounded! Drop your weapons and put your hands in the air!"

"I don't think so!" Gold Claw roared. "GOLD MISSILES!" She aimed her right arm at the helicopter and fired.

"NO!" Showa shouted as the missiles hit the blades of the helicopter. It was going out of control and going to crash. Akasaka was also hanging on for dear life as gripped the landing skids. The pilot had bailed with a parachute. His grip slowly loosened before he fell. "AKASAKA-SAN!" Showa screamed.

Suddenly, the Cicada-Pack zipped towards Akasaka and snatched him right out of the air. The young police inspector blinked as he was slowly lowered to the ground by the robotic insect.

Showa knew Akasaka was safe due to his connection to the Cicada-Pack and let out a sigh of relief. He really shouldn't he so distracted as Gold Claw struck him in the chest with her axe, causing him to stumble backwards. She then slashed him with her claws, ripping sparks off his chest.

"You should really pay attention, Gaki," she mocked.

"Yeah, you're right," he agreed. "And you should take your own advice."

Gold Claw cocked an eyebrow, "What is that supposed to-"


"That," said Showa, referring to the Cicada-Pack hitting her from behind and knocking her on her face. The Cicada-Pack then remounted on Showa's pack. "That's…better…"

Gold Claw growled as she pushed herself onto her feet. She was red with rage, quite literally, as her skin started to turn red. "Destroyer Panther, Surgery Panther, Dynamite Panther, get over here!" she roared her command.

There was an explosion that nearly knocked Showa off his feet. He turned and saw the three Panther Kaijin coming out of the hole, brandishing their weapons. "Guess they want payback," he murmured."

"Take this!" Dynamite Panther threw sticks of dynamite at Showa which exploded. He jumped up and dodged them before coming down and kicking her in the face. Destroyer Panther shot at Showa but he dodged the shots as he ran straight for her. She received a punch across the face and was sent tumbling onto her back. Due to her round body, she rolled about helplessly. Surgery Panther tried to stab at Showa with her scalpels but Showa kicked her in the midsection, causing her body to bend inwards before she collapsed.

"Useless…" Gold Claw growled.

"You should really get some better help," taunted Showa. "Maybe the Yellow Pages?"

"Do you know who I am?" demanded Gold Claw. "I am one of the Four Gods of Panther Claw! I am Gold Claw! Who the hell are you?"

"To quote a friend," Showa responded, "Torisugari no Kamen Rider da. Oboetoke!"

Gold Claw roared and attacked Showa who immediately got on the defensive, dodging her attacks. She swung her axe wide and this gave Showa the opening he needed to punch her in the stomach. She didn't even flinch. "These abs aren't just for show," she told him.

"I noticed. You really work out. I'm impressed," he responded right before he punched her across the face. She clawed at him and he ducked before moving behind her to kick her.

Dynamite Panther, Destroyer Panther and Surgery Panther all recovered to assist their superior. Dynamite Panther threw smoke grenades at Showa's feet which released billowing smoke all around him. It spread all over, obscuring his sight.

Or so they would like to believe.

Destroyer Panther started shooting rapidly at the smoke, laughing, "Take this and that and this and that you son of a bitch!" she cackled. Surgery and Dynamite Panther both laughed with her. However, Gold Claw had her arms crossed. Where were the screams of agony?

When she smoke cleared, she got her answers as she saw a humanoid made out of water standing in Showa's place. "Surprise!" said Showa, who'd turned into Biorider, and used the Rider's ability to turn into liquid in order to avoid himself from being filled with bullets. "My turn. Let's Ride: Roborider!" His body flashed and he transformed into Roborider. "Voltech Shooter!" He aimed and fired at Destroyer Panther. He continued to fire lasers at her face, causing her to cry out as she staggered back with each shot.

"Eat this!" Dynamite Panther threw her grenades at Showa and they exploded. "That got him." The smoke cleared and Showa was shown to be unscathed.

"Let's Ride: BLACK RX!" His body flashed again and once he was BLACK RX, Showa drew the Revolcane and attacked. His target was Surgery Panther. She slashed at him with scalpels but she missed and he swung, slicing her through the middle with the energy blade of the Revolcane. He then turned and pointed his weapon at Dynamite Panther. She threw her grenades at him in response but with the Revolcane he batted them back at her.

"Oh shit," she cursed.


Once she was out of the way he turned to face Destroyer Panther. She was on all fours and aiming the cannon on her back at him. "BYE-BYE, KAMEN RIDER!" She fired a missile at him.

"Let's Ride: Stronger!" His body flashed again and this time he was Kamen Rider Stronger. He aimed his hands at the missile as he concentrated his electromagnetic powers on the missile in order to alter its trajectory. He fought against the missiles back thrust and then threw his arms up. The missile shot straight up into the sky and then exploded harmlessly like fireworks. Destroyer Panther gawked.

Stronger then punched her in the face with an electrified fist, stunning her and knocking her out instantly.

Gold Claw applauded the Kamen Rider. "Well done. You've defeated my Panther Kaijin."

"You really should give yourself up," said Showa as he reverted back to his GX form. "Or else I might be forced to kill you."

"Actually, I think I should just enjoy the show," said Gold Claw as she snapped her fingers. The remains of Surgery Panther and Dynamite Panther floated over to Destroyer Panther's body which came apart as well. They then fused together as Showa watched. "Now, behold the ultimate Panther Kaijin! TRIPLE PANTHER!"

The creature was on all fours and covered in steel armor. It looked like a giant panther with three heads. It had grenades and dynamite wrapped around each leg and on the tips of three tails was a blade. It also sported a cannon on its back. Triple Panther let loose a roar and then growled at Showa.

"So, are you scared now?" Gold Claw asked. Showa snorted. "What?"

"This is your ultimate weapon?" Showa asked sarcastically as he turned to face Gold Claw, gesturing at Triple Panther rudely with his thumb.

"KILL HIM!" Gold Claw commanded and Triple Panther pounced.

"Sing, Yabuki!" called Showa as his body released a green flash of light.

A news chopper had captured every moment of the battle. It had narrowly gotten shot out of the air by the missile from earlier but it was fine. The camera was still rolling as it witnessed Showa's transformation into a green samurai-like suit of armor.

He then turned and swung the sword—the Higurashi no Yaiba—down and released three crescent shaped blades of energy that cut right through Triple Panther. The composite monster exploded in an instant as Showa hefted his sword. "Oh, I almost forget," he said as he realized he still had Gold Claw to take care of. He turned and parried her axe with his sword, glaring at her face.

"You're really starting to piss me off, Gaki!" she snarled at him, her nostrils flaring.

"Two words: breath mints," he responded. He then kicked her away. With a roar she called on her power as a crimson aura flared out from every pour of her body. Her skin turned blood red as her eyes glowed and her muscles bulged, becoming bigger and bigger. Showa gawked as he stepped back as she got bigger and uglier with each passing second.

"TAKE THIS! GOLD MISSILES! ALL OUT!" The missiles were hidden under her spaulders and she released them all. Showa spread his wings and flew into the sky, the missiles following him.

Showa was determined not to get blown up so he planned to have the missiles explode prematurely. The missiles continued to chase him but when two missiles hit each other, they exploded. The missiles continued to explode around him as they missed their mark.

"Now, take this! Breast Missiles!" shouted Gold Claw.

"Say what?" Showa gaped as he heard this and witnessed Gold Claw actually firing her breasts like missiles. Actually, her breasts were missiles! The Gold Missiles she had fired early hit him in the back and her Breast Missiles hit him in the front.


Showa screamed, which was music to Gold Claw's ears. She watched as he plummeted and fell on the rooftop in a heap, his armor having taken damage from the missiles. His armor was smoking and cracked in several places. She walked up to him and held her axe under his chin.

"It was fun while it lasted, Gaki, but now you have to die," said Gold Claw. She then raised her axe up and swung it down upon his head.

End Music


Well, this is the first part of a new story. Now, you may be confused about the timeline so I'll just say this takes place at some point between the events of Kamen Rider Showa and Kamen Rider X Green Lantern. It's summer vacation so Shiori is a couple of months pregnant with Sho. Also, I based this on Re: Cutie Honey! I couldn't resist. Anyway, Showa's in trouble! What do you think will happen next?

Also, as you can see, Shinichi shows how he can be a spy. He seems he's at the right place at the right time and in disguise too. How does he do it? Well, when you can manipulate time it's not impossible to appear in a split second. Shinichi uses his default form in this chap and several others. He uses the forms of Kamen Rider BLACK RX, Biorider, Roborider and Stronger in the fight against the Panther Kaijin and utilizes Higurashi Form against Gold Claw.

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