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On the shores °Taekook version


In which Kim Taehyung accepts a vacation on a ship. Not knowing the consequences and not knowing he will meet Jeon Jungkook on a deserted island. But he is not who he claims to be.... and the mainland is far away... TopKook BottomTae

Thriller / Horror
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This is the Taekook version from my story °On the shores°

Kim Taehyung squealed in joy when he received the letter he has been waiting for, almost for two weeks and he was trembling in anticipation. His hands were shaking when he ripped the letter open and screamed from happiness when he has read the words written on the paper.

’Dear Mr Kim Taehyung,

we’re enlightened to announce you’ve won our yearly lottery. Congratulations! Your prize is a three weeks cruise in the Caribbean sea. To collect your prize and the tickets, please pay a visit to our travel office.

Best wishes,

Your Star-Travel Team.′

Taehyung couldn’t stop smiling and squealing while he bounced up and down, running around in his little cozy Seoul apartment to pack up everything he should need. He has dreamed to go on a cruise since years and applied to the lottery in the small wish to win it. To actually being announced the winner was a wish come true for the boy.

Taehyung loved traveling, he has been to almost every place in the world, it was also part of his job after all. He was a translator, a job not being paid much but he loved it anyways. Because he got to travel around the world and visit new countries, see new cultures and new languages which Taehyung absolutely loved. He was fluent in six languages and currently learning three more.

“Three weeks sounds like heaven”, Taehyung sighed happily, already making his way back to the entrance to get to the travel office so he could collect the tickets. It was a much needed holiday for the black haired male who has been working so hard lately to be able to treat himself to such an expensive vacation.

Taehyung was twenty-six years old and had his head in the clouds, dreaming of better days and relaxed hours spent in a golden sun with warm air engulfing him like a thick blanket. His life was peaceful and calm despite all the traveling and he has been content with it. But lately, he has been getting the feeling that his life was lacking something.

His best friend Jung Hoseok has playfully scolded him before proposing to apply to the lottery. Hoseok of course has been the first one Taehyung called after he received the letter and the male has been excited even though he was upset he couldn’t join Taehyung but they promised to spend their next vacation together. Hoseok was a dance instructor and didn’t have that much free time, similar to Taehyung.

But the two promised to call each other regularly so they wouldn’t miss each other that much.

And just like that, Taehyung’s special vacation was about to start.


The little raven haired male finally found himself standing on the railing and watching as the coast of Jeju-do became smaller and smaller, a wide smile on his face. It would take a few days until they would reach the Caribbean sea and Taehyung couldn’t wait.

His fluffy black locks were flying around his face and framing his small face nicely, the color nicely contrasting to his golden skin and the flowery shirt he has decided to wear, perfect for a tropical vacation he has been craving for so long.

Maybe he was going to make some friends too, Taehyung of course was super positive and excited for these coming three weeks. He of course has told everyone he knew about the lottery win and everyone has congratulated him, especially his sweet parents who gave him a little gift with on the way and Taehyung didn’t look into the little box they gave him.

His cabin was large and comfy enough to live inside it for three weeks, he had one entire cabin for himself and was already loving it, the bed seemed comfy and the view was great. The cabin was on the higher decks so he could directly look down to the sea but still see the sky which was a lovely mixture.

Taehyung also took his brushes and some canvasses with him so he could draw the beautiful scenery while he was listening to music, his artist jumping out by the sight of the sunset. “No, first the present”, Taehyung scolded himself and went searching for the little box he has carefully put into his backpack.

He loved his backpack, he not only was an artist but also had a liking for survivor kits and always carried one around since he felt more badass with a little pocket knife and survivor kit hidden in his backpack. (same, I always have a survivor kit with me lmao, kinda was traumatized once)

“Where are you, little boxy”, Taehyung mumbled to himself and squealed happily when he found the rectangular box and he held it close before sitting down on his bed and carefully lifting its lid. “Oh... this is so pretty”, he whispered in awe when he picked up the framed picture of him and his parents. “That’s so sweet of them!“, Taehyung exclaimed touched and carefully put the picture onto the little desk next to his bed.

“How about a little nap and then go down and explore the ship”, Taehyung mumbled to himself before laying down onto the bed and closing his eyes.

And just like that, his first day on the ship has began.

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